I took a chance  

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1/30/2022 2:33 am

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1/30/2022 5:10 am

I took a chance

Like Lucy holding the football
promising Charlie Brown she won’t pull it away

I watch patterns, as they unfold before
I thought if I could get ahead of it
Keep history from repeating AGAIN
My own patterns, unhealthy behavior
My skin no longer fits in

Wrote down food for thought
Your thoughts
My thoughts
On why things happen like clockwork
On feeling unheard

If I could break the pattern
Then maybe things wold be different
Set a day to lay it all out

I took control, stood my ground
Kept my word
It never crossed my mind
That on the day
The silence would remain
Message sent, just one to
Open up
To listen
To talk
History rewritten,
Patterns of unhealthy behaviors changed
The end result
Still the same.
Charlie Brown kicked the ball
But fell on his back
Just the same.

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