Teasing Daddy is never a Bad Idea  

littlevixen6929 40F
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11/18/2021 3:29 pm
Teasing Daddy is never a Bad Idea

's been such a busy week I haven't had time sit down and write!!!

The other day when doing my shopping chore, I saw THEEE cutest apron. Okay really I been eyeing for a while now but with all the new things has been getting me for the new house, I kept talking myself out of . This week happened be on sale and my brain said,

before you can't!!!!!!

That night when I put on show he said, " would better without the clothes under it. "

Soooooo of course I had take a picture Tuesday in just the apron...

....which loved and made all the appropriate remarks such a picture elicits.

I couldn't resist asking if I should be wearing it for rug time when He got home.

Daddy: Depends on how messy you want get.

Well I wanted get very messy. I took that as his go ahead for a scene W/we had been discussing. I a huge oral fixation...if you hadn't noticed from my pics and videos. And Iove love love coating 's cock in various things make worshipping even more fun. My current bright idea was snowcone syrup. So I layed out the apron and placed the syrup on the toy shelf in the bureau and went on to finish my chores and get supper in the oven. I wanted to make sure we would plenty of time when got home.

Then I waited and waited until I finally heard the roar of 's engine. I ran in the room get ready and kneel as I always do. And waited some more. But this waiting is different. This waiting calms my soul and gives me purpose.

The glow in 's eyes as he walked in let this know she had indeed choosen correctly. I'd like be able write our dialogue , but I don't really remember it. Just the burning in this girls kitty as 's eyes drank her in. I know at some point I let know I had brought the syrup in because I clearly remember handing me and going use . The bottle was still sealed and this was a bit pouty as the bottle kept stalling our one nuisance at a time. When I went remove the foil the plastic remaind. After used a tool to open the plastic, was foam stuck in the pouring lid. And that is why this should had the forethought both bottles when setting up. But that is the reality of living a kinky life. So we laughed and joked and I wiggled and squirmed hungry for my afternoon snack until made everything right handing me back the bottle so I could coat HIs glorious lick-a-stick in cherry syrup. And worship off again. Greedy as this is after He was all clean the first time I went back for seconds. Licking more slowly this time. Tickling and teasing. Until He was shaking from this girls attention.

As I was making a long slow lick most of the cherry gone leaving behind the salty contrast of 's skin, he motioned me up and guided me the side of the bed. After sitting back in the reclined bed he pulled me reversed cowgirl over him. Guiding his rock hard cock coated in my spit into my slick slit. My ass bare to him the tie to the apron continuing to be the perfect handle. I almost came just from the knowledge was watching as HIs cock glided in and out of my tight pussy. The sound of adding the pleasure. I wished I could see what he saw as He pulled me over and over again. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. Until my muscles were clinching around Him and He thrust one final time icing my cupcake.

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11/18/2021 6:47 pm

I love that flooring.

littlevixen6929 replies on 11/18/2021 7:27 pm:
I love the cuke in your ass. Lol

G000dbuddy 34M  
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11/19/2021 5:30 am

Great cook


littlevixen6929 replies on 11/19/2021 11:14 am:

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11/19/2021 7:18 am


Unzipmeslowly51 52M

11/30/2021 5:12 pm

Daddy loves it when your naughty....so wish i could veiw your naughty vids😊

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

11/30/2021 5:13 pm

That puc is so teasing....you bustin out of your dress😈

littlevixen6929 replies on 12/2/2021 1:23 pm:
Apron lol

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

12/2/2021 3:32 pm

Silly me😊must have been distracted lol

littlevixen6929 replies on 1/9/2022 2:00 pm:
I can't imagine why

RobK2006 55M
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1/8/2022 7:59 pm

You look soooooo hot in this pic. And the story made my cock ache it was so hard. You really, really turn me on.

littlevixen6929 replies on 1/9/2022 2:00 pm:
You're welcome

NewOrleansDaddy4 47M
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1/27/2022 2:25 pm

Good girl. Every Daddy should be so lucky.

littlevixen6929 replies on 1/27/2022 3:22 pm:
Thank you!

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