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Dating an older Man  

happysexy0069 38F
17 posts
9/17/2020 4:54 am
Dating an older Man

I decided start this live blog for my new journey with an older man. I saw P 2 days ago for coffee he is 60, soon be 61. We had coffee outdoors near my place. We talked for an hr, it was not awkward or anything. He was so nice and I really enjoyed him. He was not old Man-ish or anything, very quick witted and funny. We both left with expectation of doing again. He gave a kiss cheek , which I thought was cute, before he jumped in an Uber. I will be seeing him again today 9/ for lunch. Wanted add, we talked for minutes phone last night.

I just got home from seeing Pete for lunch. Pete was really nice again. We went an outdoor place near beach in Quincy. We talked about everything I think We are both coming out of relationships so was a lot talk about that. Mine was 6 months , his was almost 2 . and both ended abruptly. After lunch we walked along beach & sat wall enjoying nice day and talked. He was going get an Uber home and where was not too far I offered to drive him home. We got in car and he did what I was hoping he kissed . OMG, an amazing 1st kiss. I have say I was a little nervous it was going be<b> weird </font></b>or just not good, but wow. Well, we kissed in car for a while. I drove him his place and we kissed more in his parking lot. We will be seeing each other again Saturday. More come ---

9/ - spent the night the phone w/ Pete.. talking then texting till I fell asleep. then woke a lovely text from him having a happy day, looking forward tonight.

9/20 - I just woke , I had an incredible night. Tired and sore, but in a good way. Went out with Pete last night North End for dinner. I had a really wonderful time at dinner. We walked around NE then Uber-ed back my place. was amazing, we were together at my place from about - till 3am or so. I will say he was a lot of fun. I'd been with other guys, but really not like this, he was caring and loving. It wasn't just get in and off in min or less. He took his time, His kisses, his hands, can't even say how many orgasms I had. I have been told so many guys they have a PHD in oral sex, well I actually think he may have 1.I didn't have to pretend to he'd stop. Also, I know he had a great time as well. Can't wait to see him again - very soon

Talked to Pete while he watched the Pats. Thanked him for an amazing night. I am so thankful he is back to dating.

9/22 - I had lunch with Pete @ his place, for 3 hrs. We didn't do much eating in the kitchen/dining room. After we took a nice shower, a lot of fun for a Tuesday.

9/24 - I spent a few hours Pete's - really getting to know each other , every inch.

9/26 - Pete came over last night, we got Chinese and watched a movie. We cuddled on the couch then spent a few hrs in bed - Amazing night.

9/28 - I was going to update this yesterday but all the guys keep saying " they would be better" or " try me" and just giving me a attitude coz I won't see them. I don't see more than 1 person at a time. If that hurts you, go cry your , not me . 1 man , looked like Santa, gives his then says c'mon try .. NO ! All the rude e- are getting of hand - I DON"T care if you think you give the best oral sex, I don't want hear . -- Ok back what I wanted say yesterday. Pete came over Saturday night, he brought the ingredients make thin crust pizza. We made a Hawaiian & grilled chicken w/peppers & onions , was a great night. After dinner we walked the beach for a while. We went back for a quick shower and a few hours of "our time". Pete's hands, OMG , when he touches me I tingle. He touches my body, my , I love .

9/ - I will be seeing Pete tonight, 's been 3 days without seeing , though we've talked on phone and chatted.

Oct-1 - Pete came over last night, we took a walk at the beach and grabbed a pizza & a beer. We went to my place watched a little bit of a porn ( does anyone make it thru the whole thing? ) and spent hrs pleasing each other. Overall great night.

Oct-2 , Pete came over last night, we didn't bother with a walk or anything, right to bed, . Pete is such an unselfish lover, OMG , never had anything like this before. I will be seeing him tomorrow, can't wait !

