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Which mask to wear?  

luvhandle14 54M  
439 posts
7/11/2020 3:32 am

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7/13/2020 12:38 pm

Which mask to wear?

As it looks like, England will introduce mandatory face mask when shopping and where social distancing is not possible, it is already mandatory in public transport and hospitals. So what kind of mask is helpful preventing further spreading?
Something that is easy to wipe and clean like rubber and fetish wear?
What kind of mask do you like to wear?
Good, mouth and nose are covered and the breathing is filtered and directed away from the face
Not recommended, mouth and nose are not covered.
Good, mouth and nose are properly covered, although the face might get warm and sweaty
not good, mouth and nose are not covered
Not recommended, only mouth is covered and the nose is free
excellent overall protection, including eye and face
excellent overall protection, although the direct mixing of exhaled air is not recommended
Good protection of mouth and nose
Good protection of mouth and nose, but gloves should be disposed more carefully
No masks at all

fisherman5999 57M  
588 posts
7/11/2020 11:45 am

I saw this on another site, "Those that think wearing a mask will prevent the virus, are the same ones that think pants will stop a fart " !

luvhandle14 54M  
447 posts
7/11/2020 6:18 am

Apart from medical equipment grade masks and face shields, the current masks will not prevent an infection of the wearer. What they will do is limit the impact on the environment by filtering out or holding back droplets in the wearer's breath, sneeze and cough.
So you should wear a face mask to protect your loved ones.

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