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Month 6
Posted:Feb 23, 2022 4:15 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2022 7:22 pm
Today begins month 6. Weighed in at 291.3 today - down 86lbs since September. Seems to be going as expected. Lost 10lbs this past month and expect the same will happen this month.

The DR seems to really be healing and I'm starting to get in amazing shape. I did my entire workout plus walked two miles and didn't break a sweat.

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Coming along with the weight loss
Posted:Feb 10, 2022 6:44 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2022 7:22 pm

Operation Look Gud Naked Again is turning into a serious success at this point. Fuck big pharma all the way - after falling victim for the 2nd and final time in life, I saw 300lbs for the last time; I've lost over 80lbs in 4.5 months with two weeks left to go in the month. My DR is healing and my mid-section has sprung to life. I've gone down another size and was able to buy normal people clothes at khols or somewhere for the first time in decades. My knee (thanks asshole in the truck that hit me 3 months ago) is finally starting to heal. All the shit on my body that was plaguing me is starting to clear up and go away. I'm running now and starting to get in pretty good shape. In three more months I should drop to the 260lb range where I'll really start looking good in my new bod.
Month 5
Posted:Jan 23, 2022 6:08 am
Last Updated:Feb 10, 2022 6:47 am
Today begins month 5 of the diet. I weighed in at 301 yesterday. Down 76lbs in four months. I learned that I got so fucking fat that I got a condition pregnant women get called diastasis recti. This is a type of stomach hernia where the abs split in two and need to be mended back together. So, this workout to cure this condition has taken the place of my workout.

Couple #2
Posted:Jan 3, 2022 12:19 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2022 7:22 pm

Wayne and Sydney were our first Oregon couple that we’ve actually met. We drove up a day early due to the snow and enjoyed a great night in a winter wonderland before they arrived; we met them at a casino about a half hour south of their place. At first, I wondering if we were catfished by some expert gamers, but they actually appeared! So far, we’re 3-3 for couples actually showing. I guess it’s the single crowd that’s more difficult to make things work, understandably.

After chit-chatting for a few hours, they decide to head out and grab something to eat. I though it odd that they wanted to leave, but to each is their own. To my amazement, they actually returned. We proceeded to somewhat play the games that I had brought along for the group. Regardless, they worked in getting everyone naked.

We started out by pleasing Sydney first. We had her lie down on the bed and we all took turns eating her out. It one of the best pussies I’ve ever had. You’d never be able to tell by that she has meaty lips. It very tight and shapely and tasted wonderful. Both Helen and I enjoyed ourselves very much.

Wayne and I laid down next and got blowjobs next to each other from our ladies. He had a great cock and it hot seeing her blow him while I getting blown myself. It’s great to have lost a bunch of weight so I can stare at my wife now as she sucks my cock in its entirety.

After more eating out and playing, I return from the bathroom to find Sydney jumping around with a hip she just popped back into place. I in the room playing for an hour+ and in two minutes of stepping away to use the restroom, she breaks herself. Wth lol?! So, now it’s fuck and wrap time.

She goes over to the corner of the weird bed they had at this place and asked me to fuck her from behind while Wayne played with Helen and the two of them watched us. I start fucking her from behind for a short while and she blows a gasket! I feel her cum down my balls as I dicking her pussy deep. There a puddle on the floor beneath her. It so fucking hot. Helen also came during this time, with Wayne fingering her and leaving a puddle behind on my side of the bed - lol!

Sydney asked to move to the chair where the same thing happened. She got up and there a drenched puddle underneath her ass on the red chair. The colors were highly offset so you could see it easily. It awesome. We moved to the bed to cuddle or something, but there wasn’t enough room. So, she hopped on top of him and finished him off inside of her. It was awesome.

After they finished, they immediately got up, got dressed and had to bolt. Babysitter was about to go into overtime. Apparently, Wayne kept track of when we begun and we finished minutes shy of two hours. Sydney came multiple times, and so did Helen. Wayne had to start naming cookies in the middle of his blowjob to prevent cumming – which he had to prevent five times, according to him. I did not cum, again, because I just getting started. We’ve learned in our couple encounters that the party shows up with us, it’s intense and will last hours. No one has stayed to the end of the party so far….

