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The Adventures of Miss Jane
A great story always ends with a happy ending at least for someone....
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Pick a Number
Posted:Jan 29, 2022 6:28 pm
Last Updated:Jan 29, 2022 6:41 pm

This is a true tale by Earnedlace, Miss Lacey. The sweetest sadist you will ever meet.

My tension and excitement palpable.

It had been some time since I had a release. Recently, I kept catching myself short on patience with mundane things in my vanilla day to day. I needed this. Smiling as I put on my seat belt to leave for the hotel. I anxious to see how well this new sub would behave. he going to put up fake resistance or be putty in my hands from the jump?

The instructions were straightforward. I had told him to leave a key for me at the des He to be in the room … lights off … naked … kneeling … hands on the floor. His cell phone, queued and ready with a playlist suited to my taste. The envelope with his tribute on the bed ... the toys I planned to use freshly cleaned and lined up neatly.

Pulling into the parking lot, my heart started beating faster and I could feel myself getting wet. In the beginning I never understood how I could be so aroused by these situations ... but now I know, I crave them. Entering the hotel, I stop at the desk and pick up my key, its for the presidential suite. This excites me even more because I know Ill have more space to play. What a good boy.
As I approach the room I am giddy with the thoughts of what Im going to do to him. | slide the key in and open the door. There he is ... a beautiful sight. Naked ... kneeling hands on the floor, palms up ... everything is as instructed. I wonder if he can feel the rush that I do. Ignoring him, I casually set my bag down and take off my socks and shoes. I place a few candles around. I get them in a holiday cinnamon scent, as I know now he'll think of me when he smells this at Christmas with his family. A smile creeps over my face, hes so fucked.

Hes completely still. He knows what will happen if he makes eye contact. He;s a good boy ... he doesnt to break the rules. I walk to him. Pet his head and tell him to stand while still at the floor. He does. I take the collar and leash from the bed and put them around his nec

Running my hands over his body and stopping at his cock and balls just long enough for me to wrap my hand around them and squeeze. Are you going to obey me?, I whisper. He chokes out the smallest, Yes, Mistress. I turn him around so hes facing the bed and his back is to me. I wrap my arms around him and pull him close hand holding his cock and the other sliding my fingers in between his ass cheeks to rub the hole l intend to fuc I can hear how nervous he is, the shakiness in his breathing, the thumping of his heart, just as he should be. I grab the leash tight and tell him to get on the floor. On all fours. He obeys."Look how tiny your cock is, I can't believe anyone ever let you fuck them. Im sorry Mistress, I am pathetic. Yes you really are arent you? Youre like a humping dog. Hes as hard as he can possibly be but still only 4 inches, really quite pathetic. I reach in between his legs from the back and give it a hard slap. He does not react. Good boy. Lets see how you take commands. I walk him around the room making him sit, roll over and then spea His bark is embarrassing and I can't help but let out a giggle. I think he's ready to play. I guide him to the bed and make him bend over ...I get the lube and my strap-on. I can see his breathing increasing. I pour lube down his ass ... letting it drip when I spread his ass cheeks apart. Rubbing the tip of the dildo up and down slowly before pushing it in. He let's out the most innocent gasp. I place my hands on his hips and pull him into me ... pushing until every inch is inside him. I lean in and thrust a few times. He can't stop himself from moaning.

I pull out quickly. Reaching forward, I grab his hair and rip him to a standing position. Lay on your fucking back, you cunt. He does so without hesitation. My strapon dripping lube all over his cock as I stick my fingers in his ass. You me to keep fucking you?, | as He speaks in a whimper, Please Mistress, please. I will do anything. I tell him to pick a number between 1 and 4. He seems confused. He doesn't know that there are 4 different size bamboo rods and they get bigger the higher the number. I cant contain my laughter..... at this point | can feel my pussy throb. I pick up the 2nd largest rod. Now pick a number between 6 and ,Mistress, Before he finishes I lash his inner thigh. s one, I sneer. He completely caught off guard. He yelled out and slammed his thighs closed.

