The Gym (a wish list)  

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8/22/2021 1:54 pm
The Gym (a wish list)

I would be working out and a guy comes up to me and says he is a personal trainer and would I want a trainer. I accept and I start training with him. A couple months of training and I am really noticing the change in my body. we talk about yoga as I am need to increase my flexibility . After a few weeks of private yoga lessons he tells me he is gay which I suspected but just never ask, as I was enjoying the workouts with him and improving my body.
So he says yoga will be in just our jocks, which sounded great as he is has a sexy body and I had noticed a nice package. Well as he would correct my poses he would rub against me more and more, which I enjoyed. we still met 3 days at the gym and 3 days at his place for yoga.
I show up for my yoga class and the lets me in and there is another guy there in his jock finishing up his session and his package is impressive. My trainer has me undress down to my jock in front of the other guy, then both of them walk up to me and start playing with my cock and ass, which I start playing with them. I drop down and start pulling my trainers cock out and start licking it. the other guy pulls his cock out and it is huge and says when you get good at sucking his cock I will let you have mine. The site of that huge cock has me attacking my trainers cock trying to suck as much as it as I can to show Big Cock I was worthy of getting a taste of him. BC starts plying with my ass rimming, tonguing and fingering my ass( which is a huge turn on. My Personal Trainer tells BC that I need to suck on his big cock because he has been wanting to fuck my ass for months. BC is happy to have me start sucking on him.
PT slowly starts working his cock into my ass as I try to suck BC down to his root. He talks me through how to relax my jaw and take more of him. As I am getting fucked by my PT , who has a nice thick 8in cock, BC pushes 8in of his 11in cock down my<b> throat </font></b>and I am realizing I want his pubic hair to tickle my nose, so groan and take the rest of his massive cock down my<b> throat . </font></b>Well I gag and back off, but realize how great it felt to have that big cock down my<b> throat </font></b>and down I go several times each time I gag a bit less. My PT is still banging away on my ass and I am loving it. BC says it is time for me to get the fucking of my life.
BC starts to enter me and takes his time teasing my hole with his cock and fingers. I am going nuts and begging him to enter me and pound me. He works his massive cock in me slowly, I have never been stretched like that and as it hurts, I start pushing against him wanting more of his cock in me. All 11in ease into me and he does not move telling me how tight I am and how much he is enjoying being inside of me, then he starts to pull out and slide back in so very slowly. More to cum later

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