I enjoy writing fuck poetry. Let me know what you think!  

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3/12/2021 8:51 am
I enjoy writing fuck poetry. Let me know what you think!

A Pleasure Eat You
That very first kiss
Nervously, awkwardly  
We both shared tongues
was an urgency felt
A mutual taste of desire
A surging of our passion
Finally one another
I felt the need for my fingers  
fumble and gently cup Your breasts were soft, natural
Your nipples already erect
Your moans making clear
Your desire and willingness
Was asking for so much more
I slowly unbuttoned your shirt
You caught Your breath, said "Oh yes."
I cupped and fondled Your exposure
The beauty of these bare breasts
Was irresistible to my mouth
Was irresistible to my tongue
Heavy breathing was yours
I was ravenously hungry
My tongue then traced 's way
Down from Your tits
Down your belly button
Tongue flicking like a cobra
You moaned an "Oh please!"
A frantic "Just do , do !"
I popped the buttons of your jeans
Exposing your frilly white panties
"Can I take your jeans off please?"
Always the old fashioned gentleman
You breathily whispered "Yes, yes."
Jeans off you spread your legs
Such a delicious invitation
How could I honestly resist
With one hand you rubbed your breasts
I carefully watched your other hand
You inserted your fingers inside your panties
For a tad I watched you at
Panties now forming a wet patch
a symphony of moans and squeals
With your hand down your panties
I licked and kissed your wet legs
Her fingers moving more vigorously
She took your fingers out for me to suck
With a wildness I duly obliged
My hands moved to either side of your hips
Slowly pulling your wet panties off
To a squeal of delight and desire
I flipped you on to your front
I gently separated your ass
I gently licked your ring
"Oh God! It tickles!"
But the word stop was never uttered
As I licked, sucked and kissed
My tongue entered slowly
And flicked around purposefully
I thought your head might explode
From your orgasmic response
"Oh God! I've never let anyone before."
As you begged for more reaching fever pitch
Again I duly obliged like a passion<b> drunk
</font></b>Lunatic, long licks and frantic eating
I slowly turned you around still licking
Its your perineum that needs tasting
I kiss and suck your pink fleshiness
You respond clutching Your clit
You were so very noisy, which I love
My tongue investigated your pussy
Flap licking and careful lip nibbling
I gently move Your fingers with my tongue
Exposing Your very well formed clit
Your pussy on such a beautiful banquet
Dripping wet and now it was time to dine
I buried my head in your perfect wetness
I eat my fill then, inserting three fingers
I make you cum like thunder
Like a woman possessed
We rest in each others arms
Gently kissing and fondling
You cup my balls then stroke my dick
Tits and pussy feeding again
The moans are more intense
You so want to orgasm again
The temperature raised, becoming breathless
My other hand put two fingers in your pussy
Faster she demanded, and I obliged
With the power to lift you like a bowling ball
Lifting your ass off the bed
Moving to a crescendo of moans
You then instructed me to go slower
Within moments you, for the second time, came like thunder, but for longer
Satisfied I licked my fingers.
We laid together gently stroking and kissing
So many repeats of "I love you."
You closed Your eyes slowly smiling
You are so beautiful, lying ."
I was intoxicated by your beauty
I was infected by your sexuality
It was a pleasure to eat you
The pleasure being mine

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