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take me part 632....edited, again  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
2/14/2022 8:54 pm
take me part 632....edited, again

We laughed as we got up and Hammish and I went to the barn while Aafje went to find the elves. Hammish and I talked about boats, and wagons, and mules as Irina and Malinka came out and listened.

"We're making boats? Why?"

"Because we can trade more things quicker, and farther, than wagons. A lot of people will be living in cities and along water. I know people that are good at making boats and they want to help us and then we can use the wagons to move goods for people and stores inland. It will help us create good jobs and build other things.

"Why do we need to build so many things, Danael," Malinka asked? I lowered my eyes and told her she'd see when went home.

"Many more people will be coming here and some of them will be like the men that killed our friends, and family, and destroyed our homes. It takes gold and silver to rebuild, and that takes businesses, and time. Your sisters, family, in the future, part of that starts here with us. I want to give all of you a good life, but we are creating these things for the people you are meeting in the future, and then they will do the same for the people in their future. You are just lucky enough to see it happen in places." They looked at each other, and then me.

"You're still building the new house?" I nodded. "And we can have sheep and goats?" I nodded, and smiled because who wouldn't fall in love with these women. "Good, but take us to see these boats after the babies come." I kissed both of them and said I would. They went inside to get ready with Ilsa, Sara, and Aisha. Hammish looked at me but didn't say anything, he didn't have to because we were both thinking about Sofi, Alfher, and Elfas.

"You have enough to buy the supplies you need for the trip, and to buy things there to bring back?" He nodded. "Bring back seeds if you can so we can try different crops and think about things for women and . It's been a hard winter, and a harder week, and it's going to take time to rebuild right when growing season is starting. This year will be hard too and we need to help as best we can." He looked at me and nodded. "I don't care about the silver, Hammish, I just care it's used wisely but you are going to be by yourself, even though they are Ilsa's clan, be mindful of that, brother." He nodded and smiled.

"I'll have Aisha." I nodded.

"And however many elves you take, to which everything is new." We both laughed as Aafje walked up with the elves who were covered in leaves, and snow, as the wolves ran away. The girls came out and stared at them, too, and then me. "Why are looking at me? I wasn't with them."

"What were you doing?" They all smiled.

"Trying to win at hide-n-seek, but the wolves smell to good. We're better at tag. The girls all chuckled and said to come to them as they cleaned them off. They asked if they had fun and the elves all clapped. "Good, now get in the wagon." They were looking at everything because everything was new to them. Irina and Malinka were sitting at the back of the wagon looking at Hammish, Aisha, and me because they wanted to wait as long as possible before seeing how bad the loss was. We all had our weapons in case, and mules with packs. There was no good way to deal with was to come, and the same thing was happening all over this valley. We where lucky, if you could call it that, in that Hammish was basically at the end of the road and those houses were spared, but not without a high cost.

We rode past the barn as Drakon and his mates walked out and followed us, as the girls gasped and started to cry. They said to stop and got off as they walked into less than half the barn it was a few days prior. I followed them with Drakon as they looked around, touching things. "The animals?"

"Well, apparently chickens do come home to roost." Malinka spread some feed and went to get water. "Drakon, and his mates, herded most of the rest to Hammish's. There are a few goats, and sheep, still missing but hopefully they'll figure it out ." Irina looked to where the rafters should be.

"All the meat is gone Danael." She started to cry as I hugged her. Malinka walked in, put the water down, and hugged her too. My family built this barn, and the house, and Malinka and I have lived here since she was young, and then Sofi.... and now it's all gone, Danael. Why?" I shook my head because no answered matter

"We are building new places, and then we can rebuild this barn and house. It'll just take time...."

"And silver!"

"I have silver, love, and you saw that our Sofi isn't dead, like know it, she's just not with us. Yeah?" They nodded. "This is hard, there is no way around it, only through it. We will make it through, and rebuild this, and the valley. Deal?" They nodded. "Good, by the time you have the babies, and can come back here, it won't look anything like this. I promise. I have elves." They both laughed through their tears as Sara walked in. I looked at her. "I need bulbs, lots of bulbs....Jonquils, Irises, Tulips, and whatever else you can find when you go back." She smiled and nodded as she held Irina and Malinka.

"This won't be easy, loves, but we can do it together, OK?" They walked out of what was left of the barn and gasped because there was only rubble, and metal grates, where the house had just been. The elves walked to them and tried to give comfort because they could feel the pain. Malinka and Irina unconsciously reached to them as they walked toward what use to be their home, our home. The rest of us followed in silence. The wolves were watching from a distance and I felt Sofi but didn't see her. I needed to go to Tibet but there was too much to do. They walked into nothing but rubble and looked around as they started picking up the pieces of metal and setting them outside. It was the same process whenever anyone suffered such a devastating loss, it didn't matter what caused it, or where it happened. The human brain tries to make sense of the horror by saving whatever it can from the past. Irina and Malinka were no different.

They looked at me. "The root cellar?" I hugged them.

"I took everything in it to Ilsa's, along with most everything else. I couldn't take all the herbs or the furniture, but we can build new furniture, or start building furniture in town for all of us, and give jobs that people need." They looked at me.

"Businesses." I nodded.

"You took all of your special things with you, and most everything else inside was saved...the rest can be replaced, loves." Malinka looked at me and asked about the pencils." Grief is a strange beast. Sara walked up and hugged her.

"I'm pretty sure that Hammish has stashed a couple away in his barn, love, along with paper, and there a lot of pencils on Gotland." Malinka nodded as her and Irina went to load the grates, and pieces of metal from the fireplaces. I stopped them."

"I'll put these in the barn, later, because I'll need them here at some point." They nodded as we walked back to the wagon.

"Ilsa, I need your help in planting more herbs for tinctures, and salves. This root cellar should be fine once this mess is cleaned," she looked at me as I nodded. "It might need some mending but we need larger gardens this year and Malinka and I won't be here...." The elves stood in front of her to let her know that they would. Irina started to sob as they hugged her and Ilsa said they would plant a lot more gardens and trees, and find more goats and sheep. She hugged both Malinka and Irina and told them that would work it out, and they could visit. They got back onto the wagon and we went to town in silence but the elves ran alongside and played in the woods all the way to town as we all smiled. It was melancholy, at best, but loss always is and it was a huge loss for us.

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