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12/29/2020 1:12 pm
playing with toys

I had just finished eating my lunch and was walking from the cafeteria to my office when my cell phone buzzed. I was pretty sure it was a from my girlfriend Ann, since I knew she was on her lunch break too. Having my hands full with my lunch bag and my drink, I figured I could wait until I got back to my office to see what she had to say. After only a couple more steps, it buzzed again. Now this was somewhat unique and I decided I should see what was up. The first message was a that simply read “Jennifer thinks I need to buy this…” The second was a picture. When I saw what it was a picture of, I must have stopped in my tracks. It was an anatomically correct dildo. Obviously it was difficult to tell the size from a cell phone photo but it appeared to be at least a foot long and almost 3 inches in diameter.

I was shocked for two reasons. First, obviously was the sheer size of the thing. Second, I was shocked that Ann was<b> shopping </font></b>for this kind of thing. A couple weeks back we had had a conversation about sex toys and she had told me that she had never been<b> shopping </font></b>for them. I was really turned on by the fact that she was<b> shopping </font></b>for toys but had no idea how to respond to this . After finally getting back to my office, I decided to respond with a that said “Buy whatever you think you might enjoy” with a smiley face. She quickly responded, “There are so many options that I think would be enjoyable but that isn’t one of them….OUCH. See you tonight.” We had already been planning to go for dinner after work and all afternoon all I could think about was what she might have bought and if I would get to see or use them tonight.

Finally, about 15 minutes before my day was supposed to be over, I couldn’t wait anymore and decided to go ahead and leave early. I drove to Ann’s office to pick her up to go to supper but knew I was much earlier than she would be expecting . I sat in my vehicle and closed my eyes, trying to imagine what she might have bought at the adult novelty store over her lunch hour. After only waiting for 5 minutes, I decided I would go ahead and go see if she was ready.

I walked into the office and the person I was pretty sure was Jennifer was at the copier, just finishing up there. I had not officially been introduced to Jennifer but I had seen her in the parking lot outside the office once or twice. She was tall and slender. The one time I remember seeing her was on a Saturday and she was only wearing a sports bra and athletic shorts. I thought she looked hot in that, but she was a 10 in her silk sleeveless blouse, and slacks. No one else was around the front of the office. When I walked in, she saw me and walked over and said, “Can I help you?” I replied, “Yea, I’m here to see Ann.” You could see the light go on and she made the connection and said, “Oh yes, you must be her boyfriend. My name is Jennifer. It is nice to meet you. She will be up shortly; she had something to do in the back. If you want to wait here, I’ll go see if she is ready.” Before I could say anything I heard Ann say, ”No need, I’m right here.” Looking at Jennifer, Ann said, “Thank you” and leaned over and gave Jennifer a kiss on the cheek. I was a little confused by that, but almost immediately the thought of these two beautiful women together popped into my head.
My fantasy was interrupted when Ann said to me, “Ok, I’m ready” and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. After we broke our kiss, she kept her arm wrapped around my waist and turned to Jennifer and said, “Have a good evening, talk to you tomorrow.” Jennifer smiled and said, “You have a good time tonight and you better believe we will talk tomorrow.” Her smile turned into a more mischievous grin.

As we walked out the door, I asked Ann,” How was your day?” She responded,” Today was one of the most fun days I have had in a long time.” I wanted so bad to ask her about the<b> shopping </font></b>trip but didn’t want to seem too pushy about it when she volunteered, “Jennifer convinced me to go toy<b> shopping </font></b>over lunch. I never knew there were so many things that people were into and got turned on by them. I was a little embarrassed though, having a 22 year old explain what some of that stuff was.” I started driving and asked, “ So Jennifer knows a lot about sex toys?” As soon as I said it, I was concerned that it might have been the wrong question to ask. I could sense Ann looking at me, but after a couple seconds she said, “Well, I don’t know how much I should tell you because she made me promise not to tell anyone.” After a brief pause, she said, “Jennifer has never had a guy in her. She said she had given a couple of blow jobs in high school, but that those guys came so fast. Since then she has pretty much stuck to pleasuring herself. She said she has a variety of toys and each of them provides her with a special feeling.”

As we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, I said, “Well, I’m happy that you have someone you can get advice from and hope you can learn to enjoy anything you might choose to try.” I parked the vehicle and started to get out when Ann grabbed my hand. I stopped and looked at her. She had a sheepish grin on her face and she said, “I have something for you.” I was very confused and waited for her to search through her purse for whatever she was looking for. Finally, she handed me a small black item with a button on it. It looked a lot like a remote for unlocking a door. Still very perplexed, I looked at her and asked, “And what is this?” She was starting to blush and she replied, “It is the remote for the wireless bullet I bought. I have it in and when you push the button it vibrates.” So many thoughts going through my head but could only say, “Really??” She nodded her head and I leaned over to kiss her. As we kissed, I pushed the button for the first time. She jumped a bit and sort of squealed while we were kissing. Finally, I stopped pushing the button and broke our kiss. I asked her, “How does it feel?” She responded, “mmmm, amazing”.

