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take part me 400.... edited, hopefully  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
11/13/2021 8:54 pm
take part me 400.... edited, hopefully

I walked to the barn and pushed again...nothing. Dinner was nothing but a success because we had good people helping us, and we also showed that everyone was important in a tribe, clan, community... it what you will. I'd rather be back in Denver making caskets for the people they most loved, or in Japan learning how to truly work with metal, or in my cave waiting for Gaia to walk up to me as a fox. I was in none of those places, instead, i was heading to a stall, in a barn, and I was happy about it, not because I didn't want share a bed with the women I loved, but because I didn't know how to tell them I was going to have a ...five hundred years in the past, or explain how since it happened since none of us had spent much time together lately. Fuck, I was going to get hit. I walked into the barn, latched the door, said hi and walked to my stall... some wise ass put a sign on the door... Beware. dragons live here. Assholes, but I did smile. I was tired. I pushed, again, and still nothing. I yawned and fell asleep. I was back in Denver looking at Sam, and Javier. Shit!

FUCK! we were putting strain on our family. We were getting Norway squared away, and the clans, and those that didn't have clans. GODDAMMIT! I hated juggling<b> balls. </font></b>I couldn't sleep so I went outside, turned into the dragon and flew home to my cave. Shifting was getting easier. I fell asleep, finally, and I was walking with Gaia. I hadn't even realized I was walking with her until she spoke.

"What troubles you, ?" I looked at her, and around, because being with Gaia was always...odd.

"Everything, Ma'." She smiled as we walked. I have my closest friends in in Denver, aside from Deat, going crazy, and the people they love are here, with us. I still don't know who is trying to us...if anyone, now Annie, and I are hurt...almost died... and I was sleeping in a barn, which I didn't really mind," she laughed, "and it's the first layer of a never ending onion." Silence, because she letting talk.

"I am so far out of my depth....FUCK!, and I need to get a for the Siren." Shit. The<b> balls </font></b>are staring to fall, Gaia, and I'm not sure how to keep all of this going." She huffed as we walked on the beach in Iceland under a pristine night.

"Tibet." I looked at her, confused. "Tibet is about as different from they live as you get. They have many wonderful stones, bring her Karina back a small bags for stones you picked. Sirens have no use for even there are more riches under the ocean than in all of this planet." I nodded and thank her.

"Do you see that star?" She pointed almost at the horizon. "It's very faint because it no longer exists. The only thing visible is light that is millions of year old...most of them have ceased to be long before man was even on this planet, but you look at the sky and take solace in them. Why?"

"Continuity, I suppose." she smiled as she held my hand.

"I would say unity, but it's the same. You look at those stars, and it gives connection to something that no longer exists, yet it brings you peace... hope. You are focusing on a narrow sliver of time, because you can. Your friends, Sam, and Javier, are far stronger than you are giving them credit for. Yes they miss all...beyond words...and yes they miss their wives, and , but they mostly make boxes out of wood, Danael, and they so for unity...continuity. They it because they, and they must make that sacrifice because of you family.

"I stared at her, angrily, because she was right, and I hated. it

"You can do this dragon. Command the wind to blow." I stared at her, blankly. "NOW, Dragon." I summoned the wind and was it more powerful, and cold, coming off the ocean, than even I liked. "Now stop it." I tried but couldn't as it raged. I feared for Ama's house. "Stop it, Dragon." I tried.

"I can't." Gaia raised her hand and it was a gentle breeze. I stared at her.

"You have live through many lives, most of which you have forgotten. A human life is a hundred years, at best, and a dragon's life is......well, that's open for debate. You are focusing on seconds when those stars haven't existed for millions of years, maybe longer. You have more to deal with than you should, and your dear ones they have more to deal with then they should.... AND?". Your journey's won't be easy, especially yours and Sara's, but you do what you for you family. You are a young dragon, Danael, and it will take eons before you start to understand the scope of your power. Do you want to spend eons doubting your actions, or abilities. You have a good heart, Danael, and better family.Trust yourself, trust me."

"Such is your life, . If you want to it, then change it. You've already showed your people who you are...along with many others...." I woke, before turning over and going to Malinka. It was mostly night there but my stall was not amenable so I shifted into the bear because he didn't mind, and slept. I slept thinking about what Gaia had said. I had silver in my pocket because I never knew when I would end up here. I was so out of my depth that I wondered if I was insane. Tread water;don't drown. I treaded water.

