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My secret life
Not keeping out of mischief
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Thank you compliments
Posted:Jun 23, 2020 9:24 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2020 10:42 pm

Since I added a profile pic I have a lot of nice comments about my body especially my boob. Thank you. Always nice know . Anything you want know you can ask here in the comments and I will try answer.
Aeroplane masterbation and big corn
Posted:Mar 18, 2020 11:22 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2020 10:42 pm

On my way back to Bangkok I took night flight from UK. Its quite quiet flight for change. No one sit next to me which is good but also frustrating because i alway hope for hottie. A girl with big boob or a guy with wonder hand that I can flirt and play with if i get bored (and horny). I alway do on long flight.

I find flight so hot. I think much of my horny life now start from my first flight experience many years ago when i am younger and innocent. Im not virgin then but I not know, think or appreciate sex much. Its before I start undergrad and I won scholarship for 3 month english summer course in UK. I was such good girl. Work so hard at my study then. It is my first long flight and I am alone. By good luck, I was sit next to western guy who i thought he is so handsome. He chat to me a lot when flight first start and I like him very much. I feel he is so nice and good looking. I not say much to him cause I am not confident. I just smile and say little things. I not even hope to think he attracted to me. He is just kind guy I believe. I never think I am attractive to anyone. Even now to be honest. But that time I never even did make-up or dress sexy cause i think there no point. Im bit overweight (by asian standard) and my only attractive feature is big breast I believe. I not know my attractiveness at all at this time.

As the filght continue, he press his leg against me. Even then Im not sure his meaning. But I know I like him do it and feel a rush of high go through my body. He not move away so im excite and think he must want me to notice. I dont know what im think but I lower my hand and touch his outside leg for few second. I guess I just want him know I dont mind him press me. At this time I pretend to fall sleep. I move bit closer to him till I almost rest head on his shoulder. Im not sure what im doing in fact. Just follow my instinct. No idea where this will lead. Next I feel his hand press against side of my breast. OMG I can not believe whats happen. I did expect this. Nothing like this ever happen to me before. My breast is big even then and my tight top attract his eyes a lot during our chat so I guess he mean it. But maybe not. Im still not sure if it by accident. Soon he move hand away. Then moment later he touch again and the rush go through my body once more. His touch is firmer this time and I think he mean it now. I shaking with nervous. He continue to repeat this. Every time he press harder and touch longer. And then he stroke a little. Im high.

Once the light go down for sleep we are already press together so close. Im so happy for his attention. I really like be so next to him. He move even closer so Im against him. I not move away. Soon his hand is full on breast. Still I pretend to sleep. I move my arm back so my boob easier for him to touch. He begin feel it firmly, squeeze and massage it light and slow. My bra and tshirt is thin comfortable one for flight and his touch feel so good. My whole body tingle. I never been touch like this before. And never in public by a handsome stranger. I never had this attention ever. Its such a high for me.

He enjoy my breast for maybe one hour. I love the feeling. After that time he stop to go bathroom. He leave and I go also. Im shy and nervous so i use bathroom in opposite direction. I not masterbate much at this time cause Im quite naive. Im conservative girl then and I feel its bad girl thing to do. But now I can not stop myself. When I take panty down in bathroom I am soooooo wet. Soak like never before. Im shock at my condition. I rub my lips and love the feel and the juice. So good. It seem like the blood from my whole body is there now. Next I play my clit for a few minute and its throb and sensitive like never before. I can not believe how amazing it is. I thinking of him and I begin rub so fast. I orgasm soooooo hard I almost cant stop from scream. I never feel that feeling before. My legs are weak and shake. The sense run down them to my feet. My whole body is tingle. It last a full minute. My body is stretch and uncontrol. Then i squirt some juice on to the floor. Im so shock. Now I know what powerful orgasm is. I had lots orgasm since then but rarely powerful like this. It not easy to have. It is depend on mind feeling and be soooooo turn on by a situation and person. Since then im addict to this feeling. I know right person and very naughty situation can do this for me so now i always looking for this kind of happening to achieve this feeling.

After a lot of think in bathroom, I decide take off my bra so he can touch and i can feel better. Also my panty which is so wet is not comfortable so I remove. I wear loose grey jogger and some of my wet can be seen on it. He is happy to see me when I arrive back. He smile to me. And I think he can see i have no bra on now. My nipple is so obvious. This make him even more confident I feel. Soon we are close again. We spend rest of flight tight to each other. I pretend to sleep and he play with my breast, stimulate my nipple. I orgasm by this at one point. I not expect to but i can not hold back the exciting. After the orgasm (which he sense I know) Im shock. This is because he slide hand below my blanket and down my jogger. I have panty so his hand is immediately on my pussy which is still soaking. He rub me and I not stop him. I just continue pretend Im sleep. I open leg wider and enjoy. My legs are shake. He continue to do for over an hour until the light come back on. I love the feeling of his finger between my lips. He is so soft and gentle. He massage it so well. And then he easy find my clit which he rub so well. I guess he is very experience. Back and forward between the two. I crave for him to enter me but we can not. Of course I orgasm again by this. Big obvious one. I learn not to wear light grey jogger on flight again by this happening.

I think about this experience for long time after this. At first I was a bit ashame but soon my thinking is more open. I read more about erotic experience and I build my life thinking in a new way. It set me open and free. I always look for more experience like this. And I always be excited by flight since then.

Back to flight of last week. The only people sit close to me are couple across aile. Im next to window and they are in seat opposite in central section. The girl is on inside and guy is on outside closer to me. They are good looking couple I think but not much else crossing my mind about them. They are far away with two seat and aisle between us.

The flight is going to be long and boring I believe. Just in case of this, I take erotic fiction on phone and ebook to listen to. I even have some erotic gif on my phone for emergency. Once light goes down for sleeping time I know I can relax. Stewardess will pass less often and I not be bother too much. I always wear short loose dress on flight cause its more comfort but also in the back of my mind it mean I or someone else can easy access me. I have masterbated on 3 or 4 flights so Im old hand. My dress today is low cut as well for extra attention but I not think im gonna get it this time cause its so quiet.

I put on my ebook and listen to erotic story. Mostly they are not great but I still enjoy them for something to distract me. This one though is very good and start to really turning me on. Its mostly the language that excite me. The story not need to be amazing but if the language and descriptions are good I will get really high. I like lot of detail so my imagination can go to working. And of course its got to be a girl point of view. This part of the story describe the girl bored sit at work thinking about man she met recently. She is at computer and all she can think about is his strong body and big rock cock. She imagine she is at his apartment lying on bed with him. Its hot day in middle of New York summer. They are both naked, tired and sweat. They chatting and she is play with him. Stroking. Licking. Then suck. At work she is rocking. Her leg are cross. She is thinking of this and she can feel the wet in her panty.

It sound not that exciting scene but the writing is so good and its kind of situation I did many time at work. I get so horny by the story I need to prepare myself. I pause the story and go to the bathroom to ready for bedtime. I brush teeth, wash face, and remove panty (just for comfort . I go back to seat. On the way past the guy opposite smile to me. His girlfriend is asleep and he is watching movie. I not think much of it

I slide back to seat, pull blanket over my leg, put headphone back on, restart story and slowly slide my hand down under blanket. I lift my dress and begin stroke my pussy lightly. The story gets more dramatic and graphic and I get more turn on. Before long Im wet and so i slide my thumb inside. I move it around and it feels so good. I do this for 5 minutes while I listen until the drama increase again. I pull out and move up to my clit. I stroke it lightly but now im super horny. I rub harder. Moment later Im ready to orgasm. I forgot where I am for a moment and go for it. I rub really fast and hard and the pleasure run right down my legs and up to my head and then then my groin explode. My hip vibrate and i need to control my body before i fall out seat. Im panting and sweat but i feel so good. As I calm, I continue to rub my lip lightly. Just like I do at home in bed each night.

At this point I look across and notice that the guy is no longer watching film. Its turn off and he is looking in my direction. His eye is closed but I feel like he is not really sleep. I think fuck!! Did he been watch me? I feel the red rise in my face. Anything obvious is only in a minute but that minute is very obvious I feel.

I continue to look at him and after about 30secs his eye open and he look at me. He smile again and i smile back. Again the embarrass rush to my face so I look away. He close his eye again and Im not sure he been awake or just wwake up. Fuck i think he did saw me. His eye open again and then close again. Im embarrass but also a little turn on. He’s handsome and I admit I love to be watch. If he did see me I think he happy to watch judge by his smile. Gosh if only he can be sit next to me. Touch my leg or my breast. His girlfriend fast asleep not know. If he could be rub my clit right now that will be incredible.

I cant help myself but be turn on by him looking at me. I begin to flirt. Gosh what boredom will drive me to do. I pretend I think he is asleep as he wants. I not look his direction. I look at my phone. I scratch my shoulder. Lick my lip. Touch my thumb in my mouth. Lower my hand down to scratch my breast. I not wear bra on aeroplane cause is so uncomfortable (and if someone touch me i wanna feel . Next I pretend to be hot and play with aircon. I undo two button on dress and now more my breast is really on show. Its very open top now. I scratch inside my dress to my nipple while pretending to read phone. I can feel his eye all over me.

I look across and he is still watching but close his eye when we make contact. He open again some seconds later. This time I move eyes away pretend I not look at him and think he is still sleep. I put phone down and pretend time to go to sleep. I lift one leg up onto the seat next to me in a V shape. Now I am pointing my body to him and he can see my leg very easy. The blanket is slide onto floor as I settle for "sleep". I pretend I not realise. My eyes closed I slide my hand down again and rest hand on inner thigh of my wide open leg. My dress is up high near my hip. Just low enough to cover my pussy. I stroke my inner leg. Then I lift my dress higher and pretend to scratch my top thigh. I hold it just long enough so he can have look. My pussy is open to his eye and I can feel a rush of high. Im shaking and can feel sweat. Im pretty sure he is looking and can see everything.

After few second I lower my dress and then bend to lift blanket from the floor. I place it over my leg. I slide my hand under my dress again. Gradually I begin touching my pussy again. Slow but obvious. I only pause once when i hear stewardess passing. I take my hand away until she is gone. Once she away I again put hand inside my dress top to "scratch" my breast. Lifting it slightly so more can be seen by him. I massage it a little so he can watch it move. Then I take hand out and slide it back down to my pussy. Now I rub really fast and obvious. I open my eye half way and i can see him watch me. Im so much juice. Now I really rub hard and finally I orgasm. As I do the blanket falls to the floor which i not mean. I pull my dress down at same time press my wrist hard between my leg and press hard. My whole body vibrate. My leg stretch straight and I make a low moan noise. My legs shake as the high go through them. Its incredible.

Then I begin calm. I move my leg back to V position again and continue to rub wrist again groin lightly. Once Im finish cum I pick up blanket and pull it up over my body to just below my breast. My arm is cross below them so it push them up and almost out my dress. I relax and settle to ready for sleep. My body is so tired after two orgasm. I feel so naughty.

He get up a few minute later and go to bathroom. I imagine what he is do in there. I guess he is rock hard and massage his cock. He think of me. And finally he cum a lot. That make me please. When he come back I open my eye and look at him. He smile again at me. And I smile back. Closing my eyes and pushing my breast up high for him to see. Moment later I am asleep.

Some times just be watch is bigger turn on than be touch.

Oh and the corn? Yesterday my mom come back from market with three huge corn on the cob. This morning I clean biggest one. Took to my bedroom and its been inside me almost all morning. . The texture is amazing. Im addict to it. Its my new best friend. But I will eat it soon

Hope you enjoy.
First time with girl
Posted:Jan 11, 2019 12:53 am
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2020 11:19 pm

My first time with girl was kinda accident. No plan at all.

I just come to Scotland for study and was quite lonely. After a couple month I make some good friend. One friend I like most though. She is Greek girl. Really fun. Really loud. Shes crazy I think but so much fun. She also real naughty. At this time Im only think in naughty way but she talk and do I think too. We have long chat about naughty experience from past and I love it. Mostly I just listen to her. Sometimes she is so loud in cafe I know other can hearing and I feel so embarrass. But its really make me happy to be with her.

I also feel she is also very sexy girl. She is 23. Not beautiful. But she have wonderful big curvy body which I always find sexy for girl. Much prefer to skinny asian. My boob are quite big for Thai girl but nothing compare to her. She told me she is G cup and I just gasp hehe. At that time I always found some girl very sexy and I even watch girl porn. But never had I thought of sleep with girl. And I feeling the same of her.

At that time we just chat at Uni. Not really socialise. She have her sister stay with her for while so spend time with her. They need to share bed in her apartment so she told me she feel very frustrated cause can not meet a guy. So as soon her sister leave she want to party. She want to go out and find guy. And she encourage me to do the same. Sample local boy. She tell me same as I already think. We are stranger here. No one will judge us. We can be free. And wild. This sum her up so well. Of course I am horny here. I not having sex for over six month. But I never thought to meet stranger. Im shy at this time. And I feel I can control it with my finger.

Finally we organise go out. We will go to nightclub. She told me I can stay with her but her apartment is very small so if we find guy I need to take couch hehe. I laugh and agree. To be honest I not really think i will get guy and dont take very serious.

It's Wednesday night i remember. She is dress very sexy. Tight dress. Big cleavage. Lots makeup. I'm bit shy at this time so Im just normal dress. Black jean and baggy shirt. Very little makeup. She ask me if im going to library hehe. I dont know how to dress sexy I explaining. She will help me next time she tell me.

The club we go to is not busy. Its near her apartment so easy to get home but not very popular. Its fine for me cause Im nervous to go out in new city. We dance together and of course any guy in there notice her. She’s so sexy and every guy fancy that curve. That huge boob. Two guy dance with us. One guy is very handsome. Mostly they are interest in her but I do get some attention from handsome guy friend. After while they buy us drink. And of course handsome guy chat to my friend. The other guy try to chat to me but im so shy. They buy us more drink. After 3 or 4 already im feel drunk. When im drunk I feel horny. And Im less shy. The guy talking to me is not handsome but not ugly. Thin not really my type. But he seem nice. Smile a lot. And he is looking down my shirt some time which my friend had unbutton when we get to club. This turn me on. I open another button so he can see more. Not sure I wanna do anything with him but do feel I wanna him look at me.

