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The knock on the door  

loyalLover73 47F  
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8/1/2021 2:04 pm
The knock on the door

on this rainy day tired from work .. cant wait to get home to shower an relax cause i was on the phone the night before with one co-worker talking about our date that we planed next weekend ... so i get home an i have a package at the front door walk in my shoes off fell on the couch "what a long fucking day (i replied ) open the box its just some stuff i order t walked to the bedroom undressed get into the steamy shower it feels so good wash my body an shave, dry off oil down turn on some music an pour a glass of wine walk around an be thankful that i don't have to work for few days an i'm going to enjoy these off days . i get a phone call an its a long time friend i haven't talk or seen in years i'm in my 3rd glass of wine i'm feeling so damn good right now i'm saying to myself its almost :30 pm why is this person calling so late , so they say that their mom passed an they need someone too talk to so i'm tired need my sleep plus tipsy .. don't want to be an ass so i'm like if you really need to talk you can come over it ended by" i will be right over in 30 mins i put on my rob an waited an waited no one show up a comes threw saying that it was a little late an raining they will see me tomorrow... i replied ok see you then . getting in bed still feeling good hell i'm lonely no-one to cuddle up to ' then i think about my package i get up an pour another glass of wine looking into the box i see my black sheer all over lingerie an more other things i ordered as i;m trying it on i hear a knock on the door didn't have time to change so i grab my rob answer it an it was my friend that lost her mom i invite her in an gave her a hug told her that it was nice to see her
let her knew that i was so sorry about her moms. its 1pm we sitting down she start talking about her mom an i offered something to drink she ask ' can she have what i'm drinking on so i poured her a glass . time passed by with the slow jams playing in the back ground . still drinking crying ,laughing , its 2m i get up an walk to window still raining so she look down at an ask what do you have on ,,,, i said girl i was just trying on some stuff she ask could she see what it was ' i open my rob an she said damn girl that look good 'i said thank you ... she replied i see you still keep it shaved ' so right at that time our song play ,,, i said omg ,,, i still remeber the old days at my sweet sixteen party me an steven danced all night to this very same

song we kissed all night .... she jump up an said can i have another drink 'i sad help yourself ' she start telling me about her marriage an other relationships it was something she didn't want anymore with her husband her feelings for him was;t anymore so she had to move on' that she wanted more that he could not give her an that she feel in love with someone else an that i needed too meet them one day ' now its really late an the rain has not stop after two bottles of wine im almost passed out ... i offered her the other room to stay the night cause she had been drinking i gave her something to put on after her shower ' so while she was taken a shower i'm telling er all about my co-worker that wants to take me out on a dinner date next week ' telling her that he fine ass hell he's good looking an never been married with no ,,, she's very quite but not talking back / so i take off my rob looking in the mirror thinking about my date next week an what i have on an will be taken off after the date now i'm hot an bothered an horny she started rubbing my body to the music thats playing . she walks into my room an ask ' to dry her back for her ... i said oh sure with no problem - now she is telling me about her friend an how much she care for her friend an how they came across each other how she thought that she would never find love again .... now that we are in my bed then she ask could i come with her to the funeral home tomorrow she needs me to be their with her tina start to cry again i mover over close to her an hold my friend ,,,, we both their in bed falling asleep i'm out of it cause early i started drinking ' then i hear her say that her lover was a woman well i don't have a problem with who you love ' now tina rubbing my shoulder i'm getting more relaxed next the hair stroking is their i'm still loopy in my head off all the wine i had now this my hood friend in bed with me an i'm very much happy too see her .. tina goes an turn off the lights i still have on what she wanted too see ,,, then i mumble too her that it's been a while ' tina ask a while for what ' i say sex girl i'm in need bad so i hope next week it's fire works for me i'm stressed bad at work an missing out on life '' tina walks over to the side of the bed i'm on an tells me to roll over on my stomach ' she said just relax it won't hurt at all tina rubbing my back around my neck shit feeling so good ..... down to my lower back my ass cheeks i said who tough you this " she said its all in the hands .... down each leg an up each leg thy both come apart i'm enjoying the massage her hands was so warm an very strong i lay my face sideways on the bed an close my eyes thinking all about next week .... on how i want this man to lick my pussy get me wet . suck my 44DD titties hell im thinking i just want him to fuck me .... she say roll over take off that you have on well i did lay down on your back for me .. i put my hands over my breasts as she rubbing my arms an neck ... moving down to my<b> chest </font></b>she moves my hands by passing my breasts down my legs not even stopping to touch my pelvic part so i said ok she not getting freaky with my this is my best friend i get back relaxed start thinking about fucking my guy on next week . one leg moves apart from the other she is still relaxing me / then the other leg moves open rubbing me up an down breathing so her fingers is bumping the side of my lips ... moving closer an closer to them but its kinda turning me on ..... so tina says in a soft tone as she rubbing the front part of my pussy lips you did not know but you was my best friend an my first love the pussy got wet by her just the small touching i was getting from her ... now im breathing deep an heavy from the finger stroking on my clit i want to close my legs but it feels so good ii'm trying not to show her that i'm enjoying it but my pussy juices telling it all my legs are all the way open my nipples are hard all i can do is grip the covers thrusting my hot wet pussy to her fingers i'm looking at her as she lick her lips we both in the moment not even thinking about in the morning ' now she kissing me down to my neck ,chest she she sucking my brown hard nipples , i'm moaning so loud its feels so good don't stop she said i don't ant too can i taste your sweet shaved wet dripping pussy ,,,,,, i get my pussy licked an sucked all that night by my bestfriend

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8/1/2021 3:17 pm

" suck my 44DD titties "

hot story welcome to blogging

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