The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act VIII ) Part A  

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The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act VIII ) Part A

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VII Part AThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VIII Part B
* I-n her mind MJ was just about finished packing when I asked, “Did you pack something water repellent or a rain coat ?” She pondered for a moment before replying, “Not really. I’ll pick up something when we get there, if I need one.” Giving her a smack on her behind I winked as I said, “I got your back, girl ... I packed an extra o-ne or t-wo items. You DO know t-hat it rains a lot there, especially where we’re going ?” “Well, now t-hat you put it like t-hat maybe I’ll see if I can swap out a pair of shorts ... or two.”, she said visibly dejected by the thought of limiting how much of her body she could show i-n public. This was going t-o be Meg’s first trip t-o Canada’s most eastern province, Newfoundland & Labrador. The former is a separate island accessible by land through a ferry connection from the province of Nova Scotia, more precisely from the region of North Sydney on Cape Breton island which is connected t-o it’s mother province by a o-ne kilometre or a thousand yard causeway. The ferry service runs t-wo t-o three times per day with t-wo different destination ports. The closest port being Port aux Basques on the west coast of the island a-nd the furthest is an approximately 16 hour ferry ride t-o the eastern port of Argentia (pronounced ARE-gen-sha). The provincial capital a-nd largest metropolitan area is the city of St. John’s located near the most eastern point of land i-n Canada, Cape Spear a-nd is also an approximately o-ne a-nd half hour drive east from Argentia.

* We were scheduled t-o take the ferry route t-o Argentia with reservations made well i-n advance six months previously. The Argentia route only operates during the months of May t-o September when the seas are calm enough for relatively smooth sailing. During the rest of the year those seas become too rough for ferry service, being located slightly north of the area referenced i-n the 2000 movie The Perfect Storm. The Port aux Basque ferry ride took close t-o 6 hours but featured a ten hour drive across the province t-o the capital city of St. John’s. Our destination was going t-o be the Avalon Peninsula including the provincial capital making the Argentia destination more desirable with less driving. Having driven the across-the-province option before I had a preference for the least amount of driving across a route sparsely populated a-nd with the dangers of a head on collision with a several hundred pound moose being a very real concern. Over the years the province made several attempts t-o limit the dangers mostly by clear cutting as much vegetation as far back from the highway as possible but o-ne still has t-o be vigilant especially if driving a-t night. The island is very sparsely populated on the interior with the majority of settlements located on the coastal regions of the north Atlantic Ocean.

* I had planned this trip a year a-nd half previously with the intent on visiting an old friend a-nd native of the province. We were both stationed i-n Gander, Newfoundland during the 80’s a-nd became good friends who kept i-n touch following m-y voluntary release after a ten year stint t-o enjoy civilian life. We had a lot of things i-n common despite m-y Ontario upbringing a-nd his upbringing i-n a small fishing village located about a t-wo hour drive west of St. John’s a-nd a four hour drive east from Gander. The drive for MJ a-nd I would be a 3 day trip with an overnight stay i-n Moncton, New Brunswick a-nd the second night would be the overnight ferry crossing arriving i-n Argentia a-t 9:30am local time on day 3. Our first days journey would start from Ottawa driving the provincial 417 highway t-o the province of Quebec where the highway is renumbered int-o Autoroute 40. We would take the newly constructed Autoroute 30 t-o circumvent going through downtown Montréal a-nd eventually cross over t-o Autoroute 20, part of the nation wide Trans Canada Highway. Following the St. Lawrence River we would spend the next few hours heading north east until the next turn a-t Rivière-de-loup (pronounced Riv-EE-air de lew) which would take us int-o the province of New Brunswick. Four hours later we would arrive i-n Moncton where we would spend the night before taking the Trans Canada Highway through the province of Nova Scotia a-nd north crossing the Canso causeway ont-o the island of Cape Breton before our final destination of North Sydney. The second day’s journey would be a shorter 6 hour drive compared t-o the close t-o 13 hour drive on the first day.

* MJ would spend the night before we left a-t m-y place i-n order t-o avoid the eventual traffic congestion surrounding Montréal. We would leave Ottawa a-t 5am t-o miss rush hour Ottawa traffic a-nd avoid the early congestion surrounding Montréal by following Autoroute 30 scheduled around 7am. Barring any unusual slowdowns a-nd accounting for gas, food a-nd bathroom breaks we should arrive i-n Moncton around 6PM. I had hotel reservations near a few chain restaurants a-nd close t-o the highway allowing us t-o relax after long day of driving. We would have the luxury of sleeping i-n the next day, our schedule allowing for us t-o leave as late as 10am i-n order t-o arrive before 4PM with the ferry departure scheduled for 5PM. I had reservations for a 2 person luxury cabin for both crossings. We would be able t-o have dinner on the ferry a-nd afterwards watch a DVD on the cabin’s TV. We would wake up for breakfast around 7am before docking a-t our 9:30am arrival. I had reservations made for a 4 night stay i-n St. John’s allowing m-e a day or t-wo t-o travel t-o Mark’s hometown for a day of reminiscing before taking the ferry back t-o North Sydney a-nd driving back t-o Ottawa with another overnight stay i-n Frederickton, New Brunswick i-n between. On our return we would have the flexibility t-o see a few sites i-n Atlantic Canada such as the legendary Bay of Fundy, home t-o the world’s highest tides or the scenic Cabot Trail located on Cape Breton island near the ferry crossing point of North Sydney. We had the flexibility t-o take our time a-nd explore or leisurely return home.

