Stream of Sexual Consciousness  

heybaby1942 43M/19F
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2/12/2022 6:54 am
Stream of Sexual Consciousness

I'm kind of a sick fucker, but I think most people secretly are which is why they shame others for it. I'm horny a lot, sometimes at bad times, and I wanna play with my cunt. Other times I don't even care because I just wanna cum. It's like my sex hormones are on 100% all of the time, especially when my husband takes off his shirt ad I see all his skin, hair, and scars. It makes me<b> bite </font></b>my lip and my pussy wet every time. I always just want him to pull my hair and drag me to the bedroom where he can choke, bite, and spank me. I want him inside me all the fucking time and when he's not with me, I smell his pillow like an addict. He turns me on so easily. All he has to do is lick me a little and tell me my pussy is his favorite then he can have every hole of mine anytime he wants. I'd be on my back for him anytime he wants.

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