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The shopping trip  

iowaguy2500 49M  
1 posts
12/17/2020 3:19 pm
The shopping trip

As I started to wake up, I heard water running in the shower. It was Sunday morning and my girlfriend, Ann, had spent the weekend at my place. It was our first weekend together and it had been amazing. I could hear her humming a tune while she showered. I took a glance at the clock and it was 9:30 AM. WOW, I never sleep in that late.

I was thinking about joining her in the shower when I heard the water shut off. She quickly stepped out of the shower and started drying off. She stood in the doorway, almost as if she knew I was awake and wanted to give a show. I laid there in bed, watching her while she finished drying off and started putting on her body lotion. Again, she stood right in the doorway so I could see the whole show. When she was done she walked into the bedroom and looked over at . Realizing I was awake, she bounced over to the bed and crawled in next to . She looked amazing and smelled intoxicating. She smiled and me and said, “Good morning sweetheart”. I smiled back and replied, “Good morning, darlin’”.

She lay next to me, her hand on the middle of my chest, slowly caressing it. I could feel a stirring in my groin. Before I could do anything she popped up off the bed and said, “Why don’t you go shower and I’ll make us some breakfast.” With that, she walked out of the bedroom.

I decided I should shower and got up and headed to the bathroom. I noticed the towel she had used to dry off hanging on the rack. Without thinking, I reached over and lifted it to my face and smelled it. I so loved the way she smelled. Quickly, I hopped into the shower and went about my normal morning routine with a shower and a shave. When I was done, I went to the bedroom, grabbed a pair of shorts, put them on, and proceeded to the kitchen.

When I walked into the kitchen, I saw her standing over the stove. She was wearing a snuggly fitting tank top and a skirt that hit her mid thigh. She looked stunning. She heard my walk in the room and turned toward me. I could tell she had nothing on under the tank top and wondered if she had anything on under the skirt. Smiling at me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. My arms quickly wrapped around her waist and I pulled her close to me. We kissed for a moment until she stopped and pulled her head back. She then said, “Breakfast is almost ready”. I looked at the stove and saw she was making pancakes and sausage. I was somewhat shocked because this wasn’t her typical type of meal. She was definitely a healthy eater.

We both must have been very hungry because we sat eating for almost 30 minutes saying very little except that necessary to get through breakfast. The occasional “Pass the syrup” or “do you want another pancake”. When we had finished breakfast, I asked, “Would you like to go sit on the patio?” I had hoped to use the patio more this weekend, but it had rained most of the day on Saturday and this was our first opportunity to get out there. We moved the chaise lounge chairs so they were side by side and each of us took one. We sat, holding hands, just enjoying the fresh air.

After several minutes, Ann said, “I could use another glass of juice, can I get you anything?” I replied, “I could take another glass too, if you would please.”

She walked toward the house and I watched her walk away from me. She always looked amazing and this was no different. Moments later, she returned to the door carrying two glasses of juice. She walked to the side of the chair I was sitting in and handed me one glass. I said, “Thank you so much sweetheart”. Without saying a word, she straddled the chair I was sitting in and sat down between my legs.

We sat and drank our juice. As we did, I stared at her. The only thing I could think was that I had to be the luckiest man alive. After a few moments she began stroking my thigh. Finally she smiled and said, “Baby, did you have anything planned for today?” I replied, “No not really, did you have something specific in mind?” She said, “Well, I was going to go<b> shopping </font></b>and was wondering if you wanted to go with me.” I said, “I would love to go<b> shopping </font></b>with you.” We sat for a while longer, drinking and talking about how nice the weather was.

Soon we decided that we could start toward the store and get there just after it opened. She hadn’t told me where we were going, and she seemed to want to get there just as the store opened. I quickly put on some warm-up pants and a t-shirt and we were out the door. I drove and she gave me directions. We pulled into the parking lot of a little strip mall. It was just a couple miles from my office and I had driven by many times but never attention to the stores located there. I quickly noticed that there were few cars in the lot and wondered if any of these stores were really open.

As we walked toward the building I would have guessed we were going into a little boutique. When I stepped through the door, I was shocked. The place looked huge. As I scanned the store I decided it was a women’s fitness apparel store. They seemed to have everything a women might need to do some sort of activity. There were running shorts, sports bras, swimwear, golf shirt and tennis skirts to name just a few. As I scanned the room I heard another woman’s voice say “Ann!!!! It is so good to see you!!” I turned to see Ann exchanging hugs with another woman. She couldn’t have been more than 5 feet tall, was very petite and had gorgeous red hair. She was probably about 30 years old. Ann turned to me and said, “Tami, this is my boyfriend.” And then addressing me said “Tami and I have been regulars in the same yoga class for about 5 years now.” I offered Tami my hand and she returned a hardy handshake.

Tami then asked Ann, “Are you looking for anything in particular?” To which Ann replied, “No, I was going to let him pick out some outfits today.” I looked at Ann with a shocked look and start to say, “I’m terrible at creating outfits.” Just as I got the words out of my mouth, Ann put a finger to my lips to silence me and she said, “You’ll do fine. Now why don’t you start looking and when you are done I’ll try them on for you.” I kissed her finger and said, “OK I’ll give it a try.” She smiled at me and replied, “Good, now go start looking.”