* After several weeks of planning the night before our trip had finally arrived as I crossed the bridge t-o pick up Meg. She had several suitcases a-nd t-wo overnight bags originally packed but I had talked her int-o a week’s worth of items comprising t-wo suitcases a-nd o-ne overnight bag. We had a lighthearted dinner sharing travelling anecdotes while enjoying each others company a-nd a glass of Chilean Malbec. After dinner we headed back t-o m-y place for an early night preparing for an early morning departure. Meg was excited looking forward t-o the upcoming journey a-nd it’s subsequent adventures. She liked the monotony of the open road, travelling for hours while the different countrysides passed by like images i-n a View-Master, the various rich a-nd vibrant colours combining t-o give each geographical region a unique landscape ‘fingerprint’. It energized her creative artistic side. I also enjoyed long distance driving especially when having a companion like MJ. We would combat the monotony with conversation a-nd listening sessions of XFM, local radio or from casting audio through Bluetooth. Spending close time together for extended periods tend t-o either bring people closer together or wedge them further apart. With MJ neither of these issues exist. Our times together were like pages i-n a book t-hat could be picked up a-nd read a-t will, put away for long periods a-nd then returned t-o a-t leisure. We never had awkward pauses or uncomfortable silences preferring our conversations t-o evolve organically. We could spend an evening together speaking very little both lost i-n thought or some other distraction a-nd then spend hours engaging i-n conversations covering various topics. Sometimes the topics became sexual i-n nature making our conversations both shorter a-nd more intense, if you know what I mean !

* After checking our lists twice t-o ensure we had everything I took the suitcases out t-o the car saving as much time i-n the morning t-o get on the road as possible. With the day’s tasks done we settled down t-o relax before bedtime both taking a seat next t-o each other on the sofa. “You seem like you’re a bit tense. Are you feeling okay ?”, I asked. She arched her back a-nd thrust her chest forward while raising her arms shoulder height i-n an attempt t-o stretch her tense muscles. She replied, “It’s been a long day a-nd I guess I’m a bit tired from the packing a-nd organizing.” Taking her by the hand I stood up a-nd guided her int-o the bedroom. “Just lie down on your tumm-y a-nd let m-e see if I can work out some of the tension.”, I said. Doing as she was instructed MJ laid down on the bed propping t-wo pillows under her chin. I got i-n position t-o massage her neck a-nd shoulders by straddling her with m-y knees on either side of her hips. As I reached forward t-o place both thumbs on the intersection of her neck a-nd back I leaned i-n a-nd said, “It might make it easier if you took your top off.” She sat up slightly a-nd turned her head towards m-e revealing her mischievous smile. She gave m-e a quick seductive stare before unbuttoning her blouse as I held each arm for her t-o remove her top completely. She laid back down on her stomach before reaching back a-nd undoing the clasp on her bra. She sat up again slightly a-nd removed it while turning t-o give m-e an arousing inviting look. When our eyes met I felt t-hat familiar feeling of desire starting t-o grow with m-y hands taking her up on her invitation a-nd lightly caressing each breast before gently sliding the palms of m-y hands over her erect nipples. I moved m-y hands back on her shoulders a-nd gently pushed her down until she was laying on her chest with m-y thumbs i-n position t-o work the knots a-nd kinks out her neck a-nd shoulder area. She closed her eyes letting the stress a-nd anxiety wash off her like mud on a rainy day. I used m-y thumbs a-nd the palm regions of m-y hands t-o knead a-nd massage the muscles rolling them under m-y thumbs t-o relieve any built up tension. MJ felt a wave of relaxation envelope her as she slowly exhaled, her heartbeat slowing t-o match the rhythm of her breathing.

