Things are getting weird  

devilinhereyes72 50F
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12/4/2021 5:46 pm

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1/21/2022 10:35 pm

Things are getting weird

Has anybody else noticed? Are people in your areas on really short fuses these days? I have dealt with some interesting conversations and people the last couple of years but never have I ever had somebody who I was supposed have dinner with tonight like a first date cut me off because I misread something they wrote and Turned it on me having trust issues which they won’t deal with.. Late
Actually ended the conversation with the word Late..
That’s all good I don’t really need to deal with people who make assumptions and then just jump on shit like that. Life is too short.
Feel free to chime in… This is a safe place I don’t use peoples names in the situation because I don’t wanna bash anybody ever but if you feel like venting or I have just had enough of whatever the hell is going on outside in the world let loose

PonyGirl1965 56F
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12/5/2021 1:20 am

People are too uptight. I like peace. And I love being feisty

devilinhereyes72 50F
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12/5/2021 4:56 am


oldbstrd55 65M
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12/5/2021 8:15 am

Short fuses combined with a higher than normal level of stupidity. Tis the season.

RangeBull70 51M  
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12/5/2021 9:44 am

I understand what you are saying completely.

I believe there is a lot of pent up frustration and unhappiness going on out in the world.

It's very unfortunate that the anxiety is carrying over to places that are supposed to be an escape from that nonsense. I guess that some folks carry their garbage with them wherever they go.

Range Bull

P.S. - It's nice to see a 'local lady' with a blog here. I used to live in Chico and loved the town !

If you are looking for a dinner companion without the angst - stop by my Blog and drop me a note.

From the Gold Country of Northern California's Sierra Nevada Mountains,

Range Bull

From the Gold Country of Northern California's Sierra Nevada Mountains,

Range Bull

devilinhereyes72 replies on 12/5/2021 11:41 am:
Don’t get me wrong… If you go back through a few of my block my rage bullshit is all over the place I own it I put it out there… I don’t put people on blast and I am very thankful for the people who have understood my situation and have forgiven me. That being said anxiety stress projection whatever that was it was juvenile. Truly I have no other way to explain it other than I was blocked because I miss read something that was written and was told that the person was not going to put up with anyone with trust issues and my response was well that’s OK I miss read what you wrote sorry and I don’t put up with people who make assumptions it’s all good. I get how the last couple of years have been it’s been hell..
But that was a little over the top that’s all I’m saying. Sometimes it’s just good to vent too.

staci_19702 51T  
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12/29/2021 4:56 am

Wow. Yes, people seemed to be wound a little tight lately.
Seems like the calmer I get as I get older, the more others seem to get riled up. And about the stupidest things. Things seem to be going to hell quickly.

Have a great day! 💋

devilinhereyes72 replies on 12/29/2021 10:22 pm:

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