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Train Ride  

davepman 52M
12 posts
11/4/2020 7:37 am
Train Ride

You nervously tap your foot the whole train ride. You are excited, and anxious, eager and apprehensive. You have no idea what will happen when you arrive, other than the few specific instruction I have given you. You are very tired, since you barely slept last night in anticipation of the events of today, and though you are nervous you are strangely relaxed and calm. You know you want to do this.

When you arrive at the station you follow the instructions I emailed you this morning, and find your way into the parking garage, and in the location I described you find the car you are looking for. The passenger side door is open, as I said it would be. You let yourself into the empty car, and lock the door from the inside. In the glove compartment you find the blindfold I have left for you, and you put it on yourself as I have instructed. There is nothing more for you to do. From this moment on you will take no other actions of your own, other than what I direct you to do. Your heart is pounding as you sit alone, in silence and darkness, waiting for what will happen next.

After a few minutes you hear a key in the lock, and the driver’s side door opens. I see your body tense in fear as I climb into the driver’s seat. Like the respectful pupil I knew you would be, you do not speak. Neither do I. In silence we drive. Toward what, you do not know. In the solitude of the car as we drive I am able to take a close look at you. I like what I see. The shape of you, your hair, your legs, your arms and hands, it all pleases me. I wonder what you are thinking, and what thoughts are racing through your head as you sit silently beside me, and I am grateful for the enormous trust you have placed in me. I will not disappoint you.

Eventually you notice that the sounds of the urban streets have fallen away, and the drive is peacefully quiet. Deprived of sight, you concentrate on sounds. Gradually you notice that fewer and fewer cars pass by, and all you can hear is the sound of my breathing, and the calming monotonous drone of the road beneath our wheels. After what seems like a long time, suddenly you are startled as the car turns onto a gravel road, and in a rush your nervous anticipation returns. We must be getting close, you reason. For several minutes you hear only the car on gravel. Finally, the car comes to a complete stop. And there is silence. I get out of the car and open your door. I take your hand in mine. It is the first time I have touched you. Gently I help you out of the car, and lead you along a soft path for some distance. You hear the chatter of birds, and a soft breeze through the leaves, but otherwise you can hear no clues to suggest where you are.

At last we stop walking. You hear a key in a lock. I open the door and lead you inside. The room is warm and filled with the pleasant scents of firewood, and lavender. I lead you to a chair and pour you a glass of red wine to calm your nerves, and wet your lips. You hear me walk away, leaving the room, and you are left alone to sip your wine. At last you hear me return, and I lead you by the hand into another room, much warmer than the first. We stand alone in silence and though you cannot see me you can sense me there in front of you, inches away. Then you feel my hands on your shoulders, pulling you toward me, and my lips as they meet yours. I can taste the wine on your lips as we share a long slow and deep kiss. My hands slide down your arms, then over to the collar of your blouse. Calmly I unbutton the top button. And then the next. And the next. When I am finished I slide the blouse off your arms. You stand motionless, but I can see your heart beating through your chest as I quietly remove the rest of your clothing, one piece at a time. At last, but for the blindfold on your eyes, you are naked standing before me, and you are more beautiful than I ever imagined. I take your hand once more and lead you only a few steps away, into a warm and fragrant bath. I lower you into the water, and I can see your body relax as the warmth permeates your skin. First I take one foot of yours in my hand, and with a soft cloth I proceed to bathe you like a baby. Slowly and silently I wash your entire body, my hands caressing every inch of you with the warm and soft sensations of the bath water. Your legs, your arms, your breasts, your back, your face, and yes, other areas – each part of you receives my gentle and loving touch. It is an exquisite introduction for both of us. I don’t want it to end. But I have so much more planned for you.

I lead you out of the bath, and dry you with a thick and soft towel. Again each part of your body receives my attention as I gently pat you dry. Next I take both your hands in mine, and bring them to my lips. I kiss the back of your hands, and then I bind them together in front of you with soft restraints. Once again I lead you with me, this time to the next room, where there is a comfortable bed waiting for you. I help you onto the bed, and lift your hands above your head where I secure them to the headboard behind you. You are helpless now. Your beautiful naked body is at my mercy, here solely for my pleasure. And my pleasure I will have. But not to worry, for it is your pleasure that interests me most, and the preparations I have made are designed for nothing other than to bring your body the most exquisite and intense pleasure, beyond what you have ever imagined possible. But lying there now, naked, blindfolded, and in restraints, you do not know what I have in mind. You have no idea what will happen next.

“Open your mouth,” I say to you softly. You hesitate. But then your mouth opens, just a little. “Let me see your tongue,” I say. Your mouth opens a little wider, and your tongue comes out slightly, reluctantly. You are nervous: what do I intend? Then you feel me placing something on your tongue, and pushing it into your mouth. It is a fresh strawberry, covered in melted chocolate. The cool fruit and the warm chocolate - opposites that mingle in your mouth to give you delicious pleasure. You do not know it yet, but this will be the theme of our afternoon. Different sensations in opposition, coming together to tease and delight your body. How do the flavors taste in your mouth right now? Would you like another? Maybe later. Just a taste for you now. There are other treats in store for you.