Tisk tisk tis I believe that you were instructed to stay in the position I put you in. This is your only warning. If you close your legs again you will be sorry. Is that understood?

Y-y-yes M-m-mistress, I can see him tremble and he bites his quivering bottom lip. I gently guide his legs back into the open position I had them in. Hes completely vulnerable. I hit him again 3 times in a row. Once on each inner thigh and once just above his tiny coc He clenches the bedspread and stays very still. I give him 8 more as quickly and as hard as I can. The welts are beautiful.

You may move bitch. Weep while you can, Im going to pick out another toy. He let's out a cry and closes his legs. Rubbing them in an attempt to soothe the sting. I choose a riding crop, a spreader bar and restraints. In no time I have him set up with his legs in the air. The bar chained to his handcuffs holding his knees bac

Rudely, I shove the dildo back into his ass and use his body weight to bounce him on my rubber coc He loves it. Youre a disgusting cock loving .| fuck him harder ... he leaks precum everywhere. I pinch the tip of his dick and get my fingertips coated and then shove them into his mouth. Suck them piggy. He does, greedily. I hit him hard right on the cock with the crop. Grabbing the tip and stretching the now limp appendage and hitting it again and again. Slapping his balls with the palm of my now lube covered hand. I go back and forth between torture and ass fucking for about 2 hours before his body goes limp. He starts shivering and I know he's spent.

Gingerly, I rub his welts.... there are so many. Some are already bruises. I kiss his thighs as I take all of his restraints off. Wiping him down as I go. I kiss his forehead and pull the covers over
him. Then I crawl onto the other side of the bed.

Smiling, I said its really nice to meet you.

He laughs. I am so lucky to meet you.
Can I please be your good boy?
Posted:Jan 20, 2022 9:19 am
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2022 5:57 am

Stephen and I had been chatting online for some time and were struggling with connecting in person. Stephen had plans with friends, and I was planning on meeting a potential new playmate for a drink and I was thinking we might be able meet up after. We were texting each other.

Me: How far is Springfield from you?

Stephen: Im actually about to head over !

Stephen: Im there all the time.

Me: I love that area, thats fantastic

Me: Would you be able meet after you wrap up whatever you are doing? Ill be at the Spring Tavern

Stephen: Wild. We plan on going as well.

Me: Funny. Ill be there shortly.

My date arrives just before me and meets me at the bar. We hug and order drinks then head the courtyard find a table. Him and I are getting acquainted when I get a ping on my phone.

Stephen: Ill be at the tavern in 5

Me: Great, Im here, outside

Several minutes pass

Stephen: Come say hi

Me: Where are you

Stephen: By the stairs.

Me: Im at the table by the gate with a blouse

Stephen: Can you stand up? Ill come you.

Stephen makes his way across the courtyard. He is tall, muscular and handsome. We embrace. The energy is palpable. I want him. I want be his master. He proceeds tell me that he cant hang long because a woman he has been seeing showed up at the bar and she was sitting at the table with his friends. He walks back to his table, I ping him.

Me: I want you

Stephen: Me too. I want you to tie me down and ride me .

Me: Yes! Ride all of you. Your cock, your face...flip you and peg you

Stephen: Damn, treat me like the slut I am.

A few minutes pass

Stephen: I want to taste you

Stephen: What are you doing this weekend?

Me: My weekend is packed

Stephen: Awe

Me: Cant you leave your friends for a second

Stephen: You need to use me?

Me: I think I need to go to the restroom.

Stephen: Mens restroom?

Me: Ok

Stephen: Going now

Stephen: Im in the back stall

I walk into the restroom past two men, into the back stall. I grab his hair and pull him into me and start kissing him. I grab his crotch; he is already rock hard. I undo his pants and pull out his beautiful thick cock. Precum is dripping from the head.

Me: Now fuck me

I undo my shorts and drop them the floor. He gets on his knees and start probing my slit, sliding his tongue between my lips, prodding my clit with his tongue. I pull him up and turn around grabbing the top of the stall.

