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take me part 81  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
6/5/2021 9:48 am
take me part 81

Jake and I walked around back. He handed me the bag because he knew
what was coming, especially after yesterday when he officially became
the girls hero. I opened the door and yelled...."I need munchkins,"
and stood to the side. The girls screamed and ran out of the kitchen
and attacked Jake as I walked in unnoticed. Sam and Maggie were
smiling at me as I handed Sam the bag.

"They don't love me anymore." Maggie shook her head and said,

"You need more problems Jefe? Are those what I think they are?" I smiled.

"Jake made them... himself. You got coffee." Mags handed me a cup.
There are few things better than a good cup of coffee, and a good
sausage biscuit. The girls, and Jake walked in. He handled the girls
very well, even though he'd rather be left alone. He grabbed a
biscuit, as did the girls, and we all ate, chatting. I said to Sam and
Jake that we needed to get at it because Jake and I were helping Henry
with dinner.

"Jake, grab some gloves out of the console and back the truck up."
Both him and Sam looked me like I had lost my mind. "You can do it
, just go slow, and don't use the mirrors, look over shoulder. I'll
teach you about mirrors later." He was nervous.

I hugged him, "You'll be fine Jake. It's like driving, but in the
other direction...just go slow, and don't hit anything." He backed
into the street, turned around and started backing up the driveway as
me, Sam and Maggie watched. I was taping it for it his moms. The gate
posts were the lynch pin but he did fine, and Sam and I got him
lined up. He turned the truck off and got out carrying the gloves,
with a huge smile on his face. Maggie gave him a huge hug as both Sam
and I told him what a great job he did. I sent the video to Chloe and
Sara and Jake's phone rang within minutes as all four them called him.
Sam and I smiled and started unloading cattle fencing, scrap wood, and

Jake finally walked up with a sheepish grin, "Nice of you to finally
show up," Sam said smiling. "Come on, let's get to work." Sam had
already figured out the dimensions. We showed Jake how to make sure
they were true and accurate, we made our shovel marks, took down the
line and started digging. The generator was heavy, but not that heavy,
so this was more for Jake than anything else but we did want it a
little elevated with drainage so we had digging to do. We also needed
to go to home depot again, but what guy doesn't like that.

Maggie came out with some iced tea about 10:00. We all smiled, took
our gloves off and wiped the sweat off our faces because it was hot in
the sun a mile up. We were doing OK. We sat down when Sara walked up
the driveway and said,.

"Slackers," as she hugged Maggie. "I'm still impressed mister," as
she hugged Jake. She , kissed Sam on the cheek, and sat in my lap
stealing my iced tea. "I like you sweaty. Mags and I are going<b>
shopping </font></b>with the girls because we didn't do it last night." She
finished my glass, smiled and kissed me again. "Get back to work.
You're burning daylight," as her and Maggie laughed, walking inside.

We finished around 11:00. We had boards set, and the used cattle
fencing laid for the cement when we poured. Sam wanted to build
something around over the generator, like we were going to at the shop
because of the snow but we had plenty of time for that. Jake was
loving it, and it was mostly for him, anyway, so he could learn. It
was a solid few hours of work and we got it to where we needed.

We cleaned up and loaded the truck. "You got room in your garage for
some cement to stay for a bit? He nodded.. You two willing to help
move gravel. We nodded. I hugged him, as did Jake, and told him we had
a meeting tomorrow with the accountant for all of us discuss things.

"We can all talk later tonight but we'll work it." He nodded.

"Bye Sam." Jake and I got in the truck and headed to Henry's. "Pull
around by the cottage and park." We got out were walking to the back
door. I had my arm around Jake.


"Yeah ."

"Would you be disappointed if I didn't go to college and worked at the
shop? I really liked today." I turned us around and headed back to
the truck, dropped the gate and sat down. Chloe had seen us drive up
and walked around the front, saw us, listened, and turned around.

"The flat out answer, Jake, is not at all, and neither would Chloe,
Sara, or Henry....or Janey and Alison, but it's more complicated.
You're 16...

"almost 17..."

"...fair point, almost 17, but that is still young, and you are just
engaging with life. I think it's great you are interested in both the
shop, and here at Henry's, but there is a ton of interesting stuff out
there , and you are smart enough to do most anyway of it. There
maybe be many things you want to do and move on from to try others,
that's great. Neither I, or your moms, will care. If you want to
work at the shop, and take over someday, I could never be prouder, or
happier, but give it time and let life unfold for you, because it

He hugged me as we headed inside. "Jake. Wash up.' Chloe came up,
kissed me, and whispered....

