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My Sexting Blog for the Week  

ed_curious 59M
0 posts
12/28/2021 10:09 pm

Last Read:
2/3/2022 5:28 pm

My Sexting Blog for the Week

[8:48:02 PM] Wanderer: Sexting?
[8:49:40 PM] Jackie: Ok, you start something
[8:50:04 PM] Wanderer: I would suck on your toes, and kiss your ankles, while pulling you across the bed towards the edge
[8:51:08 PM] Wanderer: I would then push your legs apart and kiss the inner part of your thighs while massaging your knee pits looking for that zone
[8:52:47 PM] Wanderer: as I work my way up to your crotch, I am slightly nibbling on your inner thigh and pushing your legs apart, while I pull your thong underwear to one side so I can tongue fuck you
[8:53:37 PM] Wanderer: I then push your knees together just long enough to get your thong down and around your ankles, and then I slip them off your feet
[8:54:39 PM] Wanderer: as i bend your legs back to a diamond, I lay my cock in between your feet, and start tongue fucking you again
[8:54:40 PM] Jackie: Holy fuck
[8:54:48 PM] Jackie: Yes yes yes please!!!
[8:55:17 PM] Wanderer: I am manipulating your clit with my tongue, and I place two fingers inside
[8:55:31 PM] Jackie: Wow yes please
[8:55:46 PM] Wanderer: hooking them upwords and trying to put pressure on your g spot
[8:55:59 PM] Jackie: Im dripping wet now
[8:56:25 PM] Jackie: I want to cum so badly
[8:56:31 PM] Wanderer: while pressuring your g spot I start sucking your clit and drawing it out away from your pussy, its getting engorged
[8:57:11 PM] Wanderer: I can feel you rubbing your feet against my dick, and I am dry humping your feet
[8:57:17 PM] Jackie: I want you to kiss every inch of me
[8:57:33 PM] Jackie: Yes baby please
[8:57:50 PM] Wanderer: I grab your hands with mine, our fingers intertwined and I start moving my lips up your stomach
[8:58:05 PM] Wanderer: kissing, and I tongue out your belly button
[8:58:28 PM] Jackie: I'm just thinking of how good your cock will feel when it's inside me
[8:58:48 PM] Wanderer: I slide my body up to yours, my cock is now laying on your stomach
[8:58:59 PM] Jackie: I bet it's so big ....fuck
[8:59:13 PM] Wanderer: I am kissing your neck, would you like to see my dick for real
[8:59:37 PM] Jackie: I'm dripping wet. My pussy is begging to just be fucked
[8:59:54 PM] Jackie: I'd like to see but I can't send photos...
[8:59:59 PM] Wanderer: here is a pic: h t t p s://
[9:00:31 PM] Wanderer: Can you can feel the tip of my dick just barely penetrating your pussy
[9:00:49 PM] Jackie: Yes
[9:01:07 PM] Jackie: I'm dripping wet in my panties (for real)
[9:01:20 PM] Wanderer: I have your arms stretched above your head, and I am kissing your neck, while I start to push my dick in and out of you
[9:01:56 PM] Wanderer: my cock is almost 6 inches in girth, and almost 7 inches long
[9:02:24 PM] Wanderer: it stretches you out and you gasp a little, for air, everytime I push it in deeper
[9:02:38 PM] Jackie: I'm moaning so loud for you baby I like it when you put your cock in and we both gasp because I'm so tight and your so fucking big
[9:02:53 PM] Wanderer: I can feel the sides of your vagina flexing on my dick as you squeeze your muscles
[9:03:07 PM] Jackie: Fuck harder baby
[9:03:12 PM] Wanderer: my dick is throbbing, and I can feel the cum building
[9:03:18 PM] Wanderer: are you getting close?
[9:03:20 PM] Jackie: I'm so wet really
[9:03:28 PM] Jackie: Yes I'm getting so close
[9:03:32 PM] Wanderer: are your masturbating for real?
[9:03:40 PM] Jackie: Yes I am (for real)
[9:03:49 PM] Jackie: I'm promise baby
[9:04:13 PM] Jackie: I reallly want to cum I've been waiting all night for someone like you
[9:04:13 PM] Wanderer: I start pushing my dick in and out of you, I can feel our pelvic bones touch on every stroke
[9:04:20 PM] Wanderer: fucking your harder
[9:04:26 PM] Wanderer: oh yessss
[9:04:41 PM] Wanderer: I can feel your cervix with the tip of my dick
[9:04:48 PM] Wanderer: your back is arching
[9:04:53 PM] Jackie: I'm screaming your name
