Strawberries are erotic (a short story)  

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Strawberries are erotic (a short story)

She was sitting on the bed,
watching the news
when I walked in.
"Whatcha eatin?"
I asked,
my mind and eyes more on
the nightshirt she wore,
because I knew
she wore nothing underneath.
"Strawberries," she replied,
taking another from the bowl
between her crossed legs.
"Ohhhhh," I said,
stripping to
my normal housewear,
a t-shirt and boxers.
"Care to share?" I asked,
as I climbed onto the bed
and sat behind her,
cradling her in the V
of my spread legs.
"Why should I?" she answered,
giggling as I
snuggled against her.
"Because," I said,
are very, very sexy."
"Strawberries? No. . .
bananas, cucumbers,
mangoes, peaches. . .
those are sexy.
But not strawberries."
I grinned into her shoulder.
"Oh, I don't know. . ."
I said, reaching between her legs
to take one,
being careful
to nudge the chilled bowl
against her center,
drawing a gasp from her.
". . .I think
they are very sexy," I finished,
lifting the berry,
which was, like the bowl,
still chilled from the fridge
to her breast
and rubbing it lightly
against the thin nightshirt.
she sighed,
"prove it."

I took one in my other hand
and lifted it to her other breast,
rolling both cold fruits softly
over her rising nipples.
"I see your points,"
I said
with a devilish grin,
"do you see mine?"
"Hmmmmm. . .starting to feel it,"
she answered,
wiggling her bottom
against my boxers. . .
she knew it turned me on.
"Then I'll have to try harder,"
I responded,
popping one berry into my mouth
and taking another. . .
this time moving my hand
along her bare thigh,
dragging the strawberry's tip
between my fingers,
its chill making her shiver
deliciously in my lap.
Up, up, up
I moved the strawberry,
past the top of her thigh,
up to her sweeter-than-berries labia,
and a gentle press
of the cold berry there
made her shudder and sigh,
my lips against her neck,
my other hand still rubbing
a berry against her nipple.
"Mmmm," she sighed,
arching her arm back
to pull me closer to her neck
as, in her lap,
I began moving the strawberry
up and down slowly,
nudging her netherlips
with its tip,
the fruit seeking to be eaten
by her sweetest mouth.
I began gently
nibbling and biting her neck,
the soft pain accentuating
the pleasure in other places,
and her legs spread wider
in wondrfully wanton invitation.
I ate the strawberry
I'd held at her breast,
quickly replacing it
with a colder one
before slipping the other berry
between her lower lips,
care to hold to it tightly
as I dipped it
in her growing wetness,
my ears filled
with her soft sighing moans.
In and out,
in and out,
in and out,
then I lifted it to my lips
and took a bite,
savouring the mixed tastes.
"Mmmmm. . .delicious," I said,
my smile wide
as I took another one
and slid it into her,
her body jerking
at the sudden chill inside,
even as her hips began to move
in time with the strokes
of fingers and strawberry.
The berry at her breast
was dropped and forgotten,
my hand no longer able
to forgo the pleasure
of cupping her soft flesh,
of teasing, pulling, rollling her nipples
between my fingers.
Between her legs,
I moved the strawberry up
so its bumpy skin
caressed her pearl
on each lusciously slow thrust,
drawing more moans
and sighs from her mouth,
more moisture
from her hot, swollen lips.
As I nibbled and teased,
licked and stroked,
her hips moved faster,
her flesh grew hotter,
her moans became louder,
her shudders more insistent and I
rubbed her pearl harder,
strawberry and fingers
wet with her juices,
seeking the waves,
seeking the crash,
searching for the
she came,
squeezing the strawberry
tight inside her,
nearly crushing it before
I brought it to my lips
and swallowed it whole,
sighing with delight as I
swiftly took another
and massaged her open blossom
gently with it,
easing her down
but keeping the waves
from completely subsiding.

"See my point yet?" I asked,
kissing her warm cheek.
"Mmmmm," she replied,
nestling against me
as I felt her reach back,
felt her hand enter
the leg of my boxers. . .
and I jumped,
shocked by the cold touch
of the strawberry in her hand
to the warm, pulsing flesh
of my aroused hardness.
She laughed breathily
at my reaction;
"Just wanted to see
if it worked both ways,"
she giggled as I settled
back into place behind her.
"Mm hmm," I replied,
taking another strawberry
to run up and down
her hot, damp netherlips.
Her hand reached back again;
expecting the chill,
I did not jump
as she rolled the strawberry,
cradled in her palm,
along my hardness
as she softly stroked it.
"Feels good,"
I breathed into her ear
as I nibbled it,
and could feel her smile
even as she moaned
from the strawberry now focussed
solely on her pearl.
My other hand moved down,
grabbed another strawberry,
and began moving it
in and out,
in and out,
in and out of her
as the other rolled
and rubbed on her pearl.
Her hand on my hardness
moved faster as her pleasure grew,
as her breathing became hitched,
as her moans became groans. . .
the eruption overtook her,
shook her, wracked her,
and as it did
she stroked faster and faster
harder and harder
until the biggest wave hit
and she squeezed. . .
crushing the strawberry in her hand
against my throbbing,
silver-fluid-tipped length
and crushing the berry
I held inside her
in orgasmic spasms.
"Made a mess," she said
between sighing, hitching breaths.
"We'd better clean it up,"
I said with a grin
as she pushed me back,
onto my side,
and I pulled her down to hers,
her legs by my head.
As I took
her thigh for a pillow,
she did the same with mine,
and my first lick
of her strawberry-soaked petals
was greeted by the feel
of her warm, wet mouth
enveloping the head
of my hardness. . .
I moaned into her,
my hands grabbing her bottom
to pull her strawberry-scented sweetness
closer to me. . .
soft, teasing licks
soon gave way
to hungry, devouring,
penetrating laps,
the strawberry's succulence
adding to her own
as I greedily drank the mixture,
revelling in
the pleasure of the taste
and the feel of her mouth on me,
sucking, licking, nibbling,
as primally powerful
as my attentions on her. . .
all thought overwhelmed,
our hips moved,
driving desperately
for each other's mouth and tongue,
lost in the ecstasy
of pleasing and being pleased,
lost in the shudders
and moans and sighs,
lost to each other's
strawberry-tinged tastes,
lost in the waves
that built
and built
and built
and built until we
she on
my tongue
coating it
and lips
and cheeks
in her
delicious juices
me in
her mouth
eruptiing in
hot, stick,
strawberry-sweetened torrents
between her lips
both groaning
me into her
her around me
shuddering shaking
with passion's impact
and as it rumbled
travelling through us
the last of our bursts
finally expended
she suddenly turned
and kissed me deeply,
strong and hungrily,
as she wrapped a leg around me
to pull me tight against her.
"Point proven," she said
with a grin of her own
as she reached between us
and guided my still-hard length
into her wet heaven. . .

Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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3/26/2006 3:19 pm

Sweets for a sweet tooth..could call all fruit passion fruit.
Happy belated birthday!

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3/26/2006 5:20 am

I love strawberries....even more now...

kind thoughts,

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