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take me part 641....edited  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
2/20/2022 7:00 pm
take me part 641....edited

I walked out of the mist, which I was getting better at but I still didn't trust myself to open it inside. I walked toward Ilsa and Hammish's as the door flew and there were eleven elves running at me, screaming, as I braced myself. Ilsa laughed as Hammish walked out of the barn shaking his head. They pounced on me and we toppled over each other as they all laughed. "What is wrong with you?" They laughed as they hugged me. "I love you too but I'm getting to old to be tackled every time you see me, goofballs. Go inside with Ilsa and I'll be in soon. I need to talk with Hammish." They finished hugging, smiled, and walked inside as I shook my head. Aafjer walked up and hugged me deeply.

"I miss him too, love." I was quiet, thinking. "Go inside, love, and help Ilsa. I need to speak with Hammish." She nodded and hugged me as I pushed to Aerin. I walked into the barn. "I'm bringing people here to help us, all of us in the valley, because we need it." He looked at me and nodded. These are people who know their skill and want to be here. I am getting the girls squared away, even though they don't know it yet, and shoring up every place else. He nodded because he could feel the threat, as could the wolves as evidenced by Wolf walking into the barn, even though they didn't know what it was. The reason I was looking to go north and west was because where we were was never going to peaceful, but nowhere was during that time.

"The stone masons backed out, well, most of them. The lead and a small crew will honor their word, but they want more." I nodded and asked if they had access to stone. He said yes.

"I should be back in day, or so, but when are you planning on leaving?" There's a storm coming in a day, or two, so after that. Snow will be easier than mud." I nodded. "There are few other things we need, and we have to get the clothes for the elves. I'll tell them we'll pay them more but we want first access to the stones." I nodded and said good. "We have don't much silver left, Danael.
We have enough for us to get the horses over the mountains and come back but we gave a lot of it away." He looked worried as I patted him on the back.

"I'll bring more soon, and copper. We'll have what we need Hammish, ease your mind." He nodded as I petted Wolf and that's when Aerin walked into the barn. Wolf lied down as Hammish and I looked at him. She walked up, kissed me, nad touched Wolf telling him to stand.

" You are too proud to lie before anyone, Wolf." He yipped. "Danael, who is this large man?"

"Hammish." He stared at me, unsure what to do and I didn't know because she was a Princess. The Elves came out and walked to the barn in awe as Ilsa followed. I glanced at her as the Elves were mesmerized by Aerin. She was pretty impressive.

"Hammish. It is a good name, sir. Thank you for caring for my kin as they decide where to be. They chose wisely." She kissed him on the lips and turned. "Ilsa, please... she extended her hand. I am Aerin and these are my kin that you are caring for, and by the looks of it you are doing a marvelous job because young Elves aren't easy. I can't imagine what it's like for young elves that spent most of their lives as sirens. Thank you."

"They can be a handful, Aerin, to be sure, but they have endeared themselves to all of us with their curiosity, love, and helpfulness. They can be a handful though." Aerin laughed, and nodded as she hugged her and walked to Aafjer, who knelt before her. "Never kneel before me, or anyone, Aafjer. She stood and looked at Aerin. "Better. I am sorry for the loss of your dear friend Elfher. It's part of why I am here." She motioned for Hammish, Wolf, and I as we walked . "You are a motley crew," as Ilsa chuckled, and nodded. "But you are strong, and care deeply for your people, and each other, and this valley, and welcomed my elves into your lives, and hearts. It is astounding to my people, and we thank you." She bowed to us, which made the elves gasp. "I need to borrow these young ones, including Aafje. They need to see something. Would you allow that? They are more your family than mine." We looked at each other and they all looked at me.

"I freed them for a reason, Aerin. You are speaking to the wrong people." She smiled and nodded and began to speak Elfish as we watched them remember. I couldn't understand most of it, but enough to know it involved Elfher. They looked at us, but nodded. Aafje walked up. Some of us will come back but we all have to do this." I nodded as she hugged us, they all hugged us. Aerin smiled and they were gone so they could lay to rest their brother, and meet their family. Ilsa cried as she walked back inside with Hammish following because we were all upset, even Wolf.

"We liked the elves. It will be sad for the oung wolves tomorrow, and this valley." I nodded as he butted me and walked away. Sadness seemed to be following all of us. I made sure the animals had what they needed and closed the barn as I walked to the house. I knew Ilsa was distraught and that was when something other than the mist opened and the elves walked out behind Aafjer. They were all there, smiling, but more followed....a lot more, as they looked around, put their gear down and looked up as the wolves walked out of the woods. They looked at each other, smiled, and ran together as Aerin walked out and stared at me, smiling.

I smiled and said, "Aafjer, go get your Ma' and Da' because their hearts' hurt." She nodded and ran to the door, and knocked. It was what you would expect as I smiled at Aerin.

"You are corrupting my elves, mister."

"Technically, I've been corrupting Sirens, which I am OK with because there is a lot treasure in the ocean that should be saved." She laughed and said that was a fair point.

"We work time differently and I will teach you how in thanks for freeing my kin. We are like you in that our heart aches when we are isolated from our people, so I understand the ache you forcall of them, Danael." I nodded. "We are sending craftspeople to join yours to rebuild but these wanted to explore because your elves, and I mean that because they adore you, all of you, spoke quite convincingly about this place. The craftspeople will be here within the week." I nodded and told thank you because we could use the help. She smiled and nodded. "This valley is more important than you know at the moment. You have done this before, and you are doing it in the future. It's why trees like you, and wolves," as she petted Wolf. "You are doing fine, Dragon." I looked up because Sara had just left Norway and I needed to go, but I smiled and stayed.

"Thank you. I have a question." She smiled and nodded. "Why are the Elves meeting with Dwarves?" She stared at me, smiled, and kissed me as she said her father would tell me. "I'll tell them you needed to leave." She smirked, put her hand on my chest, and pushed me backed to Denver. I rolled out of whatever it was in the backyard and into the fence with my legs in the air.

"Fuck!" I rolled over and Bob was looking at me. "Thanks." I pushed myself up but no one noticed. "Nice!" I walked toward the music out front wondering about ... everything.

cjg045 69M  
92 posts
2/20/2022 8:31 pm

Daniel, I have to read & reread these chapters again & again, so much going on . WOW, talk about balls being in the air. I'll get back to this later, thank you Sir. JOE

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