MFM #1  

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11/18/2021 1:10 pm
MFM #1

Helen's BF, Raul, is a trooper. She met him off OKC while we were in this<b> weird </font></b>phase of transition. Nevertheless, he agreed give MFM's a shot. We've been having a blast. Our first two times were more solo action, but last night got turned up by me.

The instruction at the beginning of the night was that I was going practice my director skills. So, we began the evening by watching a bunch of porn. They were on the chair together and I was in my chair. I instructed her to start playing with his cock, eventually telling her to start sucking it. I halted production to them switch places and Helen get eaten out. After she got some good tongue and was nice and wet, I had her get back on her hands & knees and blow him again, this time with her ass facing me so I could finger her pussy.

After a while the porn ran out and we went to the room. I had her lay down on the bed and present him with her pussy. He ate her out for a while, getting nice and deep and tongue fucking her hard. I had one final switch before I entered the mix, where she sucked his cock and got it nice and hard so he could fuck her.

I had her slide to the edge of the bed and present me with her face. Raul fucked her pussy while I deep throated her until my taint was on her forehead. She then asked me to fuck her tits while I rubbed my balls all over her face. It was fucking hot as hell and again, another cherished life memory. We then laid down on the bed and she started blowing Raul while I buried two fingers in her pussy and my thumb in her asshole. She flipped around and blew me until I came all over her entire chest. She wiped down and turned her attention to Raul as I ran off the shower so he could have some focus time and cum. It was fucking awesome.

rocksann69 68T  

12/3/2021 9:46 am

OMG, I"m cumming!

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