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Anal toys
Posted:Jan 29, 2022 7:25 pm
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2022 8:18 pm

I have my eye on some anal toys. Which one should I get? The set with the most votes will be broken down even more. I’ll keep this up for a few weeks.
Set one
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5
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Anal plug
Posted:Nov 12, 2021 9:12 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 6:22 pm

Should I get a sound activated butt plug, a tail butt plug or both?
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How many?
Posted:Aug 30, 2021 6:40 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 12:03 am

How many lingerie do you think I have? I will be posting pictures in a few weeks!
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More stuff
Posted:Feb 28, 2021 6:28 pm
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2022 8:19 pm

What do you guys think of an only fans page?
Bathing suits
Posted:Feb 13, 2021 9:07 pm
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2021 9:12 pm

I know its winter but I’m looking at bathing suits now so I’ll get a good price.
Which one should I get?
Star print cutout bikini
Frill trim cami (maid look a like) bikini
Snakeskin print asymmetric neck bikini
Color block wrap bikini
Cut-out ring linked 1 piece with mesh skirt
Chain decor cut-out 1 piece
All of the bikinis
All the 1 piece
All the swim suits
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Sounds good?
Posted:Aug 13, 2020 3:40 pm
Last Updated:Mar 2, 2021 4:56 pm

I plan on opening a strip club/cafe one day.
How does the Loungerie cafe sound?
F@*k yeah!
Aw hell no!
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plans for the future
Posted:Mar 12, 2020 1:00 pm
Last Updated:May 10, 2020 1:44 am

i plan create my naked chef/maid work and i was wondering something.
if i was doing it right now, based on the you have now, what would you choose?
would you add extras (you can't get them by themselves)? if yes, which ones?
use the keys
A=fully clothed in a sexy outfit from a selection that you choose from
B=dressed in a bikini or bra and panty from a selection that you choose from
C=wearing nothing but nipple cream in the color of your choosing and shoes the style of your choosing

1=1 person
2=2-3 people
3=4-6 people
4=7-10 people
5=a party of 11 or more people


S1=Frontal (Sex in the vagina)=$50
S2=Anal (Sex in the ass)=45
S3=Toy, anal dildo (Using a dildo I provide in the ass)=
S4= Toy, rabbit (Using a rabbit vibrator that I provide in the vagina)=20
S5=Toy, strap on (Using a strap on dildo I provide. I can walk around with it in me and you will get to change the speed at any time)=30
S6=Toy, bullet (Using a bullet that I provide. I can walk around and you can change the speed at any time)=25
S7=Water (sex in the vagina and ass while showering or in a pool or tub)=75
S8=Sandwich (Sex in both holes at the time[2 people or 1 person and toy])=90
S9=Gang up (Multiple people stuffing me full in multiple manners. 7+)=200
vegas baby!
Posted:Apr 29, 2018 1:24 pm
Last Updated:Apr 29, 2018 1:26 pm

my dad & i will be moving to vegas within a year or two. i will hopefully do the following things when we move:
1) above my bed will be a shelf that will have a computer and a projector.
2) across from my bed will be a projector screen with a web cam above it
3) if not above then i will have a set up for shows
4) i will have a shelf full of special boxes that hold my toys
5) i will have a filing cabinet with 3 drawers. 1 for files for my naked catering biz, 1 for lubes, sex candies, novelty items and the last 1 for condoms
6) there will be a drawer in my dresser just for sexy panties
7) i will have a dorm clothes hanging thing in my closet for my sexy lingerie
8] i will have an area just for sexy costumes
9) each holiday, jewish, non-jewish or legal will have a special show
10) i will try to have guys there too. so i may have a show of me fucking a guy
11) i may do sexy cooking shows too
12) i will be waxing my kitty so i will be asking how you want it too look when it is time
13) i will be going tanning, or self tanning at home so i will have tanning sticker. when it is time i will ask you about the shape.
14) i may even have a stripper pole!
15) i may also start webcam modeling.
16) i will star to wear sexier clothes
17) i will be getting a car
18] i will be getting tattoos
let me know if there are things you want me to have in my room or stuff to do or even clothes you want me to be wearing! if you find a sexy outfit you think i will look good in or a toy, send me the link. i may just get it. my first show will be a Halloween show
my new story
Posted:Mar 27, 2018 2:38 am
Last Updated:Jan 30, 2022 4:51 pm

I will only have this up for a few days-a week.