The next sensation you feel is a light tickle on the bottom of your feet. Something barely touching you, tracing a delicate line around your feet and ankles. What is it? A feather, perhaps? Lightly I trace it along your body, tickling you, teasing you, tingling you in special places. Certain places on your body are especially sensitive – the inside of your thighs, behind your knees, your armpits, your neck, behind your ears. All these places, and others, receive special attention from me. Does it feel good, all this light tickling? Or is it a kind of teasing that makes you want more? Inside your ears, along your nose, your belly button, like butterflies dancing along your body I continue to tease you with the tip of the feather, tingling your body.

Then suddenly you feel another sensation, something harsh and almost sharp scarping across your skin. It doesn’t hurt, but it comes as such a contrast to the soft tickles of the feather that the feeling is magnified, and you squirm. After a moment you relax, and realize that is feels good on your skin, this harsh and direct pressure. Your body feels alive. That is what I intended. Then the harsh sensation is gone, and you feel my lips on you, everywhere, giving you soft and wet kisses, soothing your skin.

The next thing you feel is something very very cold on you nipple. I have put a piece of ice on you, and I hold it on your nipple firmly for a full minute, and you feel colder and colder, then very uncomfortable. Then it is gone, and in its place is my warm mouth, and I suck you and lick your nipple lovingly, healing it, warming it, dissipating your discomfort completely and replacing it with sweet pleasure. Does my warm attention feel all that better? Have you already forgotten what the bracing cold felt like only minutes ago? Silly girl. As I continue to suck your nipple I place the ice on the other nipple, repeating what I did before. Now one nipple feels exquisite pleasure, and the other uncomfortable cold. Both sensations at once, warring in your brain, stimulating your senses in a way you never imagined before. Don’t despair, I offer instant healing. Suddenly the ice is gone, and my mouth is around your other nipple as it was on the first one moments before. No hurry, I will stay here a while, and lick and suck you gently, until you are fully warm, then hot, and craving attention in other parts of your body.

“Open your mouth,” I say, again. This time you oblige without hesitation. Something is placed on your tongue, and as the flavor flows into your mouth you realize it is a slice of a juicy ripe peach. It is cold and delicious. After you swallow, I prompt you again. You open, and this time it is my finger on your tongue, and it is covered with honey that has been heated so it is very hot. I slide my finger inside your mouth, and you lick and suck all the delicious honey from it. It is hot in your mouth, and warms you as you swallow it.

Then you are startled suddenly, as you feel hot liquid splash against you. I am drizzling the honey all over your chest and stomach. It sizzles as it hits your skin, then immediately warms you. You cannot see me, of course, but you should know that I am looking at you and admiring your naked body, now covered with the hot sticky liquid, and I am thinking you are the most delicious meal I have ever seen. Next you feel my tongue on you, as I begin to lick you clean. Patiently I work my way across your body, licking your skin, inch by inch, the salty taste of your body mingled with the sweet flavor of the hot syrup. Delicious.

Of course there is one part of your body that has received practically no attention at all so far. How do you think your poor neglected pussy would feel right now, naked, open, hungry, and utterly abandoned? What thoughts are going through your head? What cravings do you have for the wet paradise between your legs? Will those cravings be satisfied, or will this teasing go on forever? You will see, you will see…

By now my own cravings are beginning to mount. Once more I direct you to open your mouth. This time it is not a sweet flavor that you taste, but a salty one. You feel my cock slide along your tongue into your mouth, all the way in deeply to the back of your throat. And I hold it there, still. I want you to feel my cock in your mouth, not moving. Lick it. Suck it. Then I draw it out completely, and your mouth is empty. Do you want it back in your mouth again? No, no, not yet.

On the bottom of your feet you feel something warm and smooth, hard and fleshy. Slowly I rub my cock against your foot, then your ankle. I rub it against your leg, and your knee. Your stomach, your breasts, your arms, every part of you I am rubbing with my hard stiff rod. Now your neck. Now your cheek. Now your lips, as I slide it back and forth against the outside of your mouth. Does your tongue come out to lick me? Do you want it in your mouth? This time you shall have it. I slide it in your mouth as I did minutes before. But this time it is not your pleasure that I am trying to arouse. It is my own. With your hands restrained you cannot hold my cock to guide it in. Lying on your back you cannot move your head very well. Your mouth is a passive receptacle for my desires. I make love to your mouth like it is a pussy. Sliding it in and out, fucking your mouth to my own rhythm, loving the feel of your tongue and moist lips on me, faster and faster, until finally I have one more delicious treat for you to swallow, and it is a part of me. I explode in your mouth and pour myself into you. Suck me, suck me, suck every last drop from me. Wrap your tongue around me make the world disappear in total luscious ecstasy.

