jacker_wild 87M  
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6/30/2021 10:14 pm

Senior Sizzle tells me that they can't find anything wrong. As usual, I have to fix it myself!

SEX!.................. SEX!,……….. sex………… that wonderful magical word that was always a very important part of my life, was eluding me.

From the time when I was 31, married with , and my friend (remember “Mr X”??) came onto me and sucked my cock and changed my world. Since that night, a great deal of my life revolved around sex. There was sex at home, sex at work, and sex anywhere that it could possibly happen. Sex maniac???…………….not exactly……….. just some guy with a very healthy attitude about sex and all it’s components. With rare exceptions, I guess I was like most other men……….. usually horny……….. but seldom having sex more than several times per wee Barring those few wild trips that I took, and nailed those three guys in one day, in my favorite hotel. If you missed it, go back and read it…………… that was a hoot!

Now, an aging guy of 55+, with sex at home virtually gone because of numerous illnesses all around,…. there were mostly memories, and still that abiding love that we shared. There were now occasional dalliances, primarily with my married male friends, and one or two single ones from my past. It was more difficult now, since even after my small staff left my home office, my wife would be coming home from her busy day at wor There was no place to even have that “dalliance” for that reason and the second one, that I wouldn’t bring total strangers to my home, for obvious reasons. The last thing I would need would be to have some “john” ringing my doorbell on a Saturday afternoon, to ask my wife if jack is at home. Even the thought of that makes my scrotum shrivel up and disappear.

I did have one nice occasion when that single friend from Maryland came up to Long island for a weekend. My wife had gone out and the office was closed. We hadn’t done anything in quite a few years…………..not since he took me on that first<b> trip </font></b>to DC to that male strip club and I spent the previous night there. He had sucked me……….but that was at least years earlier. I never expected it to happen again. We started fooling around and one thing led to another and before I knew it he said he wanted me to fuck him. I told him that I’d have to get a condom, and he said, “no not that way………….fuck my mouth”! That was exciting, because it was a very different thing than just getting sucked. It was actually the motion and the feeling of penetration that was very energizing, for lack of a better word. What struck me was how eager and receptive he was……….like a deprived man, anxious to devour a coc I never expected when he said, “fuck my mouth”, how fantastic and orgasmic it could be. The most exciting part was at the moment of ejaculation……while I was still pumping hard….… he just deep throated me and I could hear him gulping my load down.

Even at my age, I was discovering new things, and I think that my psyche looked forward to additional challenges. I did experience that a few more times but with younger guys that I had met in the local gay bars and took home to their places. I guess it’s so much more erotic to mount a man’s face and fuck his mouth, sometimes rather roughly because that’s the way the guy wanted it…… instead of just lying back and get sucked.

So here I was, expecting life as I knew it to just fade into the sunset…………and here it was, coming around the other side at sunrise. Looks like there was a sexual resurgence for me………… though no DC hotel, and no hot young waiters, but the bars were still calling and I was answering…………..

HGMDale 70M  
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10/12/2021 7:21 am

Fuck me Jacker that was so fucking hot. Fucking his mouth. I would so love to have you grab my head and shove your hot cock in my mouth and fuck away. Hehe.

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