The nekked truth  

lmwip2001 42M  
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10/10/2021 3:14 am
The nekked truth

This site has always been fun. BUT, its gotten more complicated over the years. It seems people arent truely honest with themselves about what they want out of meeting someone and the people lucky enough get meet others are misrepresenting themselves.

At the ground level of this site, its based around sex... normally id say<b> fantasy </font></b>fullfillment but thats a stretch anymore. If you see someones profile and it talks about finding the love of their life, flag them. Its a scam.

NOW, if the stars align and mercury is in retrograde.. the instant messenger works and someone youre interested in sees the message and replies... fantastci! Just be you! No need go full deviant, they are already interested! Talk like a regular person. "What are your interests? When are you looking ? What are you NOT into?". These questions go a long way to make sure that everyone involved is going to have fun! Discuss birth control/protection. Get on the level!

The whole thing starts with respect tho. Treat everyone how you want be treated!

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