Couple #2  

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1/3/2022 12:19 am
Couple #2

Wayne and Sydney were our first Oregon couple that we’ve actually met. We drove up a day early due to the snow and enjoyed a great night in a winter wonderland before they arrived; we met them at a casino about a half hour south of their place. At first, I wondering if we were catfished by some expert gamers, but they actually appeared! So far, we’re 3-3 for couples actually showing. I guess it’s the single crowd that’s more difficult to make things work, understandably.

After chit-chatting for a few hours, they decide to head out and grab something to eat. I though it odd that they wanted to leave, but to each is their own. To my amazement, they actually returned. We proceeded to somewhat play the<b> games </font></b>that I had brought along for the group. Regardless, they worked in getting everyone naked.

We started out by pleasing Sydney first. We had her lie down on the bed and we all took turns eating her out. It one of the best pussies I’ve ever had. You’d never be able to tell by that she has meaty lips. It very tight and shapely and tasted wonderful. Both Helen and I enjoyed ourselves very much.

Wayne and I laid down next and got blowjobs next to each other from our ladies. He had a great cock and it hot seeing her blow him while I getting blown myself. It’s great to have lost a bunch of weight so I can stare at my wife now as she sucks my cock in its entirety.

After more eating out and playing, I return from the bathroom to find Sydney jumping around with a hip she just popped back into place. I in the room playing for an hour+ and in two minutes of stepping away to use the restroom, she breaks herself. Wth lol?! So, now it’s fuck and wrap time.

She goes over to the corner of the weird bed they had at this place and asked me to fuck her from behind while Wayne played with Helen and the two of them watched us. I start fucking her from behind for a short while and she blows a gasket! I feel her cum down my balls as I dicking her pussy deep. There a puddle on the floor beneath her. It so fucking hot. Helen also came during this time, with Wayne fingering her and leaving a puddle behind on my side of the bed - lol!

Sydney asked to move to the chair where the same thing happened. She got up and there a drenched puddle underneath her ass on the red chair. The colors were highly offset so you could see it easily. It awesome. We moved to the bed to cuddle or something, but there wasn’t enough room. So, she hopped on top of him and finished him off inside of her. It was awesome.

After they finished, they immediately got up, got dressed and had to bolt. Babysitter was about to go into overtime. Apparently, Wayne kept track of when we begun and we finished minutes shy of two hours. Sydney came multiple times, and so did Helen. Wayne had to start naming cookies in the middle of his blowjob to prevent cumming – which he had to prevent five times, according to him. I did not cum, again, because I just getting started. We’ve learned in our couple encounters that the party shows up with us, it’s intense and will last hours. No one has stayed to the end of the party so far….

We had a wonderful time with the two of them, and all our other new friends we’ve met this past year. We both look forward to more encounters with them all again and other new friends in the near future.

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