* With MJ slowly drifting int-o a state of peaceful bliss I momentarily got off of her a-nd lit t-wo of the lilac scented candles on the nightstand. Meg made a-nd audible, ‘mmmm’ sound when I regained position t-o continue massaging her taught a-nd toned shapely back a-nd shoulder muscles. I would press m-y thumbs deep int-o her shoulder blades working the kinks out i-n a circular massaging motion while the tips of m-y fingers rested just slightly above the side of her breasts. I continued with m-y thumbs a-nd palms pressing against the muscles i-n her back drifting from her shoulders down t-o her lower back just above her waistline concentrating on the region closer t-o her spine. I went through this cycle several times each time feeling her muscles relaxing with each pass expanding several inches further from her spine. I also felt her getting slightly warmer a-nd noticed she was subconsciously pressing her pubic bone int-o the mattress matching the rhythm of m-y hand movements, a signal her level of arousal was matching mine. I lowered myself down t-o straddle her calves allowing m-e t-o massage the lower half of her gorgeous body. I lightly tugged on her pants a-nd undies prompting her t-o elevate her hips slightly for m-e t-o slide her clothing below her knees. Internally I gasped a-t the magnificent sight of a fully exposed MJ naked down t-o her knees, inviting m-y imagination t-o do whatever it liked a-t that moment. I pressed down on the muscles just above the start of her buttocks a-nd moved m-y hands down t-o cup a-nd caress her cheeks with m-y palms while the tips of fingers pressed down i-n a circular motion t-o release any tension. Meg found this both relaxing a-nd exhilarating from the sensations ranging through the sensual spectrum generated by the many nerve regions now awakening. She found herself trapped between a plateau of relaxation resulting from the upper body massage a-nd the aching need t-o have m-y hands glance over her sexual organs both stimulating a-nd relieving the building tension of desire. Sensing her pleasure I kept m-y focus on this region causing Meg emit small audible moans of pleasure. I finally moved m-y hands down t-o her lower buttocks with m-y thumbs massaging the inside of her butt cheeks a-nd m-y fingers continued pressing into her firm cute little derriere. As m-y thumbs approached her ass ring she arched her back slowly a-nd slightly inviting m-y thumbs t-o move further down spreading her folds until m-y thumbs grazed the bottom portion of her moistening flushing vulva. She gasped a-nd held her breath momentarily. I stood up momentarily t-o pull m-y clothing down past m-y knees before returning t-o a kneeling position straddling Meg’s calves again as I reached back t-o pull m-y clothing past m-y ankles kicking them t-o the ground.

* I reached up a-nd took off m-y top joining Meg i-n her nude pose laying with her arms t-o her side before I returned t-o massaging the lower portion of her cute little behind again. Meg tried t-o open her legs slightly t-o allow m-e more access but I kept her legs pinned under m-e frustrating her efforts t-o expose more of herself for a groping. Feeling turned on she moved her hands up t-o cup her gorgeous trapped breasts playing with her flattened nipples until they became rock solid. I continued moving lower grazing the outside of her pussy lips generating more moisture i-n her love canal. She arched her back even more giving m-e the idea t-o slide a pillow under her hips. For the next few minutes I kept her pussy exposed aching t-o be touched while I continued the massage on her upper thighs working m-y way down t-o her calves. I repeated massaging the upper part of her buttocks sliding m-y thumbs down again t-o spread her pussy before positioning m-y index finger on o-ne side t-o hold it spread open. Then I pressed the middle finger of m-y free hand on her clitoral shaft rolling it back a-nd forth while also rubbing her clit i-n a circular motion. Meg slowly moved her hips slightly up a-nd down matching the rhythm of m-y massage.

* Feeling her canal starting t-o emit moisture I moved forward straddling Meg midway on her upper thighs. I leaned forward t-o start massaging her neck a-nd shoulders again this time pressing m-y hips closer t-o her buttocks a-nd feeling her breathing a-nd pulse increasing beneath me. Meg’s level of relaxation was again fighting for attention with her sexual desires as she moved her hips up slightly causing the tip of m-y growing cock t-o separate her butt cheeks. I spread m-y legs further apart causing Meg’s legs t-o open as well as I continued massaging her neck a-nd shoulder region. The tip of m-y cock was now touching her pussy lips, the moisture starting t-o gather on m-y cock increased with our combined body temperatures warming our sexual organs. As I slid m-y hands down further on her back continuing the massage, m-y cock breached her vagina with the tip sliding inside her. Meg being fully relaxed was now getting deeply turned on moving her hips i-n a small circular motion as I slowly pushed the tip of m-y cock i-n a-nd out of her. When m-y hands reached her hips I held her tightly i-n position holding her hips closer t-o m-e as each stroke brought us closer t-o full doggy position. Meg was highly aroused a-nd wanted this sensation t-o last longer. She moved forward a-nd rolled over on her back as she said, “We can’t forget about massaging the front of m-e as well !” As she said this I mentally pictured a purple devil emoji forming above her like a halo. She spread her legs invitingly while reaching down t-o hold her ankles apart. I moved forward a-nd placed a pillow under hips as I sat upright pressing m-y cock against her vagina until it slipped inside her. Meg moaned with pleasure as I reached forward with m-y thumbs massaging the region above her collar bones. I took m-y time a-nd slowly shoved m-y cock i-n her while moving m-y hands down until I cupped a breast i-n each hand. I took m-y hands off her breasts a-nd placed each arm behind her knees allowing her t-o rest her legs on m-y shoulders while m-y hand moved down t-o place each hip i-n a tight grip. I started t-o pick up the pace causing Meg t-o move her hips upward i-n an attempt t-o press her pubic bone against mine while m-y cock tickled her cervix. A-t times I would hold her i-n place by her hips a-nd move her up a-nd down causing m-y cock t-o push deeper inside her as I pushed m-y hips forward when pulling her hips upward.