Oct-3 OMG, so many sweet talkers here, amazing. What woman doesn't want to hear , I want to suck your nipples and over them. Wow, come right over . sure it's the other way around buddy. sure you want them 1st then suck them. Or a few guys them and be the clean guy. lol - Moron

-Oct-3 cannot wait see Pete

Oct - 4 - Pete came over again last night. We watched cams Senior Sizzle and played while watching. We also each logged into our accounts so he can see what it's like for a woman here and I could see what it's like be a man here. What a difference it is. I get so many messages , and and men just don't, a lot of ignores. I understand both sides now. I can reply so many and really some are so rude , I'd never reply anyway. Some are miles and miles away, a lot of dick pics lol Men, we know you have 1, so get over .

Oct - 4 - Pete's B' is soon, looking for ideas

Oct- 5 is a happy - seeing Pete tonight.

Oct -6 Pete came over last night, we watched the Pats, for a while. We ordered wings & skins and had a couple of beers. Once they melted down we went into the BR and enjoyed each other. Another great night !

Oct - 6 Didn't see Pete tonight. talked & texted. I will see him tmr for sure.

Oct - 7 It is going to be a good and a great night - cannot wait.

Oct - 7 Ok, guys / saying I love your profile, are you still looking meet an older man or are you still seeing Pete? What does the 1st line of my profile say?

Oct - 8 I cooked a nice dinner last night, pork chops, potatoes , fresh green beans , for Pete. Cake . was a really nice night, snuggled together on the couch watched a movies for a while . Went to bed for hours after. All around great night.

Oct. 8 - can't wait to see Pete this weekend.

Oct - 9 Pete just left, he has work in the morning. What a great night we had. I think I had at least 5 orgasms, more. His mouth and tongue are non-stop. I am going to sleep now, exhausted and happy.

Oct - Pete just got here, BBL

Oct - Had a wonderful night w/Pete. We walked the beach for a bit, went back my place for a couple of drinks , cuddling and bed for a while. No Patriots today , so sad. Resting now and zoning out on mindless TV, I need to recover.

Oct - I spent most of the day lazy as hell on the couch. Feeling relaxed and ready for the wee Was on the phone or texting w/Pete a lot, good laughs and plans for our next get together.

Oct ( ) - Pete is here, going be a nice night.

Oct ( ) - Great night with my energizer bunny -

Oct ( thirteenth ) Pete is way over, happy times.

Oct ( thirteenth ) Pete just left, came over around 4, just about 5 hours of all around the world. we watched a little of the game, glad Buffalo lost. I made Pete some coffee, how he drinks coffee @ 9pm I don't know, the man is a freak of nature but in an amazing way.

Oct th -- JUST because I chatted w/you , again- I am seeing someone from here , is NO Chance going see you. WTF , so needy - not leading you , no sex with you, I tell you what I am doing here , you say good luck w/your relationship, I say ty .. then you come back w/a question, I answer it and somehow you think still looking for someone. UGH!! READ - NO CHANCE

Oct th - Pete just left, we spent the whole together, it was really nice. We had lunch together in Quincy , walked the beach, great weather. We went back to my place for dessert . hehe We spent hours playing in every room.,and showered for dinner, just ordered in , Mexican . We cuddled after dinner and ended back in bed for a a lot more playing. Damn his dick just stays ready at times. exhausted and very , very happy. Good night , sweet dreams.

Oct Sixteenth, I didn't see Pete today but texted and talked. will get together tomorrow .

Oct Seventeenth ,I am jumping in the shower and heading Pete's, he's cooking breakfast and then hmmm , who knows, hehe. He has a nice fuzzy blanket climb .

Oct Seventeenth- Just came home from Pete's - great morning / afternoon - Pete made a lovely breakfast, spent the rest of our time his wonderful fuzzy blanket. Pete is coming to my place later tonight for a snac

Oct th -I had an amazing night, Pete just left. So nice wake up in someones arms. I'll be relaxing today after an incredible day / night of sex.

Oct 21st, Ok, why does it say xxx viewed your profile, then xxx sent you a and the is" are you looking for a special friend have fun times with" ?.. WTF - do people not READ?

Oct 21st , seeing Pete tonight.

Oct 21st, Pete came over earlier, we had a quick little dinner and enjoyed each other for a few hours.

Oct 24 - Poor me4u05 thinks I am a little bitchy, A woman speaks her mind and =tells what is happening and she is bitchy? Let me guess, Trump supporter? How about a guy that says I read your profile, meet or let's or any other sexual reference ? over and over and over.

