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Anyone enjoy erotica - wrote this - feedback?  

eugenefunnow 62M
0 posts
10/1/2021 4:24 pm
Anyone enjoy erotica - wrote this - feedback?

Finy, they had agreed et. After weeks of feeling each other out, chatting throughout their days, and a bit of online play, they both decided it was ti. He had made it clear her that their eting included play, and unlike their other playful practice, she had do as she was ld. He explained her it was ti see how she reacted real play, not so easily avoidable tasks and drills. She had be committed surrender at least for a few hours.

They chatted for a while about the "date," and after discussing limits (again), and comfort levels, she agreed. She would listen, defer, and do as instructed with no questions. He explained her carefully his expectations for the night and made sure she felt ready. She had been clear about her limits and she trusted him completely respect them. She rey liked this man.

They had been chatting for about a month and he had earned her trust. She liked how much ti he wanted spend talking about their lives, needs, wants, and<b> desires. </font></b>He had moved slowly at first give her ti, knowing she had limited experience as a submissive. Nicole found his voice seductive, and it surprised her how warm and sensitive he appeared. She had wanted et him since their first phone chat. He ld her et him at the bar at Oasis at 6:30 for a dinner reservation at 7. He had made it clear be there by 6:30. She had asked about dressing and he ld her wear her best fuck- outfit with panties, thong preferred but anything sexy would suffice.

He ld her check in at the hostess' stand and tell her she iwas eting Rex for dinner at 7. Rex, she thought, that is not his na. It ok a few minutes realize the significance of the na. She laughed but also beca slightly tuned on. King she thought. Funny man. She arrived in the dress she knew would drive him insane. Since they both had been very careful in sharing information which would reveal more about who they rey were up until then, she had shared a couple of pics and knew he liked her look a lot. She had not seen anything of him, she knew little about his look or anything. She wondered what he had in mind and even how the energy would be when they finy t. She was excited, nervous, horny, and curious about him in ways surprising her.

She rey liked him, and she knew he liked her. She looked forward their ti gether with great anticipation as she got ready. Arriving at 6:25 and looking around, she found the hostess' station. The hostess looked down at, what she assud, was the reservation book, but instead handed her an envelope and a sm brown bag, then smiled and had asked her follow. The hostess ok her over the bar, which was crowded as it was Wednesday night. A well-known ukulele player was performing for Happy Hour, and the restaurant was packed with music lovers. The place was bustling with energy and loud conversations. She wondered why he picked such a noisy and crowded place for their first eting. The hostess pointed a seat at the bar with a reserved sign on it. The hostess removed it and pointed the seat. Nicole sat down and wondered when he would show up. She hadn't noticed that she'd already entered his gaze. He watched her interact with the hostess, looking around the bar and dining area while the hostess retrieved her package.

He was captured imdiately by her smile. He had known her body was amazing but until that mont, he had not seen her smile. He loved her face. Her hair frad her face in a way that highlighted her beauty. He wanted her even more. He watched as she o her seat. She did not know, of course, but he had ordered a drink for her and it arrived before she had chance rey get a sense of her surroundings. She looked around and right at him, but he did not rey register her, as he was with a friend who loved the music. His friend had t him for drinks and pupus and listen the one of the best ukulele players around. The friend had no idea he was there provide cover and camouflage help Sean hide from her for a while.

She looked for a man by himself but there were so many people around the bar it was hard tell who was with whom. While she was looking around her drink arrived. “From Rex,” the bartender had said. He watched her as the drink arrived and as she leaned in hear what the bartender had said. She leaned back and looked around for him. He watched with amusent as she scanned the room and looked past him once again. She turned her attention the bag and envelope. “Open first” was written on the envelope. She opened it and read her instructions: “I will be there soon, but for now take the bag in the won’s bathroom and you will know what do.” She felt herself get a bit excited and noticed her breathing had changed. She ok the bag and went in the bathroom.

She got in a st and opened the bag. She could not believe what she saw. A butterfly vibe and what she thought was a sm butt plug. She had ld him she was not crazy about ys and here he was giving her two. She was a bit put off but after a few seconds her submissive nature kicked in and she ok them out of the bag. She wanted see how much they vibrated but could not locate any kind of control or butn turn them on. Great, she thought, I must wear these and I am not even sure why. There's no way make them vibrate. She did as he commanded and went back out wards the bar. The seat they had given her was at the near side of the bar, wards the backside. Although the place was on the ocean, her seat forced her look wards the center of the bar and away from the ocean view, and away from the tables behind her. The musicians were her left and although she did not know, she had look past him watch the performance. As she moved wards her seat, he turned on the butterfly at low speed. He saw her hesitate as it started, could almost see in her face the second she realized he had remote control over the vibrar. She spped and looked around again; sure, he had be there. She felt the vibration on her clit, and the combination of the vibrations and situation caused her instant excitent. She even felt her nipples react. He was smiling, knowing what was happening. She made it her seat and sat down. He watched her look around again, knowing she was looking for him and unaware he was within 10 feet of her. He increased the speed of the butterfly and turned on the butt plug on low. He saw her body twitch, and she slightly changed positions on the seat. She realized why he had chosen this place. The noise level at the bar hid any possibility of soone hearing the low buzz of her ys.

He texted: "Get ready for a ride.” She texted back: "Where are you?" No reply ca. He increased the speed of both vibrars, watching her closely as she sipped on her drink and dealt with being in public and being teased. He started alternating the speeds, so she could not control how she was reacting; slow, then fast creating slow waves of vibration in her ass and on her clit. The vibrations made her want insert her fingers and fuck herself but knew she could not. It drove her crazy and ok every bit of control she had not scream. He texted again "No orgasm, c the bartender over and order a glass of water." She did, and while he was coming wards her the speeds of both when full force, she felt her entire body vibrate and was having trouble focusing. The combination of the music, the noise in the bar, the alcohol from her drink and his control of her body now, was more than she could handle easily. When the bartender ca over, it ok every bit of strength she had order. She mumbled, "Water please." She wanted hump her seat.

The bartender asked her where she was from, but she was beyond being able focus on what he said, so she just looked away. It ok everything she had maintain control and not just let go and give in her body's<b> desires. </font></b>Nicole thought about how this man had put her in this position and surprised her beyond anything she had considered, and she still had not t him. She wanted him so much, he was in control of her body and suddenly the vibrations spped. Her breathing was heavy, and she was feeling drained but at the sa ti completely aroused and full of desire. Rex texted, "In a minute or two I will co up behind you and when I do you are look forward and follow my instructions…text confirm you understand." She responded, “Yes Rex." She suddenly had a level of nervous excitent she had not felt in a while. She wanted feel Rex's uch, wanting be taken, consud. She wanted be uched over and fucked hard and be made know that she was his.

He ca up behind her and gently put his hand on her shoulder. He leaned in her, moved her long, golden hair away from her neck and kissed her. He whispered in her ear, “You are so beautiful you leave breathless. I want you completely, of you.” She listened, and as he said these things her, she was ready do anything the man wanted. He ld her turn around so she could see him. She did and looked right in his hazel eyes. She saw his face light up as he ok her in. He was very masculine and looked powerful and confident, self-assured. Traits she imdiately liked. He handed her another envelope. He explained it was a room key, room 325, “Go there now and you will find instructions.” He looked at her and smiled, “We are only at the beginning, Nicole. We have a long road travel, so we should begin our journey now." She did as he instructed, assuming he would follow along with her. He did not. She wondered what was next, waiting for her in room 325.
( be continued)

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