Dedication To Sensual Deities w/pics  

mrv1001 60M
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7/23/2021 9:11 am
Dedication To Sensual Deities w/pics

Dedication Sensual Deities

Revive within your amorous heart

the ancient<b> desires </font></b>of adoring

obedience and passionate dedication

the sensual deities of overt lust

and carnal ideology assuage the

demons of nonconformity and appease

the dark spirits of indulgence that

the sexual beast within might be

satiated by the wonderfully exotic

feast of erotic debauchery.

mrv1001 60M
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7/23/2021 9:15 am

Happy Friday!

crosstraining 69T  
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7/23/2021 2:33 pm

Worshipping the Cock n Cum {=}

mrv1001 replies on 7/23/2021 3:55 pm:

author51 59F  
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7/23/2021 11:36 pm

Lovely poem my friend..Happy Saturday.....xoxo

mrv1001 replies on 7/24/2021 8:32 am:
thanks my friend and have a wonderful Saturday.

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