Happy New Year part 3  

lisajdarling79 40F   
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10/29/2021 2:45 pm
Happy New Year part 3

After a bit I come back to reality. Emily is doing a kind of head stand legs split out so she is forming a perfect T, Max holding her thighs is fucking her, his cock going down into her. Well really only a couple inches, enough so that the head disappears. I guess this is what they call a kind of pile driving? I get up and watch, others are also watching this impressive physical display. John comes up behind me, rubs my shoulders briefly, then slides them down my front, rests them on my navel area, and kisses me on the nec
Then he watches as well. We are watching and I notice he is getting a hard on. His dick is pressing against my backside. Then he beckons me away, picks up the strap on and we sit down next to Becky, she still has the dress on except her breasts are hanging out. John sits me between them, and starts kissing me. Becky turns and leans in on the kissing. I am tugging on his penis and running my hand up and down Becky’s back pulling her closer. Then I let go of his penis, pin Becky back and move the dress aside and begin giving her oral. She tastes really good and I work my fingers into her vagina. John get up onto the sofa, straddles her, and inserts his penis into her mouth. This goes on for a bit. Then John comes down turns Becky over, bends over the sofa seat cushion and starts giving her oral. Then he tells me to rim him like he did me. I have never dreamt of doing this to a guy, but I am curious. I licking his ass, then he guides my hand so that my fingers are playing with his balls. I do this and decide to use my thumb to his prostrate gland. His dick looks like it’s going to explode from the blood going in there. Then John comes up and puts his cock into Becky, she moans. He hands me the strap on. At first I have no idea what to do, but then I realize. I put on the strap on, lube the dildo, and insert into his ass. I turn on the bullet vibrator, and start fucking his ass, he fucks Becky. This is a totally new mental place for me. I feel I am dominating him, and feel like a man? It’s a massive turn on, and I have several orgasms. Then John groans and cums inside Becky. He pushes me out, sits down next Becky, who is still bent over the seat cushion. Becky starts cleaning off his coc I take John’s place and start fucking Becky from behind. Again the feeling of dominance is intoxicating. I have a couple more orgasms, and then Becky has a big orgasm. Screams oh my god and goes limp like a rag doll. I take off the strap on and sit down next to John enjoying his presence and glowing.
Again I come back to reality, and Mary uses her index finger to command me over. I do it. We start kissing and Tim joins in. Then I let him take over and I start sucking on her breasts, I am so fascinated by their size, I have to play with them. Then she hands me the<b> anal </font></b>plug, and I go down licking her clit, and using her vagina to lube the plug. I work it in, Mary is very vocal saying either yes yes slow down bitch slow down, then she tells me to get my hand into her vagina. I work fingers then hand, she is telling me what to do with my hand. Then she swings her legs over my shoulders and crosses her feet. I am trapped. Meantime Tim lies down between my legs and I sit on his face. He slowly works fingers into both holes. It makes it hard to focus on Mary, but her voice keeps me concentrated. Then Mary has an orgasm, like she is having a seizure, and as I pull out my hand she squirts cum all over my face. Then Tim get up from the floor and goes straight into my asshole. He pulls my hair and is verbal about how he is going to finish this time all over my bac His other hand spanks me so hard I feel the imprint of his hand. Then Mary comes over with a tassel whip. Tim let’s go my hair, and then Mary whips me gently. It hurts in a good way, my nerves are heightened, and all sensory points in my body tingle. Mary starts whipping me harder with more frequency, I am letting out moans or grunts. Mary starts calling me a dirty , then she hands the whip to Tim, starts kissing me hard, and chokes me. Whip, anal, and choking. I think my eyes are about to rollback, when she lets go, boom, blood rushing, orgasm, body shaking. Tim pulls out and cums on my bac Everyone watching. Several bodies cuddle up against me and I fall asleep totally done thinking Happy New Years to myself LJabaily.

profcoquin27bis 58M
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10/30/2021 5:32 am

really hot, i like your text

jclongarms 67M
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10/31/2021 6:35 am

What a hot party! And what a hot, nasty, delicious woman you are!

velodelicious 49M
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11/1/2021 1:55 pm

I'm hoping this series will continue until New Year's at least...and that it all comes true for you as well

Leegs2012 49M
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11/2/2021 9:07 am

Happy HOT New Year!!!

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