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Clingfilm bondage, torture or fun?
Posted:Jul 18, 2019 10:10 am
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2019 12:34 am

I recently discovered how satisfying it is to wrap a lady into cling-film and then with her and watch her repeatedly.
The layers of film will mute the sensation on her skin is a little, but warm touches and slight vibrations are increased.

I start with wrapping up the arms and legs in a thin layer. I keep her hands and feet free. I then let her hold her hands to the hips and wrap her arms to her body, fixing them on her sides.
I leave her breasts and her pubic region free for the moment.
I am not going to wrap up her face, especially nose and mouth should be free, after all she needs to breath and moan.
I place her on the bed and wrap her legs together and her ankles, she can open them a little but not spread them. This should be now a good opportunity to ask her if she is feeling OK and agree on a safe word and procedure.
She will feel warm and perhaps a little bit sweaty initially

I am going to cover her breasts and her pussy with a single layer of film, making sure that it is a tight fit around the nipples and her pussy lips and clits.
After a short stimulation with my fingers I am going to start to lick the wrapped breasts and nipples. The sensation was described as strange but totally erotic, the movement of my tongue around the nipples and the warm sensation of my lips on the cling film triggered an early orgasm.
The clingfilm on her pussy will hold all her wetness inside, I can lick her through the film without being covered in her juices. Depending on how tight and thorough the wrap was, I can even lick between her lips and press down her clit with my tongue and circle around it. The pressure is distributed through the film layer, her wetness will act as lubricant against the film while I am rubbing and fondling her.

Further excitements are vibrators buzzing through the film. The bondage prevents much of the normal movement, that intensifies the sensation but also allow me to set the pace and keep her on the edge for a while.
I use small bullet vibrators to circle her breasts and slightly touch her nipples. Depending on the speed of the vibration and the sensitivity of the nipples the feeling will be overwhelming, but also could be painful.
Placing the vibrators on her pussy will allow me to control another orgasm.
She can’t move away and escape the vibration, but I can move away to her tights and keep her on the edge. Finally I allow her to come and I see the clingfilm on her pussy getting inside more wetter from her juices. Repeated stimulation of nipples, pussy and tights lead to repeated, exhausting orgasm. The bondage will prevent much movements and intensify her experience, but also allow me to bring her to multiple repeated orgasm without much effort on my side. This could be torture or this could be fun.

It also allows me to push for oral stimulation and enjoy her tongue and mouth. Sitting on her face, rubbing my cock around her open mouth and allowing her tongue to touch the tip. I let her suck and lick me until I am hard. Then I am going to turn her on her side and raise her knees.
I remove the clingfilm around her pussy, put on a condom and enter her hot wet love tunnel for another fuck, deep and slow and then faster until we are both cumming.

After that exhausting session I need to unwrap, I am using non-pointy scissors to cut up the layers of film. Starting from her ankles I cut on the inside of her legs, then down from her neck, between her breasts down to her pussy. I free her arms last and then going to hug her.
She is going to be very sweaty and hot, so I wrap her in towels and keep her warm with my body and offer some water.
That sounds like torture, have you worked in a dungeon before?
Sounds like fun, can I watch?
Sounds interesting, do you like to wrap me up?
All that plastic, isn't that a little bit perverted?
Can I use wrapping paper instead?
No way, you should have sex missionary style like everybody else
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