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8/21/2007 1:04 am

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This 31" creature was found on the shore of Lake Erie and mounted by taxidermist Pete Peterson. It is currently at the Creation Evidences Museum in Glen Rose, Texas. The creature has yet to be identified.

Whispersoftly5 57F
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8/22/2007 12:22 am

I checked it out - a lot of sites came up. I don't know if I found the same one you had, but it was pretty interesting all the same!

Kisses sexy man! {=} {=} {=}

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8/22/2007 12:05 am

I,m not allowed to share links here of other sites
but just type lake monsters in your favorite,
search engine and I'm sure you will be led to the site,
that I have found this article in.

they claim it to be true, and certainly the museum in Texas is

Whispersoftly5 57F
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8/21/2007 10:00 pm

Hey! Oh my gosh! I don't believe it!!! That's my long lost buddy the Dosolslopolupopos. I'm so glad he's been rescued! Oh my goodness, I missed him so terribly much!!!

Hey, what the..? What exactly do you mean when you say mounted by taxidermist???

Oh no, please don't tell me... No.... My poor long lost friend the Dosolslopolupopos! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

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8/21/2007 2:43 pm

E's got two empty halves of coconuts and E's banging them together....

Evil Tim

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