It could never be as crazy as...  

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4/24/2020 5:02 pm
It could never be as crazy as...

His hand stopped just below her navel. He spread his fingers wide and lay the palm against her lower abdomen. Both skins were warm. He squeezed what little flesh was there as his mouth continued to massage her teat. Her right hand pressed against his chest. She could feel his heartbeat. Steady, strong. She tweaked his nipple. Tugged at the slight hairs nearby.
His left arm slid under her neck and he drew her head to the bicep in front of her face. She took a healthy bite, and then followed- with intense sucking cure the "wound" she had inflicted. His hand crept closer its target. His middle finger mere centimeters from the top of her vagina. She parted her legs invitingly. He waited.

His mouth moved to her other breast, and her hand slid down to his abdomen. Pulling at the happy trail hairs just below his navel. Her other hand continued in his hair, holding his head against her chest as he gobbled at her delicately. He flexed his loin muscles and the head of his cock bumped the back of her hand. She pulled her hand away. Not yet, you little rascal! His hand approached another centimeter. She spread her legs further. His fingertip could feel her heat. She raised her legs, bending her knees and pushed her hips upward to reach his fingertip, so close to where the hood hides her clit. Not yet, my darling! He retreated slightly.

He raised his head and they stared at one another. He adjusted his body so he could kiss her mouth again. , desperate kisses with deep drawing of breaths and exchanges of saliva. Both knowing they wouldn't be able refrain for much longer. She pulled at his hair both above and below. He reached further down and cupped her entire pubis with his hand. So warm.
She spread further. His middle finger, alone, traced the gates of her most precious place not yet open. He broke the kiss and stuck that finger in his mouth, returned it its previous location. Slippery now, he pressed against her entranceway with the entire length of the palm-side of his finger. The doors parted. Beyond her outer lips, there was plenty of wetness. The tip of his finger slid right inside with no resistance. Her back arched again, and she moaned into his mouth. Her muscles clenched against the intruder, yet he continued to advance until his knuckles were pressed against her perineum. Curving his finger, he rubbed against her G-spot. His palm folded upward and pressed against her clitoris, still hiding, but ready to come out and too.

As if in retaliation, her right hand whipped out and grabbed hold of his hard-on. His turn to moan into her mouth. She squeezed hard. He pulled his palm away from the home of her most holy and replaced it with his thumb. He pressed against her little nub and drew circles with her flesh. His finger withdrew at such a snail's pace she wasn't even sure if it was moving. She clenched her muscles against it, don't go!
When merely a hair's breadth remained before his finger was free, he pushed it back inside her. He squeezed the inside finger against his thumb on the outside. Holding her in this manner he was touching her clit and her G-spot simultaneously. The petite woman turned her head to the side and placed her arm over her eyes. "Yesssssss…." barely escaped from her voice.
Firm pressure on her sweetest spots. Circles. Not roughly, but with a determined force. She began hunching against his hand, much as he had when she held him so tight -- which she was doing at this very moment, unaware how hard she was squeezing. He began fuck her hand, as she was his.
With her head turned, he bit into her exposed neck, dragging his tongue across long swaths of her skin there. He knelt upright so he could watch her jack him off and see her responding to his own handiwor

Letting go of him and pushing his hand away, she rolled onto her left side and keeping her left leg straight, brought her right knee up to the height of her bellybutton. He immediately curled up behind her and guided his swollen rascal directly toward her glistening pussy. He swirled it around the outside of her entry. Jacking himself off against her outer lips.
Then, centered properly, he inserted just the head. In and out. To get him nice and wet. She had plenty of juices to share. He adjusted his body, one arm in front of her holding her hips in place, and the other against her bac She hunched toward him. Eager.