After a while look over to my friend and she is get on well with that guy. They are kiss a little. And I can see him brush hand on her breast. She’s happy I can see. After a few more drink we decide to leave. Now I feel so drunk. They walk us home. Im behind my friend who walk with the handsome guy with arm around her. My guy is next to me and I can feel his arm around my back and hand touch side of my boob. Then gradually over it. And grope. This make me so horny.

We arrive at apartment and my friend invite them inside. We chat a little in lounge and have bootle of beer. After a while my friend and the handsome guy go to kitchen and “chat” alone. Then I know they are creep to her bedroom. Im left alone with my guy sitting next to each other on sofa. Im still shy not confident in my english so dont say much. I feel so drunk. Finally I just put my head on his lap. He puts his arm around me again and plays with my breast. Im so horny now. Six month without being touch really make my emotion rise. Then he unbutton my shirt all the way down and my lift it off. Next he undo my bra. I sit up and allow to come off. He look at my breast and I can see he like. He takes out his cock. Its big than I used to and its so hard. I really like it. I lower down again and begin suck him. He slides his hand down my jean back to ass. I like him touching my body. I dont care about shy now. I want him. I want this cock in me. I almost forgot there are another couple in the apartment. I stand up loosen my jean and pull down and off. Then my panty. I can feel my self really wet. His eye is all over my body and his eye light up. I go down on him again. He is big and hard. I Sucking him firmer now. And fast. I love it. Its so big in mouth. I wanna feel how it is inside me.

But next his phone ringing. I keep suck and finally it stop. Then it ring again. I can feel he is anxious now. I know its his girlfriend. But Im so horny I not care. Actually it turn me on. I suck him even faster and more firm. And soon he cant hold and cum. All over my face. This is not what I want. i want him fuck me. But I get carry away. I use my hand to clean the cum and lick it into my mouth. He look satisfy and I know he want to leave. His phone go again. And i can hear his friend phone ring in the bedroom. He shout through to friend but he does not reply. I stand up and he gets to his feet. He button himself and then moves towards the door. He say sorry I need to go. I just ignore him bend down to pick up clothes and cover my body. Im soooo horny but what can i do. He kisses me grabs my breast then runs out.

Once he gone I walk to the bathroom to get clean. I will have shower and sleep I think. I walk past bedroom and I see the other two on the bed. I stop inside bathroom and look inside to them. My friend is naked. She is down on him sucking his thick cock. Her body is incredible I thinking. Her huge breast hang on his leg. And ass so big and round stick in the air. The handsome guy is lying on the bed looking at me. Smiling at me. Fuck I so want to join them. But Im much too shy. I want him to look me though. I drop my clothes to the ground so he can see my body. I can feel his eyes up and down me. I pause for seconds. Then I turn to shower. And climb in. At this point I can hear his phone ringing again.

I shower quick. About 10 minutes. I want to play but im scare someone will walk in. There no lock on door. I climb out. I cant help myself im so horny I wanna see what they doing now. I peak around the corner. But Im surprise. Its only my friend lying on bed now. Looking at her phone. Still naked. I cant help notice her huge breast drop down by her side. Im really attracted to her. She hear me and smile to me. She not care we are both naked. Not embarrass.

I ask where her man. Gone she say. Like yours. Back to his girlfriend. I walk over to her and stand next to the bed. Now I can see her whole body well. Its so hot I thinking. She say I not mind him leave. but its not good fuck. Im still horny. Just let me suck him. Put his cock in me. Cum in me then leave. Not lick me out or anything. I can see she is a little upset. I feel bad for her.

I know how she feeling. Im upset too. And still horny. I climb on bed and hug her. She puts her phone down and draws me close. My head so close to her breast. At this time Im still so drunk. And like touch her naked body. I just feel I really wanna grope her. Especially her breast. Also Im thinking I can smell the cum inside her pussy. My horniness is crazy now.

I still cant believe I did it. But I put my arm over her and began massage her breast. I can feel her freeze for a second. And I think oh no what did I do. She gonna think Im lesbian but im not. What if she offended. Get angry with me. But she not say anything. I move my hand up to her shoulder in case I made her feel uncomfortable. Then she say to me. I never thought of sleep with a girl before. I lie still. Then she continue but I would. Try anything once. Then she puts her hand on my head playing with my hair. At the same time I notice her legs are moving open. I cant say anything. Im too nervous. But I think I know what she thinking.

I kiss her nipple. And she not complain. Just keep massage my hair. Now I know almost sure she dont mind. So I move down on her. I know there is cum in her pussy and I want to taste it. I want to taste he juice too. My god Ive never had this urge before but now is all I want. I kiss her body on the way down. Slowly moving so she have time to stop me. But she does not. In fact she open her leg wide. And I move my head between. I can see the cum run from her pussy. There is a lot. I want it. So I begin lick the stuff on the outside and swallow. Then I put my tongue inside her and remove the rest. I can feel it so hot and thick on my tongue. Im so turn on. Her pussy is so big and open. Much bigger than mine. And it so wet now. I feel Ive got all the cum from inside her so I want her juice now. I bury my head in her and suck her lip into my mouth. I can hear her moan. I move my hand up onto her breast. I massage her and eat her for about 15 minutes. Then she says lick my clit. I never did this before so Im just doing what I like do to me. I run my tongue all over her clit. First soft. Small circle. Then firmer. And firmer. Then sucking and strong rub. I can feel her get wetter. More turn on. Then it happen. She explode. Huge orgasm. And she scream so loud. I feel the whole building know it. Her body vibrate hard. She rub my head against her big wet pussy while her hip move uncontrollably. I can taste her juice flow fast and mixed with more cum that must be bury deep in her but now force out and push all over my face.

Her orgasm last about a minute and she can barely speak after it. I lick her more. gentle though as she calms down. Still massaging her breasts. She is still breathing so hard. I just want to keep lick her. Its so turn me on. So I do. Finally she begins to vibrate and scream again. Another orgasm erupt. I lick up the juice feeling so happy to have made her cum. Gradually I make my way back up her body. I kiss her breast then up to her mouth. We kiss with passion. I know she is turned on by her juice and his cum on my lips. Im sure she can taste. She say that its incredible experience. she never cum as hard like that before. She tell me Im more wild than she thought. I smile to her and continue touch her sexy body. Massage her huge breast. Rub my pussy against her thick leg. Im so turn on by her.

She flip me over. Smile at me from on top. She kiss me. Then make her way to go down on me. Im so horny by now and the thinking of me having a girl head between my leg make me high. I love the feeling of her tongue on my pussy. My clit is swollen. And I know my gush with juice. I cum really quickly. She suck my clit hard while i orgasm and it blow my mind. I am in heaven. I squirt on her face. She scream with delight hehe.

We spend the next couple of hour chatting to each other. Laugh together. Touch each other. Finger each other. First slow. Then fast and hard. And I must eat her again so i do. We are both in heaven. We both orgasm lot. Until finally we fall sleep with exhaust.

The next day we wake late. I feel her hand on my breast. She kiss me and says good morning. Actually its almost afternoon. We chat a little. Still touch each other. And we can not resist. She finger me and I cum again. I prefer to lick her so I do.

We spend the day together but I feel weird. What does this mean. Do she think we are couple now. Later on I hate this feeling so I decide go home. I think she can read my thinking. She smile at me as I leave. she tells me that although she still want a boyfriend and she still love cock that it was a great experience with me that she will never forget. She then ask If she ever thought to do again could she call me. I said of course. im so happy with this. She say goodbye my fuck buddy to me. I walk home in ecstasy. My clit still throb. We chat on messenger later and I masterbate all night. I think i make break record for orgasm that day. I cant stop think about her for days after.

Unfortunate we never get chance to do again. She left Glasgow soon after cause her sister fall very ill. She never return. Her sister die eventually and I think this change her. She loss her crazy spark. We still friend on Facebook but not chat much. But I'll never forget her or that amazing experience.
Posted:Aug 25, 2017 11:21 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2020 11:58 pm

Biggest cock I ever experience is few year ago while I study in Glasgow. It is near end my first year which was fun time for me. I have always love big cock. It's such a huge turn me on for me. Just the thought of it in my mind is enough to get me excite and even wet. I fantasise about it often. I remember even masterbate about it on airplane before (dont know why long flight make me so horny). I also look for on porn a lot.

I met my big cock guy on POF as like most date / partner I met at this time. Before this I have been working really hard on my thesis for many week as I had deadline I have to meet. I had no time for dating but only for working all day. It was really stressful episode, involve many 3am morning at my laptop. Even I can not feel horny at this time. I'm not even feel like quick masterbate much. It was really crazy period for me.

Once I have completed this work I decide to have short holiday. Not really go anywhere but just stay away from book and study even just for one week. Let mind recover and stress relieve. The first two day I mainly sleep, eat and watch movie. This help a lot and gradually my body tension is release. I remember I wake up late on first Sunday morning after holiday start and suddenly I begin to feel normal again. And of course major part of this is I am horny. Very very horny. After weeks of not cumming I was suddenly buzz.

I wake up that Sunday morning and my pussy was soaking wet. I have no control over her some time. It's clear she need some attention and is not happy to be ignore for so long. I know I can play myself and relieve it a little but in my mind this is not enough. I really really want cock. Real cock. Big hard cock. My pussy and my leg is throbbing at the thought of it. I feel I really need some one to spoil me and to fuck me hard into a new emotional state. If any guy had come near me at that point I would have jump on him. Masterbation is not enough for me that morning. My touching just make me feel more frustrated. And anyway my flatmate is disturbing me so I cant have quiet to enjoy it. I give up quickly and have late breakfast with her as she want.

The feeling lessen a little while chatting with her but not really go away. We chat for one hour then I go back to room and I can't help stay out of trouble. I look on POF app for some guy I can interact with. No harm in look and even some chat might help me. I look for guy who is current online and find one who I think is not bad looking. He is local guy, tall (190cm) and fit looking. I'm not sure he will be interest in me cause I'm just small Asian girl (1.60cm) but I think why not and chat him anyway. No problem if he ignore me. But he reply in a few minute later and of course i'm happy.

We chat for about 20 minute then he ask if I wanna meet him some time. I said yes of course. This is what I want. At this point excitement fly through my whole body. My legs are tingle start from my groin all way to my foot. I need some one so bad and he is perfect I feel. I ask if he can meet in afternoon. He’s so surprise. I think maybe he want to meet one evening later in week or week after. But I can not wait so long. I need some one now. I know my flat mate will go to her boyfriend soon so I got apartment to myself and I know that I not want to be alone this night. I don't want to waste time. I need fuck that bad. At first he say he can't. But I hint to him that I am alone in flat all day and I think he soon realise what I mean cause he suddenly happy to agree. At this time Im don't care what he thinking of me. I just want him. I need him. So we arrange to meet at bar near my apartment in city center for afternoon drink. Alcohol is good as will help with nerve I think.

Our meet is 3 hours away so I still need to control myself. My flatmate is already leave to meet boyfriend and I'm still lying on bed buzzing. But I don't want to cum till I have meet him. I try to watch movie but I get bored and so start watch porn. It's a girl get fucked by 3 big guy. It's too much for me. I watch for 10 minutes and then i need to put off or I will cum. I want to be that girl so much right then.

I have shower and start to get ready. When finish I am still one hour and half early so I decide to go for coffee at nearby cafe. By time I arrive I’m bit calmer again. Maybe the cool air help. When I sit down I realise I’m really dress like slut. I have very short tight skirt on and bare leg. Tight white t-shirt and thin bra under. I keep my coat on in cafe cause I feel bit embarrass. Gradually nerve is taking over and I begin to having second thought. The reality of situation is not easy like the fantasy. My horny is lesser now cause of stress. I shouldn't come to cafe. I'm thinking so much. I even think of cancel the guy or stand him up even. I think just go home and play myself all night instead. Maybe even do sex chat with stranger online as I did before. Its easier. But I feel guilty cause I know he is coming quite long way and must already set off. I'm so nervous now and it's worse cause I know this guy is coming cause he know he can fuck me. I hint quite strong to him to get him to come that afternoon otherwise he won't. I feel like major slut. I’m regret I have no control that time. In the end I finally I decide I better meet him. Otherwise I waste his time. Even if don't sleep with him. I never promise anything. Just hint. But still it in my mind I think. Possibility. By this time I don't have time to change clothe. I will meet him like .

I go to bar. I’m ten minute late by deliberate cause I don't want to be first to arrive. On my way I see he already message me to tell me he arrive. I’m almost wish he stand me up. The bar is quite quiet cause it's still only afternoon. He buy us drink and we go to sit in one corner. I'm nervous and say little for first 30 minute. I try to keep my coat on but finally I have to take off as it’s warm room. I can feel his eye all over my body as I do. I feel expose. I cross my leg. But I feel my nipple stick out from tshirt so obvious and nothing I can do to hide. Added my t-shirt is so low cut. Its obvious my mood when I got dress. But now I'm too stress for this mood and feel so awkward.