We had a wonderful time with the two of them, and all our other new friends we’ve met this past year. We both look forward to more encounters with them all again and other new friends in the near future.
My impressions: her clit ring
Posted:Dec 24, 2021 3:36 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2022 7:22 pm

So, we went and got her a clit ring for her b-day. It done at body manipulations in San Francisco (highly recommended! They have certified piercing artist and she healed up extremely well) where she got a VCH (straight up & down bar). These are three recent experiences where we tested things out.

First encounter we took very easy. I only rubbed the outer lips of her pussy and stayed away from the clit completely. She felt comfortable with what we were doing as we eased into it , so she introduced the cum pump into the mix. It did not take her long to get all worked up and having a really intense orgasm in very time. She came really hard and flooded the bed with cum. It drenched to a puddle the size of her big ol' sexy booty! Initial impression very good and forward to more.

Next encounter got turned up again. This time she really got into it. I did not eat her out but I played with it a lot. I could directly touch around the clit now which drives her bonkers. We used tons of lube to make sure I could glide around her clit well and she super turned on. Again she had an extremely intense orgasm where I had a finger buried in her ass and her pussy lips spread open to the point where I rubbing the outside opening to the vagina. Her asshole clinched my thumb hard as she sprung a huge leak and flowed like a hydrant on a hot summer day. Afterward I held her legs back and I fucked her pussy deeper than I've ever gone before (weight loss is working!). I pulled it out and had her put the cum pump on as a fucker her ass. It fucking amazing feeling her cumming around my cock from the hard pounding. She then asked me to cum in her asshole, which I definitely complied. It fucking hot and getting hotter.

The latest encounter the absolute hottest yet. I made mention to a woman cumming in my blog "couple zero." Well, get ready to eat your heart out, Beth. So, I recently went to a bunch of sex shops and got us some toys that we seem to be missing. Still have more to get, but that list is becoming shorter and shorter. I found myself at Castle Megastore and the sales associate there would not stop going absolutely crazy over this one vibrator. I would question the others but she would not stop gushing over this one vibe. So, I had to get it. It a g-spot stimulator/clit sucker in one. We started out using the all-in-one first, but she could not get the clit sucker to wor It awesome, but needed more. So, she grabbed the cum pump. This did the tric Next thing I know she's hollering out in guttural animal noises that I've never heard her make before. I took the handle to the g-spot thing and fucked the shit out of her with it. Next thing you know I have a finger buried in her asshole, the other hand is fucking her with the all-in-one, she's using the cum pump and leaking like an burst watermain for three minutes straight. Afterward, I just stood up and exclaimed, "Eat your heart out, Beth! That's how it's done."

Fuck it absolutely amazing and I hope to share these experiences with others in the future. As of now, the clit ring has helped clear her sensitivity issue with the shitty meds she's on and is in full working order now. Next time I'm going to try out some of the other new toys I got for her, including the huge glass curved dildo, a 5"real cock dildo that is amazing in her asshole, and a few cock rings that might stimulate her clit while I fuck her that are not attached to a vibrator (this too much).
Month 4
Posted:Dec 23, 2021 2:24 am
Last Updated:Dec 26, 2021 4:01 am
Today starts month 4 of operation look good naked again. Current weight is 314.6 for a total loss of 63lbs. 50% to the minimum goal of 250lbs.

I've fully recovered from the stupidest injury I've ever had in my life (rib injury). Hadn't been able to do a damn thing in six weeks. Regardless, after pretty much throwing my diet in the garbage while I recovered, I managed to lose 20lbs while doing nothing but eating shit food (i.e. McDonalds, Crispy Crunchy Chicken, Papa Murphy Pizza, etc.). I'm happy and excited to get back on the and continue riding. I'm excited to see what's going to happen now that I'm running weight again. Now, just need it to stop raining...

