Happy New Year part 1  

lisajdarling79 40F   
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10/15/2021 2:43 pm
Happy New Year part 1

It’s new year’s, and I tell my husband that I am going spend it with my girlfriends. Really John has invited me over a party at his cabin. I get on a super sexy outfit. I have a black dress with a flame flower that starts from the top of the right side hip and comes up and the flower opens around my breasts. It has no shoulder straps and oval opening in the back which dips really low, revealing part of my garter belt. The dress ends just below my derrière, making sure to reveal my thighs. I have a necklace with silver chain, and a red oval opal that drops almost down to my cleavage and matching earring studs. I have black ridding boots with a modest 2 inch heal that go all the way up over my knees. They are impossible to put on and they are the only thing I intend to leave on all evening. I have a black lace bra on with no shoulder straps to fit the dress. Then I have red black lace garter belt, holding up black lace leggings. Both have a floral design. Also I have a black thong. A couple days earlier I went and got my first wax job and went to the hairdresser. I am perfect.
I get there to find the party consists of 9 people including myself. John is there sans wife, Robin, and three couples. John hands me champagne and introduces me to Sarah and Emily, Max and Becky, and Tim and Mary. I size everyone up, John is wearing a tuxedo, Robin nothing just the way I like it, Sarah and Emily are in lingerie. Sarah has the same curvy figure I do, she has red curly hair, green eyes, lips that I want her kiss my vagina with, and I want try out her derrière. Emily is petite with blond hair, a gymnasts body, and intense black eyes. Max is dressed casual, he is a dark olive skinned Mexican, and he is so ripped that he oozes sexy. I notice the bulge in his pants and can’t wait find out how massive he must be. Becky is wearing a beautiful white silk dress that contrasts her beautiful coal black skin with slits up both sides, silver bracelets, turquoise necklace, her remarkably firm D cup breasts and hard nipples poke through the silk revealing she has no bra on. Tim is tall, lanky black guy, looks like an actor somehow, and in a suit. Mary is a blue eyed brunette with a hourglass figure, and I mean and beautiful. She has large breasts and derrière.
The evening starts of with talk in groups, and I drink several glasses of champagne. I am talking John, Tim, and Emily. When I look over the fireplace, and realize the real party has started. The fireplace is big rustic stone piece, 6 feet wide, and framed by three big sofas. The middle area has a plush rug, the coffee table has been removed. Over the rug area is a deer antler chandelier dropping out of the wooden rafters, and a Elk head over the fireplace. Robin is lying on the rug, Sarah is on top with her mouth watering derrière up and over Robin’s face. They are in 69, Sarah’s derrière and Robin’s face are in my direction and I can see how she is kissing Sarah’s clit and is working her fingers into Sarah’s pussy. Max is sitting there pants off, watching with his penis engorged lying there between his legs, not erect. It’s thick and must be 8 inches already. Tim is watching from the other sofa and Mary with only her lace panties is on her knees butt sticking out, and has his cock swallow between her massive tits. Becky is sitting next Tim, also watching, her hand slipped into one of the slits on her dress, and is playing with herself. Tim has popped one of her tits out of her dress and is playing with her nipple. John noticed how I dropped out of the conversation and gently takes my hand and walks me over.
He brings me over to Max, who immediately fixes his gaze on me. His cock tells me everything as it grows 2 inches and starts lifting up. John standing behind me undoes my dress and takes it up and over my head. I get down on my knees, pick up Max’s cock in my hand gently start jerking up/down, and my god he is thick as my fingers don’t reach around. I start licking his shaved balls, then come up open my mouth as wide as I can, and go down. I accidentally go down too far not realizing that I can’t swallow his whole cock, he hits the back of my mouth, and slips slightly into my throat. I gagged, but recover adjusting to him and start sucking. John is behind me, he has moved my thong out of the way, and with his one hand has thumb in my vagina and his fingers are rubbing my clitoris. Then with his tongue he does something new, he is rimming my ass. start ever. Can’t figure out if it’s Max’s cock, John now tongue fucking my asshole, but I have an wonderful orgasm and squirt cum on John’s hand. I can taste pre-cum on Max, and get up on the sofa, straddle Max, he rips my thong, I slip down onto his cock. It doesn’t fit, so I work up and down slowly to get my vagina to dilate, first get the tip in, and finally a portion of his shaft. Now I can work up and down, his cock fills me and is hitting the bottom of my cervix, I want all of him and am thinking is possible him get in my cervix. Obviously not, but I fantasize as the tip of his cock touches with each time I slide his cock in and out. He pulls my breasts out of my bra, and sucks on them, while my hands are on his six pack to brace myself. I am so into it that I barely noticed John slowly penetrating my ass. I really only notice because I feel them rubbing past each other inside me in sync. I open my eyes and Mary is on the other side of the sofa, her massive breasts hanging there. Then she says “how is her ass babe”, and I hear Tim say “perfect and tight”. Wow this isn’t John in my ass but Tim. The surprise of Tim and what he says sends an explosion through my brain, everything is magnified, stranger in my ass, Max deep fucking/touching my cervix, cocks rubbing inside me, major orgasm and I spray cum all over Max. My vagina try’s to contract, but can’t because Max is too big. I am shaking and twitching. Tim respectfully pulls out, I take a few to enjoy the feeling lying on top of Max then I get down and clean my cum off his cock and start suck. He cums into my mouth, my cum and his together taste great.

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10/15/2021 7:44 pm

great blog thank you

G000dbuddy 34M  
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10/15/2021 11:30 pm

together taste great


RideMeSlowly470 52M
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10/16/2021 9:04 am

Fucking strangers bareback is so fucking hot! Keep the hot slut stories cuming!!

Sensual_GentleM 58M
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10/16/2021 6:55 pm

Hmmm ... and all that is just part one ... and the fireworks haven't even started yet

velodelicious 49M
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10/18/2021 9:39 pm

I'm going to sit back, get comvy, and stroke to this for my bedtime wank Thanks for the post.

velodelicious 49M
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10/18/2021 9:44 pm

Definitely steaming hot. I'd love to chat sometime. I think we could share explosive fantasies together.

flasher4u3 65M  
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10/19/2021 11:24 am

Super sexy story from a super sexy lady. Thank You

snowbird33301 67M  
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10/22/2021 8:07 am

Very hot!!! You are the hottest young lady on this site. As I said before your husband is so lucky. If you were my wife, I'd hope that after a night like that you would come home to me and tell me all about it. I would clean you up --bring you to bed--and satisfy you any way you wanted.

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