I'm not sure what gonna happen now. But as time pass I calm and even realise I like him. He is not amazing looking but he is quite quiet, kind and funny. I feel safe with him. In bed I want guy to be crazy fuck my brain out. Hurt me a little. But in public date I like calm and nice person that not stress me out make me feel safe. I relax with him and after while I even like he keep looking at my body. My leg. My tits (sorry I love this word hehe). I begin to chat more easy and smile and laugh with him. He is gradually more confident I realise because he start to say more naughty thing. He even talk about my body. Praise me. But I know he is fitness guy so it's his favourite topic. He compliment my leg. And i can see him looking down my t-shirt. He even touch my stomach to test it’s flat (it’s not hehe). Then he lift his hand to brush my breast a little. I’m sure he mean it. He’s confident as a guy who know he with girl who want to fuck him. Im turn on by his touching. Without think I touch his leg too. Then draw my hand away nervous. We chat more and he is touch me more and more. Sometime he even stroke my leg. Sometime my arm. And even breast. Always just quick brushing as a guy who is confident but not 100% sure. Probably cause of my shy nervous state when I arrive. I can see he is getting excited though. Cause there is bit bulk grow in his trouser. After I notice it once I can’t stop look at it. Gradually i’m get horny again. I start to remember my feeling from this morning. I start want this bulk. In crazy moment I put my hand on it. I can't stop myself. At first I feel gosh what am I did. I'm like primal savage. I am also aware this is public place. But now I don't really care. My horny is back fully and I have no control. He look at me surprise but happy. I touch again and start to massage him. I can feel him grow. And grow. And grow. It's not full hard but it's still huge. I can't see or feel clearly but I know this is size I never try before. And that turn me on even more. Im buzzing so bad now. This is more than my dream today. I get so lucky I feel. This is what I want all morning and more. I go to rest room to cool down cause I know I'm too excite. My face is red and overheat. I sit on toilet and pull down my panty. I am soaking wet. My panty is soaking too. I feel I can't put them back on cause they are too wet and might start smell. So I put them in my handbag and try forget about them. I rub clit a little to relieve some stress then I clean myself and go back to him.

He is a little calmer now I see but i'm definitely not. I'm still think about that bulk which is still obvious. I still want it so bad. We chat a little more and finish our drink. He's very confident now of course as a guy who just had cock massaged in bar under table. I can tell this cause he put his hand on my leg. They are not cross now but a little open. He see this and he know he can explore. I don't mind. He run his hand up my inside leg until he know i'm not wear panty. I can see his surprise on face. He even must feel I'm wet. I know he must think I'm such slut probably think I turn up to date with no panty. But how can I explain it's not the case? Anyway now I don't care. If he judge me and never speak to me again after this day it's not gonna affect my life. As long as he do his duty. He is stranger and fulfilling need. No one I know will find out about this. This is my secret life in Glasgow. He ask if I want another drink. I say no. I suggest we go for a walk. I think he know this walk gonna end at side of my bed.

I take him long way home so it's not too obvious. We detour through a nearby park stopping in quiet spot near river. He stand behind me, cuddle me. Its bright day but he don't care now. He got one hand massage my breast. The other on my ass under my skirt. Thankfully there is only tree behind us. I can feel his bulk on my back. I think this might kill me with this thing but i want to try it anyway. I can't wait any longer. I might explode there.

We walk to my apartment and I let the door open. The apartment have no lounge so I take him straight to my room. Normally I would offer drink but I didn’t even think of this now. He sit on bed and straight away I knee down in front him. I need to see this bulk right now. I almost forget its attach to person hehe. He lean back as I move his leg apart and start undo his jean. Together we pull them down and short at same time. They are round his ankle. His big cock fall out in front of my face. It's not really hard at this point but it still huge. I just look at it for seconds. Then I play it between my hand. Massage it. And then finally I begin kiss and suck it. In seconds it's hard and suddenly it's crazy huge. By far biggest I seen in the real life. And touched. Only once before I touched one close to this size. It is in a nightclub during holiday to Phuket when I was 19. I am with two friend in bar area and bit drunk. A couple of farang join us. One I remember is tall, young about 25 year old and quite good looking. He is just wearing short and t-shirt like he came straight from beach. I think we all quite interest in him as he is funny and handsome. To be honest this is what many Thai girl want when go to place like this (we don't go cause we like to sunbath on beach hehe - we already have tan). At that time I realise he like me best cause he gradually move over so he is next to me. Although I'm least attractive of three of us I got biggest breast (by far) and Im wear low cut top. I know guy like this. Especially drunk guy. I can feel his eye all over my tits. Even brush against me a little. After a while they leave us and now I’m very drunk cause they bought us so many shot. I go to restroom to pee and fresh myself up. After I come out I meet him just outside. I'm happy to see him again. Although I feel he follow and wait on me. We are in dark corner of the club. Lots people around but can't see much as its busy and little light. As i pass him he pull me toward him, one hand round my waste other hand grope my breast. He begin massage it. Im wear only thin bra and I have very sensitive boob so the feeling runs all through my body. I freeze with surprise. I'm offend a little but I admit also little bit turn on. He kiss me and I resist a little. He take my hand and pull it down towards his hip. I release he has pull his cock out his short and he want me to touch it. I look down and can see it. It’s so thick and long. Its swing next to my hand and hit against my hip. To be honest I am impress with it which I guess is his aim. I never seen one this size before except in porn. For 19 year old girl who very curious about sex it's a weird emotion. Shock, fear, and also a bit turn on. I know he is not a good guy. Probably worst kind of farang to be honest and he probably think all thai girl are . But I admit he is attractive to me. And his cock is incredible. And I fantasise for years about experience this size. I don't know what go through my 19 year old mind but i move my hand to it and begin to massage. He get hard very quick. I can’t stop look at it as I play it. Wank it slowly. The moment last only a few minutes. But it seem so long time. Then my friend come looking for me. They see me and of course are in shock. One pull me away so hard and she is so mad with me. She shout at me all that night until we leave. Call me a . On the way home she walk far in front and barely talk. My other friend stay next to me and just wanna know how it feel hehe. She was intrigue too. Saw how big it is. After this she is desperate to find farang boyfriend. She go back to phuket a lot so I think she already had. The next day no one ever mention it. I think this is first time they see I have this naughty side. They will never know just how naughty some thing I have done though. They still think I'm sweet girl overall hehe. They don't know my secret life.

Back to my guy in Glasgow. I sucked his cock for maybe 15 minute. I was enjoy so much I didn't want to stop. Some girls I know don't like to do it but I love it. Especially if it's really big and hard like this. It's a huge turn on for me. This one I estimate is over 8 inch. I can only get it half in my mouth. I feel my pussy is streaming with juice just by pleasure it. I love his moaning and his massage my head while I licking his hehe. Im sucking hard and fast and I can tell he love it. I have lots good experience of how to do blow job. And my practice is working well. He’s moaning so much. At this point he say “not make me cum. I want fuck your cunt”. I find this word so erotic at that time. So primal. I know it's very bad to use this but it's perfect for my emotion at that time. Pleasure shot down my legs at his word. All I can think is I want his huge cock in my ”cunt”. So I stop and I climb on him.

I pull my tight skirt up round my waist. I lower onto him slowly and I can feel my lips being stretch wide like never before. I slow slide him in my soaking pussy but I can only go half way down him. But the feel is incredible. A bit sore from stretch but also pleasure too. Slowly I begin bounce on him. It’s amazing. I want this feeling since this last six hours. Slowly I get use to the huge size and my pussy begin to relax. Its great feeling but what i really want is for him to get on top of me and take me hard. Fuck me like wild animal. Like I'm little doe deer been caught by big wolf. Pin me down on bed, pull my leg apart and bang me hard and fast.

After a few minute I climb off him and stand before him. I remove my clothe and he sit up on bed to look at me. He put hand on my waist and kiss my breast. My pussy is throb and now he lower his hand and rub my inside leg and lip. I know his hand must be wet. He pull me closer and begin suck my breast harder. I can tell he really like them. He suck and grope them for five minute or so. He pause to tell me “your big tit get me so hard”. I can see this. He suck my nipple again and squeeze my ass. I can feel his hand reach lower between my leg and pull my lip apart. He massaging my wet lip with his long finger. I love it. I tell him “fuck my cunt hard”. I dont want him doubt what i want.

He bite my nipple then pull me to the bed face down. I open my leg wide for him. He squeeze his cock slow into me. It's so deep. I know he not fully inside me but still it stretching me wide. I want to feel the whole thing but I'm not sure that will be possible. He begin fuck me slowly. I feel helpless. I can't move. Gradually he speed up. I bite the sheet to help with pain. But it’s not work and I'm moaning loud. He know he hurt me but I not let him stop. Slowly the pain wear off and I quieter. He sense this and he begin bang me harder. My pussy has really relax now and though it's sore it's good feeling. He begin fuck me really fast and finally I cum while he is still bang me. I don't think he even realise. He just keep going through my orgasm. After it finish I’m so relax and just continue enjoy his fucking. I ask him go deeper and he does it. Now I feel he has filled my whole body. He stretch me so wide. I just lie there enjoy being pound from this huge cock. I feel he is so big and hard and I never felt anything like it. I thought he might cum quick cause i'm so tight for him. But he manage to keep going. And going. Fast and hard. The pleasure and pain is now incredible. I cum again. I think only huge hard cock like this can make me cum this way. I just happy to let him keep going till he's had enough of me. I'm now very satisfied from my morning emotion. Finally he pull out and cum all over my bum and back. It's even in hair. He's so arouse he cum lot. And i can feel him rub his cock between my ass cheek. No way it can fit in there. But I like the feeling of it against them. I can barely move I'm so fuck. Just what i needing. He’s sweet and get tissue from table and wipe cum off me. He lie next to me on the bed and we stay silent for few minute just looking at each other face smiling. Both exhausted. I'm happy. After a while we chat and I begin play with his cock again. Its softer but still huge. I told him any time he want he can do that to me. And I mean it then. I feel at that moment if he can be my regular partner I will be luckiest girl alive. He just smile to me and say he love to. I'm still obsess by his penis that I can feel is perfect. I move down on him and just look at it. Then I stroke it and kiss it. He moan again. I like his moan. And I quite like his cock bit softer. I can fit more of it in my mouth. I suck him off again. He moan a lot so I know he is enjoy. I’m happy with this. Finally he cum in my mouth and I get to taste his juice. All of it. Drunken down.

He doesn't stay long after this. He need to meet friend that night he told me. I'm sad cause I want him for whole night. Even if I feel I can't let him inside again cause Im sore. For two day after this I'm in pain. Its amazing experience but I think my small body can not cope with it. Even though I'm sore I still feel it worth it. We meet only one more time after that. He never message me for few week then suddenly he did. I’m bit annoy he take so long but I want him again. We meet not as date but come straight to my apartment for fuck. It’s not as intense this time but still good. And again sore for days after. I think he just think of me as easy fuck by this time. Wish I guess I am. I don't mind. It's my own doing. I didn't expect anything else when I first contact him. It was a need I had that day. I just didn't expect him to be such a great fuck. But it not like I fall in love or anything. Well maybe I did. But only with part of him. I message him again weeks later practically beg for his cock but he not reply. Shame I didn't get to experience that cock more.
Friend with benefit
Posted:Apr 29, 2017 12:38 am
Last Updated:Jan 30, 2019 9:36 pm

I get real buzz from wank off and suck big hard cock. The bigger and harder is better. I just love to look at it. Stroke it. Lick it. Suck it. Then watching it cumming everywhere. Yummy. Once it's cum I like to suck the head gently and lick up the cream. Then just massage the cock for a while. Touch gentle all the sensitive spot. Taste the cum on it. This is my fav. It's such turn on. My nipple get so hard and pussy so wet at the point. I need to cum then and can so fast.

My friend come over to visit me some time. We watch movie and tv drama together. He is single gay guy. Very handsome. All girl I know agree. He also has beautiful cock. Its big, smooth, clean and shaved. I don't like bushy. Def not smelly. He is not the biggest I ever have. but still good size. And nice shape. I like its thick. I love to stroke it over his short while we watch tv. And of course he enjoy it too though I'm not his type.

The first time we did was bit by accident. We bored and curious about each other I think. He know some of my history. That I'm horny girl, that I love sex and crave lots. But he not judge me. I think he like it and it turn him on a bit. He always want to talk about my experience. And I like to tell him too. I also love to hear his with other guy. Thats major turn on.

When he arrive I'm just out shower. I only wear damp white tshirt and thin baggy short on. No bra, no panty. I didn't think much about appearance. I don't worry about be respectable in front of him then cause he is close gay friend. I don't think he is interested in my look. Just treat him like a girlfriend.

But I find this not totally same. As soon as he arrive he is intrigue by my breast which is obvious under damp tshirt. The tshirt is stuck to my body which is still bit wet. My nipple stick out far. I can see him looking and giggling. He make a comment about my "big boobs how can see everything ". I just laugh. I walk to kitchen and he follow. I know he want to touch. I can see in his body language. He's so hyper. Finally he does. Over tshirt at first. But soon hands are under it massaging my tits from behind. Im surprise but enjoy the feeling. Then he lift tshirt up to see shape. At first I pull it back down again and move away. But then he come back toward me. Face me now and lifting it again. This time I let him. I don't really mind. I know he is curious and having fun. He's giggling so much like little boy. I'm bit shock at his behaviour. but happy to let him. I don't mind at all. Just didn't expect he be interest in my girl body. I'm trying to make drink for us but it is hard with his hands all over me hehe.

He touch my tits before a few time. In fun way. But not without bra. And usually when other people around. Make himself funny. This is new experience for him though. And hes fascinated I can tell. He never touch pussy before though. Any pussy. Not just mine. He already told me this.

We move to sofa as normal to watch tv. I put one leg up on table and he is laughing again. He said he can see up the leg of my baggy short. I'm laughing and saying he not acting like gay guy tonight. He's crazy now. He slide his hand up under my short leg and try to touch my pussy but I stop him. He say "oh please let me touch her. I never touch before". I laugh and let go his hand. I don't need convince much.

Again I'm happy to let him. I'm already feel bit wet from having breast massaged. I'm enjoying his attention. His hand moves towards my pussy and I can feel his fingers rub my lip. He can feel I'm wet. He's giggle at that. I open my leg wide for him. He smile at me. His finger easy slide inside. He's nice and gentle. I pull down my short and he look at my pussy so fascinate. He explore me for a while. I open my lip for him and show him clit which is swell now. He rubs it gentle for while then put finger back inside me which I think he like best. He manage to fit three finger in and he is happy. I lie back and enjoy. He not hurt me too much. I'm very very wet and relax now. After few minutes he stop. He pull fingers out and then lick to discover taste. Still he is giggling. Excited. He cuddle me and then he is chattering about his new experience. I'm happy he enjoy.