As we walked in to the restaurant, I pressed the button on the remote with each step. Her arm was wrapped around my waist and she just kept pulling me closer and closer. The hostess greeted us at the door and started taking us to a table. Again as we walked through the restaurant I pushed the button on the remote with each step. The hostess seated us in a booth in a quiet area of the restaurant. Once we were seated, I continued using the remote for random durations for random length of time. Each time Ann would look at me and smile. I could tell Ann was getting excited because she squirmed a little each time I pressed the remote and her face was getting flush. Since we ate here on a fairly regular basis we both knew what we wanted to eat so neither of us opened our menus.

Soon the waiter came to take our order. When Ann opened her mouth to tell him what she wanted, I hit the button one quick time. Again she squirmed and looked at me quickly. I knew the waiter was looking at me. I sat, waiting while Ann finished ordering and then I quickly ordered what I wanted. As soon as the waiter left, Ann excused herself to go to the ladies room. As she walked away, I pressed the button on the remote, again a short buzz with each step as she walked away.

I sat and watched the news headlines on the TV at the bar while I waited for her to return. Soon my cell phone buzzed. I looked at it and saw it was a from Ann. I was very confused as I opened it and began to read it. It said, “ OMG this thing is amazing. I am so turned on. I have juices running down my leg”. As I was reading it, my phone buzzed again. This time it was a picture from Ann. In the picture the front of her skirt is lifted up and you can see the front of her soaked panties. I wanted to get up and run to the ladies room so bad but fought off that urge. I sent back a “mmm. Wish I was able to help you with that. Cum for .” Before I could hit , my phone buzzed yet again. After sending the , I checked. It was another picture from Ann. Almost the same as the last one but her panties were gone and she had two fingers buried in her pussy.

I sat with no response waiting. Finally after several minutes, she walked out of the restroom. Her clothes didn’t look any different from when she had left but her face was quite flush. As she approached the table I stood and hugged her. I kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “How was that?” She responded, “Simply amazing.” As soon as she said it, the waiter returned with our food. We sat and ate making small talk. I didn’t know if she still had the bullet in but I didn’t play with it while she ate.

When we were finished eating and the waiter had taken our plates away, I reached into my pocket and gave the button a quick push. Ann squirmed and looked at me and smiled. While we were waiting for the waiter to get our check and cash out our tab, I pressed the button probably 5 more times, each time only holding it down for a couple seconds each time. Finally we were ready to leave. As we walked out, I again pressed the button for a short time with each step we took. Just before we got to my vehicle she looked at me and smiled. She said, “You certainly know what you are doing with that thing. I’m about to cum again.” I stopped using it as we got to the vehicle.

I started the drive back to her office. As I drove, I kept my hand in my pocket. She had laid the seat back a little and had her legs spread a bit. No more than a block from the restaurant, we came upon a stop light that turned yellow as I approached. I stepped on the brakes and started to slow down and simultaneously pushed the remote control button, holding it down. As we sat there at the stoplight, I kept the button depressed. Within moments Ann throw her head back and said “OOOHHH YYYYEEEAA” and then let out a long moan. I kept the remote button depressed and I could tell she was in the middle of her orgasm. I held the button a few more moments until the stoplight turned green. At that time I released the button and continued to drive back to her office.

Nothing was said the rest of the trip back to her office. As I pulled into a parking stall next to her vehicle, I started to ask her, “Are you ready to…” when she cut me off and said, “I need you in me.” I looked at her and simply asked, “Here?” She shook her head no and said, “My office, now.” With that we both quickly got out of my vehicle and walked into the office. It seemed that no one was around, although I was so turned on that I didn’t spend much time looking for anyone. We made it to Ann’s office and I wasted no time. Immediately, I dropped to my knees in front of her and reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down. While I was pulling her panties off of her, she lifted her skirt. When she finally stepped out the panties, she immediately put her foot up on the chair to give me access to her. I quickly removed the bullet from her and buried my face between her legs. Assuming she was already fairly excited, I wasted no time and began licking her very quickly. She put her hand on the back of my head and pressed her hips into my face. I continued until I could tell she was about to orgasm and I wanted to be in her so bad. I stopped and quickly stood up. I began unzipping my pants. She seemed to know and bent over her desk while I pulled my cock out. Quickly I slid my full length deep into her hot, wet pussy. I had been turned on all night as well and was about ready to explode anyway. I grabbed her hips and began pounding my cock deep into her pussy. After only the second thrust she was almost screaming “Oh Yea” with each thrust. Soon she began to orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on my cock which drove me over the edge. I began shooting load after load of cum deep into her. I continued to thrust though the orgasms until it was obvious we were both done.

As I was finishing, I heard someone at the door say, “mmmm”. I turned to look and saw Jennifer leaning against the door jamb, watching us. She had her hand down her pants. When she saw me look at her, she removed her hand and quickly left. I’m not sure if Ann heard her or not, but it didn’t appear that she did.

I sat down in the chair and Ann sat on my knee and we kissed for several minutes, each of us trying to recover. The entire time, my mind kept racing through every scenario of Ann and Jennifer together. I could only hope that someday I would get the chance to see that happen.

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