"You're making me horny all sweaty, and stuff." I am assuming the
"stuff' was my growing cock pushed into her. "You cost me $50 mister,
and Sara already demanded the money." She kissed me smiling. "I need
to get back out front, at least wash your face and hands."

I did. Jake was at the flat top with Janey, who waved. Alison was
chopping for tomorrow. I hugged her and she kissed my hand as she
pushed her ass into my crotch. These girls loved to flirt. "Pretty
impressive with the scent challenge mister, I must say. We were all
impressed but are hatching a new, harder, she reached
around, grabbed my cock, and squeezed...hard, and held on. smiling.
"Me and Janes. We're all figuring out the rules. I bit the back of
her neck, as she squealed, and said fine.

"Where's your dad, Jane's?"

"He's out front with David and Issa. You taking advantage of my woman?"

"More, or less. Learn from her Jake. She's gifted."

I walked up and said hi. "Is this a private party, or can anyone
join?" Henry looked at me and said,

"Why don't sweat like that here?"

"Because 25% of 0 is nothing Henry." He laughed and said I had a good
point. "What do you need me and Jake and to do. We saw Sara earlier
before they headed to the store."

"Is there room in the fridge?"

'I'll make room Henry."

"Take the steak over and chill it. I'll deal with the grill with Jake.
so I can show him. If you can prep all the rest that would be good.
David and Isabella will take me over. Pretty good crowd." I nodded
and patted his shoulder. "It's because you're closing early. They they
think you're dying."

"Janes, you good with him learning the ropes even though he smells?"
She stuck her tongue out at me.

"He smells worky, and yes I am."

"See ya." I grabbed the marinating steak, put it on the floor, prayed,
and called Sam.

"Hey, what's up?"

"You got a big wash tub, or something, to hold beer and ice?


"Bring it over to Chloe's.

I went into King Sooper's as Maggie, Sara, and the girls were walking
out. Sara saw me and ran, without looking, and jumped on me. "I LOVE
my red dildo and I told Janey and Ali and they are SO jealous. Fun
times tonight mister." She kissed me as Maggie and the girls walked
up. I put her down and focused on the girls.....

"I know you," as I looked at the them, "and I am starting to feel
something," as I moved my fingers toward them. They screamed as they
all ran to the car. I got beer, Prosecco, pretzels, ice cream, and
ice, and drove home. I honked and the girls came running out, hugging
me. They looked at me closely, making sure I wasn't the tickle

"Grab the bags, but be careful with that one, so the Prosecco doesn't
explode. Tell Sara, or your mom, t o put the ice cream in the
freezer." Sam pulled up behind me, brought the tub over, loaded the
ice in it and carried it around back, as I lugged the beer. "We should
think about kegs Sam." He nodded as we walked around back.

Sara came out and said, "I have a bone to pick with you, and not that
one. You haven't kissed me?"

"Sweets, I'm kinda occupied at the moment. These are heavy especially
after what we did. Can you kiss me after I take a shower?" All I got
was a silent stare but she stuck her head out with her mouth puckered.
I leaned forward and kissed her. She clapped and ran back inside. I
knew what she was doing but looked at Sam anyway.

"I tried to tell you, Jefe. Put some of those in the freezer and take
a shower. You smell." I shook my head and walked inside. Sara and
Maggie had music on and were cleaning veg. I made room in the fridge
for the steak, and put some beer in the freezer as Sara walked up and
hugged me.

"I was just messing with you mister, but I liked that you kissed me.
Go take a shower and I might join you if Mags will me go." I couldn't
remember if we had washed sheets and towels, we had. I stripped and
stepped in the shower when I could feel the door open.

"Maggie, Sam is in the back yard. What is wrong with you?" The shower
door opened and Sara stepped in.

