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Fetishes and Fantasies. Well, just one of each...  

partygald 40F
3106 posts
12/21/2020 4:30 am

Last Read:
1/11/2021 6:54 am

Fetishes and Fantasies. Well, just one of each...

my gawd! Lemme just say there's nothing better feeling than the shower after a long-ass day
I have a late call tonight so I left the office at 3pm, thinking I'd the gym then get home in time for my call at 7pm. I was already running around the first half of the day so by the time I changed into my gym clothes, my work clothes were already....well, to me, not wearable. I wasn't gonna wear them again, so I scrunched them into a ball and dumped them into my bag.

Halfway through my workout, already working a sweat, I get a call from work asking head back in clarify some info. I had be present log into the system to retrieve said info, so I cursed my luck, left my bags in the gym and ran back to office. (it's about 10mins away ). I go back in, thinking it's a 5-minute thing, ends being held back half an hour. By this time, I'm already cold, in my sports bra and tights, perspiration dried , trying tell them very patiently, that I want get the fuck out of there. Cursing my luck more for leaving the bags in the gym, cos at this point, I was ready go home, I ran back the gym. Thinking I was already back there, I finished my workout and rushed home.

So now I was sweaty, again, with no spare clothes change into. my way out from the gym, I called the husband while waiting for my cab and explained/complained about what happened. He got super excited and told he'll see at home. I thought he was<b> weird </font></b>but brushed it off. The minute I got through the front door, he jumped on me and started kissing me and tearing my clothes off. I wasn't really in the mood cos I was clammy as fuck, all I wanted do was jump into the shower. Ok, then I thought I COULD do with a quicky before my work call, so I dragged him into the shower. Before I could turn the shower, he was his knees and was trying very hard go down .

I was like, "whoa!!! Stop!!"

Now, I understand this is one of his "thing", but gawd damn I wasn't comfortable with that AT . LOL
Which then got thinking - I guess this is my limit. LOL. A lot of the other times when he requests that I not shower (yes....eeeeeww ), I guess I was kinda ok with it. Not my thing, but still ok. The eternal question, myself, was, was I ok taste myself. The answer was a straight no, so I really couldn't. I HAD disappoint him. LOL.

So yeah, now nice and clean, I sent him out get us dinner while I take my call (and type this out) LOL
Sooo.....all in all, big day for eh? I found my limit THAT. LOL

other news -
I went the park with a friend, with the idea of trail running a few weeks ago. That was the idea at least, and the sun was blazing and it was humid as hell when I left the house, so I dressed for it. I wore a pair of short white running shorts and a yellow tank top over my sports bra. The husband dropped off and the idea was, he was gonna pick us 4 hours later at another spot. SO we had plenty of time get there. Like I said, that was the idea.

We got there, warmed , started running and realised neither of us knew the route. We then tried google-mapping it, but we kinda fucked that too, so we ended walking and trying figure it out. About 45mins in, we came back the same spot where we started. . Undeterred, we soldiered . Half hour in the other direction, it started thundering and drizzling. This was a forested area (as much of a forested area as we could find on this island ) so, we agreed it was the last place we wanted be when it starts pouring. SOOoo, we turned back and headed where we started.

I tried calling the husband but he wasn't answering. By the time we got the entrance, it started raining. Of course, like calm adults, we panicked. LOL. We tried getting a cab, but the app kept searching, and then it started pouring. Like heavy. In between our own laughter and trying shelter our phones, AND trying get a cab, we were the side of the road by the entrance of the carpark. There wasn't any shelter in sight and we were really, getting royally soaked.

Then a car pulled with 3 guys inside. Well, 3 Japanese boys. They saw us, drove and offered drive us the nearest shelter, or at least that was the initial offer. Now, I understand, in hindsight, how that wasn't the best thing do. 2 ladies jumping into a car with 3 guys. But of course we jumped in.

It was then that we found out that they were professional footballers. Apparently they were playing for a team here but they were scheduled to go back to Japan in a few weeks. Now here I was not even aware that there was a professional football league here, let alone being in a car with....3 pretty boys of said league. And I emphasise, boys - the one doing the driving was 22. The other 2 were 19. . They seemed nice enough. Like really nice. Except they kept staring at my friend's cleavage. LOL

Admittedly, it was hard to not look cos she was just wearing a sports bra and she's...quite gifted in the tit department
After we got out, she swore it was my cameltoe that got them to stop. LOL And I didn't even know it was possible to get a cameltoe in those shorts, let alone show. But either way.

