I was caught at Christmas  

jenfun69 18F
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12/23/2021 4:25 am
I was caught at Christmas

you and your buddies were out drinking at the local strip bar when it time for you to come home, you brought your buddies with you for a nightcap, to my surprise you all came walking in and found me, standing there waiting for you as your Christmas gift, all I could do turn around and stand with my back to you all as I so embarrassed to be caught half-naked by all your friends, but you thought it so funny as you and your friends just stood there laughing at me your friends started laughing and cheering you on to unwrap your present before I had the chance to react your friends had my hands pulled out wide as you ripped the red Ribbon exposing my pink pussy to all your<b> drunk </font></b>friends who were laughing and telling you to slap my ass with that I pulled loose and ran to my room and slammed the door shouting Merry Christmas to you all you assholes

samassetonkik 45M

12/23/2021 5:47 am

You should find a mature guy and get rid of the childish/stupid idiot.
Casual is better.

CleavageFan4U 65M  
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12/23/2021 6:49 am

I think you'd make a FINE fuck toy for all my buddies and me to share.

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jenfun69 replies on 12/23/2021 10:07 am:
I love how you think as I love to be your little fuck toy sexy

profcoquin27bis 58M
4323 posts
12/23/2021 6:58 am

merry christmas to you too

jenfun69 18F

12/23/2021 10:20 am

how would you and your friends have used me if you caught me like this?

kinkyblackwife 49M/47F  
54 posts
12/23/2021 10:36 am

Merry Christmas!

jenfun69 replies on 12/23/2021 11:21 am:
same to you sexy tjanks

jenfun69 18F

12/23/2021 2:54 pm

if you and your buddies had walked in and Found Me dressed to be your Christmas toy how would you have abused me?

RogerBond100 55M  
7 posts
12/23/2021 5:04 pm

I would have to bust down the door and spank you for acting like that, make you ass red to teach a lesson then give you my dick to play with a my gift to you. I would turn you over on the edge of the bed and fuck you long and hard until you shake all wet between your legs and have a smile that lasts till New Year.

jenfun69 18F

12/23/2021 6:55 pm

omg yes as I love bring fucked long and hard sexy

boobwhisperer69 59M  
8323 posts
12/23/2021 9:40 pm

And you lived to tell about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jenfun69 replies on 12/23/2021 11:29 pm:
always with a big smile on my face sexy

Desir4Fire 47M
2389 posts
12/24/2021 7:55 am

I would have unwrapped you for my friends but took you and the ribbon and tied you up in the room and gave you my candy cane and eggnog.

jenfun69 replies on 12/24/2021 8:38 am:
I so love that sexy as that be a lot of fun o-o

RogerBond100 55M  
7 posts
12/24/2021 9:08 am

Ajax is not far away......

teawizard92 30M
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12/24/2021 4:21 pm

i would have taken that wrapping off you right there, and got my friends and i to take turns with you. after all, a gift is best shared, right?

jenfun69 18F

12/24/2021 9:31 pm

I would love to be bent over and fucked hard for Christmas by you guys

teawizard92 30M
4 posts
12/25/2021 2:16 pm

You should message me. I'll bend you over for sure.

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1/10/2022 8:24 am


Bladyblade 37M

1/30/2022 12:20 pm

Did u know i been writing to a completely different person n I just got my mind fucked today. The decapod lies true that n just reality. Im not mad or upset just wish I could have taken u out to places years ago. Idk if my phone works but come get me n release a 5 year explosion thank you baby 623 469 1583

jenfun69 replies on 1/30/2022 4:28 pm:
hi sexy yes you can Tide me wide open naked on the table as your friends have fun punishing me for being a little cocktease

badboy3819652 57M
147 posts
2/12/2022 11:34 pm

beautiful present, wrapped to perfection and should have been opened as far as possible by santa, his elves and every other big hard cock you could find. your not a cock tease, you want every big hard cock you can find to dump cum all over you and you will turn your cam on so we can all watch you getting pounded in every hole if you are such a good little slut. let me know when i can watch

kennygooo1 56M
7 posts
2/13/2022 6:02 am

All these posts and she hasn't shown her pussy and titties at all. Expose yourself now girl.

jenfun69 18F

2/15/2022 3:34 pm

why what is it you love to do to me?

DesireU2020 57M  
90 posts
2/19/2022 8:45 am

I would have all the guys tie up a nice bow around their cocks and present them to use the way you want, you unwrap and tell them where you want it. We would give it that way over and over.

jenfun69 18F

2/20/2022 9:32 am

I love my legs being forced over my head as my pussy is being pounded in front of your friends

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