Ngoc Anh's backstory  

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3/23/2020 1:14 pm
Ngoc Anh's backstory

So, some of you are asking for my backstory, so here goes I've been happily married for going 11 years now. I'm 34 and my husband is 44. We have no , long story. We've been more or less open in our relationship on and off since we got married, meaning I've had a quite a few flings every over the years. We started this shortly before we got married. My husband knew from the start that I enjoyed men and having sex. He encouraged me from the start and this only enhanced things for me. Once, early on, while having sex with me in a drunken state (both of us), he admitted that he found it hot when men were staring at me and obviously desiring me. That night, I drove him crazy with tales of my sexual adventures and the next morning, we laughed about it it but explained how he still found it hot, even if he wasn't<b> drunk.

</font></b>Couple months later, we we're living with one another, but I still saw other guys. He loved it and I found the sex was always better if I came home with the smell of men on me of if i had cock breathe. One time on a night out with friends I came back late. Jokingly, he said I had probably been too busy flirting to get home early when I confessed that indeed, there had been quite a lot of flirting going on in the club and that some guys were grinding me on the dancefloor. Long story short, this led to amazing sex that night. From that point on, this idea has been a constant companion in our sexlife. We got married and knew things were just going to bet better and hotter! Just about a year later, when our mindgames had gotten more and more raw and graphic, I asked him what he thought about actually making it a reality, seeing it. I still cannot quite describe what went through my head and my heart in that moment but let's just say it took him about a week to think and feel it through before he gave me the go ahead. Weeks later, once again when I was out with friends, I called him and told him that there was this guy who was hitting on me hard, and had even commented about my wedding ring. I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said I should explore things if I wanted. I just wanted to make sure he was okay with it before I did anything. I was excited and he later told me how insanely turned on he was. Again, long story short, when I came back home later,I told him everything. How we had gone to the car at the end of the night, he had followed her and once her friends had left, they had made out in the car. He had wanted to fuck me but I couldn't do that in this tiny car, which (and I think this was awesome on his part), he respected and he did not pressure me. I've been told I give amazing blow jobs, so I am sure he liked what he got I told my husband how big he was, how he grabbed my head and forced me to deep throat him. I gave him every detail about his cock, how he came, everything and he loved it! I loved it to and was even more turned on. Anyway, we had also exchanged numbers, just in case (and more on that maybe later, if anyone is interested).

So there I was, I was insanely horny, even if his emotions were in a mess. I had given him all the details. By the end of the story, we were fucking, not making love, and that was an amazing new experience for us. It did take him weeks to recover from the emotional rollercoaster, though. Still, from then on, I was game to see just what could happen next.

So that was the beginning. There were a few flings over the years and some were planned, some were not, some even happened while she was pregnant and showing, but on the whole, this has brought us closer to each other than we had ever been before and has made us so much stronger as a couple.

So what about my boss? Well, I used to be an up in coming pharmaceutical rep and he was my manager at the time. I met him before my husband and actually he sorta arranged my first foursome, but that is another story. I worked my way up and so did he, but he always kept me close. We had great chemistry and are an exceptionally good team in the company. So much so that he takes me almost everywhere with him, from conferences to meetings with and even social events the company organised. Now, for these events my husband is always invited as well, but he only went there the first time, before married, because he wanted to meet this guy. Do not get me wrong, I had told him all about us, how I thought he was hot and that we are always flirting while we are working on things, and yes, indeed, having sex. My husband noticed that there was a very flirty vibe going on between us, which he liked very much He loved the stories even more. My boss got us alone, late one evening and told some of my stories, including how he and a few other managers seduced me at a sales presentation. That night my soon to be husband watched with extreme pleasure as my boss fucked me, told him how nice his future wife's pussy is and how we all were going to enjoy life together. Anyhow, ever since that evening he has teased me about my boss, more than we had actually done before when we were playing in bed, but then, about a month after the event, I had to go to Germany to meet an important . Those meetings are often held over the weekends over in Europe, on Saturdays mostly, and we'd be leaving on a Friday and coming back on Sunday. It was a major thing, a huge deal waiting to be struck, but it was even more exciting for us because I was hoping to play with some hot European men. I don't know why but he find it extremely hot, the thought of me fucking my boss and some tall German men totally excited him. Turns out, I I did not disappoint

That Friday evening, he kept checking his phone every couple of minutes until I texted me at around 8pm that we had arrived at the hotel and that we'd been quite flirty the entire trip, especially on the plane. We went for a drink afterwards to relax but then went back to the hotel for a good night's sleep before the meeting the next day. He was soooo nervous with anticipation I loved it. For some reason it was a huge turn on to be sexually free and have the love of my life waiting to hear all about my sexual escapades. The entire Saturday, he was on edge as I purposely avoided his calls and texts. Very late in the afternoon I called him to tell him that the meeting had been a massive success and that we had struck a deal worth hundreds of thousands of euros. To celebr we were planning go out for a meal, then for drinks, maybe a club. And by they, I mean me, my boss and the two new . I kept teasing him about my outfit, sending him pictures. He still gave me an official go ahead, just in case.

Then, nothing. For hours. We had through the entire cuckold scenario many times. He watches, he is in another room, he is at bar and sees me leave, but this one was one of the most intense for us, for reasons I can't explain. He later told me how he couldn't sleep, he couldn't think of anything, he couldn't even concentrate the entire time I was gone. Hearing that has made our sex lives better, made my hot wifeing better if that makes sense. Around midnight, I call, telling him how the flirting had intensified and that they had danced and touched each one another while dancing, too much drinking, you know?... and that I really wanted to fuck them all, badly. He wanted to know how wet I was, how big they were, what they were saying to her. I told him how wet I was and how my pussy was on fire, screaming for cock. I hadn't even finished my reply when he blurted out please, yes, fuck their brains out. I hung and went completely silent until the next day. He called multiple times, texted me, nothing. Dead silent. I wanted really turn him , so I avoided contact and let him think about the possibilities of his wife, looking for sex, out with 3 horny men and willing fuck anyone could have. Sunday afternoon, at around 5. I unlocked the front door of the house, gave him a very wet kiss. I immediately noticed his hard on. I purposely did not shower so the smell of sex was on me, their cum dried on my body. My hair was messy, my lipstick had been smeared, then fixed, my eyeshadow was messed a little.... clearly, I had been very busy and wanted him see that. I had only touched myself so that others wouldn't notice too quickly.

I told him about my fun, how they had ended in his hotel room, kissing, grinding, dry humping and then had gone over the bed, where they undressed her, she undressed them, before they pleasured her pussy, she sucked their cocks and then began a session of mindless fucking that lasted two hours before they fell asleep top of each other, then woke and went at it again and again until they barely left the hotel time catch their flight. I told about that while I was sitting his cock, dry humping him, and he could feel how used my pussy was as my swollen lips were sliding and down his hard cock. I was still leaking some cum and my panties were in an unspeakable state. I made him cum right there, and then we had our own session of mindless fucking once he recovered.

We've been closer then ever since then.

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Congrats on finding that spark that works for you.

Welcome to the blogs.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

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3/23/2020 7:53 pm

Very hot and thanks for sharing. I to enjoy letting my partner have her fun and totally enjoy watching, hearing about or being included in the fun when the time arises. Happy Humping

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5/11/2020 11:49 am

You two have a remarkable relationship.

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