Me: Fuck me

He starts fucking me and within minutes I squirt all over him and the floor. With every thrust I squirt again and again. And with each thrust he lifts me off the floor. I can see two sets of feet under the stall, no doubt the two gentlemen I walked past on my way in. Stephen is getting close and lets me know, so I stop him, I tell him he should get back to the woman waiting on him with his friends. He looks stunned. I kiss him, next time, I whisper and pat his cheek. I pull up my shorts, open the stall door, I tell the now three gents still in the bathroom to have a good night and head to the womens restroom to freshen up before returning to Joe. I get back the table, ping.

Stephen: Can I please be your good boy ?

# cock # mistress # pussy # submit # squirt # mommydom # love good subs # head # master # bd/sm lifestyle # good # forced bi # domme # dom # master # slut # # pussy # love good boys # head # squirt
Wrapped Up
Posted:Jan 13, 2022 6:06 am
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2022 6:16 am

Miss H is a stunning trans woman who I have had the pleasure of becoming great friends with. She is as submissive as they come and such a freak. I hope you enjoy this first of many Miss H tales I intend to share.

*This story is a true recollection of a session I had. Names, locations and other details are left out to provide anonymity for the parties involved. Activities were consented to by all parties and limits and rules for play were set beforehand. Always practice safe sex and kink exploration! Communication is everything!

I was giddy to meet Van ever since the first email. He had found my ad and unlike most men who replied with dick pics and a Hey Babe, his proposal was eloquent and creative and left you wanting more. We chatted back and forth for awhile, exchanging ideas and then traded numbers. He had a friend coming into town for the weekend and had gotten him a nice hotel room near the water. (Nice guy points) He was supposed to come in on Thursday but weather and work had delayed him and he wasnt getting in until late Friday. This left a perfectly good hotel room uninhabited and begging to be used. The instructions were simple.

Get an Uber to the hotel.

Text Van a picture of what Im wearing.

Walk into the hotel.

Pause by the elevators in sight of the bar.

Receive a text from Van with the room number.

Proceed to the room.

Easy enough right? I had settled upon some 3 inch heeled booties, opaque black thigh highs and a cute skirt and sweater combo. Nothing too scandalous but enough to be momentarily distracting to the casual gawker. Per instruction my makeup is light and understated and hair is kept short and down.

As I exit the elevator on the 7th floor I get a second text from Van. You have 15 minutes, instructions are on the bed. Dont disappoint. My heart starts racing, I pick up the pace and get to the room where the door is cracked. Hurrying inside, the room is as we discussed. Windows wide open looking onto other hotels. Lights on. Music playing. No one in sight. And most importantly, 6 rolls of plastic wrap laying on the bed with a handwritten note.

You have 15 minutes, clock started when you stepped onto the elevator. Yes, I was watching. You are to strip to only your thigh highs. Fold your clothes neatly and set them on the table along with all of your belongings. They will all be kept safe. You will wrap as much of your body as you can before I get up to the room. I know youve done this before so start with your head. Use the gauze pads to cover your eyes and only leave a hole around your nose. I have some surprises in store. Van

No time to think. I quickly undress and neatly fold my clothes on the table and leave my heels by the door. After a quick rinse enema (always prepared!) I take the thick gauze pads and put them over my eyes before taking the plastic wrap and start working it around my head. Holding the end near my ear I work it around until its tacked in place and then go to town. Around my eyes a few times then up over my head and under my chin. Within a few minutes my pretty face is fully covered from crown to neck in 4 layers of green plastic. I put the small roll down and blindly grope around to find a bigger roll. I faintly hear one roll tumble onto the floor, oops! Getting my hands on one I start to unfurl it and decide to start on my legs, each leg gets thickly wrapped from ankle to crotch then I move up my hips and onto my torso. The wrap slowly warming, my heart pumping, the tightness slowly overtaking my entire body. Even though I feel safe, the nerves begin kicking in as I start to wrap over my shoulders and know the time must be getting close.

As I start wrapping my arms I hear the door open and I freeze. Unable to see, barely able to hear, the moment of truth has arrived. Please dont be the cleaning lady!

