One of those days  

devilinhereyes72 50F
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12/23/2021 1:32 am

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12/26/2021 11:50 am

One of those days

One of those days
Walking on eggshells
Feels like glass
Nothing said or done
Is right
The silence is
My penance
The Pavlovian response
To try and undo
Misunderstood in a
Is a battle
This feeling
I’ve become conditioned to feel

RangeBull70 51M  
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12/23/2021 1:38 pm

We've all had those kind of days in our relationships - the $64.00 question is do the benefits and possibilities outweigh the difficulties ?.?

The holiday season can be a difficult time of year for relationships … …

With the New Year approaching - Perhaps a new relationship should be explored?

From the Gold Country of Northern California's Sierra Nevada Mountains,

Range Bull

Trapper69 65G  
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12/23/2021 9:06 pm

Sometimes in life, we all need to take a step back, and try a different path. It's a great way to refresh your life.......

devilinhereyes72 50F
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12/26/2021 11:50 am

It was an off day all around.. friends, family.. didn’t matter who I spoke with, what I did..
But it’s gone and done❤️

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