But now I'm really horny and he made me this way. I play my clit a bit while he is chattering. He is watch me while talking. I look at him and still think he is so handsome. He's not good at touch pussy of course but I don't care. Now I just want to see his cock. I told him it only fair I can touch and see him now. He laugh hard. Embarrass way. He cover his lap at first. But finally he admit it's fair.

He open his short. I reach in and take out his boy. I'm dying for it. I can't keep my hand off it. It's so long and soft. Quite thick. It's beautiful I feel. I also know many guy has touched and sucked on it too and for me that's turn on. I massage it gently. Run my hand all over shaft and head. My eye fixed on it. I moved down on him and suck it a little.

He said he not think I can make him hard or cum. But after a few minutes sucking and playing he become very hard. He's surprised. I love it. I start soft and gentle. Then gradually firmer and quicker. Finally I finish him with fast wank. He is so hard. I rub my tongue against his end firmly as I give the hand job and after few minute he explode. Everywhere. Lots of cum. On my face. In hair. On neck. It's amazing. He is moaning and fast breathing. I slow my wanking. Gradually he calms down. I lick his stuff up that land on his body. And then from the head of cock. I'm in love with it. And I like his taste. I want more to be honest.

Afterward we cuddle chatting. Giggling about what we did. I still play with him. and myself. Gradually I let him talk away while I enjoy myself. I lick his cock and rub my clit at the same time. I'm really throb now. After only few minutes I can't hold back. I cum. Up against his body. Vibrating. My tits press against his strong body. He is shock. But happy. I end up lie almost on top of him. He pull me close to him as I relax. I fall back to his side as I calm again. He move on to his side and run his hand down my body. My breast, then my stomach. and then down to touch pussy again. I know he want to feel how wet it is. He rubs the lips and then fingers inside. He tasted them again. Then he move down on me and licks me a little. It feels so good. I open my lips wide with my hand and let his tongue inside me. He does. Then lick my clit a little. I feel amazing. He moves back up my body and kisses my lip. I can taste my juice on him. We cuddle. then fall asleep. It's beautiful experience.

Since then he is not so curious about my body. He touch my breast and ass some time in fun way but not go any further. I'd love to feel his cock inside me to be honest. He happy for me to play with him though. It's like go for massage for him he says. I know what he mean. He can get nice treat and no need do in return. For me it's chance to play with nice big cock which I love to do. And I like to make him happy. And to make him feel good. I love his creamy cum run down onto my hand. Then licking it. Always I cum quickly after by fingering.

Sorry for talking this. I'm horny today. And I'm so wet. I really want to play big cock now. I will cum soon.
Relationship - who want it?
Posted:Feb 14, 2017 10:54 pm
Last Updated:Oct 23, 2017 8:36 pm

I recent had boyfriend for about 6 months. We broke up about a month ago. I met him on POF app and I like him immediately. He is handsome French guy, quite funny, confident and cool. Dress well and bit bad boy attitude. I know straight away he is not perfect and Im not 100% his type but I didn’t worry to much. Even on the first few date I can see him look at other girls. But I didn’t mind. Im not traditional girl who want guy 100% monogamous. I don’t trust me to be that either. But honesty is important and I want ME to be main focus.

Anyway I like him so willing to try for him. We chatted first couple of dates and I learned he did like monogamous girl, he said he never cheat and expect same from girl. Again I feel this is quite old fashion but I happy to give it a shot. Cause he is attractive to me really to be honest.

For the first 3 months Im happy. We fuck a lot. Right from first date I think if I can give him really good fuck he will be happy with me. Even if Im not really his type. He will feel hard to leave me. Looking back Im pathetic. Hate myself for that thinking.

From second date we start fucking and we meet 2 to 4 times per week after that. We go to nice place such as restaurant or cinema then back to apartment. He is not most amazing sex but I really like him. He has great body, nice cock, quite big, and he cum lots which really turn me on. I would suck him often. I know he really enjoy it. I do too. I was loved to give pleasure more than receive. And all that cum all over my face and in my mouth, then on my breasts. Such a turn on. I loved seeing how turn on he get watching me drink it down and lick it up off my body and his. I let him do what he want. Fist me. Anal. Fuck my mouth hard with cock. Fuck my pussy hard with vegetable. Im want him happy and Im happy too. Only bad thing, Im frustrated he won’t lick me. He doesn’t like to do. He like to finger me really hard and fast though which I do really like and can make me cum.

After 3 months though I feel the passion is starting cooling. We still see each other and have fun. But he doesn’t fuck me so much. He’s happy to just let me suck him while he massage my breast or finger me a little. I enjoy this but I want my pussy properly taken care of. I want his hard cock inside me banging me hard. And if I could wake up one morning with his head between my legs while he suck on my clit Id be very happy girl. I dream of rubbing his handsome face all over my soaking wet pussy while I am cummy. But he never does. I didn’t cum by him for a long time and during masterbation I never think of him any more. Thats the only time I cum. I crave more.

We begin to fall out at that time. One day on the busy BTS I can see him constantly looking at a beauty girl. I don’t mind. I like to look too. She is gorgeous. But I want some attention to. Im holding his hand at that time. I try to place it up my dress and onto my pussy. I just want him to rub me over panty a little while we bored and he enjoying that girls looks. But he pulls his hand away. He says to me "you want us arrested"? Im annoyed and tell him to go chat to her. Our trip is ruined after that. At that time Im remembering before I flirt with stranger on BTS and found some of them fondle my ass, breast even pussy at rush hour. I almost cum by this some time. Walked off with my panty soaking. But now my partner won’t do to me. Crazy I know but thats my feeling. For the next month we barely fuck. Even I suck him less though Im so horny all the time. Im bit fed up. Plus I crave risky excitement and new experience.

Towards the end, my friend move into my apartment. She has been made homeless by landlord and she has no where to stay. So I let her stay in my small apartment for a while. When my boyfriend here she sleep on sofa. When he is not we sleep in my bed together. She is cutie. Only one year younger than me but look like . Pretty, happy face. Big eyes and cheeks. Always smile. Very short - less than 150cm. Little bit chubby. very big breasts. Actually she is F cup. Rare for Asian girl. Mine are nothing next to her lol. And good shape too. Not sag. I really like to see them and touch them when we are half naked in apartment together. I even massaged her whole body and loved the feeling. She is not into girl though. Unlike me. But she knows I like girl too and doesnt judge me.

From moment my boyfriend meet her he can’t keep his eye off her. Particularly her tits. I know he like big breast. He told me so many times. Bigger than mine even. I feel invisible when she is there. And she like him too. She told me so many time how handsome he is. She is bit flirty but I don’t mind too much. Im not possessive.

Finally one night we all watch movie together. Im bit tired and grumpy to be honest. So by 10 pm I say Im going to bed. My boyfriend won’t stay the night because he has trip early next day. So Im happy to let them finish movie together and he can leave when he want. I kiss him, stroke his cock a little, wish him a good trip and struggle to bed. My friend is watching everything which I like.

I sleep for an hour then wake up because of movie noise. I lie sleepy for 10 mins. Then I decide to see if boyfriend still there. Actually I want his cock to be honest. My bedroom doesn’t have door. Just curtain which can see through. I walk slowly sleepy to the door then look to them through curtain. They are not watching movie. The sofa face my bedroom door. They cant see me cause my room is dark. But I can watch them. My friend is now lying across sofa. She has my boyfriend cock in her mouth. She is sucking him slowly and gently. Her tshirt is pulled up high and her huge tit are popping out below. My boyfriend is enjoy massage them as well as her pussy. Her skirt is pulled up high. Her pink panty is so so wet. My boyfriend play with her pussy and seems she enjoy it.

I should be annoyed but I find Im not. Actually I quite enjoy to watch them. I wonder should I try to join them. But actually I don’t want to. And I know my friend won’t like that and I don’t feel I want to reward my boyfriend either. I just stand there watching. He is so hard. So excited. She sucks faster and faster. Her tits bouncing. He is fondling them hard. Then fingering her fast. Finally he cums. Lots even than usual. I can see the surprise on her face. Its all over her face, her hair. In her mouth. On her shirt. He moans and she put the whole head in her mouth. Sucks it slowly. Then moves up and massages it between her breasts. Im impressed by her. I go back to bed but can’t sleep. I play a little. After ten minutes I can hear her moan. I know he must have his cock inside her and pummel her. I have a look again. He is fucking her hard from behind. Skirt pull up over waste and tits bouncing fast. She looking towards my room but she can’t see me in the dark. The fucking continue for about 10 minutes. He bangs her so hard almost like violent. Then stop. He pulls his cock out her then pull her head towards it. He cums in her mouth again. Its running down her chin onto her naked breast. She is a fucked mess. She licks him for a while on knees. He fondles her breast at same time. He’s obsessed by them I know. I return to bed.

After 10 minutes my boyfriend leaves and she go to shower. Im wide awake now. I walk to the bathroom and look inside. I want to say something to her. I didnt know what to be honest. But she is fingering herself hard and fast. She didn’t cum i think and needs to now. Her cute chubby ass is sticking out and her breasts bouncing. I watch her cum. Then I go back to bed and ten minute later she climb into beside me. Trying to be so quiet. I turn towards her and cuddle her as I always do. Her big breast so soft and lovely in my hand. I ask her if she enjoyed my boyfriend. She doesn’t reply. She just lie still. Then slowly she strokes my hair. I kiss her breast and put my hand on her hip stroking her. We don’t speak. I can still smell my boyfriend cum on her. Probably still in her hair which she didnt wash. After a while I fall asleep.

The next morning shes very upset. Crying. I feel its genuine. I comfort her. I tell her I don’t mind. If she had asked me I would let her do. Its true. Im not possessive. She tells me he touch her often since she moved in. Rub against her breast. Her ass. She liked his attention. Soon she fell for him. Finally on the sofa he start everything. Stroke her leg, then her hair. Then pull her head to his lap. He fondling her breast. Finally he take his cock out and she cant resist it. we cuddle. Her head on my hip. She is shaking. Her tears run to my leg. I want to calm her. Make her feel better. I massage her waist then one her big breast. The other is resting soft on my lap. I know they are sore because I saw them red earlier. My boyfriend fucked her so hard. All I care for is her wellness. Its nice intimate moment between good friend. I feel I love her very much. We stay like this for one hour till she finish cry. No one speak. Later I give her whole body massage cause I know she is sore. She show me her pussy which is so red and swollen. We rub ice on it.

By now Im fed up totally with my boyfriend. I feel he is hypocrite. And I wonder how many other girl he fucked. I now crave even more exciting encounter. Its only a matter of time before I seek it and find it. Two weeks later I met my Australian guy (see previous post). Then soon party with his friends. Sixth mouths of frustration are gone by 4 guys in one encounter. I want to tell him but I dare not.

Soon after this I break up with him. Better end sooner than later I thought. I am not happy. He seems bit upset but Im not really sure why. I never told him I saw him fuck my friend. He called me only a few times since. Maybe he miss me. Maybe he is horny for my blowjob. I dont know or care. Im horny too but he won’t satisfy that I know now. I now have others who can.

Since then Im more happy with my passion life. Much more. I have regular buddies I can trust and rely on. I closer to my Aussie guy now. But def not relationship. I won’t do that again for long time. We meet sometimes one to one. But I also can meet his friends. We had one more group meet party. This time there is another girl. She is amazing. I adore her straight away. We soon meet one to one as well.

Next post I will tell you more about her.
Posted:Dec 27, 2016 3:25 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2017 2:38 am

As I said in last post I'm having problem keeping work and fun separate. I started work for big company as relation assistant about six months ago. I have good English so work with foreign mostly. I like my job. I like meeting new people and visit nice place.

I work closely with my boss. We travel together often to foreign country and meet together. Our company export to many places. I also look after foreign when they come to meet in Bangkok. My boss is a cool guy. I'm thankful for him for give me a job. He is handsome Thai guy who dress very well. He is funny, well educated and very sweet. He has nice hair and kind smile. He is married. He's also very naughty I soon found.

From the very beginning I can see he likes my body. His eyes are on me a lot in office. Especially my tits. He brush against them sometimes and not by accident I'm sure. My ass too. I'm not typical Asian. I have curvy body and know lots of guy like this. Full ass, quite big boobs, small waste. I'm not pretty but I'm bit sexy I guess. I don't mind his pervy. Actually I think it's funny. Although I don't think he is sexy. He's a bit small and thin for my type. I like big strong guy that will devour me. But I enjoy being touch and I find it a turn on when he do. I give him annoyed stare sometime but he knows I don't mind I'm sure and guess that encourage him a bit.

A few weeks ago we went on over night trip in Singapore. He's really cheeky now and his hand are touch me a lot. On flight, in taxi, in hotel elevator he is constantly touching me. Even hand inside my blouse when we land. I pull his hand away and give him my stare. I try to talk about his wife with him who I said is very beautiful to turn his mind away. Hes annoyed though. replies she is pretty but not sexy. Very thin no curves. I do think she is very beautiful by the way. I'm not even close to her. She look expensive posh woman. Beautiful skin. Perfect hair. Little make up. I really like her when I met her. I want to be like her. But never I can be. Im not natural beauty like her. I guess I'm type of girl guy want to fuck and she is type guy want to marry. Glad I like fuck and not bother about getting marry just now hehe. He thinks I'm a good girl because I resist him. Sweet old fashioned type. He doesn't know me at all hehe. Actually I resisted because I don't think it's appropriate. He's my boss and married man. But he does t care.