Nothing happens. Then I hear the door close before opening again a few minutes later. Then .. the touch. The first touch in an anonymous scene is always electric. His was soft but firm. Guiding me down to sit on the edge of the bed. He takes the roll from my hand and folds my hand into a fist and resumes my encasement.

Van: You did well so far. Got further along than I expected. I have a couple of surprises for you that I think youll enjoy, one should arrive soon. But for now, you stay quiet and comfortable.

His voice was calm and strong. Very reassuring as my hands turned into useless plastic balls. Once my arms were complete he pulled them across my stomach and then began adding layer after layer to my torso. I felt a soft neck brace go onto my neck before more wrap went over top merging my neck and head to my torso. I get pushed back onto the bed and feel his hands start fondling my cock and ass. Warm and wet, a glob of lube falls onto my hole and he pushes it deep into my ass with his fingers, massaging my sphincter and relaxing it as he pulls it wider and wider. He slips a butt plug in then turns his focus to wrapping my legs together feet to ass. I sense his bodyweight leaning close to me.

Van: Just relax and breathe, youll get used to it.

While Im trying to figure out whats about to happen I feel the head of a massive dildo press against the plug. Taking a deep breath, I feel him pull the plug out and start to press the dildo into my ass, If youve never been on the receiving end of ass play, not knowing how long a toy or cock is can be a mental challenge, not knowing when youre going to reach the end, it can feel like its going in forever. The girth really stretches me as he gently works the dildo in. Im starting to sweat as I feel the rubbery balls press against me. Pulling my legs down and using my body weight to keep the dildo lodged in place. He grabs another roll of wrap and starting at my thighs quickly wraps up and over my ass going back and forth from my chest to thighs until the entire roll is empty (or at least I assume so! It was so much!).

So there I lay, a smooth green plastic mummy. Ass stuffed to capacity. Completely blind. Nearly deaf. Male bits fully exposed and leaking. Thats when I heard the knock on the door

I hear some mumbling but cant make anything out. Then I feel one set of hands start rubbing my cock. Then another on my legs and feet. Then someone sits on my chest and pinches my nose shut. I try my best to remain calm but the stimulation is a euphoric mix of panic and pleasure. My cock gives away my excitement as I continue to leak.

Van: Im going to cut some holes, hold still and stay silent. Youre not to be heard from. You know your purpose and you will fulfill it today.

I am repositioned on the bed. My head laying off the end. A pair of scissors cuts away the plastic around my mouth. Im hit with the cool room air immediately but it is replaced by a hand pulling my mouth open and a cock being slipped into my mouth. While I suck and feel him growing in my throat someone else is still edging my cock with his mouth and hands. His hands are rough and I can feel his stubble scraping against my smooth balls. My legs are pushed up into the air and I feel cool air against my ass. The dildo is worked in and out of my ass slowly and then aggressively before being ripped out. My ass gasping for air I feel a hard cock slip in and start pumping. Over the next two hours the three of them keep rotating between my mouth, cock and ass. I try to keep track of who is where based on their cock size, the feel of their hands, etc. but it is useless. Im in survival mode. The faster I can get them to cum the faster I can escape my predicament. Two cocks in my mouth, two cocks in my ass, balls in my mouth, my cock tied and slapped and sucked and tugged. I get lost in the sensation. I cum anally a few times and it is either finger fed into my mouth or used as lube for my ass as they continue to work me open. After what felt like forever I feel one man explode into his condom as hes in my ass. Another shoots all over my lips and mouth. The third shoots his load deep into my throat nearly choking me. The dildo is shoved back in and wrapped over. Wrap is added back to my face, marinating me in cum. I get a couple of pats on the ass as I hear the door open and the two men leave. My head is spinning, trying to come down from the overstimulation.

Van: You did admirably. Im going to start cutting you free. Youre not to speak. I have a gift for you, but it comes with strings attached. Do you want it?