"Does every woman we know want to fuck you?" She knelt and started
sucking me as she squeezed my balls. Sara was, shall we say, generous
when it came to squeezing my balls. She squeezed, and pulled, and
tugged, and twisted, and licked...which I especially enjoyed, and dug
her nails into. I was shuddering as I thought about the other toys I
had she didn't know about. She bit both of them before I came. She
looked up at me and smiled as she climbed up so I could lick the last
drops of cum off her mouth. "We are both fucking you in the ass
tonight. We've talked with Janey and Ali so we are opening later, and
yes they know why, now finish, get dressed, and come help up us
mister." I probably won't tell Mags about your butt.

Sara dried off got dressed and went back to the kitchen as I finished
showering. I walked out and Sara hugged me. "You're spiffy."
Maggie looked at me and smiled, which chilled me to the bone because
if any anyone would say something, it would be Sara..

"Can Sam and I have beer before I start chopping?" They nodded. I
took the beers out of the freezer and put them into the fridge,
grabbed two, and walked outside handing one to Sam.

"You regretting your choices Jefe," as we took a long swig. Do i look
like I am? We laughed as both Sara and Maggie came out and stood on
either side of us as. We said hi and smiled as we held up our empty
bottles, and laughed as they hit us hard in the back of the head and
walked back into the kitchen. Sam and I walked in smiling, because
laughing would cause us pain and misery...... and kissed our
respective loves multiple times until they were smiling. I won at four
until Sara smiled.

We had everything ready when Henry, David, Issa, and Jake walked in.
There were no locks for our families. Janey and Ali were closing. I
told Sara I would be back and went to Henry's and walked in the back
as I always did....locked the door, looked around to see if I needed
to do anything, which I didn't, and walked out front and watched them
as they laughed and cleaned up. They turned around, saw me and
screamed before they realized it was me, yelled, and threw spoons,
which I dodged. "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!. You scared the crap out of

"Join the club shitheads! The back door was open." They looked at
each other, and then at me. I nodded. I took a pad and pen and gave it
to Alison and told to write Philip's full name and address down.
She looked at me. "Do it." They chose the Dead and cranked it up as
we cleaned. I did the bathrooms.

I walked out and Ali and Janey were dancing, and kissing, like they
were high. They saw me and walked over and started dancing with me.
We danced until the song ended, and it was the DEAD so it took a

Janey checked the front door and Ali checked the bathrooms for water
leaking.... that was my particular obsession. We checked the back as
we left, we set the alarm and walked out front. I was still primed. I
looked around as I walked them to their car. "We need to be careful
until things work out. I'm serious!"

I could feel a twinge at the back of my neck but hoped it was nothing.
Everyone was there when we got home. Janey and Alison ran into the
back as I walked up the drive and the hairs on the back of my neck
stood up. I turned and Philip was walking up the driveway. Chloe came
around the corner, as did Maggie.

"I just want t talk with her Danie..."

..."as i punched him in the solar plexus and dragged him to his car.
Maggie and Chloe were walking up.... everyone else was in the back
having a good time. I grabbed Philip by the hair and jerked, "I told
you." I took his keys, wallet, and cash out of his pockets. I kept
the keys, unlocked the trunk, and threw him in, and started the car. I
handed the wallet and cash to Mags, who nodded, and walked out back.
"You're following me," but Chloe was already heading to her car. I
wanted going to get gas and torch it, but I was trying to be nice.

I left with Chloe following me as I drove fast, and erratically, for a
long time. Chloe didn't call me, which I was thankful for. I pulled
onto a road that was accessed for cattle and drove down. I
slammed on the brakes, got out, and opened the trunk as Chloe walked
up. Philip cowered in the back of the trunk. I took out my knife and
held it up, and handed it to Chloe. She destroyed all of the tires,
pulled his legs to her, spread them, and then slammed the knife into
the trunk between his legs.

"You come close to my family again Philip, and those won't be the
thing you'll lose." She gave me back my knife, spit on him, and walked
away. I took his shoes off. I was thinking about taking his pants, but
that seemed mean.

"Listen Philip. We gave you a break. You won't get another one," and I
closed the trunk.... at least it wasn't on fire. I got in the car as
Chloe drove away. She took my hand and kissed it. You realize we may
have to kill him. I looked out the windshield like Jake did when he
learned what I did and said, "I hope not love, now lets go home.

It not that hard to get out of a trunk. His walk would be be a pain in
the ass, but he deserved thrice over. Chloe and I got home and walked
up the drive when Mags walked toward us saying... he alive". We
nodded. She smiled and said you're going to be happy. Go be with your
family, as she kissed us both.

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