Last weekend we went on a trip to Australia. His hand had been on my body all day and I admit it made me horny. Again Inside my blouse on plane. This time I pretend to sleep and let him. He's gentle so not to wake me hehe. It feels nice. My pussy was wet by time we arrive to hotel. I could feel it when walk. My panty was soaking when I took off in my room. I only been in room 30 minute when he knock on my door. His timing was good I guess. I was almost naked and fingering on bed before shower. I needed to orgasm and I was crave cock to be honest. My whole body was buzz. I only had bath robe on. I know it's him and I know what he want. In Singapore he did the same but I didn't answer door. I really didn't want to fuck him because his wife id just met and I thought is lovely. Also I wasn't so horny because I'd been fucking lots the day before. But this time I can't resist. My horny is too great. I hadnt fucked for days and his hands on me got me buzz. I admit I happy to let him in and within seconds his hands are over me again.

He pin me against the wall hard and start kiss me. I resist at first then kiss him back. And then he touch my body under robe. Soon he's sucking tits and quickly fingering my pussy. My robe is no protection at all hehe. Its rough but feel good. He knows woman's spots. My pussy is already buzz from playing and being grope all day. My clit is swollen. I can tell he is turn on by my body cause he is rough.

We move over to bed. He throws me down and takes off his clothe. Then I found his fantasy. He start to put fingers inside. Then finally slide whole hand inside me. I'm bit shock but I let him. Lucky he has small hand. Its tight but I can manage it. He massages my breast at same time. He fucks me hard with his hand. It's fast. It's good. I play with his cock while he did this. He is so so hard. He is so turn on. My pussy is very wet too. I can hear my juice by his hand. It's a bit sore but I like it. Gradually my pussy relax and feel nice. He does for about 15 minute then I orgasm from it. I rub clit at same time to help me cum. He cums too shortly after. He can't stop his excitement and my touching is good. He squirt all over my body. A lot of cum. Then he falls on bed beside me. I rub it in to my tits. On my hard nipple. I feel good. I sense he has not had exciting fuck like this for a long time. I can tell from his reaction. It's quick fuck but intense.

After we cuddle a while. And chat. I suck and play with him too. he is not hard like before but I like to do it. He plays with my breast at same time. They are bit sore from his squeezing and sucking. But I don't mind. It was turn on. If I didn't like him I wouldn't let him touch me and fuck me. After a while I finger my clit a bit while chatting. I think he is shocked by this. Also turned on. He thought I'm sweet girl. He is hard again. He plays too until he's close to cum. Then I take him into my mouth and swallow all his stuff. He look at me with surprise eye. I just smile.

I ask if his wife do this and he just laugh. No chance he say. After a while he goes back to his room and I have shower then sleep.
Last night
Posted:Oct 29, 2016 5:02 pm
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2017 10:15 pm

Its 5.30 am. I just got home after new experience. I really want to write about it. This is fantasy I been thinking about for a while now and finally got to do it.

I started chat to a new guy online. Australian guy. We had some really good naughty chat and his pics and talking really turn me on. Finally I took risk and went to his apartment. we had good hard frantic fuck. Hes a big guy, fair hair, great body, and I loved him devour me like wolf. We fuck for hours. My pussy was buzzing from it. Hes keen to do anal and I let him. Im happy to let him do anything he want. I love kissing his firm body and sucking his big cock. Its a great experience.

I was thinking about him a lot all week after. I admit I really need that something new. I didnt think I will meet him again. Its just to fulfil itch. But he chatted me and I cant resist. I didnt reply to him straight away but finally I give in. However, I told him I have regular partner so cant meet again. Hes fine about it and says hes happy to just talk. So we chat more over next few days and finally we are naughty chatting again. Its fun his chat and i love his pic. I made myself cum from it. Afterward he told me he has told his friend about me. He even showed them my naked pics and about our night. At first Im annoyed by this but actually after that pass Im a bit turned on. The thought of his friend eyes on me is hot. Afterall Im not shy about this kind of thing. Finally he asks if I want to go to party with them. At first I said no. It sounds dangerous. But after a few days thinking about it I message him back and ask if hes still having party. He said he is. I told him Im happy to meet them for few drink then I will go home. He is happy. He arrange for last night.

I arrive at his apartment at 7.30 and he is there. His three male friend arrive soon after. We have some alcohol drink, listen to music and chatting. Im nervous and dont say much. They are teasing each other and showing off like guy do. They seem nice boys. All aussie. I sit next to my friend and after a while he is hand stroking my leg. Gradually its high up my skirt. I push him away laughing. but actually I dont mind. I like them watching us. Im bit drunk and the more he touch me and they watch us the hornier I get. As we get drunkier the music get louder. We are all up dancing and laughing. there are hands all over me. Not just my friend. All of them. The hands are up my skirt, up my tshirt, on my breasts, my bra is unfasten and I can feel cocks hit against my ass. Hands are even down my pantie. Im really turned on. I know im wet. Everyone has tshirt off. Mine is off too now. Im turned on by these guy see me like this, having my naked breast grope and bouncing for them to see. They are dancing pulling cocks out of shorts. And its not long before my skirt and panty is off too. Alcohol means I dont mind. I can feel hands on my ass. And fingers on my pussy. Inside pussy even. I let them do what they like while i dance.

I think you know what happen next. I sit down on sofa naked and tired from dance. My friend comes over and lifts my legs apart. He enter me and bangs me hard. His friend watch. And then they take turns to fuck me. Its incredible. I can feel others hands all over my body while one fuck me. Squeezing my breast. They place their cock in my hand and in mouth. Its crazy. But Im enjoying. They take three or four turns each. By the end Im sore. I can hardly walk. Im covered in their cum and my pussy is soaking. We party till 3 then gradually people fall asleep. Everyone still naked.

I go to bathroom and clean myself. I find my clothes and sneak out. I find taxi to take me home.

Here I am now at home. sore but happy. I cant sleep cause still buzz.

Hope you enjoy me share this.
Horny horny horny
Posted:Oct 14, 2016 4:17 pm
Last Updated:Oct 29, 2016 3:17 pm

Good morning Senior Sizzle. Goodness Ive been masterbating all morning. My sheets are soaking wet. Hope you are all have fun these days. I am for sure.
Final year in UK
Posted:Apr 22, 2016 12:14 am
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2016 3:39 pm

In my final year in UK I move in to new apartment. It is a lovely small city centre place near to my university. I rent room from owner who is local guy and who work in city centre. He is young guy at only 30 and lovely I feel when I first meet him. Quiet and sweet. Very handsome. Also very gay I find when he is talk about his boyfriend. Im happy to move in and he is happy to let me.

We got on well that first few month. I found he is very funny and very kind. He love to tease me. And always so interest in my life. I admit I fall in love with him during that time. It's my happiest period of all in uk. After while I become not shy with him and he become like my best friend. I feel I can chat with him about anything. I told him about some of my erotic experience (not the really naughty one) and I can see he is quite surprise. But also delight and not judge me. I like this. He tell me some of his experience too. We become very close.

His boyfriend is also very nice. Not handsome like flat mate but really funny and good fun. He has very naughty sense of humour which I like. They are great couple I feel. Perfect match. Alway drink wine. Laugh. Have fun. And they always try include me in their fun. Kiss me and grope me a lot. Fascinate with my breast. They invite me to eat with them regular. And drink wine with them. I really like hanging with them. They made me feel so happy at this time. We talk about sex a lot when drink. I love this. So open. They love how naughty I am even though I look shy and sweet. I'm their kind the of girl they say. I love that. Make me feel special. I feel I adore them.

After few months I got to know them even more. I walk in on them at wrong time. I'd been out on pof date which didn't go well. We didn't bond well. Didn't find each other attractive and it only last couple of awkward hour. Maybe I'm too stress with project at that time and not really try hard. Or maybe I'm just bored with pof guy and date. Anyway it is short meet that night. The guy is nice though. Just not for me I feel. He walk me home and wish me good luck for future. I give him friendly hug. And let him leave.

When I arrive at apartment door I can hear music quite loud. I know they plan night in together so not surprise. I open door and walk to living room to say hello. There my friend are on sofa. But shock me. My flat mate is lie flat and suck his boyfriend. Really fast sucking. His boyfriend is head back eyes closed very enjoy it. They haven't heard me. Thank goodness. I jump back out of living room. And freeze. I'm curious. Im naughty. So I look again. I admit it turn me on seeing that. As I watch amazing sucking, boyfriend look over to me. He laughs when he see me. But doesn't stop his guy. They just carry on. I jump back out of room embarrass a bit. I can't believe he caught me. I quickly go to my room. I feel bit silly. Bit embarrass. But the image stay in mind for days. It's very erotic I feel. The guys tease me about it for week after. Call me pervert. Say it's their turn watch me with someone. Only fair. I just laugh. But still feel slight embarrass. But they don’t care I realise. Im happy.

After this we are closer and naughty chat gets worse. One Saturday night they come home drunk and quite noisy. I'm tired and grumpy. I work hard all day and I am bit stress. I get out of bed to ask them be quiet. Then go to kitchen for glass of water. I can hear them giggling at my mood. It piss me off. I'm just wearing night shirt. No bra no panty. That's how I sleep. But I don’t care what they can see. Next, they burst into kitchen crazily. One hug me from back. Other in front. I laugh at them. Crazy laugh. I can't help it. It's very sweet and exactly what I need at that time. We hug for minutes. Then they start naughty teasing me. Boyfriend guy is groping my breast and flat mate guy my ass. Flat mate actually has his hand under night shirt massaging bum cheeks. So close to pussy. I’m laughing but bit shock too. Didn't expect this. Its turn on though. Feels nice. I love having breast massaged. I pretend to stop them but I don't mind really. Happy to let them. They are teasing me how hot my body is. So sexy. But shame about the face boyfriend guy say. I laugh but push him away. So mean I say. Pretend annoy. But then we hug again and are Friend once more.

We chat for ten minute in kitchen then I go back to bed. Leave them be romantic together. I'm wet though. I've not been touch by guy for a while now. It's busy time for me. It's near end of my project and need to write up. Not much time for dating. Just a couple of secret hook up. But also I'm bored with hook up by this time. Its not excite me any more. I crave something new. Add to this I actually now enjoy spend small free time with my new flat friend. By this point I really love them. They make me so happy. Relieve my stress.

I finish project two day after flat mates birthday. They are sweet to me and celebrate out of my way. They celebrate for three days. Crazy couple I think. So drunk. But quiet. Considerate. I so appreciate that. I submit on Friday morning. I take document to university then return home to sleep rest of day. I sleep all afternoon and evening. They are out celebrating again that night. When I awake flat is empty. I relax in living room. Just in my nightie after sleep. I watch tv. I feel happy now. No stress.

They return home later and greet me excited. Congratulate me. They are drunk again. I'm happy to see them. I'm wide awake now and happy for company. They open bottle wine and decide I am celebrate too. I agree. I have a few drink with them. I give them their sofa and I lie on fluffy rug in centre of room. They cuddle each other. They are now in lounge cloth they bought each other for Christmas. So sweet I thought. So cute couple. They are stroking each other now. They don't care about me see them. They laugh when I told them cloth not hiding anything. But they don't care. They said I already seen anyway. I think true. I quite turned on by them to be honest. And soon also bit drunk. They said they still never see my hot body. I just laugh at them. They can't be serious. But they are. They jump up suddenly and then on me. They pin me to floor. Boyfriend guy lifts my nightie up over my head. And instantly I'm naked. Im shock. But can’t help laughing at them. I don't really mind. Except Im bit embarrass. One hold leg down other hold arm. They can see all of me now. And they say wow. Such beautiful body. So sexy. I stop my struggle. I just lie there and let them look. I still feel bit embarrass. But Im happy. And drunk. I let them have their fun. They touch me, massage my breast, stroke my hips and legs. And finally boyfriend guy tickle me. I'm enjoy it. Intimate moment. After this they go back to their sofa and continue cuddle. I still lie on rug. Remain naked. But switch on to front so boob and pussy is hidden. All they can see is ass. They like that too. Sexy ass. I just shake head. Secretly I delight they think so.

As usual chat become very naughty. I'm feel very drunk now. I can't drink much. I told them about my experience with two guy (previous article). I never told anyone before. They are shock. But also bit impress and turn on I think. They ask why didn't let both in me at same time. Front and back. (I told them before that's one my fantasy). I said I dare not ask and they didn't offer it. They just laugh. They ask if I did anal before. I said yes. Once. Told them that story too (previous article ). Boyfriend guy said that's not how should be done. Should be more gentle. More intimacy. Flat mate guy agree. Then he tell me how they do it. I'm very turn on listening. So are they I can see. Boyfriend guy do most of talking as is normal. Then he come down to rug next to me and cuddle me. He sits up and then massage my ass. I don’t mind. I’m enjoy it. Flat mate guy also join us. I feel he is my man too. He sits by my head and stokes my hair and face. So sweet guy. He has my heart at that moment. Boyfriend guy is still chatting. Im not really listening. To be honest I feel I really want my flat mate at that moment. I'm so close to his body. I wish boyfriend guy will left and he can be mine alone. But I know it not gonna happen. For more than a moment anyway.

That short moment come next. Naughty guy get up and walk to kitchen to get us more wine. I reach up and kiss flat mate on the lips. Softly, passionately. And then I stroke him over his short. I really want him. He smiles at me. Calls me naughty girl. Then strokes my face again as boyfriend guy comes back into room. My goodness I feel he read a book - how to make girl fall in love with you. He is perfect I feel.

Boyfriend guy has full glass of wine on tray. And I see a bottle. I guess its lubricant. I laugh at him and say no way. He smile at me as I shake my head. Crazy guy. But after a bit more massage of bum I let him in my ass. Just his finger. Why not I think. Live life. It's bit sore at first but then I relax. It feels good. I think alcohol help at this moment. He finger me like this for while. Very gentle. I'm enjoy. He knows what he is doing I thinking. After few minute I feel two fingers are in there. It shock and sore again. But I don’t mind. I’m very wet. It feels good. And naughty in my mind. It get better with time. Less sore.

