A Note About Respect  

mygoodpet 32F
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12/24/2021 12:36 pm
A Note About Respect

I'm sure this rings true for most anyone familiar with the lifestyle: kink identities are hardly fixed. I identify as a sub. My mentality is governed mainly by being a good , though there are elements of pet, brat, and . While I'm assertive and in<b> control </font></b>of my day-to-day life, this isn't energy that transitions very well, though I can't deny a passing interest in exploring the role of a switch. This is apt to be in flux, and that's fine. This is expected.

The problem I'm experiencing resides in the assumption of expectations by unknown others. I've been active for barely two days, and I've had two explicit and problematic messages from prospective subs calling me Mistress and offering services. Of course, I've received more messages in the reverse from supposed dominant types that presume upon my submission for reasons that escape any logic with which I'm familiar. There are a few layers to unpack with occurrences like this captured by the following statements which may as well also be called truisms.

1 - Risk management and safety are paramount in any online space.
2 - Mutual respect and communication are prerequisities to establishing and maintaining a productive dynamic.
3 - Responsibilities to manage risk and deter abuse exists for both parties.

Now, I'm not sure if I to enter the role of an educator based solely on my experiences, but there also appears to be work that needs doing geared towards harm prevention - relative use of the term of course. I usually ignore these people when they message me because it's a special form of exhausting to do work that has not been explicitly requested. I'd be curious to hear how or if you deal with similar situations.



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