We all are souls looking to find love #KINGOFSOULS  

mckaren1170 34F
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2/7/2022 2:52 am
We all are souls looking to find love #KINGOFSOULS

We all are in search of good souls on this planet. A soul who cares about you, misses you, message you first and most importantly respects you when you are not around. Now ask yourself. Did we all take birth to search a person? Are we supposed to waste time in searching good people when we all know that our destiny is already decided even before we all were born? -No! Right?

Instead, why can’t we make ourselves so better that these good people automatically enter your life. Why can’t we just sit down for a while and THINK that all the things we are doing is actually a waste of time.

If you can give time to a toxic guy or a girl, then I believe you can give some time to yourself too!

If we don’t struggle in life or in some journey, we will never develop the strength and the stamina we need, to survive in this world. You’ll simply get hurt again and again. You’ll simply face the ‘breakup trauma’ and ‘dramas’ again and again!

Remember one thing - You came into this world alone and you will leave this world alone.

Your birth might not be a history but your<b> death </font></b>can be, provided YOU work on YOURSELF!

So, stop breaking the promises you made to yourself. Stop wasting time behind some stupid relationships. Stop wasting your time on social media.

Just make the inner you happen!


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