After 10 minute he gently pull out fingers. It's feel strange. Bit shock. Nice. But also sore. He apologise. Too fast he said. I said it fine. Just Im novice. He smiles to me. At that moment he slowly straddle on me. He rub more lubricant on ass. Then he gently slide cock in. It takes few minute but it finally goes in. All in. I'm happy to let him in. It feels big. Hard. Stretching me. Again after first pain I relax. And it feels ok. Nice. He slowly begin ride me. I look at my flat mate and he smile at me. He is rock hard I can see. I touch it.

After ten minute or so of gentle fuck boyfriend guy stop. He climb off slowly. Then flat mate guy take turn. He is smaller. It feel better I think. Plus I happier with him in me. I really want that. Really strong feeling for him. Happy to let him do anything to me. Boyfriend guy go to toilet. I think to wash his boy. He return after few minute and sit on sofa playing. Flat mate continue to ride me for a while I'm enjoying it more now. I want this guy for so long. Happy now it's happen. Im very turn on at this moment. Very wet. I know how naughty I being. Thats excite me. Im thinking - two guy in my ass one after other. So crazy. So tabu. He fucks me faster and i love it. Im happy for him to go all night.

After ten minutes flat mate guy climb off me. I lie still. Exhausted. Bit sore. But he lift me up and guide me to naughty guy on sofa. I'm so wet now. I let boyfriend guy pull me onto his cock. I straddle him. Breast in his face. Im soaking as I lower pussy onto him. I start ride him. It feels good. Ass is nice but pussy is still best Im think. After a minute I feel flat mate guy at my back. I pause as he rub more lubricant on me. I can't believe what he is think to do. I'm bit nervous. But also excite. At first I stop him. But actually I want it. Especially from him. Im so curious of feeling. He moves my hand gently away then slides his boy in my ass. It's still very open wide. Its awkward for him but finally he gets it in. Its tight with two in me. They gently fuck me in rhythm. I don't move much. It's crazy sensing. Like nothing I ever experience before. Can feel these two cocks moving inside me. It super turn on. Amazing.

Gradually they speed up. I excited more. I’m out my mind now to be honest. i cum after only couple of minute. It's too much for my sense. I can't hold back. My whole body shake crazy for one minute. My pussy gush. I can hear the juice as I being fuck. I don't know where I am now. They continue fuck me like this for about twenty minute. I love it more and more. Can do all night. Then flat mate cum. I feel it shoot in my ass. Strange sensation. But I don't mind it from him. He stops riding me. Then he pulls out slowly. He watches us for a minute. Then goes to bathroom to wash his boy. I can see him through hall. His handsome face and body. Still me and boyfriend guy are fucking. Fast. But I feel he is going soft. Excitement might be leaving for him now. I'm disappoint for moment. I want hard cock. But then flat mate return. He kneel on sofa next to us so boyfriend guy can massage him. And then I suck him. Boyfriend guy gets hard again. I can feel it grow inside me. I ride him fast. Until Im exhausted. I pull off of him. My legs are so weak. I fall back on knee in front of him. I pause for seconds then I reach out and play with him. Flat mate guy takes over. Sucking him. I enjoy watch this. Im playing with clit. He cum soon and flat mate guy swallow it. That turn me on so much. I lie back on rug again. I'm exhausted. I let flat mate guy have his time with boyfriend. He lift his leg rub some lubricant on his ass then enter him. No need to tease him open I notice. He is used to it I guess. I watch and play with clit. I cum again quickly. And then watch them finish. Flat mate joins me on rug. We cuddle. Boyfriend guy joins us too. He spoon next to boyfriend. We chat and laugh. I play flat mate guys his soft cock. I want to suck it again but I can’t since its been in ass. Im exhausted anyway. My body is sore.

My mind is happy though. Really super excited. What an experience. After a while I leave them and go to bed. I play and cum again before sleeping. My ass is still a bit sore but I don't mind. It's worth it. I want to try this for a long time and now unexpected I achieve my dream. Never thought I would dare. And with two amazing guy. Probably no two other guy would convince me to do this. So close friend. So intimate. Happy to have this experience with them.

I wake next morning feeling very hang over. I think did this happen? And then did they plan this? They know this is one of my fantasy. Or is it just in the moment. At breakfast they said they didn't plan it. But then wink to me haha. I will never know. I don't care anyway. Life is about great experience. And that is best erotic experience of my life. And with two guy I love dearly.

Only one month later I leave uk. It's a very sad moment. I cried so much for leaving them. I miss my special guys. So many special time. I miss them even now.

I did not know whether to share this story because I feel its so intimate. But in the end I decide its so nice to let other people know about it.
Arrive in UK
Posted:Apr 20, 2016 11:35 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2017 8:44 pm

My first experience of a western guy was bit unexpected. I been in UK for about three month and barely been touch by guy during that time. It was hard time for me as I try to make friend and settle in new city and culture. I feel lonely, stress and maybe even bit depress. I miss my family and my friend. I spent a lot of time alone in my room, reading book for my project and free from real contact with other peoples. Add to this I am craving intimacy hugely.

As I said before, sometime my urge get so bad it take over my life. Nothing satisfy me except have a good hard session. Playing with myself is not enough. I need a good guy (in my mind more than one will be better). Im like this on day. The feeling is so strong that Im throbbing. I can't think of anything else.

It is mid afternoon. About 1pm. My mind often wonder at this time and I start look at erotic stuff. Article, story, picture, video. Normally I play, cum and then happy. Back to work. But this day it's not enough. I watch video of Asian girl with two guy. It’s such a turn on. It make me cum but my craving is worse if anything after. The throbbing feeling not go away. I make myself cum again but still Im aching. I decide I need to get out apartment and go for walk. Cool off. Be with real people, even stranger.

I put on short baggy skirt. No stocking even though it's cold autumn outside and tight t-shirt. I do a little make up and looking in mirror I can see my bra very thin. The bra is so thin my nipple can be see through my t-shirt a bit. My breast are obvious for anyone wanna look at them. They advertise touch please. Can i dream this will happen? The dressing is daring for me especially at this time. I put on overcoat, take iPad and mobile phone and head out to local cafe. Only 15 minute walk. I like to hang out in cafe and look at cool beautiful people. Fantasy is one will chat to me. That’s one lovely dream.

The cafe is busy. Not many seat available. I sit on sofa in corner opposite two girls chatting. Fast chatting. Excited chatting. I feel its a bit annoying but it's good seat. Comfy and can see people arrive. I sit for one hour. All the time I'm still throbbing. My leg are crossed and I've got hand under iPad lightly stroke myself. I'm sure I'm wet. I'm looking at naughty picture on tumblr. So many good one on there that turn me on. Animated gif. My leg are rocking try to satisfy itch. Sometimes I can cum in cafe doing this. But today it's not work. I feel I need to go to bathroom and really finger fast to cum again. Soon I will I'm thinking. Im aching.

People come and go but still busy. Girls opposite me still talking with craziness. Laugh and speak loud. Im getting bored and annoy a little now. Finally a guy come and ask if he can sit next to me. I didn't notice him enter but now he is there stand in front of me. He is older guy. Maybe late 40 (I'm only 22 at this time). He is smart dress in black jean and navy jumper. Cool grey wool blazer over it and grey fleck through hair and short beard. Not bad looking I think. Rugged. Look in good shape. I like this kind of guy. I nod and smile to say I'm happy for him to sit there. He smile back.

He sit there for a while. He read mobile phone, drink coffee and eat muffin. I switch off tumblr and read erotic story instead. Picture is too obvious with him so near. Article though can be anything. I have so many story save on iPad. Anyway I love this kind of story. I find its more erotic than video or picture really. I love to read and discover the emotion and the feeling of the teller. I feel that emotions too so many time. Confirm to me I'm normal when I doubt it at this age. And of course get me really turn on.

My guy also read now. Every so often I see he look over to my leg which are expose and still rocking. I'm happy he like to look at them. I slouch myself down on sofa so my skirt is higher. Now he can see upper thigh and almost see panty. Certainly all leg. I switch direction to point to him now. Hope he can read body language. I think so. He move his leg point toward me too. Still my leg rock. My foot almost touch his. He doesn't say anything to me though. Frustrating but also relief. Not sure I can reply him if he did. Too nervous.

After minutes I think to myself - be daring. Flirt more. I fold one leg under bum and now sit face straight at him. But still look down at iPad. He can definitely see panty now I think. My leg are wide open. So can others behind him. I don’t care. My itch is taking over my mind. I lean forward while reading iPad. He can see down t-shirt now too if he want to. I'm so obvious. Or I'm just innocent girl unaware lost in story? Anyway no one I know is in here. No one I will ever see again. No law is been broken (I think!).

He slide to me slightly and my folded leg is close to him now. He lean toward it and finally his arm is touch it. Even this little touch make me tingle. That's how hot I am now. I stroke inside of folded leg while still read iPad. Body language even more obvious now. He move elbow up to rest on my inner thigh. It's excite me. It's so busy around us. I continue stroke leg. And push knee into slide of his body. Now I get crazy. I put stroking hand under skirt and touch pussy over panty for seconds. Then back to leg. The girl opposite me see me I think. They stopped talking now. She laugh then halt it. Was it shock laugh at me I think? Or just I’m paranoid. I feel she watch me now for minutes. First I feel embarrass. Then I calm again. I keep look down at iPad not move much. She will look away soon I think. I hear they start chat again. Thank goodness. But still she glance at me often I feel. This is crazy I think. My mind is buzz. But it excite me.

Finally the girls get up to leave. Now I wonder if he will be less shy since they are not there to listen. Talk to me. The possibility make me super nervous. I feel embarrass and stress. Am I really dare to do anything with this stranger? Fantasy and flirt is one thing but in the real can I? Im panic a bit now. I think I must leave. I move my leg down and sit normal again. I finish coffee quickly. It’s obvious I'm about to leave. I pause a second though. I can feel his eye on me. On my leg, my boob. It excite me to be honest. My mind is everywhere now. Confused. I really don’t want to leave. I do want him. I take deep breaths. Then relax and calm. Think lets just wait a little see what gonna happen.

I push my breast out as if stretching my back after long sitting. Then clean some crumb off one boob. I move forward to edge of seat. Finally he does says something to me. He asks slightly awkward where I'm from. I feel nerve rush through my body. But I calmly answer him. He then ask few question about Thailand. I gradually relax again. He’s nice I think. After small chat he ask if he can buy me another coffee. Goodness. Nerve rush again. I smile to him and say actually I can’t drink too much coffee. I just about to leave. He has disappointed look on face I can see. I feel bad. But Im shy. I look at him. I think at that moment I like his eyes. His smile. I do want this guy. Im still very very horny. The though of him inside me make me excited. I don't know what I thinking but at that moment I ask him quietly and with nerve in voice do you want to come to my apartment have tea instead. He looks at me a bit shock at first. I think god Im too forward. Too obvious. But then calmly say yes I'd like that. I smile and think my god. I can’t believe what I did. Nerve all through my body now. I feel bit sick. I stand up and take deep breath. I fix my skirt then brush past his leg sideward. Back to him. He can see up my skirt to my ass Im sure. I look calm. Cool. But inside I'm super nervous.

He follow me out and we make our way along street to my apartment. I don’t say much. Just walk fast, smile and answer yes or no to his nervous chat. Walk seem so long now but finally we arrive at apartment entrance. I open security door then up two floor. He follow me. We saying nothing. I let us in. I put down stuff, take off shoe, then go to kitchen. He does same. He comment on nice apartment. I smile to him and say thank you. I put kettle on, then go to toilet. Im throbbing so much now. And my panty is soaking wet and smell a bit of my juice. I take them off. I rub clit a little to relieve myself some. It’s big, sensitive, swollen. I can cum easy. I dry myself then wash hand and back to him. I need him very soon I feel. Before flat mate come back at 6pm. I make tea and we go to bedroom. He sit on computer chair. I sit on bed. We chat a little about my study then conversation stop. He smile to me. I really need him in me now. Im aching. I lean back a little on bed. Leaning on elbow with back half on bed, half raise. I look toward him. I bounce leg slowly open then close. My skirt is high. He can see I've no panty on I'm sure. Did his eye light up? He stand up and slowly walk towards me. I widen my leg and keep open. I whisper ‘fuck me hard’ to him.

He does. For one hour or so. Not really long time but so intense. Hard, fast. He stop every so often so he doesn’t cum. He licks me or fingers me during break. Then start fuck again in new position. During one really fast finger I cum. Big long orgasm. I soak his hand. It feels super amazing. Then he roll me over and fuck me hard from behind. I feel helpless. Like he control over me. I can’t move. All I can do is lie and let him finish. I love that. He does. Cums on ass. And on skirt which still round my waist. Im happy.

We lie on bed for a while to recover. We chat a little. He plays with my breast and I massage his cock. Im gentle. I know its sensitive so concentrate around the base. I love to do this just after guy cum. I kiss and lick the head a bit. I can taste cum. After while he get hard again. Im sucking him now. Full cock in mouth. Massage head with back of throat. I know guy love this and it excite me. He is very hard again. I climb on top of him and start riding him. I pin his arm to bed and now I feel I in control. He will have to wait till I’m done before he can leave. I lean forward and ride the head of his cock. I can see the please he get. It's still so sensitive. I like it too. My breast are bouncing in front of his face. Nipple hard. The faster I go more they bounce. I can see it turn him on. I lower myself down his cock so he is deep in me. I love that feeling. I ride him for a while. But I really want him to pound me again. I roll over onto back and he climb on me. He holds my legs up off bed and begins fuck me hard. This time he can keep going. No need to pull out to stop cum. He fuck me for about twenty minute. Then he pull out and cum on my stomach. Still a lot of cum. He look exhausted. He lie down beside me on bed. I lean my head against his chest and play with myself one hand and him with other. I can go longer but I don’t think he can. He is soft again. At that point I'd let him do anything he want to me. But he is finished. Im wishing there is another guy here to keep me going. I'm out of my mind.

