exciting conclusion for the Claus's  

miserable2019 75M
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12/13/2021 5:35 am
exciting conclusion for the Claus's

And back. So Santa and the elves load the sleigh and he is off at the stroke of midnight! The elves go back to the elf house and pass out from exhaustion as well as Mrs. Clause who knows what's ahead for her. Santa finally finishes the toy deliveries and heads for home completely sober and horny as hell! Mrs. Clause wakes with a start when she hears the jingle bells on the sleigh and prepares for what happens next. The door bursts open and she can see Santa's twinkle has turned into a raging fire not to mention the enormous hard on he has! Santa dips his dick in the lube that was placed by the chimney with care and then he enters Mrs. Claus with the lust of a thousand elves as he gives her the Christmas cheer she has been longing for and then she feels him tense and shudder............Now boys and girls we all know Santa only cums once a year........and cum he did and did........and that's the reason the elves get vacation.........she is satisfied and sore for a month or more and Santa is<b> drunk </font></b>again............Really it's a true story.........No one has ever accused me of being politically correct ever..........HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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