This is my newest roleplay story, a doctor-patient one! Let me tell you about my outfit. I have on a blue lowcut crop top, a navy pleated mini skirt, a baby blue thong and white wedges.
Nurse: mina, please step into the room, remove your shoes and we will get all your measurements.
Me: ok
I step into the room and step onto the scale.
Nurse: 135.4 pounds. Great. Now let’s measure you.
She measures my tits.
Nurse: 36C. please step up to the height chart please.
I do as she says.
Nurse: 5 feet and 6 ½ inches. Alright. Please wait here. I’ll go and get the doctor.
She goes to the doctor.
Nurse: doctor Jacobs? Your last patient is in room one. If that’s everything, I’ll be leaving now.
Doc: thanks. I’ll see you next Monday.
The nurse leaves. The doctor comes into the room.
Doc: alrighty then. What brings you in today?
Me: my mommy says it’s time to get my checkup.
The doctor looks me up and down.
Doctor: alright. How old are you?
Me: I turned 18 yesterday!
D: great!
He looks over the cart.
D: are you sexually active?
M: what’s that?
D: I’ll take that as a no.
He writes something down.
D: I’ll need you to take off all your clothes.
M: ok!
I pull my top off and my titties bounce lightly. I turn and place it down on the chair. I then push my skirt down then pull my panties down.
D: put this thermometer in your mouth and keep it under your tongue
M: kay.
I put the thermometer in my mouth.
He takes his stethoscope and begins to listen to my heart. He moves it on my upper chest, then moved it to my left side. Then he put it on my nipple. I giggled.
D: everything sounds good. I’m going to need you to get onto the exam table on your hands and knees please facing away from me.
I get onto the table, my ass facing him
M: like this?
D: yes. Now, no matter what I do, remember I know what I’m doing. Just tell me how it makes you feel. Okay?
M: okay!
He starts to message my ass.
D: how does this feel?
M: it feels nice. Funny but nice.
He sticks his finger into my ass and starts to move it in and out.
D: now?
M: oooh. That feels good.
He brings up his other hand and starts to pull my ass hole apart, stretching me.
M: I feel that in my tummy.
D: now we are going to check the other side.
M: the other side?
D: your front hole. Here.
As he says here he starts to play with my pussy
M: oh. My kitty.
D: yes, your kitty. How long have you been shaving your kitty?
M: I get it waxed every month.
D: it makes it very nice. Now let’s check your clit. It’s the little bit in the front of your kitty. What do you call this?
As he says this he pinches my clit
M: aaahhh! That’s my button!
He starts rubbing harder and harder.
D: how does it feel when I rub on your button?
M: mmmmm. Really good. Mmmmmm. It feels better than when I do it.
He starts to rub my slit.
D: and now?
M: oh wow! Feels so good.
He starts to pull my pussy apart, stretching it then releasing then stretching it again.
D: now?
M: uuuuuuhhhh!
My arms shake as I start breathing faster
D: you’re starting to drip from your kitty. Let me clean that for you.
He starts to lick me starting slow and going faster and faster.
M: aaahhhh! I feel you in my tummy! Aaahh!
He stops licking me and I gasp for air. All of the sudden I feel something going into me.
M: oh, shit! That feels so full!
He pumps for a few minutes. Going slow then fast then slow again.
Suddenly he stops.
D: I need to check your gag reflex and your mouth. We will use my very special tool. It’s attached to me and I keep it covered with my pants.
M: really? Can I see it? I wanna see it.
D: ok. But you will need to come off the table and onto the floor on your knees in front of me.
I get off the table and on my knees.
D: open my pants
I do as he says and his dick pops out.
M: wow! It’s so big and hard. But it feels soft and hot too!
D: this is called a cock. It’s made for good girls like you to suck on. And if you’re very good and you listen well it can go in 2 other places too.
M: really? I’ll be good! I promise!
D: ok. Then open your mouth and stick out your tongue.
I do as he says
D: now lick my cock slowly all over but pay extra attention to the tip.
I start to lick his cock. My eyes light up and go wide.
M: it tastes salty! I like it!