I nod weakly. Not fully sure what Im agreeing to, but still riding the high of the experience. I feel the cool air hit my legs and arms and torso as the discarded pile of plastic piles up. Im helped to my feet and guided over the wall, still blind. My hands are placed on the wall and legs are spread. I faintly hear another roll being opened. The dildo, still in my ass, is pushed in as deep as it ll go and then Van starts wrapping. This time my cock and balls are smashed between my legs and Im stuck in a shiny green girdle. 10 dildo lodged in my ass under heavy layers of plastic. As he is cutting away the wrap on my head..

Van: You should be very proud of yourself. How far is home from here?

Me: Thank you, it was great! Its about 2 miles, not too far.

Van: Good, because youre going to walk home.
Me am?

Van: Yes you are. The dildo is my gift to you, but you only can keep it if you dont remove the wrap until you get home. If you walk the whole way there will be another gift for you as well. Whats your choice, dont overthink it.

Still not quite fully regained my senses I nervously nod.

Me: Okay Ill try.

Van: Good. And you wont try, you will.

And with that Van led me to the door, checked the hall, and pushed me into the hallway.

Van: Your clothes and things are by the ice machine. Have a good walk.

And with that he closed the door.

In a panic, I run/waddle to the ice machine to find my outfit and purse. I quickly get dressed then find a mirror to see how disheveled I look. Touch up my makeup a bit while people are getting off the elevators, giving me stares and definitely judging my condition. Then I head down the stairs and out onto the street. Plastic wrap marks still lining my face and a noticeable waddle in my walk.

# wrap # bondage # good girl # constraints # trans # submissive # bi # assplay # slut # master # love cock # head # pain
Posted:Jan 12, 2022 6:09 am
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2022 10:58 am

Desperation is NOT Good for Boys

Stephen a fantastic sub. Over our time together, I had found lots of interesting ways to push his boundaries and though he offered some resistance, he never disappointed. This particular evening no different.

Stephen and I had gone out for some drinks and found ourselves in a local gay bar, not a place Stephen would've anticipated as he insisted he not interested in men. Enter Jackson. While enjoying our drinks, an adorable man approached Stephen and myself. Jackson sweet and chatty and could not help himself, shamelessly flirting with Stephen all night.

at Stephen I commented, Wow he is really into you.

Stephen, boyishly: Yeah thats not my thing. But if you told me that that's what you wanted from me I would do him in a heartbeat.

Me: Oh? Is that so

Stephen: Yeah only because I feel I need to prove myself to you.

Pondering this for just a moment, it didn't take much, I then looked him in the eyes "Perhaps you should prove yourself."

dumbfounded, Stephen replied, Seriously?

I nodded and to his credit, he jumped right into action. He let down his guard and began to return Jacksons flirtations. Jackson, thrilled to have broken Stephen down, invited us back to his place for a few drinks with he and his friends. Graciously accepting the two of us joined the group headed toward Jacksons home.

The night seemed to go on forever and Stephen growing impatient. He had worked himself up for hours and now it a waiting game. Waiting on Jacksons company to leave, waiting for his opportunity to make me proud. Finally, it just the three of us. Stephen and I sitting on the couch and Jackson on the loveseat. I proceeded to rub Stephen's cock through his jeans as Jackson watched with enjoyment. As he got hard his size becomes painfully obvious, bulging in his pants.

Jackson looks at me and says "I'm sorry I can't take anymore of this can I please go down on Stephen."

Me: "Of course you can."

He looks at Stephen and begins to ask the same. Cutting him off I respond "You dont need to ask him sweetie"

I look at Stephen. Unzip your pants and put your cock in Jacksons mouth
Stephen obediently unzips his pants and pulls out his coc Jackson is practically drooling when he sees Stephen big hard cock, which I have to say .. its impressive. Jackson gets down on his knees in front of the couch and proceeds to go down on Stephen.

Such an eager boy.

After a few minutes he asks if we could please move into the bedroom. When we walk in the room I direct Stephen, Take off your clothes and sit in the middle of the bed. He does as a good boy should.

Jackson has some experimenting of his own hed like to do. He looks at me Ive never made out with a woman before, do you mind?