* Meg had her eyes locked on mine her gaze transfixing m-e like a scene from Greek mythology. I loved the look of satisfaction being reflected i-n her gaze while I continued t-o fuck her slowly a-nd methodically, using o-ne hand t-o rub her clit i-n a circular motion while the other hand held her firmly by her hip. Occasionally I would pick up the pace for a minute or t-wo giving her the ‘jackhammer’ rapid fucking t-hat got her juices flowing. Her audible gasps of joy a-nd pleasure egged m-e on t-o keep the rapid pace before slowing down t-o enjoy a full a-nd deep thrust with each stroke. After several more minutes I stretched out a-nd lay on top of MJ. I took her head i-n both m-y hands a-nd kissed her deeply while slowly thrusting m-y cock i-n a-nd out of her dripping vagina. Meg had placed both of her hands around m-y back a-nd under m-y shoulders. Her increasing pleasure was reflected by her nails digging lightly int-o the muscles under m-y shoulder blades while her moans echoed i-n m-y ears. I rolled over putting MJ on top of m-e with her knees on either side of m-y hips. She slid herself back down on m-y fully erect cock putting her arms around m-y neck as we continued with our stares locked on each other eyes. Meg’s arousal reached the final stages as she vigorously pumped her hips up a-nd down on m-y cock. On every down stroke she ground her clit against m-y pubic bone using her hands clasped behind m-y neck for leverage. Her breathing increased while her chest turned a shade of red, flushed with an increased blood flow from the cardio workout she was engaged in. She gasped little moans each time she ground her clit against m-e as I held her hips firmly but allowing her t-o guide a-nd control her movements. She loved t-hat feeling of m-y hands gripping her strongly as much as I loved how she clasped her hands behind m-y neck keeping our faces close t-o each other while we continued our locked gaze.

* She cried out as she arched her back a-nd gripped m-y hips with her knees, her orgasm reflected i-n her gaze. Her eyes had rolled back momentarily before her climax enveloped her, the butterflies of her orgasm floated through her tummy causing the spasms t-o make her clit grind against m-y pubic bone prolonging her sensation. Her audible pleasures a-nd spasms caused m-e t-o go over the edge joining her i-n orgasm as m-y cock hosed down the inside of her vagina. She loved t-hat warm pulsing sensation of a thick wad of cum splashing inside of her. I had leaned i-n kissing her deeply on her neck while m-y cock pulsed cum inside her. We held each other i-n this position post orgasm for several minutes neither wanting t-o disturb the mutual feeling of pure bliss we were both experiencing. Meg finally rolled off of m-e a-nd turned on her side sliding her cute little behind against m-y hip. I turned on m-y side i-n the big spoon position a-nd ran m-y hand lightly over her butt cheeks soothing her hyped up nerve centres. She relaxed enjoying the warm pleasant sensation of m-y hand caressing her firm backside. It was hypnotic a-nd soothing when combined with the still burning lilac candles I lit earlier. After 10 minutes of relaxation MJ slowly opened her legs inviting m-e t-o brush m-y hand over her still damp love organ while I continued caressing her buttocks.

* M-y fingers grazed over her lips prompting an audible, “Ooooohhh !” Deciding not t-o postpone it any longer I moved down a-nd spread her legs as m-y hands reached through her legs rolling Meg on her back. I slid forward putting m-y head between her legs wrapping both arms around her legs, m-y hands meeting on the inside of her hips allowed m-e t-o pull her pussy apart. I extended m-y tongue tapping the tip on her clit before moving m-y tongue over her hood a-nd rolling her clit underneath. Holding her tightly I plunged m-y tongue inside her dragging the tip across the top of her canal as m-y tongue retreated t-o plunge it deep inside her again. I followed this with holding her place while I moved m-y head back a-nd forth vigorously with m-y tongue extended brushing against her clit on each pass. Meg was getting highly aroused again as she ground her pussy i-n m-y face. Next, I added sucking on her clitoral hood a-nd tugging a-t her lips with m-y mouth i-n t-o the repertoire. Meg ground her crotch i-n m-y face with increased vigour t-o keep pace with the rhythm of m-y actions, her eyes closed aiding i-n concentrating on the pleasure she was receiving. I used o-ne hand t-o slide t-wo fingers inside her while continuing t-o massage her clit with m-y tongue. Meg locked her ankles together resting on m-y lower back occasionally pressing her heels int-o m-y back for leverage as she arched her back guiding m-y fingers deeper inside her. Her breathing a-nd moaning had increased suggesting she was near orgasm as I continued working her pussy with m-y mouth a-nd fingers. After several more minutes her tumm-y convulsed as her knees squeezed m-e tighter pushing her derriere int-o the mattress before bucking her hips a-nd grinding her crotch i-n m-y face. Her convulsions were punctuated with a forceful squirt covering m-y head a-nd shoulders.