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Still waiting....
Posted:Dec 8, 2021 12:01 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2022 7:22 pm

To hear from a member that reached out to me for a mmf, got everything cleared and set up..... then ghosted us. Awesome!

We're both still healing, kinda in limbo right now. I have 2.5 weeks to go till the broken ribs fully heal. Until then, waiting.........
Month 3
Posted:Nov 23, 2021 3:40 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2022 7:22 pm

Today is the beginning of Month 3. I weighed in at 334.6 today - down 43lbs since the start. Fucking broken ribs are all the way in the way. Going to be at least a month before I can get back on the . Nevertheless, this train's left the station and I'm on one. Good luck staying on me, fat.
MFM #1
Posted:Nov 18, 2021 1:10 pm
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2021 3:37 am

Helen's BF, Raul, is a trooper. She met him off OKC while we were in this weird phase of transition. Nevertheless, he agreed give MFM's a shot. We've been having a blast. Our first two times were more solo action, but last night got turned up by me.

The instruction at the beginning of the night was that I was going practice my director skills. So, we began the evening by watching a bunch of porn. They were on the chair together and I was in my chair. I instructed her to start playing with his cock, eventually telling her to start sucking it. I halted production to them switch places and Helen get eaten out. After she got some good tongue and was nice and wet, I had her get back on her hands & knees and blow him again, this time with her ass facing me so I could finger her pussy.

After a while the porn ran out and we went to the room. I had her lay down on the bed and present him with her pussy. He ate her out for a while, getting nice and deep and tongue fucking her hard. I had one final switch before I entered the mix, where she sucked his cock and got it nice and hard so he could fuck her.

I had her slide to the edge of the bed and present me with her face. Raul fucked her pussy while I deep throated her until my taint was on her forehead. She then asked me to fuck her tits while I rubbed my balls all over her face. It was fucking hot as hell and again, another cherished life memory. We then laid down on the bed and she started blowing Raul while I buried two fingers in her pussy and my thumb in her asshole. She flipped around and blew me until I came all over her entire chest. She wiped down and turned her attention to Raul as I ran off the shower so he could have some focus time and cum. It was fucking awesome.
Couple #1
Posted:Nov 18, 2021 12:49 pm
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2021 12:50 pm

Our next couple, Tina and Jerome, came us from Sac. We met them at one of the nearby towns in a hotel. took us quite some time to up, over a month, but was well worth the wait. We arranged some time off, drove the town, yada, yada - fun part.

After coordinating drinks and food, we returned to hotel after this college town shut down before 9pm. We played a Cards against type sexy game, which resulted in everyone being nearly naked before too long. The taco bell bullshit that we ate went right through me and I had to shit almost immediately. Not wanting a dirty asshole for anyone to experience, I decided to hop in the shower to rinse off. Next thing I know I'm laying sideways with my ribs on the side of the tub. Not an ideal way to start the weekend.

I hobbled into bed and was able to sleep immediately after ruining everyone's good evening. We got up the next day and it was no fun times. To their credit, they stuck around and took care of Helen. It was still ok. They reassured that I didn't waste their weekend, which I appreciated. We do owe them sometime.

So, we started on the bed by having Helen and Tina make out. Tina kissed Helen, slowly making her way to the erogenous zones, stopping every time to ask permission. It was pretty hot. Jerome was behind Tina, slapping her ass with different whips and shit. He seemed like he was having a good time. Tina eventually made her way down to Helen's sweet pussy, where she lapped at her and made Helen feel awesome. This was the first time Helen was eaten out by a woman. She enjoyed giving and receiving from a woman, which was a fear of hers.

I then directed Helen to flip around and blow Jerome while Tina and I played with Helen's pussy. She sucked his cock for a good while before I had her flip her ass around for Jerome to play with while she ate out Tina. She discovered that this threshold was about where her limit is as far as partner participation. I was holding Tina and making out with her while playing with her tits, but Helen was unhappy that I was not able to fully participate. So, she enjoyed the pussy, but had a tough time loving fucking the pussy without me.

