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I guess this is part 2..  

partygald 40F
3105 posts
8/27/2020 5:28 am

Last Read:
10/22/2020 6:26 am

I guess this is part 2..

Where did I leave off last? Right. We left the gym, stinking and sweating and drove straight the hotel
There could have been more glamorous entrances but...ah well. LOL Thankfully there was a separate elevator the suites but still....most of the people we passed (hotel staff and patrons) didn't seem too impressed They must be thanking the heavens everyone was wearing masks. LOL

When I got there, I realised that I had been there before. Not the exact room, but the exact suite a long time back. The suite was about as big as my apartment . They had a pool table in the middle of the living room and they had two bedrooms, each with its own bathrooms. There was another girl there who I recognised as a friend of a friend (one of those...what was it...6 degrees of separation?), and she was dating one of the other guys there. But total headcount, together with the fwb, there were 5 other guys. SO 6 guys and 2 girls in . I also quickly found out, that aside from the fwb, the guys, even the one dating the other girl, had their work visas cancelled, so they were leaving the country. This was supposed be their last get together before they left.

SO anyhow. I was gonna be there for one night at best, and one evening at worst, so I didn't pack much. I changed into a strapless dress that zipped from the back and packed another more casual one and that was it. It was strangely tense when I got there. There was tinge of sexual energy in the air, but mostly tense. I later found out that they had just broken the ice between themselves a day before, and now my presence was throwing them off a little. LOL

The casual talk went well. There was upsmanship, nothing negative, so I was really happy with that. Then I joined them for a game of pool and they were trying get drunk, which was cute. Cos they really didn't have . I didn't drink much, considering I've had enough the last few days. It was flirty, yet cordial and polite for the most part. Then as I was waiting my turn on the table, I went and sat on the fwb who started running his hands around my hips. I could already feel his dick hardening through his pants, so I pressed my ass harder into him. He tried to part my legs but I kept pushing his hands away. He got the hint and stopped. What I didn't know was he had pulled my zipper down slightly with his teeth, and that loosened the dress. So every time I went , bent over take a shot, my dress slipped down a little. I thought It was a bit weird my breasts were falling out a little. We laughed about it but nothing came out from that. It wasn't until the couple went into the room that things really kicked off.

They were already making out vigorously the couch in front of the tv, so it wasn't a big surprise they made for the room. I had also found out that the zipper was the way down the middle of my back and my nipples were showing. I didn't know any of them so wasn't about go crazy, but I did leave my dress hanging around my hips and my tits hanging out. Didn't take long before the sounds of the couple fucking in the room kicked things off. One of the guys crept up the door, opened it, peeked in and we saw him disappeared inside. I missed my shot and went back the stool to sit the fwb's lap, only find that I sat the wrong lap. Let's call him guy A. I got but he held down and grabbed my breasts. He was a bit too forceful and I kinda freaked out a lil so I raised my voice slightly to stop, to which he did. Thankfully. I stormed out into the balcony and the fwb followed to check in on me. Guy A came out and apologised profusely and we left it. I went back in and they told me flat out that I could choose and whatever it was, it would be ok. They seemed respectful, so I chose

I told them strip, which they did, and watch. No hands, no joining, just watch. I then told the fwb to fuck til the weekend was over. He pulled my dress over my head, pulled my panties down and carried in a standing 69 into the other bedroom. We stood there for awhile. Well, he stood there. I was hanging with a dick in my face LOL He was furiously eating out so I wasn't gonna stop him. He then swung around, aimed and threw me onto the bed (fuck. Don't you just loooove big guy sex Can't say it enough). He pulled me to the edge of the bed where he slammed his dick into me. (Sorry, you must be sick about hearing how much I like his dick, but... ) Every time I see his dick, I think there's no way that will fit inside me. Yet every single time he pushes in, I pull him in deeper. Took me awhile before I remembered and looked and saw the other 3 guys standing around the bed watching. I made it a point look them each in the eye before pulling the fwb in and whispering in his ear, telling him take charge if anything goes awry. He agreed.

I told him to get off , got him lay the bed so I can suck him off. I turned and told the guys to slap some rubber , then directed guy A behind first. Guy B was the cutest so he laid beside the fwb so I can get know him a little better Guy C was playing with my tits and rotating with guy A behind . This went for a short while before I felt a hot load my back. I turned and saw guy C stroking off the last bit of cum from his dick. I turned look at the fwb and rather unchangingly, he assured guy C had his rubber until he came. I really wanted ride guy B so I pushed guy A off from behind and climber guy B. He was rather cute, and quite quiet, which added his charm I rode him for awhile and maybe I shouldn't have squeezed his balls but he came quite quickly. I didn't even realise until I stopped for a breather and he was already limp under me. I climbed off him and guy A showed and missionary'd , and actually got cum twice. LOL. I guess never judge too quickly. I had the fwb lay beside so I'd have a dick in my face. Im sure that helped. Fwb took over after guy A came and I got him to finally blow his load my face, It wasn't a lot, by his standards, but I kinda expected it considering they must have had their fun before I got there.