I woke to a baby goat licking my face, and dogs yipping. "STOP!!!" I rolled over as Malinka said... "Watcha doin,' mister?" I opened eyes. Fuck, I was so in trouble. You're back, and Bob likes you, although you were right in fixing the pen. He is wily, and quite the escape
artist. You smell and why are you sleeping in the barn when I have a warm bed?" FUCK. "Help me feed the animals, and then you can bath in the river, and have breakfast."

"How many days has it been?"

"One. Help me, because the animals like you. I nodded. OY! "Danael, I have to tell you something....."

"You're pregnant with my ." She stared at me, stunned as Irina walked in.

"You're a wizard! Ma', Danael is a wizard."

'That's nice, love, but he's not coming into our home until he bathes, and if he's going to keep visiting, then he needs Go deal with breakfast, Malinka." Go bathe while I deal with the animals. I stepped out of the creek, shriveled, with Irina watching, smiling. You forgot a towel. I am not young like Malinka, and I know you have women in your time. She didn't care about that, because she doesn't understand that you belong to many. She will. Ask your women if you can sleep with us while you are with us. I am lonely it's often easier for women to share. My shouldn't have done what she did... but you are the 's father, and that is done. Ilsa and I have spoken to Hammish about your ideas. We find them to be sound. Malinka and I trust them both. Hammish is a good man, smart...a good worker, and provider." She looked at me as I stood naked waiting for the towel.

"Are you, dragon?"

I woke again to something licking my face. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph..... "WHAT THE FUCK!".... and that was when I was mauled by a Bernese puppy. "WHAT are you?" "STOP IT!!!!!" "FINE" I chased her all over the stalled..... "don't you do it?" Everyone laughed as she peed. Annie said they'd fine a place for Klara and Annika. The puppy pranced herself up
to me, proudly.

"You peed on my bed, Missy." She licked my face as I looked at everyone, confused.

"We have dogs, sweets. Dogs are important here for many reasons, but this one is the runt of the litter, so she is ours. We named her Drakon. She is ours now but she'll in Iceland. You need to speak with Miriam, and Ingrid. Ingrid and Roan are leaving today, for Oslo and I figured you'd want to talk with them before they do."

"Don't be like that, love." I nodded, and bowed my head. "Good, people deserve a second chance." I stared at her. "Or a third...semantics. It doesn't matter because you're doing it." I nodded.

Drakon....fucking figures. The girls, and , took...Drakon..with them. as I stood up and stretched. God I hurt. "Walk with me love, we need to talk." Shit. "Tell me about you and Hammish, and your plans." I told her his idea, and then mine. She had her arm entwined with mine. "You like history." I nodded. She exhaled, which concerned me.

"Art, books, You focus on those and let Hammish focus on building an empire. We can trust him. Now tell me about the young witch that bears your ." I stared at her. "I know what happened, but tell me." I told her what I could remember, and about

"We'll discuss this, but we are OK with multiple wives. You'll have to speak with the others, especialy Chloe, because you and I are married in name only, for our ." I looked at her. "I am marrying Melissa." I nodded as she looked at me wistfully.

Silence.... "You, mister, are a pain, and you get yourself into things no one should be able to get themselves out of, yet you do.... time and time again. I will make them understand the importance of what you are doing in the past."

"Malinka.... well, she bears good , and Irina can't, but she is a good teacher, and mother. You do pick good people, dragon, or bear. We all need to talk, but not until this is done." I nodded.

"A puppy named Drakon?" She smiled and clapped. I was in SO much trouble but I tell her Malinka's puppy because I figured she knew.

I took the towel and nodded as Irina kissed me. "Soon, dragon, or I will do what Malinka did." I kissed her as we came as close to making love as possible. There was no way this was going to end well...although it was the fifteen hundreds, and they were pagans. I
was still screwed.

I wrapped myself in the blanket that Irina brought. I thought.. I need to study history, and art. How could I do ALL of this at once... Irina stared at me. "You gave me a granddaughter. I wish you could give me a , but I am barren. Please spend more time with us, Danael. We miss you too. Come on love, what are you waiting for?"

cjg045 69M  
92 posts
11/15/2021 6:39 pm

Outstanding writing, as usual Daniel. Great story line, I'm not sure what will happen next but I'm reading on for sure. ! ! ! !

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