I spent the next hour and a half wondering through the store looking at all the different women’s clothing. It felt somewhat odd, but it also turned me on a little bit. In the end, I had put together a dozen outfits that I brought to the fitting rooms. All the while I heard Ann and Tami talking, giggling, and generally having a good time. I wondered if they were laughing at me, but for some reason really didn’t care. I didn’t even notice if any other costumers had come in the store. I was intent on my mission.

When I was finished, Ann went through the outfits and asked Tami to exchange a few of the items for a size larger or smaller than what I had picked up. She turned to me and said, “I don’t know what you were worried about. I couldn’t have picked out any better outfits if I was doing it myself.” She kissed me and the said, ”Ok sit down in that chair and I’ll start trying these on.”

I sat down and waited for her to come out. About half of the outfits that I had picked out had come from the golf clothing section of the store. I knew she didn’t play golf and had no idea if she had ever tried any of these types of clothes on. She came out in the first outfit. It was a sleeveless polo top and a skort. She looked even more stunning that even. She was beaming and I could tell she like it. She walked around in front of me modeling the outfit, spinning around and walking back. Nothing was said and she went back into the fitting room. This continued through all the outfits.

I had no idea what the last outfit was supposed to be used for, but it was the one that I was most waiting to see. The top looked like a combination of a sports bra and a halter top, the bottoms almost like bikini bottoms. It was made out of a cotton material that didn’t seem to be swimwear type material. When she came out wearing this outfit, my jaw hit the floor. I couldn’t believe how stunning she looked. She did her normal modeling walk and when I thought she was done, I returned to the issue of Sports Illustrated I had been reading while waiting for her to change outfits. I thought she was going to just go back and change.

I was only a few words into the article when she grabbed the top of the magazine, pulled it from my hands, closed it and dropped it on the floor. She pushed me back into the chair, straddled my legs, wrapped her arms around my neck and sat down on my lap. It seems that I had been in a perpetual state of arousal since we walked in the door. Having her sitting on my lap in this outfit only increased that arousal. She knew it too. When she sat down her crotch pressed into mine. My hard cock trapped between us. She started to grind her hips against me. She let out a soft moan and then stopped. She looked into my eyes and said. “Baby, I loved every outfit you picked out. You know some of those clothes I would have never even considered trying on. I’m glad you choose them all and I’m going to buy every one of them. You know, you are a lot better at this than you give yourself credit for. You may need to go<b> shopping </font></b>with me more often.” I smiled and laughed a bit but didn’t say anything. She reached into her top and pulled out a piece of paper. She said, “I have something I want you to do for me. There is a small men’s wear section over in the corner. Here is a brand and style of something I want you to try on for me. Can you do that?” I simply nodded. She stood up and said, “Good, now get going, I’m going to change.” I stood up and started to turn to go get what she wanted me to try on. As I did, she smacked me on the ass and giggled. I didn’t say or do anything, just kept walking.

When I found the item she wanted me to try on, I knew things were about to get interesting. I was looking at shorts. They were made out of the same cotton material that the last outfit she had tried on was made out of. I could tell they were going to fit a lot like compression shorts or biking shorts but they not anywhere near that long. The legs barely extended below the crotch. I was a little hesitant but decided I had to, I had told Ann I would. Thinking about it I decided I would have a little fun with it and grabbed a light grey pair and returned to the fitting rooms. When I got there, Ann and changed and Tami was helping her round up all the outfits she had tried on. Ann looked at me and said, “Come on, we haven’t got all day” and smiled at me. I moved into one of the fitting rooms and quickly undressed. I had no idea whether it was appropriate to wear anything under these shorts but I guessed not. Wanting to give Ann the full effect I teased my cock a bit so it was completely hard and pulled the shorts on. I quickly opened the curtain to the fitting room and walked out.

As I stepped out of the fitting room, I got the shock of my life. I had expected Ann to be the only one there. Instead, both ladies were standing there. When they saw me, Ann smiled, Tami gasped and began to blush. I walked a few more steps out of the fitting room and stopped. I stood there in front of both of them. I could feel my cock pressing against the shorts. I knew they could see the outline of its shaft and maybe even the head in the shorts. I stood for a few moments until Ann spun her finger around in the air which I knew meant turn around. I did turn around and stood for a few more moments. Finally, I heard Tami say, “Ann, you found one nice package there.” I turn back around to face them. Ann was walking toward me and when she got to me she wrapped her arms around me and said, “I know!!!!”

We stood in silence for a few moments and finally Tami said, “Well, your things will be at the register when you are ready to go” and she turned and walked away. Ann then quietly said to me, “and we need to get you out of those shorts.” As soon as she said it her hand was on my hard cock.