[9:05:01 PM] Jackie: My heart is pounding
[9:05:02 PM] Wanderer: your break free of my grasp
[9:05:24 PM] Wanderer: and with both hands you grab my ass cheeks and pull me harder into you
[9:06:00 PM] Jackie: I want every inch of you baby I want it so deep in my tight pussy
[9:06:01 PM] Wanderer: you wrap your legs around me , and I am lifting you and pushing you further up the bed on each stroke
[9:06:11 PM] Wanderer: I am pushing hard
[9:06:15 PM] Wanderer: and fucking...
[9:06:18 PM] Jackie: Fuck yes baby
[9:06:40 PM] Wanderer: my balls are aching, i am sucking your mouth, and tongue
[9:06:49 PM] Wanderer: and biting your lower lip
[9:06:59 PM] Jackie: I reach down and start touching myself while you fuck mr deeper
[9:07:46 PM] Jackie: I get so close to cumming then you pull out to tease me..
[9:07:48 PM] Wanderer: I'm edging you babe, I place my hand unnder your head and grab the knape hair and pull your head back
[9:08:15 PM] Wanderer: I toy with the opening of your pussy just with the head of my cock
[9:08:30 PM] Wanderer: your are massaging your clit
[9:09:11 PM] Jackie: Im begging for you to tease me with you big cock
[9:09:16 PM] Wanderer: I start pushing my dick back in, and with my right hand under your ass, I hook my finger into your asshole
[9:09:38 PM] Jackie: I scream because it feels so good
[9:09:55 PM] Wanderer: I am fucking your pussy and pushing my finger in and out of your anus at the same time
[9:10:06 PM] Wanderer: have you cum yet
[9:10:11 PM] Wanderer: ?
[9:10:15 PM] Jackie: No I'm close
[9:10:22 PM] Jackie: Keep going baby
[9:10:24 PM] Wanderer: keep rubbing your clit
[9:10:37 PM] Jackie: Faster, slower?
[9:10:57 PM] Wanderer: i am just wildly fucking you, my cock is throbbing so much, I start to quiver
[9:11:09 PM] Wanderer: I can feel a small explosion coming on
[9:11:12 PM] Jackie: I'm so close
[9:11:20 PM] Jackie: Fuck
[9:11:32 PM] Jackie: Yes please keep fucking me
[9:11:40 PM] Jackie: Harder
[9:11:46 PM] Wanderer: I don't cum like most men, so my cum is like pre-cum not messy
[9:11:56 PM] Wanderer: I cum a little, and my dick throbbs
[9:12:11 PM] Wanderer: I can come twice, the second time is always earth shattering in my brain..
[9:12:21 PM] Jackie: So hot
[9:12:38 PM] Wanderer: as my dick swells I can feel your pussy squeezing on my cock, it's like you're trying to pinch it in half
[9:12:52 PM] Jackie: Yes...
[9:12:54 PM] Wanderer: you feel like you are starting to cum on me...
[9:13:06 PM] Wanderer: god you are so beautiful
[9:13:06 PM] Jackie: I'm cumming
[9:13:21 PM] Wanderer: I look into your eyes and I start cumming hard
[9:13:32 PM] Wanderer: I see the love in your eyes
[9:13:52 PM] Jackie: My heart is racing
[9:13:56 PM] Wanderer: I look deep into them, I can see your spirit as we connect
[9:14:09 PM] Wanderer: I am emptying myself into you, everything I have
[9:14:19 PM] Wanderer: all the emotion, the connection...
[9:14:42 PM] Wanderer: it's like my whole existance is draining out of me into you...
[9:14:45 PM] Jackie: Yes fuck....oh my god
[9:14:55 PM] Wanderer: do you feel the connection?
[9:15:13 PM] Jackie: Yes baby
[9:15:14 PM] Wanderer: did you see my pic
[9:15:24 PM] Jackie: Yes so hot
[9:15:33 PM] Wanderer: you are hot
[9:15:41 PM] Jackie: So are you
[9:15:43 PM] Wanderer: right now I am masturbating
[9:16:11 PM] Wanderer: talk to me
[9:16:23 PM] Jackie: I just orgasmed to that, your really hot
[9:16:25 PM] Wanderer: while i stroke
[9:16:35 PM] Jackie: Okay baby
[9:16:40 PM] Jackie: What's your name?
[9:16:49 PM] Wanderer: curious ed
[9:16:57 PM] Wanderer: e
[9:17:05 PM] Wanderer: call me e
[9:17:38 PM] Jackie: Cute name e
[9:18:01 PM] Wanderer: describe yourself
[9:19:46 PM] Wanderer: ?
[9:19:49 PM] Jackie: Im 21. Brunette, blue eyes, taller and thin. I wear big jackets and converse daily. I like to run. I have smaller hand full boobs
[9:20:02 PM] Jackie: I love lingerie
[9:20:09 PM] Wanderer: i love small boobs
[9:20:20 PM] Wanderer: i love dainty feet
[9:20:28 PM] Wanderer: I could suck your toes