I pull him over and we make out as I slip out of my clothes and his lips move from my lips down to my breasts. He gently sucks and licks my nipples, rolling his tongue around each one. He then asks if I would let him go down on me and try to make me cum. I get up on the bed and lay down next to Stephen ,Be a good boy and show Jackson what he needs to

Stephen proceeds to coach Jackson in just how I like to be pleased orally. Lucky for me Jackson is a fantastic learner and within minutes he makes me cum, my orgasm accompanied by me squirting and exploding all over him and his bed. He squeals and giggles and yells, Oh my God I had no idea women did that. That's Amazing!

Jackson continues to please me and I caress his head telling him what a good boy he is. Each time he makes me cum I tell him what a good boy he is and I can see Stephen is growing noticeably concerned.

Stephens goal is always to be the best boy in the room. Stephen watches and strokes his cock I can tell by the look in his eye that he will take out his concern and frustration on Jackson.

Me: Jackson sweetheart I think that my Stephen needs a attention.
Jackson: Yes maam

Me: Who knew you were going to be such a good boy.
I placed my hand on his cheek Then I moved my hand to the back of his head, firmly but gently, guiding it to Stephens cock Jackson is on the bed chest down wrapping his lips around Stephens cock But it seems no matter how much effort he puts into it Stephen cant seem to get hard enough.

I get up on my knees and whisper in Stephens ear, I am so proud of you such a good boy, look how eager he is, he wants your cock so bad, he is desperate to get you hard.

I can be quite the cheerleader when I need to be.

Stephen's cock gets harder and harder with ever word. He tells Jackson to turn around. Jackson turns around his chest to the bed his ass in the air and Stephen almost panicking puts a condom on slides his cock in without any assistance. Jackson moans.

Me: What a good boy do you like the way that cock feels in the tight ass of yours? You be a good boy and take it as much as he wants to give you. Do you understand?

Jackson nods. Steven is pounding his ass, eyes clenched, occasionally opening them and down but he cant stay focused because Jackson keeps popping up on all fours reminding Stephen who he is fucking. He pushes Jacksons back down forcing his chest onto the bed so he can focus on just his ass. Jackson pops up again and again and the scenario replays itself over and over.

I alternate between the two whispering in their ears. Reminding each of them what theyre doing and why theyre doing it and who theyre doing it for. I straddle Jacksons back forcing his chest to stay on the bed leaning forward whispering in my subs ear.

Me: Such a good boy I'm so going to reward you. God I love watching you fuck him. I love hearing that moan. Are you gonna cum, are you going to explode in his tight ass? In the sweetest tone Stephen replies,Mmhmmƒ

Me: Well lets get on with it, Im waiting.

Stephen: Yes maam. Stephen begins pounding harder and harder. repeating for my sake as well as his own, over and over again Im your good boy. Finally letting out a growl. Jackson who has never played the role of a submissive nor explored the dynamic exhales and collapses on the bed.

Jackson: That fucking amazing! do you have other subs? Could I be one?

I tell Stephen to get his contact information and he does.

When Stephen and I get back to the car we relive some of what just happened, and he lets me know how frustrated he is with Jackson asking to be a sub.

Fast forward three months....

I told Stephen that I wanted Jackson's information because they exchanged it at the end of our adventure. He refused to give it to me. His concern that he may not be my favorite bouncing around in his head made him a possessive. This, being completely unacceptable behavior, led to me ending my relationship with him.

At first, I just got lots of messages about how he wanted to prove himself again and all I needed to do tell him what else I wanted and he would do it. No matter what.

Then I started getting messages from him scenarios that he thought would turn me on and perhaps persuade me into meeting him. And then one day I got a short video.

He had gone back to the bar where we met Jackson several times in an attempt to reconnect with him. And finally he found him and talked him into going back to his house so he could fuck him again, videoing it for me. In the video Stephen tells Jackson he's a good boy and tells him to say hello to me

Stephen: Do you like that Jane do you like watching me fuck his ass? I'm going to fuck him so good for you. Jane likes that Jackson she loves watching me fuck you.

-Miss Jane

# mommydom # love good subs # head # master # bd/sm lifestyle # good boy# forced bi # domme # dom mommy # master # slut # fuck # pussy # love good boys # head # squirt

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