They dropped us off at a station close to where we lived and we swapped numbers. Naturally. I HAD to show a bit of gratitude. don't judge. . I dropped them a text again thanking them and their individual replies were cordial, and that was it. I don't think either of them will ever make a move, and I don't think I have the time initiate anything, but I gotta admit, that little incident has got digging the gangbang fantasies. .

At some point, don't we have gangbang fantasies about being in one with a football team? No? Uh...well....okay then
I'll just leave it at that....

partygald 40F
1963 posts
12/21/2020 4:31 am

Thanks for reading!!

To add on though - anyone discovered any boundaries lately?
Inquisitive minds and all that. Do tell

MyBaffies 53M
4983 posts
12/21/2020 5:20 am

Glad your excursion to the trail running ended ok. And you've made a few new friends out of it too.


Link to my blog: MyBaffies

scoupe42 59M  

12/21/2020 8:14 am

One things about blogs, it's nice when someone share a little of them with us. We get to know you better, and what's on your mind or what going on in your life.

shakeurbonbons 38M  
202 posts
12/21/2020 8:57 am

I definitely recommend a shower before anything happens. In fact if anything happens in the shower, tricky, but even better. The only exception if that’s fresh sweat, not stale...

I miss taking walks in the Rain, only thing that sucks is the soggy shoes you have to deal with after. To be fair, I’ve always wondered what if to a team of hot netball players, so why not a football team for you lol.

oral4bothU 59M  
953 posts
12/21/2020 9:57 am

I understand your hubby's wants, I don't really enjoy eating pussy that tastes like some 'frilly soap'. Some women taste very good, some..., not so much ! I had a LTR with a lady who was delicious, I loved the taste of her pussy, even after the gym. She like you, always wanted to shower first, there were times I had to 'force' her to let me eat her pussy ! (why wouldn't a woman want eaten ? ) Now the ass, I want it clean, if clean I go in 'deep tongue'. Smell is a turn on, remember the movie "The Scent of a Woman" ? The world revolves around smells, walk into a steak house, or donut shop, a woman's perfume or man's after shave. The smell of pussy can drive you wild..., or away ! If he wants you sweaty, let him have at it & you just enjoy !
You and your friend had plenty of time, you should have showed those boys, some American hospitality. You can imagine that they talked about it, the 2 hot American ladies, just think..., 3 possibly, virgin, boys ! You would send them to the moon ! Their lives would never be the same, now they were men, being with 2 very hot American women ! They would never forget you, and you would become legends, in their country. These American "Goddesses" that 'blessed' them with your pussies ! Women control all the pussy, don't be so stingy with it, (maybe that's why some men go "Bi" ! )

ClitLickB4DickU 63M  
1392 posts
12/22/2020 12:04 am

Didn't Napoleon like Josephine un-washed for when he got back from Battle

I guess I wouldn't mind being "Gang-Banged" by a car full of young, nubile female Netball players, or these days could be football, rugby or any other sport LOL

Not sure about Limits specifically, but I had a 3Some with a couple a few years back and was a bit weirded out when the guy started French kissing his Girlfriend just after i'd Cum in her Mouth.

Looknfind18 70M  
4379 posts
12/22/2020 4:39 am

Always interesting! Enjoy every moment.

niceGuyWildSex 43M  
100 posts
12/24/2020 10:05 am

I completely identify with your husband... My wife and I have a similar dynamic, in that she doesn't quite like the idea of me going down on her when she has just worked out and is all sweaty etc. That's exactly the time I want it the most. The scent and taste is just so heady, its hard to describe. As someone else pointed out, our desire is to truly enjoy pussy, not the smell of some soap.

Having said that, ofcourse, it doesn't work if its a hard limit for you. I am sure your husband finds his satisfaction from all the other fun stuff.

discreteSteve62 50M
2169 posts
1/5/2021 8:18 pm

There's exercise sweat and there's sedentary sweat. Exercise sweat tastes fresh and salty. I'm pretty much neutral about it, but my wife loves licking my neck after I've been working out. Sedentary sweat is just nasty.

Anyway, if your husband likes your exercise sweat, why not indulge him? (And if he likes sedentary sweat, you might want to have him get a COVID test.)

The three sportsball guys sound like they're better left as a fantasy idea than a real gang bang. One at a time, under your control, might be great fun. But if they're strangers and there are three of them, you have no control over the situation if they get the wrong idea about what your limits might be. But definitely enjoy the fantasy!

Also, one of the other replies said you're American. Is that right, or was he jumping to conclusions? It never occurred to me to ask your nationality.

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