D: why don’t you start to suck it like a lollipop then?
I start to suck on the tip.
D: take more into your mouth.
I now have half of it in my mouth.
D: bob your head! If you don’t you can’t get it in the other places.
I look up at him in a panic and start to bob my head.
D: take the whole thing! When you get to the part where it connects to my body, I want you to stop and hold it there a moment.
I start to gag as he has his hands on the back of my head. After a moment, he pulls out.
M: did I do good?
I try to catch my breath.
D: you did very good! Before we put my cock into the other places did you know what you just did has a special name?
M: what is it?
D: it’s called a blow job.
M: wow.
D: not a whole lot of girls can do it. My cock is 9 inches long and that can be hard sometimes.
M: yay! Can we put your cock in the special places now?
D: sure, but I’ll need you to get back onto the exam table on your hands and knees again.
I get onto the table, my ass and pussy facing him.
M: now what?
D: now I put my cock into your kitty.
M: but it’ll never fit! I have trouble getting my toy in and you are much bigger then it.
D: your kitty is actually made to take a cock in it. We just need to stretch it a little. Then it’ll feel really nice.
M: ok. Then can we start? I wanna feel it.
He starts to push his cock into my pussy very slowly.
D: if you want I can put it in fast then it’ll be over and we can have fun.
M: ok
He rams his cock hard into my pussy
D: how does that feel
M: sooo fuuuulllll. I feel you all the way to my throat!
He slowly starts to pull out.
M: no don’t take it out! I wanna keep it in!
D: I will put it back in. let me show you how I can make you feel really good.
He starts to pump in and out and reaches over and starts to play with my clit.
M: I feel weird! Something is happening!
D: that’s cumming. Just let it happen.
I scream as I cum hard.
D: see, when you feel so full your body makes you cum.
I try to catch my breath as I come down from the high.
D: now I’ll put it into the other place fast too.
He pulls out as I moan. I lose my balance and end up laying on my chest with my ass in the air. He pushes his cock into my ass all the way.
D: see, this is the other place it goes.
M: uuuuuhhhh! Aaaaahhhhh!
I start to moan again as he pumps my ass hard. After a few minutes, he pulls out.
D: turn over and hang your feet off the table.
M: ok. What are you gonna do now?
D: I’m going to put my cock back into your kitty and after I’m going to give you a very special injection that only comes out of a cock.
He pushes my legs up into the air and shoves his cock back into my pussy. He then puts a leg over each of his shoulders and starts to pump very slowly. He then starts to speed up. As he speeds up he starts to play with my clit.
M: it’s happening again! I feel like I need to cum again.
D: so, cum.
I start to cum hard. He starts to pump faster and faster.
M: oh god! I’m gonna cum again!
D: I’ll give you your injection when you do.
As I start to cum I feel a powerful jet of liquid shoot out into me.
M: so full….
I slump there with my legs spread wide and stuff dripping out of me.
D: I’m going to give you a prescription. You need to take it every day.
M: I will.
D: if you do then every other week you can come and I will give you a new injection.
M: yay!
I start to bounce up and down.
D: before you go, I forgot to check your tits. Come here.
I walk over to him. He starts to suck on my left nipple while playing with the right one and my clit.
M: I think that’s making me need to cum again!
I start to shake and cum all over his hand.
D: very good. Come back in 2 weeks but only if you take your medicine every night.
M: I promise!
D: good. Now get dressed and go home. I will send you a text message every night with a picture. Use it while you use your toy every night then take your medication. When you come for your next checkup, after I give you a new injection I’ll give you a prize, it’ll be a new toy!
I get dresses.
M: bye doctor Jacobs! See you next time!
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modeling and catering/lounge
Posted:Jun 24, 2016 12:54 am
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2020 3:40 pm