After while he gets up. He need to leave. As he dress I play with myself in the hope he will quickly do me again. But he just smile to me, kiss my lip and fondle breast. He say he never dream he’d end up fucking a pretty 22 year old asian girl with big boob when he set off this morning. I just laugh. Im thinking he is not serious. Im only 34D, big for Asian but not for UK. And I'm not consider pretty. I'm happy he said it though. We swap number and he kiss me again. Then he finger me a little. And finally lick me for a minute. I'm very wet. He leaves. I go back to bed and make myself cum again. What an afternoon.

He message me a few time over next few day. We meet a couple more time over next month. But never have intensity of excitement of that afternoon. He is busy guy so hard to meet and we gradually fizzle out. I don’t mind too much. But I always remember that crazy day when I basically beg stranger to fuck me.
First Senior Sizzle meet
Posted:Apr 10, 2016 9:04 pm
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2016 3:42 pm

My first meet on Senior Sizzle is very interesting. It was five year ago now. Im 23 then. As I said before I dont use Senior Sizzle for meet often. I like it for chatting and virtual thing but I prefer POF for meet. Its more choice of people and more surprise I guess. Anything can develop. Senior Sizzle can be too predictable. Just meet fuck leave. This can be turn me off (not always haha). POF more subtle. However after being in UK for over one year I gotting bored with POF. Some good experience now. But fed up with same date type since the last year. Im bored with same first date conversation. And excitement wore off a bit. I never met anyone to last longer than couple of month. It is also clear to me that most POF guy just happy to meet for quick selfish fuck too. This is not exciting to me. I want something different.

I didnt meet anyone for months now. I was truly bored. Of course I am restless during this time. Im still me. My urge still constant. I crave sex and longer time without it the itchier it become. But I want super excitement experience. Not just tick box sex. Naughty chatting on Senior Sizzle got me off a bit during this time. I not really did it before so it was new. It was my novel excitement. I read someone story and get turn on. I would play and have nice orgasm by it. Not big orgasm but better than nothing.

I like one chat friend on Senior Sizzle in particular. He live close to me and contact me. I reply but as normal I didnt think of meeting. We chat for maybe 3 weeks and I found he’s funny, clever and interesting. Silver tongue I think. We swap naughty pics and I got off from his chatting sometime. He really want to meet me. I like him but Im still not convince by Senior Sizzle guy. He is 28 year old. From his picture he is blonde hair. Very white skin. Not great looking. But not ugly. He is bit skinny for my type. He is also bit too tall I thought. 182 cm (Im tiny remember lol). Not all his picture Im sure is real. According to pic, his cock is huge (as all guy on Senior Sizzle ). I mean its massive. Long and thick. Im doubting its him. It dont seem to match rest of body. His face is not in pic although white skin look correct. Would love to try it if its real but Im really think its fake. I dont much care though cause no intention to meet. We chat almost every day and I enjoy it. Look forward to it. I find Im looking for him everytime I log on. He so fun to message with.

After 3 week he is stop coming online. I dont know why. Has something happen? Did I do something wrong? I keep look for him but no he doesnt appear. After a week Im feel bit upset. Then suddenly he appear again. Its thursday night about 7pm. I remember because it is student night and I plan to go out meet my friend that night. While get ready I check Senior Sizzle and there he is. I say hello. There is delay then he replied hello too. I think this is not his usual excite self. Im worry a bit for him. I ask if he is ok. He reply he is fine. I ask why is not on Senior Sizzle recently. He is not sweet speaking to me like normal. He say he is bored with it. No girl want to meet. just wasting of his time. I apologise to him. He say no he is not really mean me. He enjoy our chatting and I never promise to meet him. I feel guilty though. He told me he only log on to delete profile and was just have final look around. Suddenly I panic a bit. I think I have no chance to talk to him again. I missed his chat and now gonna be gone for ever (drama queen lol - but its correct my feeling in the moment). Look back now I certain he is playing game with me. But at that time I fall for his trap. Im feel bad. I ask if we can meet. He says yes.

He can meet this night. He say he dont feel like go out but he like me to come hang out with him at flat. Im not stupid. I know what hang out is. Im unsure about this. Its not safe I feel. I rather meet public and decide about him. But I dont want him upset again. I told him Im not sure for sex so soon. But fine have couple drink with him. Even so he is happy. He says he is down mood. just want chat someone in real. I agree. I will go to flat.

I get ready to meet him. I look at his pic again and look at that huge cock. I wonder again is it real. Maybe I will discover. The thought of that excite me. But also bit fear about situation. I rush to get ready. I wear same outfit I prepare earlier. Its middle of summer and warm by UK standard. Even me I can wear less cloth. I wear short denim skirt, tight low cut pink tshirt, brown sandle, small nice white underwear. I feel i show enough to be notice. But not look much too like slut. I dont need tight in this night. Its too warm. I put on some makeup and small coat to cover cleavage on street and keep warm. I head to outside. After minutes I find taxi. It about 8pm.

I arrive at his flat maybe 20 minutes later. As approach building I suddenly feel very nervous. Am I too risky? Is this safe? Am I be crazy to let myself be tricked? But inside I think its fine. We chatted lot. Im sure he is nice guy. And remember that cock picture. Its in my mind I admit. Go for it I think. I buzz him and he let me in.

His flat is small untidy. Typical 20 something guy. Console game and dvd over floor. I sit down on sofa and he prepare me large glass of wine. Its not nice but I drink it quickly to calm nerve. He is wearing only short and tshirt. Its so hot for UK. I look at him. His skinny body not really attractive to me. But he is sweet.

After only 10 minutes we are disturb.. His flatmate come out of bedroom. I forgot he had flatmate. He told me before during earlier chat week or so before. But I forgot. I remember he is on Senior Sizzle too and has more luck he told me. I can see why. He is much more handsome. Dark hair. More muscle body. Lovely blue eye. We smile to each other. Im bit shock and embarrass now. This is so unexpect. I dont think I can do anything now. Not with another person in apartment. Im shy girl now.

When his flatmate go to kitchen to get drink blonde guy apologise to me. He said he arrive just before me. He not expect him home this night. I say its fine but inside Im stress. We three have another drink and chat. Im quiet and let them talk mostly. They show off and tease each other. Its silly but I think they are funny. They are nice guys i feel. The wine take effect to me. The more I look at flatmate the more I think he is really gorgeous guy. His eye and smile make me feel weakat knee. I relax a bit with them. Alcohol is helping but Im still shy. Bit scare. Its about 9.30 and Im thinking I should leave. I can meet this guy another time. And still time go meet my friend on night out.

I ask if I can use toilet. Blonde guy take me to hall to show me. I tell him quiet Im nervous, shy of his friend and can we meet in future. He smiles and says of course. My stress relief by this. I go to toilet and calm myself. Blonde guy is waiting for me in hall. Time to say goodbye. I feel what a great guy. So understanding. I will definitely meet him again. if he allow it. I open door and he smiles to me. Kind smile. not weak knee smile like his friend. But sweet. I walk to entrance and turn to him. I lean forward to kiss him. He does to.

First its soft kiss. Then bit passionately. I put my arms around his neck. He touches my side. Then my breast. I tingle a little. We kiss for minutes. I enjoy a good passion kissing. I wont rush yet. At this point he slide his hand to my ass. I think oh. Time to stop. I hold that hand and draw my head back from kiss and smile as to say thats finish. Time to go. But he leans forward and kisses again. He put hand under skirt. Massages ass. Then in front to pussy. I hold his arm. Again to tell him enough. But oh it feels so good. I not been touched by anyone for months. Its exciting. So I think lets let him for a bit. We continue kiss and I can I guess he must be hard. I press against his body to see. Remember he only wear thin short. It is hard. Im curious. I slide my hand down and touch it. Im shock. Its really huge. Just as picture promise. Goodness he isnt fake. I really want to try that. Feel it inside me. Glad I know now its real. I will definitely meet him again. I like him. He groans by my touch and we kiss more. I continue to stroke him over his short.

Im turn on now. Wet. My eyes are close. Im excite of course but I feel I should leave now. I stop kiss again and lean back. I smile to him and say Im leaving. But he just smile. He lift up my tight top and kiss my breast. He reach around back with one arm and undo bra. I think goodness. Im letting this go too far. He gropes my expose breasts. Im press against door. Its wonderful. Ok let him just a bit I think. Enjoy then go home. He then slides down my body. He kiss my breast and suck my nipple. This I love. Then his head go down again. under my skirt pressing lip against my pantie. I think to myself its too far now. But i like it. Just enjoy this touching then leaving. I massage his head. My eyes are still closed. Im still pressed my back to door enjoying this happening. He pulls my pantie down and begin to kiss pussy. I know I shouldnt. But I let him. I can feel him lick my juice. I stand there against door. My bra and tshirt up around neck. My pantie around ankle. My breast feel cold due to cool night breeze from open window. nothing protect them now. Its nice. My whole body is relaxing now. I feel good.

At this point I feel someone is looking at us. I open eyes and look to side. Yes there is. His flatmate is stand at living room door watching us. Im shocked. Im relax no more. I think what a bad guy. He can see everything. My body, my breast, my full leg. Hip. And guy kissing my pussy. I stressed now and pull my arm over my breast to cover.

We look at each other. He smiles to me. Naughty smile. I just stare back at him. No expression. My mind everywhere at this point. I freeze. I know my clit being massaged by blond guys tongue. But Im too stress to enjoy. I continue to stare at flatmate. Then gradually my mind calming. He is so handsome and his smile actually make me less stress. He stand there also in short and tshirt. He look at my body. I dont move. After minutes I begin to relax even more and now feeling of clit being lick start to show in my mind. Im enjoy it now. I still covering tits and still looking at dark guy uneasy. But his look now beginning to turn me on since shock has fallen.

I lower my arms again to blonde guys head. I dont mind dark guy to see my breast now. Im being bad I think. But it excite me. I use upper arm to press breasts together while hold blonde guy head. They will look sexier for him now. I look down and can see my nipple are so hard. I pause for a second so dark guy see me more. And then I pull my blonde guy up my body to my lips. We kiss again. At this point he pulls down short. He lift me off floor, back still press against door. He lowers me onto cock. I let out load moan. I can feel this thing is huge inside me. Its really deep. Such a shock. I feel my pussy being stretched wide like never happen before. Its hurts a bit but I happy to discover feeling. He gently fucks me against the wall. My arms are wrapped room his neck. My legs wrapped around his hip. This last for long minutes. Gradually my pussy relaxes. Opens wide. Its feels great. Only pain when he fuck hard. I dont mind. I know Im soaking now. I cant feel my breast bounce as he thrust me. I rest my head on shoulder. I enjoy the ride.

At this point I look over to other doorway. His friend has gone now. Its terrible but I actually feel disappoint. What a messy girl. How complex sex emotion is. What going on in my head? Blonde guy carry me to his bedroom. Hes still inside me. I think he is so strong. Can carry me like this. He nudge his door open wide. And move through it. The bedroom is lovely light. Just a table lamp with small red cloth over it. I smile inside. I think he has set up like this ready for me. Mood lighting home made style lol. He throws me on the bed. He looks down my body. Kisses my lips. Then down to breast. Down to belly. Finally to pussy. He holds my legs high and wide. He licks the side of my opening. Then tongue inside. Then up to raised clit. Its feels good. I enjoy for minutes. I remove my tshirt and bra and prepare for good fucking.

At this point I look over to open door. Its empty. Again I feel bit disappoint. I wish this guys beautiful eyes on me again. I close my eyes and enjoy tongue pamper. Minutes pass. My excited has gone down a bit though. He is not bad at lick but not great either. It feel nice but not intense enough for cum. Hes bit too hard and not enough touching on my clit. Im wet but i feel not stream like before. I like this guy but he is not excite me by pure look like his flatmate. He does have one thing i love though. I think better if i can enjoy his cock for a while. Then can go home happy. I pull his head back up to me. And kiss his lip. I can taste my juice. He moves his cock back inside me and yes. This is his positive. Its huge inside me. Fill me easily. Hope he can fuck me for long. Not over too quick. I want to enjoy this. And after its finished I want to suck it and play it. Make him hard and come again. Its just his cock now thats in my mind. Im so excite.

He fuck me and it feel good. He know how to use it. It touch so many area inside me. Its turn me on. I feel I might never experience this size again. Enjoy this I think myself. I close my eyes relax and let him pounding me. Im moaning loud now with the feeling of this big cock in me. He is now up ward holding my leg wide apart. Pounding fast. I look down and see his cock slide in and out. My breasts are bouncing hard as motion with fuck. I like that feel. Im super excited. My wet is growing again. I close my eyes again and lie still. This goes on for about 15 minutes. Im thinking hope he doesnt stop soon. I can cum with this feel. Just keep go. I know Im loud now. But I dont care. It feels so good.

I open my eyes again. I want to see that cock once more. But Im shocked now. To his side his flatmate is there at bedroom doorway. He is watching us again. I feel fright my body again. In my belly. Like a spirit leave it. But this time only for few second. I look at his beautiful smile again. I admit Im happy he is watching me pounded. Thats what i want now. I love his lovely blue eye on me now. Its super exciting. I can feel my pussy streaming water crazy. This is new thing for me. i know then that i found that super crazy excitement again. My whole body is tingle like mad. If he keep fucking me I will explode soon. Huge orgasm. I know this. My whole body and mind is sensation.

Me and dark guy look at each other. Im moaning so loud almost as if to him. Like call for him. What a moment this is. Suddenly my blonde guy stop. Its so immediate. I think no. Im so close to exploding. Im thinking what he doing? He pulls out me and looks round to his friend. They smile to each other. Blonde guy is exhausted its clear. Dark guy says “good effort” (I remember those word so clear). There is laughter. Yes even from me cant help laugh at that. The crazy feeling die a little but im still very excite. I lie there on bed looking at dark guy. My legs are wide apart still. I rub pussy which feels incredible. I cant believe how wet i am. My whole body feel weak but amazed. Im smile to dark guy as he looks at me. My body. Im happy for him to look at me.