Oct 24 - My energizer bunny is here, time for fun.

Oct 25 Still with Pete - watching football and cams, lol -- So really ,I get a from some thedawgg62 saying I need a blow job ASAP , I have one- hundred and fifty dollars - Are you kidding ? I wouldn't touch your pathetic cock for any , you ass.

Oct 25 - Patriots lost- damn. But got to w/Pete - unfortunately we decided I'd please him when SF had the ball and he'd please when NE had the ball.Happy say he offered switch after half. Great .

Oct 26th - Ok really? I get a from a guy in Maine - I need drive GA and would love someone keep awake or drive, WTF - ok pick up Home Depot , I'll pick up a shovel and a tarp.

Oct 26 - I see a lot of guys in tighty whities. What age should guys go big undies? They awful , really, shouldn't you go boxers or better yet boxer briefs? They are so very sexy. I was worried about that when I met Pete , but when he had boxer briefs on I was very happy, he looks amazing in them .

Oct 28, will be seeing Pete tonight.

Oct - 29 - Turned of profile for a while yesterday - TOO many guys hounding me to then a Bitch coz I don't answer - w/Pete - If I am here I am checking CAMS usually w/ Pete - If I don't reply , busy - I Don't see more than 1 person, so if you say - he won't know or it'll be our secret or continue send your tel# I will ignore you.

Oct - 29 - I saw Pete last night, we had a lot of fun.

Oct - Pete is on way over in a little bit.

Nov 1 - spent a lot of time w/ Pete over the weekend. I had an amazing time dan and night.

1 -8-21 - enjoying time w/Pete a lot.

1 - 9 -21 wow jimmycwells ran away like a little bitch when I answered his question. He logged off before I could make him cry. so if I don't answer , a bitch but if I answer w/something he doesn't like a cunt..hmmmm I should of asked why he's covering his bald head with a little boys BBcap and growing an early 2000 baseball players ugly beard.

: If you are so happy with the one you have, why are you on here??
04:07 pm
1st I don't answer to you, 2nd none of your business and 3rd if I were looking still, i'd not be interested in you.
Read 3m
You are a cunt arent you.
not really, why do you ask a question that is none of your business?
Read 1m

1 - - 21 -- Hey everyone, If Calell68 IM's you and you don't answer him because you're busy, he'll get angry and you Pathetic. what an Asshole.
Do you not know how type god now I’m sorry I was nice you won’t happen again trust me enjoy your pathetic silence
02:47 pm
Bye. Joy your pathetic silence
02:47 pm

OHHH Calell68 ( limp noodle ) must have his panties in a bunch - he must be spitting coz it's not a complete thought. Is he calling himself jackass? this is what he sent me :

Jack ass don’t need you and I proved it what a jack ass did me a favor so I blocked your sorry ass that’s how much I need you jackass enjoy your silence I could give a

you asshole
wow , you mad bro?

My bad, ( Calell68 ) may need a tampon or a Midol.

2 - 6 - 21 so this - 42 - has 'd a bunch of times the thing, I've answered him many times telling him NO - must be his way of trying start cyber, see his way of getting turned on . I've told him many times I like men that are men and would never be interested in a guy that would want that but he keeps trying.

42 - May I ask you a sexual question
07: pm
- ?
Read 07:22 pm

I am curious about pegging but embarrassed would you peg a guy
07:22 pm
hmm , this is like the th time you've asked that.
Read 07:24 pm

Sorry please refresh my memory
07:24 pm

You are very pretty
07:24 pm
Have you pegged a guy
07:28 pm

OMG, what is the issue people have with using the incorrect YOUR/YOU'RE ? Even when I reply back and they have to say what is pretty, they don't get it? And use the incorrect one again, it's like hearing someone scratching the blackboard when I see it.

2/22/21 - This site is like a focus that cannot focus - they should give everyone a supply of Ritalin when they join.

Not looking, is not code for - I want something on the side.

March 2 2021 - Someone just said, I read your profile, what is it you're not looking for.. WTF? WOW.