And then nothing. I move away from you quietly. You do not hear or feel me. You lie naked, alone on the bed, for several minutes. It seems longer. Your body, abuzz with anticipation wondering what sensation will occur next, has nothing to react to. Finally there is a sound. A soft, low buzzing. What is it? Then suddenly you know, as you feel a vibrator run across the wet opening of your pussy. Slowly and deliberately I work the vibrator all around the folds of your pussy. I do not penetrate you, staying only on the outside, but I make sure to reach every part of you. I linger on your clit, then slide it across your opening several times, slowly back and forth, teasing you, heating up your juices. I move the vibrator lower, below your opening, then lower still, running it across your anus and between your ass cheeks. For several minutes I pleasure you this way, tickling you, tingling you, stimulating your sexual energy. Eventually I move away from this area, and use my tool on other parts of your body. Down your legs to the balls of your feet. Along your arms to your armpit. Your whole body feels the tingling sensation.

Next I bend down between your legs and finally give you something I believe you have been craving, a big slow juicy kiss, with my tongue lapping the entire area of your pussy in one slow wide stroke. For only a few moments I lick you, tasting how delicious you are. I have something else for you now, my dear. Will you like it? I slide my cock into your hot pussy in one slow and strong motion. All the way in without pausing. You are so deliciously wet you accept me hungrily. With the same pace I slide it all the way back out, then push myself deep inside you again, deep, deep, inside you all the way. Once more I pull out almost all the way, then dive in again to fill you. Then I pull myself out of you completely. How does your pussy feel to be suddenly empty, after having that small taste of what you desire so much? Will it be throbbing, ravenous? Good. That is the idea. You have no idea how much hotter you can still become. But together we will find out.

What does your body feel like now? What are your cravings? Once more I tell you to open your mouth, and you do so without hesitation. Ahh.. another chocolate covered strawberry. The cool fruit and warm chocolate, so good together. Have another. One more. I want you to have a delicious taste in your mouth.

And I want one in mine, too. Once I push the last fruit into your mouth I move back down between your legs and begin licking you again. Now we both have wonderful tastes in our mouths. I settle in, and continue to lick and suck your pussy. You are hot now, so very hot and wet, and your legs part and your hips rock back and forth as you try to pull my tongue into you more deeply. I slide one finger into you, and soon two as I lick and knead your clit with my lips and tickle it with my tongue. All over you my mouth moves rapidly and willfully. I want to swallow your cum as you swallowed mine. I lick all around your opening, diving in as far as I can reach and swirling my tongue around inside you. Then I move my tongue lower, below your opening, with my finger still sliding in and out of you. Then my tongue moves lower still, and I am licking your anus, up and down, back and forth. And your legs are spread wide apart now, and you are conscious only of the fabulous and sensational feelings between your legs. You are open to me, and desire me, and as I continue to run my tongue along your asshole you are hotter than you ever imagined you were capable of being. Gradually I move my tongue back up to your pussy. My fingers have been fucking you steadily the whole time. I dive my tongue into you again, then drive it against your clit.

Now in one slow and strong motion I pull myself up onto you. You can feel my breath on your face. And for the first and only time all day, you know exactly what will happen next. The teasing is over, and the playful<b> games. </font></b>Now we both will get what I have denied us all these long delightful hours. My cock slides into you as you have been craving for it to do. It is what I have been craving too. The tender and gentle stroking is over. We have both had enough of that. I drive my cock into you with all my might. Again and again and again and again and again. It is what we both want. You lie there below me, panting, and you begin to moan unconsciously. All inhibitions are released. You are an entirely sexual being at this moment. Nothing else exists but the weight of my body on yours, and the driving pounding of my cock inside you. I am relentless, and make love to you without interruption, without pausing or slowing, the friction between us causing us to burn with frantic ceaseless desire. On and on it goes, faster and faster, both of us getting hotter and hotter and hotter still. We are both moaning and grunting uncontrollably. Your hips are rocking intensely, pulling me in farther and farther with each stroke. With every ounce of energy we thrust into each other. You are captive to me. But do you know than I am to you as well? I reach up and release your hands from their bindings. You are free. It is not you, but I that am the prisoner. At last the moment of climax is upon us. From beneath you I grab both cheeks of your ass with my two hands, and explode inside you with more force than I have ever experienced. Again and again I pour myself into you. Every ounce of energy is expended. And we collapse together. But for our heaving chests and heavy breathing, we are both still. We lie there for some time. My cock, tired and thoroughly satisfied, remains inside you. My arms wrap themselves around you, and you are warm and protected. We are both exhausted, and drift off to sleep. Who will awaken first, and when? And what thoughts will run through our heads then? Our naked bodies, pressed against each other, in full sexual splendor. Are we entirely spent? Are our bodies, and secret desires, completely satisfied?

author51 59F  
130010 posts
11/5/2020 12:01 am

This is so well written and a wonderfully erotic tale of trust and using all our senses when it comes to proper foreplay and total seduction with a lover.. You paint such a vivid picture with your words that take me there with you.xoxo

davepman 52M

11/5/2020 4:00 am

Thank you so much for your kind words I'm glad you enjoyed reading.

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