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jacker_wild 87M  
29 posts
6/16/2021 9:37 pm

Really getting tired of this, fixing it is a full-time job!!!!

So far I’ve covered the basic foundations of my life, and some of you have already formed opinions about my “good” and “bad” sides. That’s OK, what’s past is prologue.

I left off in Part – 7 at the point where I changed jobs from NYC to Long Island, closer to home. The change was staggering because I was now saving 20+ hours per week, that I had been losing in the futile race to get ahead in NYC. I was also saving all of the commuting costs of the RR and the NYC subways. The biggest gain was that I was only 10 minutes drive from home and I was once again able see the day begin and end at home, and not be on some stinking subway or commuter train.

In my profile I mentioned that I was a Graphic Designer, and my new job was with a promotional publication that actually valued my ability. I was free to create conceptual solutions to the various problems that were presented, and for the first time I was flying as high in my career, as I had been in my sex life.

The department was staffed by 12 designers, overseen by a Creative Director. He was very complimentary of my efforts, and usually approved my concepts on the first or second try. Whether that was because I was good at my work, or because that “magnetism” that I mentioned in Part – 7, actually worked as well in my career. I can say unequivocally that there was no sexual tension between us, nor was there ever any attempt on his part to make advances or compromise the work relationship. He seemed like just an average guy with a deep concern for the well being of both his staff and the product that we produced. I truly liked and respected him, and I sensed a mutual feeling.

I settled in very quickly, and the guys were not only fantastic creatives, but they were friendly and funny. There was one guy in particular who was a phenomenal cartoonist, who was the life of the party. If you had a problem that you happened to mention in the office, you could rest assured that when you returned from lunch there was a fresh cartoon hanging from your drafting table lamp. I remember one guy who had a slight prostate problem that he mentioned……………. Well, when he got back to the office, there was a cartoon of him, his rigid penis in a large cast, which was tied around his neck. I still remember to this day the howls of laughter that provoked.

Anyway, I digressed from my story, if only to show that my life was changing more than I originally thought.

One day the guy who sat at the desk in front of me, asked me to go out to lunch with him. He was pleasant and friendly, so I accepted. He was more of a serious artist who worked mostly in pastel chalks. One day he invited me to his home studio and I saw some of his many beautiful illustrations done in soft muted tones. He said that he would love to draw me. Nobody had ever said that to me before, and I shrugged it off with a laugh. But he was serious. He said that through my clothes he could see that I had a nice body, and my coloring was “perfect”. Yeah!!!!............ that’s what I thought too. He was giving me a bull shit line, just to get closer. I told him, “maybe sometime”.

After several months of really enjoying my new environment, my illustrator friend, call him “J”, again asked when I was going to allow him to draw me. I felt that I knew him pretty well at this point so I said, “how about Saturday afternoon?” He said that would be perfect. I took care of my home chores early on Saturday and my wife was planning on<b> shopping </font></b>with the girls, so I was basically free for the rest of the day. I went to his place and he was all set up for me . He had a nice armless couch in his studio and I sat down so that he could start drawing. He said, “ no, not that way. Go behind the screen and undress. I want do a nude of you”. Now I was getting that old feeling that he was just “playing ” me to get naked. I kept my guard up and did what he asked. He drew me in several different poses……………. very classic………….. and I was impressed with how beautiful the drawings were. He thanked me and we called it a day.

Our friendship continued grow and we had lunch several times a week……”dutch treat” so there would be no misunderstandings. I liked “J” a lot, but it wasn’t a sexual thing. When he asked me to pose again I accepted without hesitation. Again, he did some beautiful drawings, but even though I asked, he politely declined to give me even one of them. When he asked me a third time to pose, I told him, “only if I get my pick of one drawing”…………he said OK.

The next trip to his studio, he started drawing and then decided to put me in a very erotic pose. I was lying face down on the couch, lower part of my body hanging off, one knee on the floor and the other leg stretched along the end of the couch. My balls were in “freefall” and my butt was directly facing him. After minutes of that pose, he approached , placed one hand on my ass and the other on my hanging ballsack. What I had been expecting all along finally happened. He rolled me onto my back and started making passionate love to me . He sucked my cock and made sure that I gave him a huge load. Like the very first guy who sucked me , he asked for no reciprocation, but I was not attracted to him, and I would have declined anyway.

We called it a day, and again, no drawing for ………………….

I had been initiated………………….

HGMDale 70M  
82 posts
7/9/2021 7:49 am

Fuck me that was so hot to finally get to the load hehe.

Sounds wonderful to have a job that you really like and love the fact that you had the ability to get out of the house on your own.

jacker_wild replies on 7/9/2021 9:07 am:
Oh, I did have my moments of "guilt" because I wasn't completely honest with my wonderful wife. But I always justified that with the fact that what I longed for, I couldn't get at home.

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