Another said, I read your profile, would you like to get into some kinky shit with me? LOL - seriously the guy had like 5 chins, he should try putting a chastity belt on his fridge. a little bondage and tie it up all night for punishment.

Pete and I are doing VERY well.

Pete and I are on a lot at the time. I think 's so funny ( but not really ) when a guy IM's or e-mails me says can I lick your pussy and 2 minutes later the guy asks Pete if he wants his cock sucked.. lol - ladies watch out.

3 - - 21 -- So = Mjrjr73 sends me an e- then blocks me.. I HAVE never spoken this so man, this is what he said --- If you’re seeing somebody you dumb cunt delete your profile - Like I would EVER be attracted this GRANDPA looking bald Ned Flanders - imbecile . I like how he ran and hid like a little boy .

Did I wrong Mjrjr73 finding someone before him? Why do men say to me , if I'd only been earlier?

Mjrjr73 said this today - 3 - - 21 - here is the chat copy, what a loser . Another user that can't use the correct your.

Chat with Mjrjr73 Quick View
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You are drop dead beautiful
3/4/2021 9:54 am
If you’re seeing somebody you dumb cunt delete your profile
3/10/2021 1:57 pm
If you’re seeing somebody you dumb cunt delete your profile
3/10/2021 1:57 pm
I never wrote to you what are you talking about ??????
3//2021 3:28 pm
Your sick
3//2021 3: pm

profcoquin27bis 58M
4323 posts
9/17/2020 6:39 am

damned, i am only 56yo !!!

justforfuncanada 54M
8 posts
9/17/2020 6:56 am

Love how open minded you are. Many of us "older" lads still have the minds and cravings of 20 year old --but carry the wisdom, experience and patience that our additional years have provided us. Would love to chat with you if keen --I am standard member so will give you my coordinates: justforfuncanada1 on GM B

14861 posts
9/17/2020 6:58 am

Hey, Happy.

*I Hope It Works Out*

Keep Us Posted!!

~Good Luck~


meetmeonthetrail 65M

9/17/2020 7:04 am

I do think Us older Gentlemen treat Woman with more in mind than just sex...

Blueyedguy823 55M  
1077 posts
9/17/2020 7:07 am

Good luck. Would like to hear more as things progress!

Allhard4u50 60M
1725 posts
9/17/2020 7:10 am

Very interesting....good for you. Where is Quincy ? Good luck.

1965emman1965 56M  
807 posts
9/17/2020 7:28 am

Good for you 😁 Lots of younger women like older men I have noticed. That's great hopefully both of you enjoy your lunch and have fun enjoy your day.

positively4you 73F  
4605 posts
9/17/2020 7:59 am

It is the connection more than the age. Go for what makes you both happy.

XHamburgDave 79M
10466 posts
9/17/2020 8:36 am

Hope you enjoy your time together I have just spent several hours of cyber sex with my Bi Friends 21 and 45 year old, i have been chatting with the 45 year old for a couple of weeks. She got her young GF round as a Bday present for me Sadly they are your side of the Atlantic, not near me

Please visit my Blog "Older but no Wiser"

Leegs2012 49M
96134 posts
9/17/2020 1:11 pm

Very Nice!!!! Welcome to Blog Land!!!

Kayak_Playmate 60M
147 posts
9/18/2020 3:59 pm

Wow, Pete is really a lucky guy. I will keep reading to see how lucky you both are. Have a great weekend.

ClassicFriction 60M
957 posts
9/18/2020 5:51 pm

So I'm not over the hill yet! Good luck!!

WSninetytwo 62M  
4 posts
9/20/2020 4:30 pm

Sounds like you're having a wonderful experience with Pete. I'm happy for you and am glad you're getting joy from what you've been looking for.

njfitguy1 60M  
555 posts
9/26/2020 11:30 am

Sounds like a nice night

onebackpack 42M

9/30/2020 6:59 pm

Heck yeah. Thanks for sharing.

ky4073 49M
3 posts
10/23/2020 3:38 pm

So glad you found someone. Good luck as you are both very lucky

McLovin4900 48M
1 post
1/22/2021 7:48 pm

I need to meet this Caleel fellow.

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