Stop the Fakes  

kcstarguy 40M
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1/3/2022 11:49 am
Stop the Fakes

As a paying member, I'm about done with dealing with all the fake profiles here. When will Senior Sizzle do something bout it? Likely never...until forced do so.

Interesting, Ya Who Dating was sued (and lost) on the grounds of " perpetuates false or non-existent profiles on its website give the website a much more attractive and functional appearance by falsely representing more members than actually exists." Seems right out of Senior Sizzle's playbook, doesn't ?

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1/3/2022 6:06 pm

Yep. Exactly.

Have you read this site's disclaimers ?
More number-puffery . .

Cordonrouge5 57M  
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1/4/2022 3:45 am


seems6666 51F
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1/4/2022 10:38 am

You're preaching to the choir brother.. one of the many complaints on the blogs...
They generate income because some men fall for their "charms" until they ask for money

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