* Feeling satisfied a-nd tired MJ rolled over on her side again pressing her little behind against m-y hip. As m-y pleasure levels subsided a-nd were replaced with a relaxed spent feeling of satisfaction I turned on m-y side t-o cuddle MJ continuing the earlier activity of caressing her buttocks. The trance like effect this had on MJ caused her t-o drift off with pleasant visions of sitting bare naked under a shaded tree i-n a secluded private garden meadow with a light cool breeze soothing her bare skin. The continuous circular motion of caressing MJ also had a hypnotic effect on m-e causing m-e t-o close m-y eyes a-nd drift off t-o sleep. We slept peacefully i-n our embrace for the next several hours. As usual, I awoke early a-nd emptied m-y bladder before snuggling against MJ again. An hour or so later Meg awoke on her back next t-o me, also sleeping m-y back. She closed her hand realizing her hand was wrapped around m-y morning full erection. Meg was always turned on by the male morning erection. Feeling a little frisky a-nd a little naughty she moved her head down a-nd took m-y cock i-n her mouth slowly sucking on the head a-nd teasing the sensitive area with her tongue. M-y eyes opened t-o the delightful experience of having the gorgeous a-nd sensual MJ working her mouth over m-y fully erect cock. Her talented tongue had m-y cock so erect t-hat I felt the skin on the head of m-y cock would rip open. Meg was turned on a-nd moved up t-o sit on m-y stomach as she rested her forearms on m-y chest with her hands on either side of m-y face. She took m-y head i-n her hands a-nd kissed m-e slowly a-nd passionately before sitting up slightly a-nd moving her hips down t-o line up her hole a-nd m-y cock. She slowly pushed her hips downward feeling the head of m-y cock parting her lips a-nd slipping inside of her moist vagina. O-ne of the aspect of morning sex t-hat turned her on was how quick it normally lasted with both of us already turned on before starting t-o fuck each other. She closed her eyes a-nd increased the pace of her riding her hips up a-nd down on m-y pole. After several minutes a-t a furious pace with both of us breathing rapidly a-nd clutching each other tightly she let out a long a-nd loud moan slash howl of pleasure. Her love organ contracted pushing m-y still solid cock out of her followed by a gushing stream of her cum.
Feeling spent a-nd still laying on top of m-e MJ quietly whispered i-n m-y ear, “Good morning !”, before she slid down a-nd took m-y rock hard cock covered i-n her love juices i-n her mouth. She worked her tongue up a-nd down the underneath portion of m-y shaft before curling her lips a-nd lightly sucking on the head of m-y cock while she rubbed her hand up a-nd down on m-y shaft. It didn’t take very long before her efforts were rewarded with a mouthful of m-y sperm t-hat she gathered i-n a puddle, showed m-e by opening her mouth before swallowing all of it i-n o-ne gulp.

* We showered, had a quick<b> bite </font></b>t-o eat a-nd took a last look around t-o ensure we weren’t forgetting anything. I had gassed up the car the day before so the only stop we would make before getting on the highway would be a-t the local Canadian legendary coffee shop, Tim Horton’s, for a pair of double-doubles (local speak for a coffee with t-wo cream a-nd t-wo sugar) “I’m looking forward t-o this trip, hun, I like a road trip adventure.”, she said with an enthusiastic smile. “It’s a long drive with not much scenery on the later half of today’s leg but we will follow the St. Lawrence river most of the morning going through Quebec.” I continued, “Some of the spectacular scenery will be i-n Newfoundland. We’ll take a route t-o m-y friends house that follows the coastline. If the weather cooperates it’ll be a nice t-wo hour drive.” Inquisitively she asked, “Will we be able t-o see whales on the drive ?” I replied, “If the weather is suitable I know a few areas where we may be able t-o view them feeding from the shoreline.” She took a seat i-n the passenger side seat as we pulled out of the underground parking heading towards our first stop, Tim Horton’s. With t-hat accomplished we were now on the highway heading towards Quebec with the local radio station playing an early morning hour of oldies. Currently, Mick Jagger was crooning through their 1977 hit, Miss You.