He slowly walk towards me. Now can see he is hard under short. Im excited that I made him hard. He pull down short. Then open my leg wider and slide into me. I look at my blonde guy. He is standing watching. His huge cock sticking in the air still so huge. He is playing with its head. I think i still adore that cock. Dark guy is big too. But not huge like his friend. plenty feeling for my pussy though. He fucks me hard and fast. I look at his beautiful face. I like this guy on me. Every so often i look over to my blonde guy. He is watching. Playing. I love this too. And so does my body. Im buzz again. And my mind is crazy excite. Im streaming juice. He fucks me for 15 minutes I think. Then they swap again. During this third pounding I cum. The moment is too much now. The huge cock is too much. My body and mind give way and I has huge orgasm. It must last for minutes. It shoot down leg like lighting and up to head. Its incredible. Its mind turned on that power that orgasm again. Its situation more than technique. The risk is worth it. Add to it. This is incredible. Blond guys pauses fucking as I cum. But the feeling of him hard inside me is enough. Im convultion my body against his hip. They both laugh when i finish cum. I smile back in haze state.

A pause another minute. Then blonde guy slowly in and out me again. More gently this time. Then slightly faster. They swap again. This time I hold his cock as he pull out. I just adore it. I want play it now. I love touching this big cock. He plays with my breast at same time. Dark guy is fucking me fast again. As before it last about 15 minute. Then they swap again. And again.

Last time for blonde guy finally arrive. He fucking me fast then suddenly pull out. Im playing with his friend this time. Blonde guy cums on my belly. And also cum jump to tits. Its lot of cum. I love that. He must be super excited too. I look down at his cum on me and then to him. We laugh together. He finds tissue on floor and cleans my body. At this point dark guy starts again. He fucks me for about twenty minutes more. This time he is so close to my body. My arms are around his neck. He fucks me more gently this time. Im looking at his beautiful face and we are kissing from time to time. I feel I love this. Its so intimate now. Its just me and him. And I really fancy this guy. Happy for him to do this to me any time. He cums inside me. He apologies and I giggle. I tell him fine. Im happy that he did that.

He pulls out and falls exhausted onto chair in corner. The blonde guy falls exhausted on bed next to me. He throw arm over me. I feel he is claiming me again but Im too exhausted to care. His big cock is soft now and resting against my leg. That cock still turning me on. We all lie there in silence. Then the two guy start chatting. About nothing. Stupid thing. Like hot weather. Film. I lie there in silence. Let them talk. I stroke blonde guys cock. Im still fascinated by it. Im looking at dark guy though. We continue to smile at each other. He looks tired now. But still slowly playing with himself. He is attracted to me Im sure. He keep looking at my naked body. He like to look at me i think. Blonde guy eventually get hard as I play with him. I massage it and stroke it very lightly. I a bit turned on again as it grows. I do want to explore it more. I slide down his body and beginning kissing it. He must be sensitive I know. He came so recently. My touch of tongue is light. Start slow but then get quick. He moans. I know he is enjoying it. I am too. My ass is pointing out to the dark guy and I can feel his eyes watching me. This is for him too. My technique is good. Rub his head against tongue. Suck. Then rub again. Repeat. Its hardly fit in my mouth. Finally blonde guy cums after only ten minutes or so. Just little sperm this time. I can swallow it easy. Im happy now. Feel fulfilled my last urge sucking playing that huge cock. Well almost. I kiss it and massage it a bit more. Gradually soften again. We tired now. We fall asleep.

I wake up around 5am. My head a bit sore from two big glass of wine. My pussy very sore from two big cock. My pussy never felt like this before. I feel a bit shame by what I did. I decided I cant face them. I will try to sneak out. I dont want awkward morning with them. Afterward I can decide if I want talk or meet to them again. Or hide from them forever. Now all they know about me is fake name. The dark guy is not there. He has gone back to his own bed Im guess. This make thing easier. I get up. Find clothes. Blonde guy is snoring lightly. Im quiet. Last thing I want is wake him. I find my tshirt, my bra and my sandal in bedroom. My skirt and panites are in hallway I remember. I quickly dress in bathroom and wash face and pussy. Dark guys cum is still in me i remember. Its nice thought. Im in his web.

I prepare to sneak to front door and finally run away. Dark guy has heard me though. He is standing at bedroom door as I leave bathroom. He is naked. He smiles a dopey way. Even in my stress state now, I think he is adorable. That lovely smile. His blue sparkle eye. His cock hang in the small morning light. I cant resist him. I walk over and kiss him. Passion. He puts one arm around my shoulder. I massage his soft cock. We kiss more. I cant resist. I move down on him and kiss and suck him for few minutes. Ive fallen into his trap. I feel I want to meet him again. I want him be mine. Boyfriend, fuck buddy, lover, anything. I know I can not though. Even he want be with me, Id never have bravery to see him after what we done. And what would blonde guy think if I meet him again. Im suppose to be meet him last night. Its all so crazy thinking. I give one last kiss and massage. Then I leave.

On the way home Im wondering if this was plan by them. Did they do to other girl. Or just chance happen. Anyway I dont mind. Its super fun. And fantasy ticked box. They are great guy. But shy to contact again. Too ashame. So never seen them again. My pussy is sore for days. Cant touch it. Frustrating. But when it heal I think of that night. And I cum huge.
My two thing
Posted:Apr 4, 2016 3:06 am
Last Updated:Dec 27, 2016 4:08 pm

I think you know now that I get very turn on by two things. random encounter with hot stranger. And tubu thing. Not saying I dont like normal sex with regular partner. I do. Very much. But it doesnt get me excited like that that two things do.

Two of my favourite experiences had both this thing.

The first one was on long night flight back to Bangkok from UK. 12 hour flight and never can sleep well. The plane is not too crowded. and I sat close to guy. Not bad looking. Good enough for flirt hehe. I was next to window and he is at aiel. Empty seat between. I look over to him occasionally and smile. He smile back. And I saw him looking down at my body in tight dress. I touch my body sometime in flirty way. Scratching my breast and side over dress. slow, deliberate.

I pulls my arm rest up and put my head down on empty seat with cushion under it and legs folded on my own seat. He pulls his arm rest up too. My head is very close to his leg. Blanket is over me. The lights are low and most people are sleeping. After short while I feel his hand on my back. My dress is low at the back. I dont move but rest my hand against his leg. Stroking it lightly. He starts to slide his hand down my back. Slowly down inside my dress. He can almost touch my ass. It feels so nice. After minutes, he undo my bra with one hand. Now Im feeling exciting. He move his hand to my side. I know he wants to touch my breast. I want that too. but it awkward for him to reach. After minutes, I move so I lie more on my back. He pulls his hand away quickly. He not sure if I want him to stop i think. I dont. I press my head against his leg so he know that.

Slowly he puts his hand on my shoulder. And then under blanket again. And then down my dress front. I lie with my eyes closed like asleep. He slowly move down and massage breast. It feel amazing. I dont move for a while. Just lie there enjoy. He squeezes my nipple. Its unbelievable. Then he is moving his hand further down. I know what he wants. to touch my pussy. But there is no room. My dress is tight at belly and stopping him. Its exciting though. I really want him to. I move and again he pulls away fastly. I turn the other way so my legs are next to him and feet pressed against him. After a minute he slides his hands under my blanket onto my foot, slow up leg, and up my dress. I enjoy for minutes. Then I open my leg for him and he finally manages to get his hand to pussy. He strokes it. then put finger inside me past my pantie. Perfect.

After a few minutes he is lying his body on my legs head on hip and fingering me slowly. Stopping only when someone walk past. His finger are deep inside me. He plays with my clit sometime. I lie there enjoying it so much. This is exciting crazy situation so Im super turn on. I can cum easy from this. After a short while I do. Quietly. Not huge orgasm but slow long and nice. He keeps playing. maybe not know that I cum. Or just want me to cum more. but I stop his hand. His fingers really wet. I cant take anymore. If continue I might have to scream. Pussy too sensitive after cumming.

He move hand away slowly stroke my leg. I feel I want to touch him so I move towards him and lie with my head next to him again. He puts his hand on my breast again. This time I put my hand on his lap and stroke him. He puts his blanket over his lap. He is so hard. I stroke him for about an hour. Slowly and firmly. I can hear him moan. He stays hard. After while I drift off. Selfish me haha. I awaken again when he go to toilet. He look at me when leave but I dare not to follow him. Maybe thats my limit reach. He takes a while. Im sure he waits for me. I think he make himself cum. He arrive back and I am back to my side. We smile to each other. I press feet against him again. He strokes my top leg and ass under the blanket. Until we both fall asleep. Happy.

The second time was on way to a student friend wedding. Im only invited to the night party which is in her hometown. A town two hour drive from our city. At last minute I said I wont go because I dont want to arrive alone (my friend date fell ill). plus I dont know how to get there alone. Night before my friend call to say that her close friends boyfriend will give me a lift because he wont go to day ceremony with girlfriend as his is ill (he is divorced guy). I was still unsure. Feel I dont know many people gonna be there. But she persuade me to go finally.

I met that couple once before at engagement party and I remember them. I remember both are good looking. She is blonde girl tall, thin and pretty. Not sexy, more sweet girl. Thin like model. The guy very good looking. Like movie star or sports guy I thought. Tall, fit guy. Handsome with short beard. He was about 40 year old but still look great. I didnt speak to them much but I remember them cause I thought such good looking couple.

He arrive to pick me up about 5pm. It is winter wedding so already it dark in UK. I wore a dress I bought recently from H&M. I not sure to wear it because it is short length and low cut. But my flatmate says its fine for wedding in UK. I would dare not wear in Thailand lol. I wore push up bra for first time and felt that I was far too revealing. But just went with it because British girl do the same thing. I got hair cut especially and my friend helped do make up. I look best I can I think lol. My flatmate said I spoiled the sexy look though by cardigan and thick tights for cold weather lol. Well im still Thai girl.

My driver buzz door and I answer him. I ask him can come into flat because im not totally ready. This is girl right lol. When I saw him I thought he looked so handsome. He wore Scottish kilt, white shirt, tweed blazer coat, and tweed tie. I thought oh my god. He is so perfect. I want to marry him ahah. He smiled to me, said hello, and give me a kiss on the cheek. One arm around waist while kiss me and I feel tremble my whole body. He step back again. I see him look at my breast. Sticking out so much. So obvious I thought. I go a bit red. but I also feel happy he look. Too late to change dress now.

We went to his car and drive off for wedding. We drive for more than one hour. we chat and often I saw him look across at me. He always look at my breast when he did. Finally he told me I look amazing. I said thank you. Im happy. I feel he like me. He then say I have “absolutely amazing boobs”. I think this guy is so cheeky. I laughed and look at him. touched his leg without thinking. I pull hand away again. What did I do. I look again. He is smiling. I smile too. such a handsome guy pay me that compliment. I really really feel i like this guy.

I said to him I love Scottish kilt. Then I put hand back on his leg and stroke it while he is driving (still cant believe I did that). He look at me little bit shock i think. Then smiling. Im a true Scottish man he say. I know what this mean. Naughty guy. Funny though. He touch my leg too for a few second then slowly take arm away. He is smiling. I continue to stroke his leg. He looks at me again. I put my hand to inside leg. He smile more. He then slide up kilt. Im excited now. He read my mind lol. I put my hand on cock. Not much light but can see he is soft but long. Thick. Shave too which i love. Love guy that look after himself.

I beginning play with him. He soon is hard. Still smile to me. Still drive. Outside its dark and quiet road. I cant control now. I take off seat belt and go down on him. Im so turned on I suck him too hard. He tell me be softer. I do. He moans with pleasure. Swearing. I am 25 at this time. I had lots of experience with guy now. With suck cock. Already I know how to suck a guy well. I love to do it. Im wet. He slows down and pulls over to side of the road. I stop. He forces his seat back so more room. I go down him again and he has his hand stroke my back then down front dress massaging my boob. My dress is so low cut my breast falls out easily. I can feel is bounce as I suck him.

Im so hot now. I really turned on giving pleasure. When I know someone really hot by me it make me so excited. He is so hard now too. I press tongue firm against his cock. my head move faster and faster. Tongue rub his cock head. He is moaning loud now. His cock is huge I feel. I massage him with hand. Fast. Just watch his beautiful cock. Then return to licking head fast as he likes. Me too. Finally he cums. It filling my mouth. I love that. I made this amazing guy cum so well. So fast. I made him so hard. I swallow it. Then continue lick and suck on head. More gentle now. Mouth down cock as far as it can go. Then lick more. I get all his cum in my mouth. Thats what i want. Finally I stop and sit back. He looks at me. Both my breasts are out of my dress now. he managed to do while fondle them. He leans over and kisses and plays with them. He tells me again they are amazing. I know his girlfriend has small breasts so he like mine. I pull down my tight and panties. He smiles. He puts hand under dress and fingers me. Slowly then faster. And faster. I love being fingered hard. Im very wet. Finally he lifts my leg high over his shoulder then licks my pussy. His hands are on my ass. He licks my clit hard. Not perfect technique. But still nice. He fingers me hard again. Rub clit from slide to side. I cum fast cause by turned on so much. I really want his cock inside me but I know its not easy inside car. and its too cold to go outside. Such as shame. Id love to feel his big thick beautiful cock inside me.

Finally we drive again. We say not much now but I still play with him gentle until we get to wedding town. We stop off at nice pub to tidy ourself. I redo make up and dry my pussy. Then we go to wedding. All night I sat with him and his girlfriend. Even do scottish dance with him. While dancing, he is touching my tits any chance he can. This is one guy I could fall in love with. I wish he give me his number but he I know he wont. I didnt expect. Just wish. Hope.

This beautiful couple drop me off after party. Two hour drive home. I climbed into bed and thought about what we did. What i did. I cant believe it. But it is amazing. I cant believe how hot this guy is. And I took him. I made myself cum and fell asleep. No regret. Except I never felt him inside me. We only met a couple more times. We just smile at each other. Lovely memory together.

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