I flipped Helen around to get fucked by Jerome, but he was super into eating Helen out. He could not get enough of that sweet pussy juice. Tina seemed scared to break me further, so she went and hid under a blanket in the other bed. After we ended round one, I had to in favor of trying recover in time for our upcoming week-long trip for Helen's b-day. We went home and I was able rest. Probably fractured ribs ('s a pop-ish or kinda crunch as well as things on the inside is moving around), but knows. After several days, I'm finally starting feel better and operate without major pain.
Couple Zero
Posted:Nov 18, 2021 12:19 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 11:19 am

*Disclaimer - I'm doing some of these from memory, way down the line. Some details might get fuzzy or left out unintentionally. Names also been changed.

Okay, our first couple. After several failed attempts up with others, all coming from OKC, we found our way Senior Sizzle after those assholes banned me for a violation of terms for -knows-what. Long story short, we get invited to visit Peter and Beth in Elk Grove for an overnighter.

We drove several hours to the middle of the state, eventually met and yada, yada - fun part. They live in a special place so we all were already naked. Get invited to the bedroom and Peter goes in with Helen and I go in to the other side with Beth. After making out some I lay Beth down on the bed and eat her out. Helen was on the other side, also getting eaten out (my wife's pussy seems to be exceptional because every guy just wants to eat her out nonstop - this slut does want some cock, too!).

After a few minutes, Beth explodes in the hottest fucking orgasm that I've ever seen anyone ever . She came so hard that she couldn't even be touched; I had to stop completely and watch as she recovered. Then, Helen flipped over and begun blowing Peter while I laid on my back and got one of the best blow jobs I've ever had. She seamlessly glided her mouth all over my cock and made feel better than some of the best pussy I've ever fucked.

I didn't want either guy cum before Helen got eat her first pussy, so I stopped Beth and had her lay on her back. Peter was sitting next to Beth, kissing her and talking to her while holding one leg up. I got on one side next to the bed, was able to rest her other leg up on my shoulder while Helen slid in between her legs and experienced sweet pussy for the first time. I was able to stand and watch her and cheerlead her on, in which she also gave Beth a 'don't-touch-me' orgasm as well. was as and a memory I'll forever, which is why we do this.

We ended up wearing them out and the day came a close before the guys got cum. So, we ended on part two. Part two starts two days before Thanksgiving when we go back see this sexy couple again.
Day 56
Posted:Nov 15, 2021 6:58 pm
Last Updated:Nov 15, 2021 7:00 pm

End of week 8 today. Went over the weekend to play with a couple that came to visit us up north. Ended up falling in the shower and fucking myself up. Ribs have some sort of injury. If I had to play doctor (I was staying at a Holiday Inn Express), I would self-diagnose bruised ribs and some internal bruising. It hurts, but isn't too painful and a walk in the park compared to my hand injury. So, the universe apparently doesn't want me to fucking succeed /rolleyes

Regardless, down to 343lbs now (lost a total of 34lbs). The new workouts are a beast and absolutely kicking my ass. I start with 800 reps of ab somethings, do four different targeted exercises for a total of 200-275 reps, "walk"; around the block which has turned into 70% running, and finish with 325 reps of more abs.

New goal is to drop 335lbs. I feel that I could probably start a more intensified running program and really start dropping the lbs. Regardless, I've been eating normal food along with the Nutrisystem shit and doing well. Just need to recover from my third injury since beginning this journey all of 56 days ago, none of which are related to my weight or anything I personally did to myself - amazing.
Day 42
Posted:Nov 1, 2021 4:29 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2022 7:22 pm

Hum... I seemed done something wrong with my development. My clothes are falling off of me though I'm gaining weight. Still barely eating. But the fat loss has been turning into major muscle. Going to attempt to change my exercise program to a P90-X type workout with very high reps and next to zero weight.

Current weight is hovering between 345-350lbs.

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