Ahh-haaa ahhhh-haa ahhh-haa huh, ahh-haaa ahhhh-haa ahhh-haa huh, ah haa hhettt ahhh

I've been holding out so long
I've been sleeping all alone
Lord I miss you

A Charlie Watts masterpiece i-n minimalist drumming with all of the rolls a-nd fills following his precise timing. Along with the coffee it was a nice pick-me-up t-o start a long day.

* Around 7am we passed through Montréal circumventing the downtown shortest route through the LaFontaine Tunnel by skirting around the city’s perimeter following Autoroute 30 until eventually merging ont-o the Trans-Canada highway heading towards the charming Quebec City. We would continue past the turn north t-o Quebec City a-nd head straight north-east towards our next turn off. MJ was looking incredibly sexy, her sunglasses concealing her normally very expressive eyes. She was enjoying the view from the truckers as we passed by giving their higher vantage point a perfect angle t-o leer down her top gazing a-t her lightly concealed a-nd ample bosom. She did get a few horn honks which caused her t-o giggle flirtatiously. We stopped for lunch a-t an Irving Big Stop gas station featuring local homemade comfort dishes. After lunch we continued until turning east heading towards the province of New Brunswick. About 10 kilometres (or 7 miles) later we were both suddenly jolted by a deep camouflaged pothole. I checked the air pressure gauge confirming there wasn’t a sudden drop i-n tire pressure. Another 20 km’s later (or approx 13 miles) the low tire pressure warning indicator lit up on the dashboard. The GPS indicated there was a gas station approaching i-n the next 5 kilometres (approximately 3 miles) where we would be able t-o reinflate the tire.

* I had Meg roll forward slowly as I checked t-o see if there was anything protruding from the tire. I couldn’t spot anything so I topped up the tank a-nd paid for the gas asking the attendant if he knew of a garage near by. He told m-e there was a family owned garage about 50 Kilometres (or 30 miles) east of where we were a-nd i-n the direction we were heading. It would also be only a half hour drive from our hotel i-n Moncton, New Brunswick. We headed t-o the garage as I discussed with MJ what we should do. “I’ll have them check the tire a-nd hopefully they can fix the problem quickly. I think he said they also rent cars so maybe they’ll let m-e rent a car for a few hours t-o drop everything off a-t the hotel room a-nd then come back when it’s fixed.” Meg mused, “I don’t mind waiting with the car while you go t-o the hotel with the luggage. I’ve always liked being around garages. Remember, if there’s a hunky young guy around t-hat it’s on m-y bucket list !!!” I chuckled before responding, “What if he’s on MY bucket list as well ?” She took a Canadian nickle out of her pocket a-nd said, “Well, we’ll make him flip a coin .... heads or beaver !” Her subtle humour was not lost m-e as I gave an audible guffaw a-t her clever pun. The Canadian nickle famously features the head of the Queen on o-ne side a-nd a Beaver on the other. Her pun was a reference t-o ‘heads’ being a cock-head a-nd ‘beaver’, instead of ‘tails’ being ... well, you know ! I added the address for the garage t-o the GPS a-nd headed off hoping we would be able t-o make it.

* About 30 minutes later we arrived a-t the garage. The owner was a middle-aged mild mannered gentleman with a slight Maritime accent. I explained the situation with the pothole a-nd the slow leak i-n the tire. He told m-e his mechanic could take a look a-t it as things weren’t that busy. I asked if he also rented cars t-o which he enthusiastically answered yes, he did ! Meg a-nd I drove the car around t-o the garage a-nd into the empty bay. We both got out as the young mechanic came around t-o give us a hand. He was about six foot four inches with jet black hair a-nd a dark tanned complexion. His years of working on his family’s farm were evident i-n the bulging biceps highlighted by his short sleeve shirt tightly bound around his muscular chest a-nd arms. He eyed MJ up a-nd down barely able t-o contain his approval. Meg was wearing a dark grey pair of yoga pants a-nd a black sports bra covered with a white short sleeve sheer blouse. She stood with her knee bent a-nd her opposite hand resting on her hip, her dark grey skin tight yoga pants contrasting with the pearl white Keds a-nd white anklet socks on feet. His deep heavily testosterone laden voice cracked slightly as he asked us, “What seems t-o be the problem ?” Meg reached out flirtatiously touching his bulging bicep as she replied, “T-hat I don’t have X-Ray glasses !” She winked as she continued, “I’m sorry, honey, we hit a pot hole a-nd seem t-o have a slow leak i-n the front drivers side tire.” I picked up her desire for a young piece of eye candy a-nd decided t-o help things along by shaking Simone’s (as his name tag read) hand a-nd telling MJ t-o text m-e when the car was fixed a-nd I would come back a-nd get her.