i'm thinking of doing webcam modeling or even regular sexy modeling. what would be a good name for me on cam?

also what would be a good name for my catering/lounge? i'm starting off with the catering then i'm gonna work my way up to lounge.
amazing dream
Posted:May 10, 2016 2:50 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2020 6:51 pm
i had the most amazing sex dream.
i was having a sleepover with 2 friends. lets call them lily and emily. we were at lily's house. she only has a step dad. he married her mom when she was 9. that was before her mom passed. in the dream we were playing around, talking about sex and i brought up that i put on shows here.
E: how?
M: i use my sex toys and sexy outfits.
L: it's only 3 oclock. lets go get some more and play with them. (lily has a credit card)
we go to the mall and buy sex toys and sexy outfits. mainly for me.
when we get back, lily's dad is vegging out in front of the TV. we go to her room and get changed. i'm wearing a super sexy blue baby doll with crotchless panties, lily is wearing a cute set and emily is wearing a pink set. we turn on the camra and start a show. i introduce them and they start to play with my tits. then they open my legs wide and begin to use a new toy to play with my pussy through the open crotch panties. just as we start to have fun, the door bursts open and lily's dad yells "what the hell is going on here?"
we turn of the cam quickly and stand there with our heads down.
lily's dad, let's call him john.
J: well? i'm waiting for an answer!
L: we were just having fun.
M: i have a show.
E: we wanted to try it
J: is that all? well you were doing it wrong.
we all look up. "what?" we all exclaim
J: turn on the cam and mina lay down in view of it.
i did what he said
J: em, go on her right side. lil. the left.
as we do what he said, he takes the cam and speaks into it.
J: all right people. i'm john and today you're really gonna have a show.
he then turns to us and says
j:em, start sucking her nipple. you too lil.
as they begin to suck, he brings the cam close to show their mouths on my tits.
i start to moan. he takes out 2 vibrators that can be strapped on after you put them in and rips off emily's panties.
she gasps. and starts to lif her head
J: don't stop sucking.
he then shoves the entire vibrator in and straps her in. she gasps.
then he does the same to lily.
he then turns them on low. as they moan, he turns to me and says
J: now for you.
as a sit there he opens my legs
J: oh, you're nice and juicy. waiting for something to fuck you hard?
as i sit there, i start to leak even more juices because of how he's talking to me while he runs his fingers over my pussy lips. he then takes a big rabbit vibrator and starts to push it into me.
J: oh wait. we can't forget these 2.
he turns lily and emily up to medium. they begin to moan loader and they are laying beside me. he turns to me and says
J: get up
i stand up and then he sits and says
J: on my lap.
i sit down on him and gasp.
J: what is it? loudly so the whole world can hear.
M: your cock is huge.
J: it is 8 inches long
he then starts to fuck me with the rabbit vibrator.he turns me so he can get at my tits
J: such nice big tits.
then he starts to suck on them while pulling the other nipple.
he stops a moment and says
J: all right girls time for the fun to start
he then turns lily and emily on high. and start ramming me with the rabbit. we all start to go nuts. lily starts to cum
L: shit! i'm cumming!
E: m-m-m-me too!
i start to cum
M: fuuuuuuck!
johm then takes all the toys out of us and says
J: i'm gonna give you a few moments to relax but i need to clean you up. emily, clean lily. lily clean emily. use your mouths. mina ly down so i can clean you.
he starts to eat me as the others start to lick and moan. john stops and turns me so his bulge is in front of my head.
J: start preparing me.
i take out his fat cock and start to lick and suck it. lily and emily are just laying there, totally wiped out.
J: good. now that you have prepared me and you have had a moment to rest...
he turns me so that the millions of people watching on cam can see. he then starts to fuck me. first slow then fast. then he makes me get up on all 4s and fucks me from behind. after what seems like hours he asks
J: are you on anything?
M: i'm on birth control
J: good.
he leans forward and holds me up so the whole world can see me bouncing on his cock. he then pinches my clit and i explode
M: I'M CUMMING!!!!!!
J: fuck! me too!
he then starts to cum buckets into my pussy.
J: we must do that again sometime.
L: i loved that!
E: we need a double dildo though so lily and i can have fun while you 2 fuck like rabbits.
we all start laughing and john turns to the cam and says
J: till next time

that was when i woke up. i had to use a toy to cum
let me attach some pics of how the out fits looked.
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