[9:21:03 PM] Jackie: I have dainty legs and I'm pretty skinny. I'm 5 9
[9:21:28 PM] Wanderer: i am 5 10 only weigh 158
[9:21:46 PM] Wanderer: older than you though
[9:21:49 PM] Jackie: Cute
[9:21:56 PM] Jackie: How old are you?
[9:22:07 PM] Wanderer: 59
[9:22:23 PM] Wanderer: dont look it..
[9:22:42 PM] Jackie: Wow,A real sexy man
[9:23:09 PM] Wanderer: i am trying to masturbate and type...a little tough
[9:23:29 PM] Jackie: It's okay baby
[9:25:13 PM] Jackie: Thank you for making me cum sexy. You are very hot. I Iove it when your cock slips into my pussy and I just get the chills immediately. Your cock fills me up and makes me feel so good baby.
[9:25:33 PM] Wanderer: keep it up
[9:28:33 PM] Jackie: I especially like it when we fucked in the kitchen last night baby. I was so turned on when you sat me up and on the counter and started brushing my hair out of my face and kissing me deeply. I was dripping wet by then and you were working your way to my pussy. You dropped your pants and without warning pounded your hard cock into my pussy,
[9:28:33 PM] Jackie: remember how I gasped so loud? I felt your cock throbbing in me and I was getting so close to cumming for you that quick
[9:28:46 PM] Wanderer: where are from?
[9:29:23 PM] Wanderer: man that must have been a bitch to type on a phone...
[9:29:34 PM] Jackie: I'm from New York
[9:29:48 PM] Jackie: Anything to help you cum like you did for me...
[9:29:50 PM] Wanderer: Nice NYC or upstate....
[9:30:10 PM] Jackie: NYC
[9:30:17 PM] Jackie: You?
[9:30:23 PM] Wanderer: I live in conneticut for a while, use to take the train into the City
[9:30:28 PM] Wanderer: I live in seattle
[9:30:45 PM] Jackie: Wow so far for me
[9:30:53 PM] Jackie: Oh wow
[9:30:59 PM] Jackie: Sexy man
[9:31:07 PM] Jackie: I like it.
[9:32:03 PM] Jackie: Nice
[9:32:14 PM] Wanderer: you're up late tonight...
[9:32:14 PM] Jackie: Where is that?
[9:32:20 PM] Jackie: I am yes
[9:32:37 PM] Jackie: Been drinking
[9:32:53 PM] Wanderer: what are you drinking
[9:32:54 PM] Wanderer: ?
[9:33:15 PM] Wanderer: Drinking by yourself?
[9:33:17 PM] Jackie: I was drinking tequila.
[9:33:45 PM] Jackie: No no had a late night out with friends. I'm in an apartment now
[9:34:23 PM] Wanderer: Tequila is good, it has the<b> weird </font></b>warm feeling that almost no other liquor has, I can't quite put my finger on it...
[9:34:53 PM] Wanderer: Whiskey is harsh, gin makes me gag, vodka is for russians
[9:35:23 PM] Jackie: Yes! I agree with you! Haha
[9:35:52 PM] Wanderer: Tequila is smooth, silky, like really good silk underwear, or fucking between real silk sheets, or fine cotton
[9:36:04 PM] Jackie: I get so horny when I drink
[9:36:21 PM] Wanderer: it's natural
[9:36:38 PM] Wanderer: what do you do for work
[9:36:40 PM] Wanderer: ?
[9:36:44 PM] Jackie: Fucking in silk sheets huh? God i'd like to try that
[9:37:25 PM] Wanderer: Have you ever worn silk panties?
[9:38:16 PM] Jackie: Im actually a student right now.
[9:38:27 PM] Jackie: Not real silk. I wish
[9:38:42 PM] Wanderer: If not, you should treat yourself, I'm sure they're not cheap nowdays, but you will get hooked
[9:38:58 PM] Jackie: Hmm, I just might
[9:39:20 PM] Wanderer: I used to have a set of silk long johns, and skip the underwear because they felt so nice
[9:39:44 PM] Jackie: Wow, sounds so nice!
[9:39:57 PM] Jackie: Did you ever cum?
[9:40:12 PM] Jackie: Im curious again
[9:40:22 PM] Wanderer: yes I did, once....
[9:40:51 PM] Jackie: Wow
[9:41:12 PM] Jackie: I also did cum, once
[9:41:22 PM] Wanderer: nice
[9:41:37 PM] Wanderer: what school? what amjor?
[9:41:41 PM] Wanderer: major(sp)
[9:42:15 PM] Wanderer: Is there still a night life in NYC, with the lockdowns
[9:42:25 PM] Jackie: [deleted] and History with a minor in [deleted].
[9:44:08 PM] Jackie: Yes and no. I know of some clubs and stuff. Not my thing, I have a group of colleagues I drink with after work
[9:44:30 PM] Wanderer: gottya, do you drive or take the subway?
[9:44:42 PM] Jackie: Subway or bike

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