I love anal sex  

max_saun 51M
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8/27/2021 8:17 am
I love anal sex

Ever since I was a boy, I've loved<b> anal </font></b>sex. I lost my virginity to a girl via<b> anal </font></b>sex when I was , and we did that a lot before we moved on to vaginal sex.
What I love about it is how intimate it is. I know porn is all about just pounding away at some poor woman's ass, but that's not what it should be about.
Anal sex is about getting right up to the edge between pain and pleasure. It's about spending time with my partner so that she's so turned on and relaxed that I can try to fit my cock in her ass. When it works, it's magic.
There's nothing quite as amazing as reverse cowgirl anal, where the woman controls the depth of my cock in her ass, and I can reach around and slide a few fingers or a vibrator into her pussy. When both of us orgasm together in that position, it's amazing.
Some women want to orgasm before anal, some want to orgasm during. It's all about what makes them most turned on. I love working my way up in size with steel butt plugs while fucking, so that her ass is ready. Very few women welcome surprise anal, though I did meet one unicorn once who loved it.
Anyway,<b> anal </font></b>is one of the trickiest, most intimate and most rewarding acts for me.

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