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Apartment 357  

hockeyHUNG49 33M  
0 posts
7/29/2021 3:20 pm
Apartment 357

It was a shitty day...Hell it had been a shitty week; work hasn't had this much unneccessary drama...ever...And I have always been one to avoid that. But this has just been unavoidable. It has administratively infected every facet of my workplace, and the resentment has had my<b> chest </font></b>so tight, i can feel the pressure rising. Even those in my personal life took note this week. I knew I needed to find something...I went for a run...broke a hard sweat and set a solid pace...when i got back to my house i had worked through enough of the bullshit that i was only more frustrated. I walked through my garage, taking my sweat soaked shirt and whiping my face clean before hitting the garage door button, and escaping to the AC inside.
as my blood cooled inside, i stripped and ran the shower...downing a half liter of water before jumping in...i caught my naked body in the mirror...sweaty and a mess...body hair unkempt and oh pubic hair had gone too far...covering the first 2.5 almost 3 inches of my soft cock...and lets be honest after a hard run, was about all but the head...looking at myself i was frustrated...but atleast i knew i could fix quickly i broke out my trimmer and got to work, hedging rows of curly brown hair back as it fell to the waste bin between my legs. Then into the shower with a fresh razor and a thick lather, from shaft to balls, i came out smooth...and God does that just feel right in my hand...smooth, and heavy...even without being 1/2 hard, i remembered what my cock was meant for (it had been months of hybernation at that point)
Through the lockdown, I had either lost touch with or lost interest in every single partner or friend with potential sexual connection...even online...on Senior Sizzle...the connections werent there and though i spent the better part of the evening reaching out, not many members were interested in talking...and it just reminded me of work...whether its the the petty reasons to not get along or like one another, or the abject silence on the communication front...or more often and frustratingly; the broken comm systems i.e. the chat feature here on Senior was all just ridiculous we are on the same team...getting in one anothers way of success ...cockblocking our i said fuck this and grabbed the keys to my bike...hopped on and rode hard, about 20 minutes south of the gaslamp to an apartment building close to the boarder in san ysidro...i had been here before...maybe a 100 times...I could probably walk blindfolded from the parking lot to the door. It hadn't changed much in the 11 months since i had been inside...and it had never been unusual for me to show up unnanounced...but that was before our last encounter...
We had been casual but longterm friends with benefits for almost 2 years. the sex was electric from the very first time we got naked, she was naturally a slender and petite woman with seriously submissive tendencies and a strong desire to please her partner...Me; a tightly wound clock with a deep pit of disapointment and frustration to unload...night by night, orgasm by orgasm, we had always fed one another just the medicine we needed for our deeply flawed personalities...Neither of us saw the other as a long term romance...or even a budding relationship, it was just HOT and deeply satisfying.
It finally ended at the begining of the pandemic quaruntine took full effect...we text for a while...back and forth, sexting...or just to topically check in on one the months passed the time between texts slowed the point that they ceased to happen at all...drinking one night, i flipped through old messages and contacts...pausing on "Sarah M"
"Block this contact and Report as Spam?" Yes
So when I say that I knew there was a risk that this was a completely unwanted was...things had long since changed...but i needed to change...I needed to use her the way i know we both had used eachother time after time in that small, apartment on the third floor.
"Fuck" i exhaled, putting my right hand on the doorknob as though it was mine to be opening...As ever, unlocked . The sound of the wooden door frame flexing as i swung it shut behind me, then the latch lifting and locking into place as i firmly pressed it home. I could smell her perfume...instantly filling me with endless memories from our past encounters...but was she even home? I could see through to the exterior window, from the foyer, kitchen bar and living room...spotless...i began to feel frustrated again, at the looming probability that she would be a friends?...using someone else the way she used to use me...? I stepped through the kitchen area towards that exterior window just to see if there was a sign to interpret...just then, as I crossed the visual line from the bedroom, into the rest of the apartment, I could hear a faint buzzing...rhymic buzzing that was familiar to me...ramping to a steady hum, then smothered for a beat or so...then as though someone had muffled the sound, just for a moment blood pumped, i knew this game being played, my head drifted directly to the open door, and what lay beyond it...
Holding her iphone in landscape mode with her right hand, and a hot pink rabbit vibrator in the left hand, i found this woman, in her bed, airbuds in her ear, propped up only slightly by a mass of pillows behind her shoulder blades and neck, panties still on but stretched to accomodate her vibrator as it penetrated her skillfully, again and again, brushing those dangling and floppy vibrating rabbit ears on her glistening clitoris...What a Godess...I stood there just witin the limits of her bedroom, smiling with arms crossed looking down at her in absolutely delight..."Sarah" i called...only to be returned by her deep and carnal self became clear she was not going to hear...hell...or see I stepped forward
"Fuck" she said calmly as she sat up slightly more to address struck me as impossible that she was neither mad or embarrassed at the circumnstances I had forced in that moment...but if anyone had asked me for my opinion, I would've told them that i wasn't going to risk telling her how a normal person would have responded...I just took another step forward...and with her dirty little smirk, she looked me up and down and said take that off...
We both stripped naked and she crawled to the edge of the bed to work my shaft...i could have finished in that first minute...i still don't know how i held back, but i did knowing how much i needed to work through...I could tell she was as desperate as I was

...that night was 3 months ago...i think i'm falling for this girl

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