Being honest  

oralb4both 69M
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8/3/2021 6:02 am
Being honest

A long time ago when I was young and afraid to share my<b> desires </font></b>with others I read many stories where a guy’s life was destroyed when their wife found out about their dressing. To a point I felt sorry for these guys knowing how the<b> desires </font></b>to crossdress feel. But on the other hand you should be honest with someone that you want to share your life with. My present wife and my first wife both knew before we got married about my<b> desires. </font></b>In both cases they accepted me and my<b> desires </font></b>and enjoyed them with me at times. My ex tried to use it against me for divorce purposes. My present may have just played along because it was something I liked. She no longer plays but has no problem we me dressing under my normal clothes to go out to a adult theater to suck cock. But the point here is to say that you should be honest and share your feelings and<b> desires. </font></b>When starting a possible relationship you can test the water in a manner to find out if the person you are interested in is open minded enough. If you don’t think it will work out then there is no reason to take the relationship further. It may take awhile to find the right person and depending on your<b> desires </font></b>it may never happen but it is better than hiding things from someone who you say that you love. Desires that develop after a relationship starts is more complicated but still the honesty with a person that you say you love to me is very important. I know it is scary but so is being caught.

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