* Simone diagnosed the problem as a bent rim which was causing the slow leak. Luckily, they had a spare rim of the same size t-hat would fit m-y car i-n stock. The garage was located off of the main highway a-nd didn’t appear t-o see much business. The service bay area was enclosed but not air conditioned making it rather hot on a 30 degree summer’s day (or approx 92 degree F). Meg was sitting on a chair next t-o the service bay which was visible t-o service area but not visible from the front counter entrance where the owner usually kept the door closed t-o keep the noise out of the office area. He had a bell attached t-o the door which would signal t-o anyone i-n the service area t-hat someone from the front office was i-n the area. Simone had the tire off a-nd had undone most of the buttons on his work shirt. The sweat a-nd dirt were now coating his bulging chest a-nd served t-o highlight the definition of his rock hard 6 pack abs earned from his teenage years working the family farm until his parents sold it retiring t-o a smaller home a-nd putting Simone through college. He was a handsome young man of 23 who hadn’t had much time for girlfriends although many tried t-o catch his attention. He was a shy guy by nature which belied the aura of his rugged tough guy appearance. His black hair a-nd square jaw with a permanent five o’clock shadow gave him the boyish appearance of a young Colin Ferrall. Meg was fascinated watching his abs flex as he manoeuvred the tire over t-o the apparatus t-o remove it from the bent rim. Several times he bent over t-o pick up a tool or move an object giving MJ a head-on view of his tight muscular butt a-nd the bulging muscles of his lower back when his shirt would ride part way up t-o his shoulders. She found herself subconsciously sucking on the tip of her middle finger her gaze laser focused on Simone’s muscular form manhandling the tire.

* Unable t-o contain herself she spread her legs a-nd pulled her yoga pants down t-o an inch above her clit while she slid the middle t-wo fingers of her other hand over her mound outside of her pants. She could feel the lube starting t-o flow i-n her canal, her arousal also causing her nipples t-o protrude under her sports bra. The bell above the door rang causing Simone t-o instinctively look toward the front door. His eyes locked on Meg before she had a chance t-o pull her pants back up. He smiled a-nd blushed while MJ locked her gaze on his as she brought her finger up t-o her lips making a ‘Ssshhhh’ sign. The owner called out t-o Simone t-o tell him he had t-o go t-o the bank for next hour or t-wo a-nd would lock the front door flipping the sign t-o Closed until he got back. Simone smiled a-nd yelled back t-hat he would look after things until he got back a-nd should be done soon. MJ stood up when she heard the front door lock a-nd walked closer t-o the service bay area stopping before entering a-nd asking Simone, “How much longer do you think it’ll be, Simone ?” Simone stood up from his position working on the tire a-nd replied, “Ahhh, I should be finished here i-n another 5 or 10 minutes a-nd I’ll be able t-o service you ... oops, I mean I can look after you then.” Meg noticed he was blushing a-nd found it adorable, her feminine ego bolstered by his nervous response a-nd also by the increasing bulge i-n his crotch. Simone had resumed his work as Meg took a seat back on the chair but not before pulling her yoga pants down t-o her knees exposing the sexy lace frilled thong underwear she was wearing. She had her knees spread rubbing her hand over her mound causing a small dark damp spot t-o become visible. With her head down her peripheral vision caught sight of Simone staring i-n her direction. When she looked up he quickly looked down continuing with replacing the tire on it’s rim. She also noticed he would occasionally rub his hand over his crotch leaving a grease a-nd dirt stained patch framing his solid erection.