One very slow but constant push forward and more than a third of his length was inside her. They both moaned at the sheer pleasure of he being squeezed so tight, and she being so full. He drew back and pushed in again, a little bit further. He looked down, about halfway there. Her inner muscles contracted. "Ohhhhhh…" was all he managed. "Mmmmmmm…" was her reply.
Retreating again until only the head remained inside her, he lowered his body onto hers and pushed his entire length into her tiny body. His pelvis pressed against her ass. She lowered her knee and clenched her insides. He held perfectly still. Flexing his own muscle against hers. She began humping against him.
He wasn't sliding in and out like a piston, her pussy was holding him like a fist. It felt more like a hand job than fucking. He wedged his hand between her thighs and placed his middle finger against her clit, now full exposed and throbbing with her heartbeat. He pressed firmly and began an and down motion in time with her movements.
They rocked like this until her orgasm began rise within her center. Then she raised her knee again so that he was free withdraw. He grabbed her hips and pulled her onto her knees. Tenderly pushing her head down into the pillows, he positioned himself directly behind her. He applied his mouth to her cunt. Pumping his tongue in and out like a tiny, wet coc Then he began lick her anus until she squirmed and squeaked.
Cock in hand, he positioned him just outside her pussy. Slowly again, but in one smooth and constant movement, he pushed his entire length inside her. She was so wet, this maneuver found little resistance. She gasped as his pelvis, again reached the curved cheeks of her ass. He held her hips and withdrew about half way and pushed the way in again, pulling her hips meet him. Her fist pounded the pillow and she bit her tongue to keep from screaming.

"I'm going to fuck you a little bit now," he warned her.

She nodded her head ferociously and repeatedly against the pillow, her fist still clenched, "please," she whispered.

Holding her hips, he pulled his own back like the string of a bow or the elastic of a slingshot. She was still nodding her head, mussing her hair with the pillow, "please…. please…. please………" Her teeth were clenched with one more, gasping, "Please."
He thrust deeply into her and withdrew immediately. Thrusted again. And again, and again. She was pounding her fist again, and again and again. He was slamming his body against hers, ripples ran through her butt cheeks. He released her hips, still fucking fast and hard. He placed a hand each on her buttocks. He wanted to spank her so badly.
She raised her hands so she could push back against him. They were moving as a single machine. The bed was creaking a song, the slapping sounds of their bodies played the drums. He leaned forward and cupped her tits firmly and drew her upright on her knees. They paused while she pulled her hair one side and her bit her neck and shoulder.

"Nicht aufhören," she ordered, having caught her breath. She pulled his hands from her breasts and leaned forward again. "Fuck just like that."

"Wie Sie wünschen," in horrible Ger-merican accent.

Digging his fingers into her ass-flesh, he began again and she pushed back against him every stroke. Sweat appeared his skin. It dripped onto her, he swore he saw it turn to steam on contact. They fucked fast with full length strokes for well over five minutes straight without missing a beat. Sometimes his ball sack would swing and tap her clit.
He could feel her quivering inside, juices dripped onto the bedsheets. She announced an orgasm that echoed off the walls. But she didn't stop so he didn't either. Faster now. He looked down to admire the fact that he was actually engaged in this carnal act with such a lovely woman. His cock was so wet, and moving so fast. The slapping, squishing sounds and her moans and roars. I must be dreaming, he thought.
She dropped to her elbows. He grabbed her hips again. Instead of long, full strokes… short and really hard. She couldn't move. He held her fast and continued with the short, hard and really fast thrusting. Her fist clenched again. She pounded it against the pillow once more.
Surrendering, she splayed her elbows outward and buried her face in the pillow. She screamed. Her thighs were shaking and more juices flowed out of her pussy. Drenching his coc Increasing the squishing sound. His heart was racing and damn it if a leg cramp wasn't beginning develop in his thigh. He pushed all the way into her and stopped. She was quivering all over. Panting. There were hand marks in her skin where he was holding her so tight. Perfect timing, he thought, let her come down from that one.

He withdrew completely and crashed his body onto the bed. She remained on her knees, her elbows spread out like a butterfly and her face buried in the pillow, still spasming. Juices continued to dribble out of her reddened pussy.

" Her smile had in it something of the intoxication of parched earth after a sudden and furious downpour " -- Henry Miller The Colossus of Maroussi. I sure wish I could write like that!

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Nice. Rubbed a couple out while reading. Thank you. 😉

normalisokaytoo replies on 5/18/2021 4:31 am:
My pleasure to please you.

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