+)% The touch for her or him?  

pal334 68M  
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2/25/2022 4:57 am

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2/25/2022 5:08 am

+)% The touch for her or him?

I was thinking about the human anatomy, and particularly the hand. Other than the obvious practical usages for our day to day life, a hand (s) are delightful method to communicate emotions. I know in anger the hand can be very explicit, but for the purposes of this blog, would like to concentrate on the amorous aspects. And by some miracle of nature there are five digits attached that further enhance ones abilities to communicate. Do you enjoy the soft touch of your partner, the expressions of wants and desires? The use of the fingers to beckon, caress or please? I am a very tactile person and love touching, even when is very fleeting, to feel the soft warm skin.

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pal334 68M  
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2/25/2022 5:04 am

I like teasing her when we worked. [image]

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pal334 68M  
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2/25/2022 5:08 am

Total touch , the best [image]

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author51 59F  
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2/25/2022 5:15 am

I let my fingers do the walking a lot with a lover Pal. There is no better feeling in the world than a Human touch..xoxo

spunkycumfun 62M/67F  
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2/25/2022 5:23 am

I'm not too tactile (so I've been told), but I do sometimes try to let my hands do the talking.

sweet_VM 64F
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2/25/2022 8:47 am

Yes I sure do love the touch hugs V

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fancy_legs 50F  
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2/25/2022 9:13 am

There is nothing better than massaging the human body. Caressing every inch. Feeling the stress melt by your touch. To feel the muscles relax. The breath change with ease.
No matter your shape or size, your body is gorgeous. It is a miracle of creation.
The human body is truly the Wonderland of life.

SimpleLatina 58F
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2/25/2022 10:48 am

We always let our fingers walk. It is so sexy and fun

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