We walked quickly back into the fitting room I had come out of and I pulled the curtain shut behind us. We started kissing passionately and continued for a few moments. Ann stopped and looked into my eyes, almost as if asking a question. No words were spoken but I knew what she was thinking. I nodded my head yes and she dropped to her knees in front of me. Grabbing the shorts by the waist, she pulled them to my knees and releasing my cock. It stood erect right in front of her face. She looked up at me one more time and I quickly nodded to her again. With no hesitation she took the head on my cock in her mouth and wrapped one hand around the shaft. Her simple touch felt so good that I wanted to scream her name, but resisted. She started stroking my cock with her hand, not moving her mouth, just keeping the head in it. After just a couple of strokes, I heard Tami outside the fitting room ask, “Is there anything I can help you with?” Just as she finished the question, Ann flicked the head of my cock with her tongue. Instinctively, I said, “YYYYEEEESSSSS” not in response to the question, but from the pleasure Ann was providing me. Quickly, the curtain to the fitting room flew open and Tami was standing right at the door. She gasped when she saw what was happening but stood there wide-eyed watching intently.

After a few moments of just watching, Tami began to caress her body, first massaging her breast through her shirt, then moving to her crotch. Ann never flinched. She continued what she was doing; bringing me to the point I was going to explode. I said, “oh yes, baby, make me cum.” With that, Tami’s hand moved inside the shorts she was wearing. I couldn’t take any more and began to shoot cum into Ann’s mouth. She continued to stroke my cock and suck the cum out of me until I had finished. When I was finally finished, she released my cock from her mouth, turned to Tami and asked, “doesn’t this package look so much better out in the open?” Tami didn’t respond. She blushed a little and nodded her head yes. Ann asked her, “Would you like to hold his package?” Again Tami did not respond but she walked toward us and grabbed my cock when she was close enough. Ann was still sitting on the floor and her hand was still on my cock as well. Even though I had just cum, I could feel my cock stiffen. Both their hands remained on my cock for only a few seconds. Shortly after Tami touched me, Ann removed her hand from me and began removing Tami’s shorts. I was somewhat surprised by this but extremely turned on by it as well. Taking a cue, I reached over and removed Tami’s shirt as well.

Once Tami was naked, Ann started to caress her pussy. Tami spread her legs to give her access. I was caressing Tami’s breasts and she still had her hand on my cock. I could tell all the attention was really exciting Tami as her breathing quickened and she occasionally let out a soft moan. Soon, Ann placed her face in Tami’s crotch and began licking her pussy. While her tongue explored Tami, Ann had also lifted her skirt and was fingering herself. As I had expected earlier in the day, she wasn’t wearing any panties under the skirt. Both ladies were now moaning and my cock was stirring and was completely hard again.

I leaned over and whispered in Tami’s ear, “I want you to eat Ann’s pretty pussy.” She moaned again and nodded her head. She stepped away from Ann and was quickly on her knees between Ann’s legs burying her face in Ann’s pussy. I looked at Ann and smiled. Our eyes met and I mouthed the word, “enjoy”. She smiled back and mouthed, “Do her now”. I quickly kneeled behind Tami and grabbed her hips. As if she knew, her hand came up between her legs, grabbed my cock and guided it into her as she pressed back against me. Tami’s never stopped her focus on Ann.

For several minutes we continued like this, each of us moaning louder and more frequently. Eventually we all climaxed together, it was absolutely exhilarating. Juices were flowing everywhere. Tami’s pussy clamped down on my cock so hard. I buried my cock deep in her and shot load after load of cum in her. Ann was screaming, “OH YEAH, OH YEAH” over and over again. Finally we were all done and we collapsed on the floor. We laid there for several minutes while each of recovered.

Finally, we all got up off the floor. Tami and I found our clothes and got dressed. We all walked to the register. There I saw all the clothes Ann had tried on and three pairs of the shorts that I had tried on. I smiled and said,”Looks like someone has a pretty good idea as to what they wanted.” Ann smiled at me, wrapped an arm around me and said “I knew you would look great in them.”

Tami rang up the clothes and Ann said, ”I got this” and gave Tami her credit card. After everything was for, Tami looked at and said, “If you can get these I’ll get the door for you?” I nodded and said ok. The ladies started for the door and I started to pick up the bags. There were several of them so it took a minute or so to get them all picked up. I turned and ladies were standing at the door. Tami was holding it open. When I got there, Ann kissed Tami and said, “Thanks for everything today.” Tami responded, “It was my pleasure and thank you for stopping in.”

I loaded the bag into my vehicle and noticed still no cars in the parking lot. I thought that was really odd. As I drove back toward my place it was really getting to . Finally while stopped at a stop light I asked Ann, “Are those stores always that slow? There didn’t seem to be any business there at all.” She smiled and blushed a bit. Finally she replied, “Sweetheart, those stores aren’t open at all on Sunday.” I looked at her with a confused look. She continued, “Tami owns the store and I convinced her to open just for us today.” Still somewhat confused, I laughed a little and said, “What did that cost you?” She looked at me and blushed even more and responded, “Let’s just say, you more than took care of what she wanted.”

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