* He finished tightening the lug nuts a-nd then cleaned his hands with a shop towel before he walked over t-o the area occupied by MJ, his Adam’s apple bobbing nervously. Meg stopped rubbing her hand over her crotch a-nd stood up pulling her yoga pants up while keeping her gaze locked on his. Simone nervously said, “It’s all done a-nd should be fine t-o drive.” Keeping her gaze locked on Simone she replied, “Thank you so much, Simone, but I think I left m-y purse with m-y friend a-nd may not have money t-o pay you ! Maybe we can find another way for m-e t-o pay you ?” She finished her sentence by arching her brow, looking over the top of her sunglasses while her index finger rested on her lipstick coated bottom lip. Simone gulped before responding, “Ahhh, ummm, I’m not sure I can do anything about the charges, the owner, Dan, usually takes care of that.” Meg lifted her sports bra flipping the cups t-o rest on her upper chest a-nd allowing her firm round D cup breasts t-o sit i-n full display. With her locked gaze she invited him t-o reach forward a-nd grab her firm breasts which he did causing an audible gasp from MJ. He nervously said, “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen naked. Honestly, I’m a little afraid t-hat I might not be able t-o satisfy you. I’ve only been with 2 other women.” Meg took his hand a-nd said, “Honey, it’s natural t-o be nervous a-nd dick size is the least important thing t-o m-e a-nd most girls.’ Meg was feeling empowered a-nd turned on knowing how much her presence intimated this young hot looking stud. She also found it incredibly sweet a-nd decided t-o help boost his confidence. She continued, “Honey, I’m going t-o show you where t-o touch m-e a-nd what t-o do t-o make m-e cum. This works on m-e a-nd will probably work with a lot of women. Think of it as somewhere t-o start. Look for her reactions a-nd take note of which ones get a strong response from her.” She pulled down her yoga pants a-nd thong underwear as she spread her legs apart giving Simone a full look a-t her slightly damp pussy, not fully aroused with her lips still closed. She spread her pussy open with o-ne hand revealing her clitoral hood. She took his hand a-nd rubbed his fingers over her clit as she said, “This area is really sensitive a-nd will help make a girl cum most of the time. Press down with your fingers slightly until you feel the clit underneath roll under the hood a-nd watch for m-y reaction. Rub it i-n a circular motion applying a little more pressure as you watch m-y reaction. If I stop responding let off on the pressure slightly or increase it depending. You’re looking for the right amount of pressure t-hat will make m-e moan.” She moved her hand away a-nd let Simone rub his t-wo fingers over her clit. He pressed lightly a-nd then a bit firmer causing Meg t-o touch his hand lightly signalling for him t-o ease off until he found the right amount of pressure. She let out an audible moan causing Simone t-o ask, “I’m so sorry. Is t-hat too hard ?” Meg opened her eyes a-nd said i-n low sultry voice, “No, honey, t-hat was the sign you should be looking for. T-hat felt incredible.

* She continued, “The other region t-o look for is inside me. Give m-e your hand with your palm facing upwards.” Simone complied a-nd held out his hand palm upwards. She took his t-wo middle fingers a-nd bent the tips upward slightly as she said, “Use your bent fingers t-o look for wavy-like area about 2 or 3 inches inside m-e on the roof of m-y pussy. You’ll know when you find it by m-y reaction. When you find it keep sliding your fingers i-n a-nd out pressing lightly on t-hat area watching m-y reaction a-nd increase or decrease pressure. Do this for several minutes then move your fingers out a-nd rub them over m-y clit. Do this i-n a cycle. When you fuck m-e with your cock you will want t-o find positions or ways t-o stimulate these same regions. A girl will grab you hard a-nd probably tell you she’s going t-o cum. Whatever you’re doing when she tells you continue a-t the same pace a-nd same pressure.” Simone, listening intently, extended his fingers as Meg opened her legs slightly. She gasped when his strong thick fingers slid inside her. He slid his fingers over her clit then down a-nd inside her searching for her g-spot, finding it a-nd getting the desired response he continued adjusting the pressure while watching her reactions. She said gasping i-n between breaths, “Ohhh, that’s it ... like that. See you if can rub your thumb over m-y clit while your fingers go inside me.” She leaned forward her hands grabbing his shirt inside each shoulder a-nd slid his shirt off exposing his flexing rock hard six pack abs. Meg leaned back as Simone removed his shirt before resuming probing a-nd massaging her g-spot while he continued t-o glide his thumb over her clit. Instinctively, he took a dab of her natural lube from o-ne of his fingers t-o coat her clit reducing the friction of his thumb gliding over it. Meg had her eyes closed with her hands running over his sweaty six packs abs imagining the power accrued while working his body hard i-n the hot summer sun. Her thighs started t-o quiver as she felt the familiar beginnings of an impending orgasm. She reached out t-o grab his sides just below his ribs, her finger tips digging into his side a-nd back as she screamed, “Oh fuck yes, don’t stop !” Leaning forward she felt his rock hard biceps flexing against her sensitive a-nd aroused breast causing her tummy t-o convulse. Simone was surprised by the force exerted on fingers expelling them as her hips twitched away from his hand followed by a warm intense squirt all over his strong hand. She let go of his side a-nd had gripped his bulging biceps as her orgasm caused her t-o let out a loud moan. This was the first time Simone had witnessed a pussy squirting a-nd he had a look of pure pleasure sensing this was significant event. Meg sensing this said, “You made m-e cum hard, honey. How long since you last cam-e ?” He quickly replied, “I haven’t jerked off i-n over a week a-nd haven’t been with a girl i-n over a year.” Meg got on her knees as she said, “I bet you can cum twice i-n row. I’m going t-o suck you off then I want you t-o fuck me.
... to be continued ...

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VII Part AThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Act VIII Part B

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For the sake of adding a comment here are the songs mentioned in this post;

Rolling Stones - Miss You
Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls
Steeley Dan - Babylon Sisters

Also, the sea arch mentioned in Burnt Point, NL can be seen on google maps;
I would post the link but they seem to think it contains contact info.

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