I was pretty tired by that point so I jumped outta bed and into the shower to wash off. I came back into the room to see the boys already stroking their semi hard dicks. I bit my lips and laughed and told them I needed a break. Maybe some food. As if on cue, they started looking for their clothes, which made laugh even harder. I didn't see the point of putting my clothes back so I walked out the living area and saw the couple and the other guy in shorts and a bathrobe, sitting the couch. I smiled as I saw them watching walk out naked. The other guys walked out naked behind as well. LOL

We ordered room service and ate in the balcony while we got know each other a bit better. I finally found out who our common friends were with the other girl but she didn't seem too interested in getting closer beyond that. The fwb was eyeing her too but she stuck with her bf and that one other guy the rest of the evening. Understandable considering he was leaving and she wasn't.

I took some time in the bathroom to give myself a quick enema (yeeaaaah..that's what I was going for...) and actually was pleasantly surprised when my cutey guy B knocked on the door, asking if I was ok. I took a good 5-7mins, and he was outside waiting the whole time. Cute AND sweet. Heh.

I opened the bathroom door when I was done and literally grabbed him by the balls and locked ourselves inside for a little one on one time. I found out he's Danish, and works in shipping. He's been in the country for a little under 2 years and that was it. I had him fucking me in front of the mirror and on the bathroom floor before letting him slide his dick in my ass. We weren't discreet, so we had to ignore the knocks on the door til he got me to cum. . In truth, he came first. I had to tell him specifically how to finger me so I came. Thank fuck he's cute as hell.

I went back out and it's been a very, very long time since, but I had a roving dp. It wasn't as enjoyable as I had imagined in my head, but it was It was more funny, trying to coordin and seeing how clumsy and awkward they were. But I guess I DID enjoy it cos it was...well, enjoyable. LOL I even had the fwb in the back end while riding one of the other guys. It was....insane. He's....big.

I don't remember how I got into bed but I fell asleep in bed sandwiched between guy A and B. Got woken in the middle of the night by guy B sucking my nipple and remember slapping him off. LOL. We made plans wake early and use the pool but really didn't make it out of the room until it was time check out. Against my self made rules, I actually exchanged numbers with them. They all seemed really nice. Did I mention guy B is a cutey? Fuck. I'm soo smitten by him . He flew off yesterday evening and has promised text when he's back
Go figure.

So continuing from the last post, that is one of the main factors contributing to the husband......being mad enough to not want to speak to . I don't know how long his anger will last, and yes I DO admit that it was....selffish and rather careless of be doing these things given this current climate. And maybe I should have told him before jumping into a pool of dicks. Umm....when I put it that way.

It is what it is Guess I'll find out when he's actually back. This is sooo not gonna be fun.

partygald 40F
1963 posts
8/27/2020 5:30 am

I never even got to take the second dress out of my bag. I wore the dress I wore the night before back. I'm still thinking about sex. Fuck. Maybe I do need help...
Anyhow. Thanks for reading. It's a long one.

ClitLickB4DickU 63M  
1392 posts
8/27/2020 7:22 pm

Seems like you missed a golden opportunity for a Multi-Dick Facial, but then I guess in the heat of the moment it is difficult to co-ordinate.

Good luck with surviving your 14 day lock-down when Hubby returns

Looknfind18 70M  
4379 posts
8/28/2020 4:26 am

a very busy weekend,

unknown170 43M
50 posts
8/28/2020 7:28 am

Let me guess, guy A wasnt cute handsome or well endowed lol

MyBaffies 53M
4983 posts
8/28/2020 2:18 pm

That really sucks with the having to cancel the travel plans at the last minute. Same kind of think happening here - suddenly announce another country is excluded from the quarantine restrictions, cue everyone rushing to get back to the UK before 4am Saturday in order that they don't have to isolate, but grumbling that their holiday has been affected.

Will it really be a whole year before you get to meet up with hubby again? Sounds like you had a good time though, not sure that counts as "compensation" though?!

Hope you're OK.


Link to my blog: MyBaffies

proteus_2a 56M
7979 posts
8/30/2020 3:50 am

Interesting times my lady, and nicely raconted

As for the storm coming, I;m positive you're going to weather it, with in your gorgeous mermaid abandon

Cheers - P

geilerdreier11 50M
21 posts
10/22/2020 5:47 am

echt geile storry

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