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new bikini!  

dreamycloudx3 21F
355 posts
3/14/2021 2:56 pm
new bikini!

I got a new bikini for this upcoming summer !!

I hope the photos appear still learning how to put photos on here

The_Dverga 28M
7 posts
3/14/2021 3:42 pm

Good god why are you on here your stunning. Not hyping or anything but yea you got it going on 😍👅🔥 anyways if your interested in chatting snap eez22193 or kik eez2193.

LookingVA666 34M
25 posts
3/14/2021 4:01 pm

Yup, photos showed up just fine. Welcome to the blogs!

thumper440216330 58M
846 posts
3/14/2021 4:04 pm

Very sexy

Paulxx001 64M
19212 posts
3/14/2021 4:07 pm

Ooo.... ahhh... eee...
Get closer, let me play with those straps.
Ugh... fighting fiction.
Have a good one! 🍷🍷😎❗❗

Cumfindoutmore 56M
65 posts
3/14/2021 4:11 pm

Wow! Just beautiful. That bikini would look even better if you were here in the Caribbean where it Is Summer all year round.

Lickyums 49M
22 posts
3/14/2021 4:12 pm

Yep looks nice. I like that it shows most of you but leaves enough for the imagination!

Nick_n_Nikki 53M/45F
3 posts
3/14/2021 4:29 pm

Looks yummy to the both of us!

11 posts
3/14/2021 4:38 pm

nice...and i live two blocks from beach...cum and sun with me

SingleItalianGy2 49M  
1127 posts
3/14/2021 4:45 pm

Well you make that bikini look great. I'm sure you will get plenty of guys following you down the beach.

LadiesR2B1rst 57M  
1423 posts
3/14/2021 4:48 pm

You make that bikini look great .

Lkn4funwith2 55M
1118 posts
3/14/2021 5:03 pm

A G-string is perfect for your beautiful body!! Nothing is concealed except for the required areas. I especially love seeing your meaty buns fully exposed

Pleasureinc 57M  
1661 posts
3/14/2021 5:09 pm

very nice, Girl!

Apollo602021 60M  
1756 posts
3/14/2021 5:19 pm

I love girls with glasses and the bikini looks awesome on you!

Please become an Apollo602021 blog follower!

grizz54545454 73M  
298 posts
3/14/2021 5:53 pm

verry tasty looking

oral4fun4u2 72M
22 posts
3/14/2021 7:04 pm

Very nice , you are going to be very popular on the beach this summer !

ProfessorNaught 108M
1315 posts
3/15/2021 1:59 am

Can I barrow one of your strings ?
No need to remove it, I'll work my mouth around it where it lays

Nothing but dirty old men around here
But you kind of need them for only we can appreciate the depths of what drives a woman's desire.
well, some of us . . .

btw: which string should I use?

dreamycloudx3 replies on 3/15/2021 7:38 pm:
You can start by using the string on the side that is holding my bottom piece together hehe...

Snake127012 50M
21 posts
3/15/2021 2:09 am

very sexy!!

MrWrong4RghtNow 54M  
1530 posts
3/15/2021 2:25 am

Wait a minute. That’s not a bikini. It’s just over sized black floss!! Which looks mighty keen on you.

My name is MrWrong and I approved this comment

1bighammer1000 56M
3872 posts
3/15/2021 3:01 am

Looking pretty sweet, you will be turning heads all summer.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

profcoquin27bis 56M
3865 posts
3/15/2021 5:07 am

splendid !! please post again , i want see more (perhaps in private on my blog ?)

CleavageFan4U 64M  
65851 posts
3/15/2021 6:30 am

VERY nice. I hope it is the kind that is quite thin and gets transparent when wet. \8

I hope you don't mind, but I enhanced your photos for better viewing.

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CleavageFan4U 64M  
65851 posts
3/15/2021 6:31 am

Part 2


Perfection Wasted
Adventures at The Cheapest Hotel
Suits or Lingerie on HNW
Private Cleavage My Private Blog - Tell Me ALL Your Secrets

boobwhisperer69 58M  
6870 posts
3/15/2021 9:33 am

Lookin good!!

badboy70033 70M
149 posts
3/15/2021 5:59 pm

Looking very Hot Babe

Varon_21 49M
271 posts
3/15/2021 6:17 pm

Fantastic body...nice pic

Andrew1987Subby 33M  
4 posts
3/15/2021 8:09 pm

Love that thing!

joe_staunton 50M
14 posts
3/16/2021 8:03 am

That is one beautiful ass!

Leegs2012 48M
71106 posts
3/17/2021 11:13 am

Oh My !! You are gorgeous!!!!

ProfessorNaught 108M
1315 posts
3/18/2021 9:08 pm

That's the best place to start
And if the boys are paying attention, they'd know that's like Zone I in the foreplay manual

Great response

Hvingfunwithwomn 30M  
18 posts
3/21/2021 1:59 pm

very nice suit!!!!!

Novinho99amador 22M
1 post
3/21/2021 6:39 pm


Lonely197248 49M
17 posts
3/22/2021 10:56 am

Fucking YUMMMMMM !! I would enjoy a sweet SEXY young woman like you !! Bet your pussy tastes soooooo good !!!

8 posts
3/23/2021 8:55 pm


stringtime666 60M
1010 posts
3/24/2021 12:39 pm

*good girl*

Lust was zu schreiben? [post Privater Briefkasten Privat Mailbox (private Mailbox)

backpocket13 47M
8962 posts
3/25/2021 12:28 pm

Hey Darlin,
.........You look Gorgeous!...........
Sinfully Yours, backpocket13

bker4ever 62M  
247 posts
3/27/2021 11:56 am

looking fine

sixand3qrtslong 60M
53 posts
3/28/2021 5:14 pm

Looking good...enjoy...

OlBlueEyz46 54M
708 posts
3/29/2021 4:51 pm

hurry up Summer!

hot one

thenarraguy 35M  
11 posts
3/29/2021 6:02 pm

Looks very nice on, would probably look even better on the floor....

Sdk37 37M
2 posts
3/30/2021 7:53 am

Look at that fucking body. Unbelievable!

donsv1962 58M
12155 posts
4/1/2021 2:20 pm

It looks very good on you.

I want to take you into the fiery lair of steamy sexual delight on this hot sultry night.

justme51 69M
1034 posts
4/3/2021 2:40 am

Awesome bikini

One can never have enough fun private mail on my blog.

Heregoes94 50M
39 posts
4/5/2021 1:04 pm


xDude456 59M
14497 posts
4/7/2021 12:01 am

Very nice, it should turn a few heads at the beach

StickyDick07 43M
35 posts
4/7/2021 12:46 am

I would wear your bikini bottom as a mask.

Willyputts 66M  
1 post
4/7/2021 6:56 pm

Wow very sexy lady !!!!

Fun4Abilene 48M  
5 posts
4/9/2021 12:28 am

Amazingly beautiful baby

Callmipadre 40M
19 posts
4/10/2021 1:56 am

That’s certainly a bikini

slo2600 44M
203 posts
4/10/2021 7:06 pm

It looks great!

AinOH21 34M
12 posts
4/12/2021 9:47 am

Absolutely perfect

justme51 69M
1034 posts
4/12/2021 12:43 pm

Awesome new bikini

One can never have enough fun private mail on my blog.

spaz197069 51M
10 posts
4/12/2021 2:52 pm

Your smart and hot. Perfect combo.

AinOH21 34M
12 posts
4/13/2021 6:11 am


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