hosting in buffalo/hotel/wanting to be used  

jonlong14612 61M  
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4/7/2022 11:16 am
hosting in buffalo/hotel/wanting to be used

will i booked a room in williamsville(ny)......just for saturday night.....and i hope i meet 2 guys i chated with...but that means i am pulling out.....i am sub/ish/ and looking to be used.....sucking cocks or swallowing or wearing/i will have some good smoke.....and a round fat ass to pound/i am looking for a bareback ride/i will be worked open and lubed up/with vicks/it has a way to relax your<b> anal </font></b>for better fucking/and has the mint smell.....i will be cleaned out a fat ones/or anyones will if you think i am a slut ..yes i need to relax and enjoy some men as they enjoy we meet

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